Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Flash Flooding in the 4th ward

The pump for Hoboken in downtown has been an immeasurable success but today's heavy downpour looks to have created its first real challenge.

This photo comes from the area of the southwest corner.  Looks like the area is seeing some water backed up from the very heavy rains.  Let's see how long it takes to retreat.

The area around Shoprite has seen some flash flooding as well:

Thanks to the readers for sending in the first hand shots of the problematic areas.

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FBI Blue Bus Thursday Special

MSV has some additional important information on the FBI investigation regarding Hoboken and beyond.  Once again the Feds have struck and the latest ominous visit was in Trenton - at the home of its Mayor, Tony Mack.

We're not focused on Trenton.  But the Boys of Summer are and based on our collective understanding, their work is not ending there. Hardly!

Some desperate people may attempt desperate measures on other fronts but nothing by minons who have no idea on what constitutes the law can stop the hands of justice from reaching them.  Nor can it stop public records from reaching... the public.

What a concept.

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First there was laughs from The Onion but now it's the Hoboken Green Pepper

Hoboken's political scene will be awash with more laughter if a new local website has its way.  Da Horsey just heard about it and wants you know there's more local insight and satire on the way in the form of the Hoboken Green Pepper.

Now most fans of online humor are familiar with The Onion.  In fact one prominent local resident has had a hand in a round or two there.  But hey, that ain't Hoboken.  In this mile square going online with a website letting everyone know who you are is akin to volunteering for a firing squad.

Some people don't know what they are getting themselves into and even a little side dish vegetable needs to be made aware that crossing a political hobbyist like Councilwoman Beth Mason funded by hubby could get them an undeserving SLAPP.

So ye ole little green vegetable, don't say you haven't been warned.  Desperate people are known to take desperate measures and ethics and the truth under the law has absolutely nothing to do with anything when it comes to Hoboken.

After all, Hoboken is special.

The Hoboken Green Pepper has two lovely opening salvos mingling Carlo's Bakery, a revered landmark in town and also the unhappiness when the news is treated less than kindly, let's leave it at that.

More importantly, the little veggie better have an active plan for handling comments.  Beth Mason's blogging operations are a serious enterprise and they live for nothing but hijacking stories, dodging questions and well doing what the boss pays them to do: fabricating.

Now that we have given our little green friend fair warning, Welcome Aboard!
Okay, go take a look for yourselves:

Hoboken's 8th Annual Spaghetti Dinner

City of Hoboken announces:

Mayor Dawn Zimmer & the City of Hoboken
present the 8th Annual

Spaghetti Dinner Block Party
Thursday, August 30th • 5:00pm to 8:00pm
Walkway along Sinatra Drive between 1st & 2nd Streets

Tickets are $15.00 in advance (deadline for discount tickets is Aug. 21st)
Tickets purchased after deadline are $20.00 each

To reserve a table of 10 = $150.00 (After deadline, a table of ten is $200.00)

Tickets for children 12 & under are $8.00 (After deadline, children's tickets are $10.00)

Get your tickets early. Seating is limited

Dinner Includes:
4 kinds of pasta, meatballs, sausage, eggplant, salad, bread & dessert

Wine, beer, water, soda will also be available at additional cost and sold to raise funds for the Hoboken Volunteer Ambulance Corps.

Outside alcohol not permitted. Coolers will be checked at the entrance.

Live Performance TBA

Tickets can be purchased:
City Hall, 2nd floor at the Cultural Affairs Office
94 Washington Street
Call 201-420-2207

Checks should be made out to the City of Hoboken and can be mailed to the Hoboken Division of Cultural Affairs, 94 Washington St., Hoboken, NJ 07030

Include a piece of paper with your name, address & phone number and how many tickets you would like to purchase.

For more information, call 201-420-2207 or