Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Perry of Hoboken411 defends MF and Mason failure with Nazi swastika spewing

Hoboken411 the official website for Beth Mason's demagoguery and totalitarian censorship is spewing a stew of lies out again.  He's doubling down on behalf of the Move Forward and Beth Mason suspected Nazi swastika truck but has he also gone in for some defamation?

(Have you noticed Beth Mason hasn't said a word about her videographer's tape finding its way onto the Nazi truck video?)  OOOPS!

Here's what Crazy Shorts Klaussen pukes out from his cybersewer:

  1. You know those two pro-Zimmer nutjob puppets in Hoboken that are getting sued for defamation? Well, they love using Nazi imagery in conjunction with and spew such hate towards 2nd Ward Councilwoman Beth Mason. They created all sorts of swastika images and were proud of it. They are also involved with the Kids First BoE campaign.
  2. Someone in town who doesn’t appreciate the Kids First Board of Ed connection with these vile individuals, rented a video van to show voters that those same people who loved publishing Nazi imagery are closely associated with that Kids First campaign.
Hoboken411 thinks "someone" who doesn't appreciate KF rented the video van?  Really?  Would that someone be the same person who is illegally spending thousands of dollars on the BoE campaign backing Move Forward?

Could that person behind the Nazi swastika production also be Perry Klaussen's sponsor/underwriter in the form of Beth Mason?

MSV thought Das Klaussen who is only propped up in operation by some under the table money from his Countess around the corner pulling his puppet strings on all things political had gotten enough of an ass beating but apparently he's back for more.

Well here you go Perry you idiot.  Enjoy!

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen back fishing in his favorite Nazi urinal.
When it comes to expending lies and hatred in the community, Hoboken411 is no. 1

MSV is proud to reprint the entire article from February 2010 - Vile, Nazi-like Hoboken411 for all our new readers.

Originally published February 8th, 2010:

On occasion we've noted with laughter when people have been caught writing replies to themselves on the Hoboken forum.  But no one there can hold a candle to the king of such missives, the proprietor of Hoboken411 or Hate411 as pictured here.

A reader sent over Hoboken411's latest "email letter" to himself last week where he once again proclaims his hatred of all things Mayor Zimmer and her administration.  This time he uses the Holocaust for a few chosen personal attacks.  What a guy.

Let's take a closer look at the rantings of one imaginary resident - "Louise F." *
Once again, Mayor Zimmer is giving us yet another excuse as to why she can’t give us the HPD Audit. In the past, she has blamed former Mayor Dave Roberts and Fiscal Monitor Judy Tripodi for her own broken promises, but now she’s blaming the state, specifically Susan Jacobucci, Director of Division of Local Governments Services. Mayor Zimmer went too far this time. 

Now I don't know about you but I've yet to hear any resident of Hoboken, neighbor or otherwise come out and defend Susan Jacobucci or the State for that matter for withholding the Public Safety Audit on the Hoboken Police Department.  Nor have we heard anyone remotely sane even attempt to blame Mayor Zimmer for the report being unavailable.  Hoboken411's lame attack is the dead giveaway this is yet another of Perry Klaussen's demented creations.  Yes Perry, Mayor Zimmer went too far this time.  The New Jersey Star Ledger also joined in last week, the very next day after the press conference agreeing the report should be immediately released.  (Shouldn't we let Louise go back to making health insurance commercials now?)

Isn't there a Hoboken411 minion available to proof read this for the obvious?  Hoboken411 continues:

Yesterday at a press conference, Mayor Zimmer compared her inability to get the HPD audit from Jacobucci to the serious plight of Holocaust survivors waiting for a boat and being told “not yet.” I know that Mayor Zimmer could not possibly think that the delay in the audit is a life and death situation so for her to take these exploitative measures and use the Holocaust as a means to garner sympathy for herself as if she was a victim is truly insensitive, egotistical, and offensive.

Perry Klaussen obviously knows nothing about history so with all his hatred and bile, he couldn't permit himself to possibly see that Mayor Zimmer's reference here was an anecdotal story about her in-law and his sister exiting Europe via the safety of Spain.  Spain had allowed Jewish exiles access in the middle of 1943 and people were escaping the Nazis through the country.  Mayor Zimmer as seen in the video of the press conference is recounting the Spanish word for tomorrow, "maƱana" and showing a colloquial application that the literal translation fails in its secondary meaning of "not yet."  Having videotaped the entire press conference, anyone is free to see for themselves that's what the Mayor said and meant in its true context.  That Perry Klaussen in all his eager cacophony of lies would sink to the level of using the Holocaust as a means to personally attack Mayor Zimmer speaks to his complete lack of character and depravity.

Last, Hoboken411 begins the piece with a complete non-sequitir.  Another dead giveaway of a very troubled mind:

Mayor Zimmer is lazy and offensive.

Sign over Auschwitz: "Work will set you free" in German

Gee Perry, at least you didn't say - work will set her free.  Yes, Perry we know you are upset everyone is ignoring you.  Yes, you are a three time loser in the last year of elections as self-proclaimed election kingmaker and yes, Hoboken411 won't be getting taxpayer money as you wanted to make "Hoboken public announcements."  All the noteworthy Hoboken websites in town including the newest are happy to do it as a public service free of charge.  We doubt Councilwoman Beth Mason will be suggesting Hoboken411 be "authorized" for posting Hoboken public notices (with pay no doubt) any time soon.  It crashed harder and faster than the Hindenburg when she proposed it last year in the City Council.

That's too bad.

City lawyer: 'Mason's excessive monies for Move Forward illegal in BoE race'

Hoboken Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo issued a memorandum to the members of the City Council and City Clerk's office Friday declaring any campaign committee donations exceeding the town ordinance $500 limit as in the case of Beth Mason's on behalf of BoE slate Move Forward illegal.

According to a Jersey Journal story, the City Clerk's office has issued a letter informing the treasurer of the campaign, Beth Mason's husband Ricky Mason, the funds in excess of $500 must be returned within 30 days of notice.

The memo promised by Longo at the tail end of the City Council meeting last Wednesday calls the legal finding involving the Move Forward campaign "a direct violation" of the City's ordinance.

If the excessive in-kind monies in the $7,117 donation are not returned in 30 days, a penalty four times the size of the original donation hold liable both the Move Forward campaign and the "Friends of Beth Mason."

Campaign co-manager Joe Branco in a phone interview last night said he didn't know anything about the Friday memorandum and couldn't speak to it.  He referred all inquires on the matter to the Move Forward Treasurer, Frank "Pupie" Raia.

Melissa Longo Letter on Mason Move Forward

Talking Ed Note: The unethical, illegal actions of the Move Forward campaign along with backer Beth Mason is piling up with additional illegal dollars she expends on their behalf daily.  The Mason Civic League office re: Art Gallery on 12th and Washington is making a full throttle effort on behalf of the Move Forward campaign.

Mason operatives were seen working over the weekend at the location acting as a headquarters for Move Forward.  One who is making his presence felt is Adam Alonso who has made a questionable possibly "laundered" $2,600 payment into other Mason backed campaigns on behalf of Tim Occhipinti in 2011.

Will a $2,600 "donation" be appearing on behalf of Move Forward from the Mason operative in this campaign?

Related: The original story of Adam Alonso's "contribution" to the Tim Occhipinti campaign is here:

Old Guard Council led by Mason files lawsuit to end Reform council majority

Office of the Mayor announces:

Statement from Mayor Zimmer on Lawsuit Filed by Council Minority

“Yesterday, City Council members Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo filed an action in Superior Court seeking to remove Councilman Doyle from office. The apparent purpose of the lawsuit is to create a 4-4 deadlocked Council for at least the next eight months.”

“The City believes that their claims are entirely without merit. It is extremely unfortunate that instead of focusing on properly representing the interests of their constituents that these Council members are attempting to paralyze our government for political reasons to the detriment of the citizens of Hoboken who they were elected to serve.”

Former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman is believed to be leading the lawsuit against the City to overturn
the appointment of Councilman Jim Doyle back filling the open at-large council seat.  Here he appeared before the press announcing the resignation of then Mayor and now felon Peter Cammarano.

Talking Ed Note: Independently, MSV has learned that Beth Mason has again hired former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman to handle the lawsuit in Hudson County Superior Court.

The vote last Wednesday of the existing members was 4-4 with the mayor breaking the tie for a fifth vote.  Voting in favor of the appointment council members: Ravi Bhalla, Peter Cunningham, Dave Mello and Jen Giattino.  Voting against: Terry Castellano, Tim Occhipinti and two abstentions (NO votes) Jim Doyle and Beth Mason.

Correction: Vote was 4-3 as Jim Doyle had no vote on the council appointment.