Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Bet Mazin: Let me ease your fears in my absence and our future

Messages from Afar - To the plebeians of Hobroken Country

It has come to my attention there is great wonderment and gnashing of teeth among most of you on my recent absence from Hobroken Country.  Your constant wailing and lamentations have been heard by my various political consultants, operatives, and others on my payroll.  Please have no fear and know none of you are ever far from my thoughts or outside of my control.

Although I am not with you extending benefits to your health as you breath my exhaled air, controlling your thoughts are never far from my mind and a push poll is always within my grasp so I can reach out and touch you.

I know many of you are suffering in dread and consternation not knowing what leadership role I may pursue in the future.  Yes, I'm aware of your suffering but in the end it's my legacy that should be foremost in your mind and I've yet to determine what's best for me and your fates.

As I ponder my central position in the Milky Way galaxy, the Orion Constellation and the wonders of this universe please know you will be most grateful no matter what decision I announce.  Should I depart my nation of Hobroken, you will be left in good hands in whom whoever I designate.  It will absolutely not be Sandy "no show" Jobmost or any of her progeny especially a ham, Eli or other popular sandwich.

Should certain advantages be presented to my checkbook, it is Timmy who is now adequately prepared to run our nation if I so authorize it.  Should I pass wind, hell or high water, you will be the first and last to know about it.

Currently I'm away in sensitive negotiations to lay down some green carbon checks for Ryan Whacked who is weighing my latest proposal on taking over new lands on the New Jersey subcontinent.  It's too soon to announce a deal has been finalized but follow the Ludite Reporter for the latest approved breaking information.  FinBoy will keep Sully and you appraised.

Fear not, together we shall get through these anxious difficult moments and know I'm never far from bankrupting you collectively and individually. Feliz Dinavidad is on retainer and ready to take on additional legal work including an action plan to bankrupt that hospital once and for all.  It shall not escape my plan and this time I don't care how much any of those employees cry and declare my greatness.  Let their destruction be an example and warning to you all.

May my proboscis be with you now and forever or until Dicky takes away the checkbook.


Jackson Street park reopened with new playground equipment

City of Hoboken announces:


Local children from Connors Elementary School and a neighborhood child care center joined Mayor Dawn Zimmer and Director Pellegrini this afternoon to cut the ribbon and re-open Jackson Street Park. The park was upgraded with new playground equipment and safety surface as part of a city-wide parks improvement project.

“The year of the parks is well underway, and we’re looking forward to upgrading more parks and building new ones,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I thank the children for joining us today, the City Council for supporting these parks upgrades, and I invite everyone to come and enjoy this beautiful park.”

Sign of the Times: Tim Occhipinti wants more of your money

Last night, Tim Occhipinti's quest for more of your money ended in failure.  Occhipinti valiantly tried for almost a month as he inquired on the legislative process and how to submit an amendment.  In short, Tim really wanted to finally learn how things work in the City Council.

Occhpinti said his request was just a "small amount," although it's not clear what the amount was and no doubt Occhipinti hoped to grow it better than the garden he planted by the Boys and Girls Club he let die a few weeks later.

That was the idea of course.  No, not the publicity for an unkept garden but to get a hook into the taxpayers and then approve additional funding so he can send out home mailers to people who will accept at face value his ceaselessly taking credit for the work of others.  (As an aside, the Jackson St. Park playground renovation is officially reopened today at 1:00.  No word if Occhipinti can steal away for the photo op.)

Occhipinti complained the mayor has sent out newsletters, so why not him.  Finance Director Nick Trasente pointed out it's normal for a mayor or a designated administrator to send out a newsletter as she's serving Hoboken in a full time role.  In the video you can hear Councilwoman Terry Castellano's reaction, negative of course.)

The bottom line is Tim Occhipinti's attempt to get more City dollars into his pocket failed.

Tim Occhipinti - demanded more of your tax money for self-promotion

Talking Ed Note: Tim graciously agrees to disagree as he clearly sees himself as a part time legislator being equal to the mayor.  She has money for a newsletter and so should he.  Of course the mayor is serving all of Hoboken and Occhipinti is looking to serve Occhpinti.  

After refusing to take responsibility for needlessly costing Hoboken $4.5 million last November and unknown millions in added cost to the hospital sale, the last thing Occhipinti deserves is to be rewarded with more taxpayer money.  The unmitigated gall of this guy.

Of course logic matters not to Timmy, so we'll agree to disagree. As soon as Occhipinti writes a check to Hoboken for $5,000,000 or thereabouts, we'll reconsider his proposal - not a second before.

Original graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.  Her latest story on Timmy's chutzpah: