Thursday, June 14, 2012

Steve Rofsky, HUMC board member passes away

Steve Rofsky a member of the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority passed away suddenly earlier today with what was believed to be an aneurysm.  Rofsky was a critical part of the leadership appointed to the hospital board who took decisive action and in the end saved both the hospital and Hoboken from bankruptcy.  Steve is survived by his wife Toby and sons Phillip and Marc. He was 55.

The following is a statement from Toni Tomarazzo who worked closed with Steve on the HMHA:

It is with great regret that I write to inform you that my friend and Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority colleague Steve Rofsky passed away.

Steve spent more than two and half years contributing to the great success of Hoboken University Medical Center. 

Steve and his wonderful wife Toby moved to Maxwell Place as "almost" empty nesters...after spending years in and around Freehold, NJ - where they proudly raised two terrific sons - Phillip and Marc.  Steve and Toby met Mayor Zimmer at an event in Maxwell Place and during their meeting Steve told the Mayor about his background and mentioned that if she needed anything she should feel free to call him.

Not long after Steve inquired about the Hoboken Municipal Hospital Authority it was clear that  his outstanding professional experience made him a perfect fit for the task ahead of the Authority. 

Steve held increasingly senior positions in structured workouts and  credit analysis.  He was a senior executive at Ambac and recently joined the rating agency Moodys.  In addition to his professional responsibilities Steve accepted the role of Treasurer of the Authority.  He lead the Finance Committee and also coordinated the annual audits. 

Steve's greatest contribution was his even tempered disposition that was steady as a rock.  If there was a HMHA yearbook, he would appear on the page titled "Most Likely To Walk Slowly Out of a Fire".   His collegial demeanor and sharp wit were always present and his extensive knowledge of healthcare, financing and workouts provided the platform for the successful sale of Hoboken University Medical Center.

Steve's family and friends will greatly miss this kind, genuine and honest man.  And the people of Hoboken owe him a huge debt of  gratitude for his significant contributions to our community.  His presence will be greatly missed and his legacy will live on.

Toni Tomarazzo

Talking Ed Note: The above video took place last October at a press conference saying the hospital's salvation was close at hand.  In this short clip, Steve demonstrated what Hoboken was on the cusp of accomplishing.  Never once did I hear him mention HIS contribution.  MSV heard of it from others - and often.

Steve was a steady presence at HMHA board meetings but more importantly, he was spoken of with almost reverential tones by other board members for his contribution in saving the hospital.

MSV joins in mourning his loss and extends our deepest sympathy on his sudden passing.  In the time we've had the pleasure of meeting some great contributors to Hoboken, Steve stands out in a select group for their selfless service to making Hoboken better.

Please join us in prayer as we lift him up to the Lord and ask for His blessing on the family in this terrible time of loss.

Steve, it is with gratitude that I can say thank you one more time for everything you did to make Hoboken a better place where the light shines brighter.  Your contributions will not be forgotten.

A reader notes:

The funeral service is on Sunday morning, June 17th, at 9:30 am at Higgins Funeral Home, 20 Center Street, Freehold, New Jersey. 

Sign of the Times: Bounced and Seething


At the end of the Hoboken Housing Authority public meeting, a seething Maryanne Camporeale said of fellow commissioner Jake Stuiver, "He's a sneaky son of a bitch.  He could have talked to Jeanne (Rodriguez) or talked to Carmelo (Garcia, HHA Executive Director).  He's a nasty, small minded person... He wants to humiliate me because I opposed him (for Chair).  This is payback for me not voting for him... I'l get him."

Former HHA commissioner Maryanne Camporeale was forced to recuse herself to the audience.
She was none too happy with the chain of events.  Rear middle is the chair where she usually sits in at the meetings.

The rules requiring commissioners fulfilling mandatory classes within 18 months can not be overruled by any local commissioners or the Executive Director.

The DCA for the State of NJ is the ruling authority on this matter.

Talking Ed Note: Grafix Avenger attended her first HHA meeting.  Lucky her, she had a front row seat to the big show:

BREAKING: HHA commissioner Maryanne Camporeale bounced off board

Unconfirmed word is coming out of tonight's HHA meeting, commissioner HHA Maryanne Camporeale has been ejected from the board due to failure to take required federal courses over a statue governed 18 month period.

HHA Commissioner Maryanne Camporeale failed to complete required Federal classes.
By law, the position is reopened.  Look out here comes Reform.

The ejection if accurate means a position has opened again on the board and the Hoboken City Council will likely be looking to fill the spot next week.

Reform will be positioned to identify a candidate in nomination and a vote.

Last month, Councilman Michael Russo was replaced at the end of his term by Councilman Dave Mello a fourth ward resident.

There are seven seats on the HHA board.  An open seat would be considered the swing vote.
Reform oriented members Jake Stuiver, Judy Burrell and at-large Councilman David Mello will be looking to add a fourth colleague to propel the HHA forward.

What are the criminal penalties for using a charity in tax fraud?

The earlier stories on the shadowy political operative payroll of the Mason Civic League aren't quite dry but the civil penalties noted may be.  After some additional digging, there's criminal risk of the federal variety in addition to the potential $50,000 in fines.

From the IRS website:

As noted by a reader yesterday who is filing an IRS referral on the Mason Civic League yesterday, the key component is Title 26 USC.  The fines for such willful violations run up to $250,00 and jail time is as serious a count as computer intrusion: five years.

In the yet unknown group of political operatives who may have performed political tasks for Beth Mason's civic league, they too are at risk according to the statute as if they did not declare the income and attempted to evade taxes.

It's not clear if the yet unknown number of political operatives were paid as employees with federal tax withheld by Beth Mason or if they were paid as contractors.  Like Beth Mason, the known political operatives: Matt Calicchio, Tania Garcia, James Barracato and Ryan Yacco aren't talking.

MSV invites them to do so.  Let's see the Mason Civic League expense records too.

Ricky and Beth Mason, in need of a good criminal tax lawyer for questionable actions of the Mason Civic League?

Talking Ed Note: Beth and Ricky Mason may have a very large criminal tax problem on their hands.
Perhaps they should get a lawyer.

Day in the life, an encounter with a Beth Mason political operative

Beth Mason operative Matt Calicchio  strolls past an uptown
outdoor Washington St. eatery last Saturday on his way
to Beth Mason's Gallery 1200.

Hoboken Councilwoman Beth Mason is known to carry a few people on the payroll.  On the political side she's retained multiple political consulting firms who all whisper in her ear about how they will make her dreams for power come true.  Sometimes she tells them together they will make her dreams come true....

Last Saturday, the very day the Hudson Reporter story came out confirming political operative Matt Calicchio had been slammed in Union City Municipal Court by a judge that called his testimony "garbage," fate brought us together at an outdoor meal on upper Washington Street.

There's a Weehawken fishy connection here too which is part of the grist for the mill for this story.

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There's a traffic ticket war going on at Hoboken Patch.  Looks like one member of the council majority is facing a potential traffic ticket (others have been reversed or will be) and you will never see so many Old Guard political operatives so motivated for justice against the alleged traffic crime wave.

MSV after an interview decided there was no there there, but one has to marvel at the reversal of standards on crime by the Old Guard backers, some of whom are actually talking to themselves in multiple screen names all the way from Edgewater.  We don't want to name names but prosbus/Alan needs to go back for an adjustment on split personality medication.

Who said it doesn't pay to get behind counte$$?  Whatever you do, don't bring up that tax fraud stuff about the Mason Civic League, Inc.

Okay here's the link to the alleged right on red crime of the century:

Is it getting hot in here or what?  It's not even the dog days of summer.