Tuesday, April 3, 2012

MSV hijacks p1ywood comment: Mr. Russo Makes a Resolution

Hoboken's one ply announces:

Ding-ding-ding-ding-ding! It's time once again for fun with politics! In this latest installment, we'll be returning to one of our favorite comic venues, "City Council Minority Follies."  Hey!!  Let's get started!!! 

This fortnight's edition: "Mr Russo Makes A Resolution."
Okay, let's see, we all know the running characters and their wacky hijinks. This time, let's all see the funny-for-the-wrong-reasons yet deadpan monologues as Mr. Russo develops some really, really rarefied and creative new attack schtick for purely political point-making. Hey, he's got one, here goes: "make them pay for the meeting." It's so crazy, it just might work.

(Ed. Note: but only as a nj.com blog post, or Old Guard commentbot "talking point"). Mr Russo will be our "Antogonist."

After that, we'll see a couple of responses from our "Protagonist," who may, after futilely trying to introducing the concept of "being reasonable," point out that there should be another resolution following Mr Russo's, requesting he pay back the overhead for the hours spent by Mr. Liston and Mr. Tabakin wasting valuable time to review and officialize this politically motivated drivel, and well as urging Mr Russo to issue an apology for having killed trees to make the paper required to have this dead-on-arrival resolution printed up. 

As our plot develops, Mr Russo is then asked exactly what kind of point he is trying to make, at which time he will go on some loud volume unrelated yet richly ironic diatribe about looking out for the taxpayer (AKA the "play within a play"). 
Sheer fantastical governmental magic! 

Quick tip: Be sure get plenty of sleep the night before and bring a big coffee, as this may get rather tedious and take way longer than it should.

Spoiler alert: if you don't have a Wednesday evening to fritter away on this pedantic political toy-swordsmanship, just rest assured this resolution will do nothing but make the council meeting divisive and extend way-way-way past everyone's bedtime and toleration for the absurd. 

Postscript: Let's hear it for the pointless! Without it, how and when would we ever decide to turn off the council meeting before it dies an ugly death of sheer boredom at midnight from the Old Guard posturing? By losing our interest early and often with the pointless grandstanding, the Old Guard forces us to get back to the logistics of our lives at a respectable hour, otherwise we might be tempted to watch the whole meeting and nod off before we take out the recycling, make sure the cat has water, brush our teeth and hit the rack. 

This unpaid message brought to you by plywood

Talking Ed Note: This was an unplanned, unretouched hijacking of one plywood comment.  Please don't try this at home.  Cheap imitators may be deleted by Old Guard Beth Mason political operatives on a whim at Hoboken Patch.

Michael Russo: Marsh and Cunningham should pay for protest walkout

In a resurrected resolution just in time for the Easter holiday, Councilman Michael Russo is calling for two council members among the mayor's Reform majority coalition to pay the costs of a cancelled special meeting in February.

Resolution no. 2 was pulled off the agenda two weeks ago but it's back and Councilman Michael Russo is up for another round of his favorite council pastime: politrickin.

The resolution calls for the Council to order two members, Carol Marsh and Peter Cunningham to reimburse the City for their departing a February 1st special meeting.  Their departure before the meeting prevented a required quorum at roll call, leaving the council short of a required five voting members and it had to be postponed.

Of the reasons cited by Marsh and Cunningham for their protest walkout was severe concern about a resolution on the BoE elections and surprise appointments to openings on the Hoboken Zoning Board.

The BoE resolution in retrospect was non-binding and would have no power over the vote held later that month when the Hoboken BoE would move its elections to November.

A resolution sponsored by Councilman Michael Russo calls for payback from two Reform members who walked out and forced the special meeting to be cancelled.  

Talking Ed Note: The resolution introduced by Michael Russo did not have a co-sponsor before it was pulled earlier. It's unclear if it will have a co-sponor. While this will be another entertaining game brought to you by MORTe - beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano, it bears no legal authority and is destined for failure  unless Satan himself appears and obtains a certified council vote.

At an earlier council meeting Russo stated food pushcarts regulations were in great need of an update. On hearing this Councilwoman Jen Giattino who spent months working on the the food truck ordinance recently passed encouraged Russo to follow her lead and take on the effort.

Michael Russo couldn't backtrack fast enough. Real work is not his thing, politrickin is.

Who else had a hand in the John Corea looting of Hoboken?

Not everyone believes John Corea pulled off the 2005-2008 million dollar looting of the Hoboken Parking Utility alone.  His arrest and the long period of time passed before he finally pled to his crime against the people of Hoboken gave many pause.  Even long time close observers of the City's political environment posed questions to MSV asking if we had anything in the way of new information on the case.

As this portion of the ripoff is over, more questions asking for accountability need to be raised on why Council members Terry Castellano and Michael Russo attempted to convince the late Mo DeGennaro the missing million dollars was "cleared up" saying it not once following his inquiry but three times.

The compliant local media never obtained an answer on the record as far as MSV can tell.

Talking Ed Note: It's hard to miss the irony of of a man who raised the question on a million dollar ripoff passed away as the sentencing of the person responsible was announced.

With Mo DeGennaro being laid to rest today, shouldn't others in the Fourth Estate step up and do their job to at least ask the question of those who made some very odd public pronouncements?

One can only hope the NJ Attorney General's Office has not closed the file.

Thank you Mo.  Rest in peace.

Graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger

Councilman Cunningham: Construction projects and park target updates

From the desk of Councilman Peter Cunningham:

As promised, I have important updates to several projects in the northwest part of Hoboken.

1) 12th/13th and Clinton/Grand (site in front of 1200 Grand) - You will see Fields Construction vehicles on this site, with materials.  There's no planned work at this site.  It is being used as a staging area for the construction at 13th and Grand (behind the movie theatre).

2) 13th and Grand (behind movie theatre) - This is a Fields Construction project.  These residential units are back behind the movie theatre.  Completion is expected Fall 2012.

3) 12th/13th Adams (Henkle) - This 7 acre parcel is now owned by BASF, and it's their policy is to remediate property they own.  As many of you know, they have esthetically cleaned up these sites over the last year.  Evaluation of the level of contamination continues to be underway.  It is the City's intention to acquire this parcel for open space.  The City has made it's intentions known to BASF and discussions continue.   

4) 14th Street Viaduct - This project is on going with current decontruction of the east bound lane (south side) of the bridge.  Completion is still scheduled for end of 2013.  http://www.14thstviaductreplacement.com/

5) 14th and Clinton - The former Harbor House at 1405 is a Bijou Project.  These will be work/live units with community space.  Proposed completion is Fall 2012.

6) 14th and Clinton - across the street from 1405 is a open surface lot.  This is a Fields Construction residential project to start soon.  Still waiting to gather additional info on start/completion date.

7) 14th and Willow - As everyone knows, this is the former Gulf gas station at 14th and Willow.  And formerly to that, a gasification plant where coal was converted to gas during the turn of the century (2oth century).  Summer of 2013 is the current completion date.  Attached, please see their recent update on current action.  An official announcement has not been made for the ground floor commercial tenant, but that an announcement is expected soon. http://www.advancere.com/willow14

Obviously there's much going on in these neighborhoods.  I know it's extremely frustrating, particularly with what's rumored to happen with Burlington Coat, Stahl Soap, and Alorna Coat factories, this part of town will be in transition for a while.  Several of the projects noted above (1-7), were approved several years ago.  Along with amenities developing and forthcoming, such as the small shopping center at 14th and Adams, additional restaurants and the underbridge park, 1600 Park these additions to the neighborhood will continue to add great value.  I will do my best to inform you of any traffic changes, utility issues and additional developments that may impact our quality of life. 

I'm sure this note will generate several questions, so please feel free to call or write and send this note around.  
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Peter Cunningham