Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Killing the Poormaster," at the Hoboken Historical Museum

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Oct-Nov 2012
Coming up in the next few weeks at the Museum...
Oct. 21 Doubleheader: Fall Family Fun Day & Book Talk
Fall Family Fun Day: Come Join our "Club"!
Nautical Knot lessons from October 21 * 11 - 3pm
Location: Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St., (201) 656-2240
Calling all families! The Museum is planning a fun-packed day of hands-on activities for kids and their parents in our fall annual celebration of families and our latest exhibit, "I Belong." Participants can form "social clubs" of their own and create their own special badges like the ones on display. We'll also offer a treasure hunt.

Starting at 11 am, Captain Knot, aka Frank Hanavan, will demonstrate nautical knot-tying techniques. And at 2 pm, our special guests Nappy's Puppets will perform a "Spooky-Silly Sing-Along" show with shadow puppets. See the puppeteer's website for more details. 
Book Talk & Signing: Killing the Poormaster, by Holly Metz
October 21, 2012 * 4pm
Location: Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St., (201) 656-2240
Reflecting on a sensational, Depression-era murder trial, author Holly Metz's latest book, "Killing the Poormaster," chronicles the events that led up to--and followed--the death of Harry Barck, a poormaster who determined who would and would not receive public aid in Hoboken, New Jersey. When unemployed mason Joe Scutellaro was arrested for stabbing Barck in the heart with a paper spike after the poormaster suggested that Scutellaro's wife prostitute herself rather than ask the city for aid, the case became a symbol of larger social ills and the debate over public relief.

Grappling with issues that are still vital--massive unemployment, endemic poverty, and the inadequacy of public assistance--"Killing the Poormaster" offers insight into the ongoing debate over America's social contract, relaying a gripping narrative that reads like today's news. Click hereto learn more about the book.