Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Sign of the Times: The FBI up the road

The FBI was spotted early last Thursday morning in West New York for the arrest of Mayor Roque.

According to a Jersey Journal story, Mayor Felix Roque will not resign his office after being charged with breaking into a HCDO computer and taking down a new website calling for his recall.

Residents of upper Hudson Street and 10 Church Towers should be vigilant for early morning picture taking opportunities.

Photo courtesy of by arrangement.

Helping Ruben Ramos understand the meaning of Memorial Day

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos put out a twitter but from the content, he's in that special needs category of people who don't bother to note the distinction between honoring those who have fallen in serving our Republic and those who have served.

Da Horsey decided to provide this education to Assemblyman Ramos so he doesn't make the embarrassing habit of doing so on an annual basis.

Talking Ed Note: Just because Ruben Ramos doesn't understand the Memorial Day holiday doesn't mean you can't vote for him for mayor.  You can.  Then again why do that?