Wednesday, May 2, 2012

City Council @ 7:00 - Hoboken Housing seat Justice on tap

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Tonight's City Council agenda early on features the appointment to replace Councilman Michael Russo on the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Up to bat is a resolution earmarking the replacement in the name of fourth ward resident and at-large Councilman Dave Mello. So don't expect this to go smoothly. Expect some noise, the only question is how much and where it's coming from.

In the end we are about to get an education on "I did for you, you do for me."

Also on the agenda are Hoboken legal contracts. Not a big issue as most seemed contained in reasonable amounts, but th the City lost its Corporation Counsel, Mark Tabakin. From what MSV could see, he served Hoboken very well especially coordinating efforts during the hospital sale.

Even though Tabakin acted to limit some of Da Horsey's remarks on an occasion or two, he did serve Hoboken ably and with distinction.  We'll miss his cogent arguments on any number of issues.

Thank you Mr. Tabakin for your service.

The documents for tonight's meeting are available here.

Hoboken411 "restrained" by judge: "No commentary" on local businessman or his personal life allowed by Perry Klaussen


Hoboken411 finally appears in court to face allegations of criminal coercion
Hudson Reporter is a no show even with "blogger" story in works

Hoboken's biggest online smear merchant arrives with a lawyer to face the music before the judge.

A Hoboken municipal judge issued a restraining order today against Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen instructing him to leave local businessman Rory Chadwick alone.  The judge verbally added to the order Hoboken411 should make "no commentary" about Rory Chadwick's business or personal life in the future direct, indirect, via third parties or on Perry Klaussen's notorious website.

Rory Chadwick complained in court that he had been defamed when references to him were made on his work on behalf of Hoboken fire victims. Hoboken411 posted at that time the public should "beware" of a "scam" fire fundraiser in direct reference to Chadwick's efforts which raised thousands on behalf of the victims.

Hoboken411's lawyer tried to limit the restraining order to in person contact saying his client retained free speech rights.  The judge responded saying there were other problems between the parties and he was quite aware of balancing the two.

The judge stated that Hoboken411's behavior should cease as it was not newsworthy. Both parties agreed to "no contact" in the future but obviously only one of them has a website pumping out misinformation on a massive scale to the public.

Someone finally had enough of Hoboken411's reckless behavior.  After years of running amok with Beth Mason's support, the truth caught up and a measure of justice served.

Talking Ed Note: The Hudson Reporter was not in attendance and has yet to show interest in the blogger excesses of Hoboken411 which are so numerous over years, they can't all be mentioned here.  

Guess that doesn't work with Beth Mason's "Nazi" she's a "victim" storyline.

On entering the court as MSV took pictures in the hallway, Das Klaussen told his attorney to "file a harassment" charge against MSV.  Da Hosey replied to Perry Klaussen in our first ever exchange, "Good luck with that."  This from the guy who makes a living smearing other people in photos with piles of false information.

If the Hudson Reporter wants to do an interesting story, they can ask Perry Klaussen about the number of times he was going up to IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi's office when the city employee was ransacking the mayor's confidential communications.

Guess that's not a story either.  It will be on MSV.  Bet.

Hudson Distorter prepares hit job for "Silence of the Shims"

Today MSV had lined up a devastating expose on Tim Occhipinti's taking credit for parks. Okay it was not exactly news as he's been on this kick for a while but we have some fourth ward residents who took photos of Timmy holding a celebration to himself last Saturday with some of his favorite toys: Hoboken Fire Engines.   He yelled at one fourth ward resident "to leave the children alone" re: stop taking pictures of my party.

That'll have to wait because today we woke up to a devastating pre-emptive shot from the best (and only) political satirist in town.  Oh Da Horsey loves good satire but doesn't have the luxury to do it regularly and Hoboken prefers us to be the straight man to the devastating one-two punch only Grafix Avenger can deliver.

And MSV learned from a certain Hudson Distorter reporter there is a political operation afoot and they are taking the bait and running with it.  But MSV wasn't the only one getting some odd questions, Grafix Avenger did too deciding to get in the first shot on what looks to be a convoluted hit job in what the Hudson Distorter's goal is obviously to see how many times they can get the word Nazi in a story connected to Grafix Avenger.....and MSV.


Well yesterday MSV was also contacted by the Hudson Reporter.  Here's what arrived:

"I had a few questions for you regarding you portrayal of Beth Mason/Michael Russo in the Nazi videos. Please call me or e-mail me when you get a chance."

Our first reaction was what Nazi videos?  After speaking to the reporter, we vaguely recalled coming across some isolated videos used by thousands of people doing humorous takes on soccer teams, politicians, and even Apple products using the movie "Downfall."

Someone calling themselves 411Hoboken has put up a bunch of these and lampooned everyone from Beth Mason, Michael Russo, eating from Michael Lenz's belly button, a BoE candidate, Hoboken's high school drama teacher, etc.

So who is telling the Hudson Reporter this is MSV's work?  According to the reporter, they are pursuing complaints by members of the City Council and are looking to do a story on bloggers.  MSV has asked who is the source of the false allegation and why are they saying MSV is in the center of it?  They claimed we are the source and have posted a story on it.

We're still awaiting an answer.  But if you know that smell, it's unique and can't be mistaken for any other council member (or their respective political operatives.)

If that wasn't a tell, I don't' know what is but then the next question came after a brief discussion by email inquiring about a year and a half old story on voter fraud and the Old Guard practice of exploiting the most vulnerable at election time in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

They wanted to hear about the use of the words "plantation game?"

Really?  Not only has that story been up and is front and center on MSV under "Tim's $$$ Time," it's one of our exclusive features done leading into the 2010 fourth ward special election. Ray Smith of the Hudson Reporter apparently read it and followed our exclusive getting a parallel piece on voter fraud through the editors there about a month later.

But now someone thinks that's thee issue a years and a half later?
Are we getting warmer now?

MSV can speculate on dwindling advertising, lower readership, questions on credibility and those reasons leading to why traffic has grown into four figures daily in visitors here.
That's a good story perhaps for another day.

Only yesterday MSV noted Hoboken411 has a court date today because one local business had enough of the bullying and intimidation and decided to fight back.  But this has been going on for years, YEARS - and not one story has ever been done to our knowledge by the Hudson Reporter.

Have no council members or local business been asked their concerns about the matter?

Among the stories the Hudson Reporter could cover:
  • Who is behind the political hit pieces and smear jobs on Hoboken411?
  • Who is funding the efforts?
  • What is the relationship between the hit jobs, the smear jobs and the efforts of one Councilwoman Beth Mason and Hoboken411?  (MSV put the question to Mason in City Council and more than once. They are posted on our YouTube account.)
  • What role did Hoboken411 have with Hoboken IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi and the massive electronic communications breach under investigation by the FBI?
In short where is the transparency?

There's a lot more to say but we'll await what the Hudson Reporter, Councilwoman Beth Mason and/or her political operatives are up to but as you can see there's an oozing smell here of a hit job coming and MSV has already given a heads up to everyone and our lawyer.

For the moment, please read the Grafix Avenger story as it goes into greater detail:

Grafix Avenger can smell a rat, or rather a shim...

The Hudson Reporter is working on a "Nazi" oriented hit job blogger story.  Guess where it's coming from?

Update: 11:15

Talking Ed Note: There's something really rotten in Denmark.  MSV followed up with the Hudson Reporter to find out more on this claim about our involvement creating these YouTube parodies.

They haven't told us who made the allegation.  (Hi Beth!)

Although they've been told straight away we are not the creators of the 411Hoboken videos (with all due apologies to others bellybuttons) they insist a twitter to an empty page that has been empty on MSV for at least many months is the source.

We smell a political operation from Beth Mason and company with a compliant Mason Media Complex.  We're demanding answers and although the reporter refused to tell us who is the Editor for this "story" they did respond to our inquiry suggesting email.  We've sent several demanding an explanation on sourcing to no avail but await some legitimate response from the current Editor.

MSV has insisted they provide the sourcing for their allegation and they have so far come up with nothing - nothing but an empty page they must have seen before even contacting us.

We went ahead and emailed the inquiry to both the reporter and the editor.

Where is the MSV story you are claiming as part of your "investigation?"

Where was the Hudson Reporter today with Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411 in court facing a criminal coercion charge against a local businessman?  No interest in that story?  They haven't written a word about any of it.

Are they investigating real examples of hit jobs and smears among other Hoboken Council people?  Have they contacted all nine members of the City Council or are they going to run this unsourced "Nazi" nonsense from Beth Mason?

What about civil servants at City Hall?  How about the former legislative aide who worked for Beth Mason and won a position in the Construction Office and had a hit job done on her last year on Hoboken411.  Are you going to tell MSV none of this is a story?

Well they have a deadline to look into more of this.  But as to their request that MSV provide them information on Hoboken411's appearance in court today....

You can read the story when the exclusive appears on MSV.