Thursday, May 24, 2012

Horse Sense: Snap Analysis on today's FBI arrest action

FBI arrests today comes exactly one year after sweep of Hoboken City Hall

Many readers may miss the emphasis here so let's spell it out clearly - the implications of today's arrest of West New York Mayor Felix Roque spells big trouble for the Old Guard in Hoboken.

Hoboken horsey?  Yes, Hoboken.

What stands out in the Fed's complaint against Roque and his son is the clear cut evidence of wrongdoing hacking into a HCDO backed website that called for the West New York mayor's recall.  According to Max Pizarro at Politicker NJ, victim 1 in the complaint was a Hudson County Freeholder, Jose Munoz.

Recriminations are already flying calling the FBI's arrest political payback by Senator Bob Menendez. However, any straightforward reading of the complaint shows there was an ongoing war between Mayor Roque and the HCDO forces he overthrew in a previous and successful recall effort of Sal Vega.  Unfortunately, the war lines appear to have stepped over the legal line numerous times in trying to take down a political website asking for the recall of the current mayor.  Why a relatively obscure English based website in a largely Spansh speaking/reading town would be met with such a response will be political fodder in Hudson County for months if not years to come.

The arrests of Mayor Roque and his son proves the utter seriousness the FBI and Newark Federal Attorney's Office views computer intrusions, even in the case of a small website being run by political opponents.  It spells dire warnings for the conspirators in Hoboken who looted at will far more important documents and emails of a sitting mayor.

The action against the mayor in West New York declaws the narrative being softly peddled over months in Hoboken any arrests in the conspiracy case here are manufactured by Governor Christie who formerly headed the US Attorney's Office in Newark on behalf of Mayor Zimmer.  The New Jersey Federal Attorney's Office is headed by Paul Fishman, a Democratic appointee where the State's two Democratic US Senators hold courtesy control with unwritten veto powers.

Perhaps the most illuminating aspect of today's arrests is it falls on the exact one year anniversary of a dozen and a half FBI special agenda slamming into Hoboken City Hall and departing with boxes of documents, computers including one system in the City Clerk's office.

Anyone who finds this to be mere coincidence is trying to fool you or themselves.  For those who haven't cut a deal with the Feds in Newark, there is now a much lower likelihood a chair will be left when the music stops.

MSV tried to extend a clue to MORTe minions numerous times and noted quite recently, it's safer to be on the Boys of Summer roster than not.  Some are really dense here.

For the Boys of Summer in Newark, you are either on their DTR team or not.
Some people in Hoboken are going to find out how bad it is not to make their roster.

Talking Ed Note: Folks will be on their way to enjoy a holiday weekend but MSV thought it important to keep you informed of the magnitude of today's events.  It's hardly a stretch to say the other local media will be pointing to everything but the analysis offered here.

As we recall, when the City Hall IT manager Patrick Ricciardi was arrested, the Hudson Reporter could barely summon the strength to print his name or post a picture in the paper.  When the Hudson Reporter did finally offer some thoughts on the matter weeks later - no doubt at the repeated behest of Mason political operative James Barracato aka FinBoy - their analysis noted the true problem not once, but nine times was bloggers.

This is what happens when you only listen to the Old Guard and their paid political operatives.  You get stuck so far down the rabbit hole you don't even know what daylight is any more.

As MSV noted last November, the FBI Data Theft Ring conspiracy case is not over, it's beginning and what looms for Hoboken in 2012 will be transformative.

Happy nightmares minions

BREAKING: FBI strikes in Hudson County again - arrests West New York Mayor Felix Roque for hacking website

News 4 in New York is reporting the FBI has struck in Hudson County again with a story saying Mayor Felix Roque has been taken into custody early this morning.

The mayor had been rumored to be in some trouble with word of documents seized related to medical billing.  Mayor Roque is a physician but denied there was any such visit by the Feds making a seizure of his records.

Roque was noted for his reform posture and independent nature recently announcing an endorsement not for US Senator Bob Menendez's re-election but State Senator Joe Kyrillos before switching back to Menendez.

According to Star Ledger reporter and Jersey Sting co-author Ted Sherman, Roque has been arrested by the FBI on charges of hacking into a website connected to a recall movement against him.  Sherman states Roque's son has also been arrested.

The must read story details:

In February, Joseph Roque was able to access the e-mail account of one of the recall organizers and used that to hack into Go Daddy, the internet service provider that was hosting the website Prosecutors say he then cancelled the account without authorization, taking it down.
The next day, the mayor is charged with making a phone call to another individual associated with the recall movement with the intent of harassing him, telling him that he was aware that he had contributed information to the website.

Talking Ed Note: Please make sure counte$$ is in a secure location.

Update: 9:30 am - Please, there is no cause for alarm in Hoboken.  The FBI were here in Hoboken uncovering a massive hacking conspiracy in town a year to the day.  All is well.

10:00 am - the full complaint follows:

Felix Roque Complaint

Grist for the Mill: How will you celebrate counte$$ today?

One day out before the holiday weekend for some, for others it's another momentous day to celebrate counte$$.

At the Hudson Reporter it's deadline day.  Will they or won't they be able to fit in another page three ad in from Councilwoman Beth Mason?  That would make five weeks running not counting of course the less than accurate Super Bowl ad they ran earlier.

Will publisher Dave Unger be placating, uhm meeting with James Barracato aka FinBoy, Mason's man for all defamatory operation seasons to map out the latest ransom ad demands from counte$$?  He and his paymaster want Reform writer blood on those pages or there'll be no more Super Bowl or maybe any other kind of ads. Perhaps Unger will consult with pal Mike Novak the transparent heir to the rudderless Hoboken Chamber of Commerce who once thought that vehicle would launch him as a mayoral candidate.  

Is there an all points bulletin out for Mason's coterie of paid political operatives today?  Mason has had a swarm of them around lately with no election anywhere in sight, including the Bluewater Operations team who ran her successful street money operation to retake the second ward with less votes (and a higher budget) than her first successful run in 2007.  Election?  Who needs an election, this is a payday here.

Is the Cratos Group founder Adam Alonso in town to meet up for some lengthy damage control work with a Mason employee in Union City court scheduled for a harassment trial against Kids First BoE trustee Theresa Minutillo and her little girl today?

Then who's available to pick up Mason's mail for her shell companies at their Lynhurst, NJ address?

Anyone doing overtime to keep the Union City trial out of sight and mind of the Hoboken public?  There's no extra zeroes for that work, the Mason Media Complex is on retainer.

Based on the lengthy list of problems at the Masonic Temple, every political operative in Hudson County may be collecting counte$$ checks for hazard pay soon. With the unofficial start of summer this weekend, things sure could be heating up for Beth Mason.

In the interim, she'll have to cook up something like issuing invalid subpoenas to other elected officials who refuse to bow down and kiss the Masonic ring.  One Jersey City legal beagle is far too talented to be issuing phony paper like that by accident.  More on that BM political operation later, just remember if a sheriff is knocking on your bedroom window near bedtime not to shoot first and ask questions later.  That's yeoman's work he's doing.

Hey all in a typical day when you are on the Beth Mason payroll.  Who among the list of lawyers, political operatives, videographers, etc. will be the first not to get paid when things go south?

She's a victim don't ya know.

Victim for all seasons Beth Mason right receives a targeted handshake from Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno last July.  The Lt. Governor was in Hoboken to swear in Councilwoman Jen Giattino and Councilman Peter Cunningham for their council terms.  Did you know the Lt. Governor was once a Sheriff?

Talking Ed Note: Our favorite political satirist Grafix Avenger says a strange email arrived claiming 2009 mayoral candidate and BoE ally to Maureen Sullivan trustee Nathan Brinkman will be running for the BoE with Frank "Pupie" Raia this fall on his education ticket.

It's too early to reach Brinkman on that rumor, but the idea sounds beyond fanciful.  Raia walked the Memorial Day Parade route yesterday.  He wasn't telling people along the way BoE, he was saying Hoboken loves and wants Raia for mayor.

That's how he talks about himself too.  "Hoboken loves Raia, Hoboken wants Raia for mayor....Raia says...."  He's not joking when he says it either.