Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Breaking: Blue Nazi Truck issues anonymous apology and attacks Da Horsey!


The blue Nazi swastika truck has returned in front of City Hall with a new videotape announcing a new objective to the ignominious Hoboken masses walking by downtown Hoboken.  The Nazi truck presents a new target of its ire and makes a request to the public.

On behalf of the blue Nazi truck, a recording says "We wish to apologize" to those who were offended by their Nazi swastika but it's all the fault of Grafix Avenger and someone else who really deserves your scorn - Da Horsey!

According to the video, the Nazi swastika people who are not too closely connected to the Move Forward campaign and Beth Mason political operatives just needed to go back and retune their message. So they could pin the real blame where it belongs: on Da Horsey.

How does a Nazi truck make an apology and who is the "we" it's apologizing for exactly?  The people involved in funding it (and the Move Forward campaign) don't say in the video.

A Hoboken Police Officer takes a look at the return of the blue Nazi Truck.  The Nazi truck issued an anonymous apology and explained it was sorry to offend the community but Grafix Avenger and Da Horsey really deserved it asking viewers  to call the MSV "tip line."

The Nazi truck asks the public to call up and tell Da Horsey to remove the images of "hatred and bigotry."  No one walking by has a clue what the heck the Nazi truck is talking about as they don't show the Nazi swastika this time.

Can a Nazi truck issue an apology for the Move Forward campaign and
what images of hatred and bigotry do they want to see removed?

This image of hatred and bigotry?

Or this image?

Did they mean this image?  Yes, this is highly offensive.
Look Da Horsey is wearing an FBI hat.  We hate when that happens.

Talking Ed Note: The attempt at deflection and the obvious damage to the Move Forward BoE slate is clearly obvious in this latest hit job.  MSV is aware that this political operative remake has been in the works for some days now.  

MSV knows Beth Mason political operatives were involved.  Thanks for the laughs guys!

Beth Mason, judas priest! "Breaking the law, breaking the law"

Beth Mason delivers Old Guard litigation in attempt to erase reform council majority

Update: It appears Mason's latest litigation gambit has been filed in Hudson County Superior Court.
The parties listed in the litigation are believed to be the Old Guard council members in MORTE: beth Mason, tim Occhipinti, michael Russo and Terry Castellano.

MORTe vs. the City of Hoboken

Councilwoman Beth Mason may hold a little ward council position in Hoboken but her husband's allowance packs a punch and she's wildly swinging in every possible direction.

If she can't buy her way into the mayor's chair, she'll buy the council president's chair and when that fails, she's going to buy herself the whole BoE if she can get away with it.  Clearing the way is a SLAPP suit and perhaps a Nazi swastika truck that somehow added exclusive video from her cameraman.

And now Mason's latest litigation will attempt to clear the decks for putting the council into a 4-4 deadlock.

How did that happen again?  Beth Mason has nary a word to say about that in today's diversionary release bragging about her breaking the law.  It's a well crafted piece riddled with lies but hat's off to the political operative(s) behind it.  A fine twisted and convoluted release it certainly is raining urination down all over Hoboken people.

The penmanship crafted fits Beth Mason's modus operandi.  Breaking the law when it doesn't suit you and then sue everyone and anyone in Hoboken when that serves your objectives.

Are you getting the picture?

Here's video from the last City Council meeting on Beth Mason's litigation hunger for eliminating the majority vote in the appointment filling the at-large council seat.  Council President Peter Cunningham has smelled out the ruse and calls out Beth Mason for her planned litigation.

She didn't like how he exposed her on that either.  That's too bad.

It's two weeks before the election but after that we'd best be getting some vintage AC/DC and Hell's Bells.  Ask not for whom Satan's bells tolls for, it tolls for thee.

Beth Mason admits to breaking the law, promises to break it a lot more!

In the annals of our Republic, rarely is there a politician who when caught breaking the law puts out a press release saying yes they broke the law but since they don't like it, it doesn't apply.

The cynicism in this release is beyond measure.  Let the readers count the ways.

Beth Mason is one among this select group who when caught breaking the law, puts out a press release to declare the law makes her a victim.

Are you getting all this in Newark?

Here's the guts of the most arrogant, insulting release you'll most likely ever see from a crass politician:

There's no getting away from the truth now.  Beth Mason proudly endorses how many laws she can break.
Her release is an admission she's breaking the law and will do so again and again.
There's no pretense any more about Mason. 

Beth Mason officially announces she's above the law.
What about the Move Forward candidates?
And where is the media as Mason's lawbreaking was exposed almost a full week ago?

Dear Friend,
As you may be aware, there is a Hoboken Board of Education election on Tuesday, November 6th.  Many residents are asking me to take a stand because our schools are headed in the wrong direction.  After careful consideration, I am supporting the Move Forward ...
The Move Forward team is dedicated to working with our academic professionals on a long term plan that will allow students to advance and develop from grades K-12.  In addition, they will put an end to wasteful spending and redirect money into the classrooms where it is belongs.  They will be inclusive of students from all schools and of all ages in educational and extracurricular actives and represent all our children equally regardless of what neighborhood they are from or what school they attend. 

Several weeks ago, The Wall Street Journal ranked the Hoboken School District the least desirable in the nation.  This comes on the heels of NJ Monthly reporting that in four short years our High School has fallen from the 2ndmost improved in the state to ranking 298 out of the 328 high schools in New Jersey. These are not political blogs spinning opinion, but award winning, nationally renowned news sources.  

The reason for this disappointing distinction is not Hoboken’s students, parents, and teachers, who are trying their best.  It is the failed leadership by the current Board of Education Majority.  Hoboken spends almost 30% more annually per student than the state average. Yet, standardized test scores are down and SAT scores are 100 points below the state average.  In addition, almost 20% of students do not graduate High School.  In-classroom technology is in the dark ages and in need of updating.  This is unacceptable.  Hoboken has world class students and parents who deserve world class schools. 

In an effort to entrench the Board of Education Majority, the political bosses in City Hall enacted an illegal ordinance to restrict my donations to the Move Forward team.  The NJ Office of Legislative Services issued an opinion to the Mayor and City Council that this law violates our State Constitution and The Citizen’s Campaign, the state leader in promoting campaign finance reform, is also in agreement.  Nevertheless, City Hall is still trying to enforce the ordinance and stop me from helping Move Forward to get its important message out. If those in political power in this City focused as much on improving test scores as they do on settling political scores, our schools would not be in the unfortunate position that they are in.  The governing body which sets donation limits is the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission and I am well within its legally permitted contribution amount.  

Our City is renowned for many things.  We are home to Super Bowl MVP Eli Manning. Carlo’s Bakery brings residents from all over the world here on a daily basis. We are the birthplace of baseball.  There is no reason we shouldn’t be the home of the best and most desirable school district in the nation. 

Update: Some folks are asking if this really true and not satire or parody. Yes, it's true. Beth Mason has issued a release she's above the law and that it doesn't apply to her.