Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Jazz Series Opens Tonight at the Historical Museum

Reminder: Jazz Series Opens Tonight at the Museum
Robert Edwards and Vanessa Perea and combo play second Wednesdays at the Museum this spring
Robert Edwards and Vanessa Perea and combo play second Wednesdays at the Museum this spring
Jazz Evenings Debut April 11 at the Museum

Trombonist Robert Edwards and vocalist Vanessa Perea will bring their jazz quartet to the Hoboken Museum on April 11 at 7 p.m. for the first of three performances this spring. They return on the second Wednesday of the next two months, May 9 and June 13, before the Museum closes for the month of July. Admission is $7, or $5 for Museum members, and includes light refreshments.

Edwards and Perea perform mostly standards from the great American Songbook, including songs favored by Frank Sinatra—think Cole Porter, Rodgers and Hart, Irving Berlin—infused with Brazilian and funk influences.

“We enjoy making funk tunes swing and the swing tunes funky,” says Edwards, describing his three-year collaboration with the Glen Ridge, N.J.-born Perea. Perea says she enjoys singing with a band led by a trombone: “Singing with a trombone is like singing with another voice. The sound and capabilities of the instruments are very similar.” 
Tunnel Talks, Upper Gallery Shows, Fun Runs
John Gomez will speak on "Mechanical Moderne: Architectural Innovation and Influence in the Holland Tunnel Ventilation Towers " Click on the image for more information.
John Gomez will speak on "Mechanical Moderne: Architectural Innovation and Influence in the Holland Tunnel Ventilation Towers " Click on the image for more information.
Tunnel Talks Continue in April:
Gomez on "Mechanical Moderne"

The Tunnel Talk series continues on Sunday, Apr. 15, at 4 p.m.with John Gomez, architectural historian and advisor to the Hoboken Historical Museum, who will give a talk titled, "Mechanical Moderne: Architectural Innovation and Influence in the Holland Tunnel Ventilation Towers,” about how the towers were designed. The architect was Norwegian, and brought a Scandinavian design sensibility to the project. He went on to work on other projects for the Port Authority, including the towers for the Lincoln Tunnel. The Tunnel Talk series is free and open to all. For a preview of Gomez's talk, click here to read his Jersey Journal column.

Two more Tunnel Talks will help visitors "dig" into tunnel lore:
Sun., May 20, 4 p.m., Tunnel talk: “Highway Under the Hudson” author Dr. Robert W. Jackson will describe the conditions that precipitated the construction of the Holland Tunnel, and its impact since then.

Sun., Jun. 24, 4 p.m., Tunnel talk: “The Last Three Miles” authorSteven Hart will discuss the riveting saga of the roads and bridges connecting the Holland Tunnel to the rest of the country.

The exhibit and speakers series are made possible through funding from the New Jersey Historical Commission, Applied Companies, Bijou Properties, T&M Contracting, United Way of Hudson County, and John Wiley & Sons.

Horse Sense: Whatever happened to the Mrs?

Just days after the arrest last November of Patrick Ricciardi by the FBI, his estranged wife appeared on several websites speaking to the "real" Patrick others didn't know.

As it's been quiet on the public front, Mrs. Ricciardi's public pronouncements were said to be so unsettling it almost brought more than one head to explosion.

In one Hoboken Now story, her comments led to a number of commenters responding that she should be ignored, declared crazy or worse.  MSV reached out to her publicly on the thread and anonymous screen names urged us not to speak or listen to her.  It was all startling in its rapidity.  More odd was the scrubbing of every single one of her comments from the story along with the others attacking her and insisting she be quiet.  (Censorship Hat tip: Editor Augie Torres.)

Of her many remarks urging the FBI to look closer into the Parking Utility and other possible criminality at City Hall was this:

Most people probably had no idea Councilman Michael Russo and IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi were good friends.  Ricciardi worked the camera for the City at meetings for many a month and no observer watching a council meeting would know for the better.

In the City Council, Michael Russo has declined repeatedly to comment to MSV's questions whether he's seen any of the illicitly obtained emails but later to a Hoboken Now reporter he did finally say along with Council members Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti they did not receive emails directly from Ricciardi.

They never claimed to be unaware of their circulation or if they saw them from another party.  More importantly, did they use any of the information or know of others who have?

As Hoboken rolls into the second quarter of 2012 these questions among many others in the massive conspiracy remain unanswered.  How many hands were involved in the looting of the mayor's office and who had a view into what was passing through Ricciardi's automated collection of same are just two questions to be answered for another day.

There is that oddly timed resolution sponsored by Beth Mason and Michael Russo a year back in April 2011 asking for all of the mayor's electronic communications to January 2010 - the exact same time the FBI stated Ricciardi began to automate their collection.

None of this is going away and unlike the quarters looting coverup, will not be so easily "cleared up" with new alibis.  Not by a long shot.

Councilman Michael Russo was less than gregarious after last May's FBI visit to City Hall.
What many people don't know is he was good friends with IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi.

Talking Ed Note: If Da Horsey knows more, we're not saying.  But as 2012 rolls along, expect repercussions to resurface surrounding the eruptions from one Mrs. Ricciardi.

MSV was alerted to the Hoboken Now story and saved the comments, including the one posted above from November 10th.  All of Janett Ricciardi's comments were scrubbed for unknown reasons along with responses including our own.

Just because you can't see the efforts surrounding the email conspiracy, doesn't mean it doesn't exist.
To the Boys of Summer, let no plea deal arrive before it's time.  Rock!