Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Mayor Zimmer announces: National Guard in Hoboken

October 30th Hoboken 11:25 pm

Mayor Dawn Zimmer requested the National Guard yesterday and via twitter the announcement is in; they have arrived:

National Guard arriving to aid evacuations, deliver supplies, pumping out, power

City of Hoboken announces:

Alert: Hurricane Sandy Update and Call for Volunteers

The City is hopeful that several high wheeled vehicles staffed by members of the National Guard will be delivered on Wednesday morning. They will be used to assist in evacuating residents and delivering supplies to flooded areas.

Flood waters are estimated to recede in about 24 to 48 hours. North Hudson Sewerage Authority estimates there are 500 million gallons of water. The flood pump is operational and pumps out 75 million gallons per day, in addition to water flowing out naturally at low tide.

PSE&G is working day and night to restore power. They estimate full restoration will take several days. Substations can not be repaired until flood waters recede.

According to United Water, the drinking water is safe to drink.

Flood waters are a mix of sewage and rain water and pose a health hazard.

The City is asking the National Guard for as many pumps as possible to assist residents in pumping out their homes.

Volunteers can assist with a community cleanup of three parks: Stevens Park, Elysian Park, and Church Square Park. Please arrive at 10:00am at the corresponding park.

Volunteers can also assist with other efforts by going to City Hall at any time. Non-perishable food can be donated at City Hall for shelters and residents who need food.

The curfew has been lifted and driving is permitted. Drivers must exercise extreme caution since most traffic signals are not functioning.

The Ragamuffin parade will be rescheduled for after flood waters recede and all residents can participate.

The possibility of garbage pickup on non-flooded streets will be announced Wednesday morning.

City employees that can reach City Hall and can volunteer with the recovery effort are asked to show up on Wednesday.
For full details, view this message on the web.

Washington Street - a sea of darkness after Hurricane Sandy.

For those who are in need, pass along the updated information: 

201-726-9082, 201-681-2437, 201 -679-4070 or 201-681-6923.

City emergency number is 201-239-6644 (city hall command center).

Churches at 4th/Hudson (Sts. Peter and Paul) and 8th/Washington (St. Matthews) are open for shelters and allowing folks to charge up phones and laptops.

One family extends a hand with coffee tomorrow morning

The Faucher Family at 606 Hudson announced to MSV:

My family is lucky to have power, and we're getting our 50 cup coffeemaker ready to serve some coffee to fellow Hobokenites who may be without power.  It would be great if you could post something on Hobokenhorse.com.  

Starting at 7 am tomorrow, my family will be serving coffee/tea outside our home on Hudson Street - number 606.  Bring your own mug if possible.  We will be taking donations, and all proceeds will be split between the Boys and Girls Club of Hoboken, and the Jubilee Center.   


Hoboken is the darkness on the edge of town

Hoboken October 30th - 7:45 pm

Tonight is the first evening the City of Hoboken is facing the challenge of being largely without power.  Washington Street was looking dark both uptown to the Hudson Tea Building and downtown without power.

Looks like most of the City falls into that boat.  Emergency vehicles are transversing regularly with their lights on.

The store on the corner of 11th and Garden Street - Sacco's Deli looked to have power.  If you are looking for something tonight, you may want to go over and see them.

Otherwise, it looks like most everyone in Hoboken is going to be revisiting Bruce Springsteen's Darkness on the Edge of Town album.

Halloween is unofficially cancelled and the parade tomorrow is off.  If it's any consolation, there's no school tomorrow either.

City of Hoboken posted:

Sorry for lack of updates. We have lost Internet access again and it is difficult to send out information. Updates may be sporadic. We are doing everything we can. PSEG is working around the clock but power may be out for several days. They cannot restore power until flood water recede which may take 24-48 hours. We will post updates as we are able to. Volunteers can go to City Hall. Non-perishable food can be donated at City Hall.  

Washington Street north to the Hudson Tea Building is eerily dark except for cars and emergency vehicles.

Council President Peter Cunningham: Hoboken's challenges

Hoboken - October 30th - 7:05 PM

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Peter Cunningham:

For many of us, no all of us, it has been a challenging 48 hours.  Call to arms to protect ourselves, friends and family; dealing with the storm in many ways and now the clean up.

We have no power, like most of Hoboken, but we are at least dry.  

We don't know when the power will come up, but the major concerns to PSE&G to day was to de-energize downed wire, and dry out the substations, before they power them up.  I was told earlier today next Monday the latest, however now I am hearing it could be Tuesday.  Hopefully it will come up sooner.

Big problem for me (and others) not being able to communicate, was not having access.  I have ATT, and the service has been very poor.  Plus, no access to my bulk emails, which is why I went to Face Book, and suggested Reverse 911.  Reverse 911 is where the City calls you with periodic update.  I tried to post to Face Book through iPhone, but somehow it did not take.  Very challenging and frustrating.

For those without power, there are many generous neighbors in and around the 5th ward with charging stations outside their homes.  Wander your neighborhood and you will find them.  Lot's of folks helping others with pumping out their basements and first level apartments.

Please subscribe to Nixles, and "like" the City's Facebook page.  Be well, and I'll be in touch.  Let me know if there there are specific concerns, and anything else that I can do.

Peter Cunningham

Uptown on Clinton Street: improving but some problem areas.  Power is a big issue throughout town.

Latest on Hurricane Sandy aftermath in Hoboken

Hoboken - October 30th, 7:00 PM

People attempting to escape from Madison and 8th.  Madison is a mess and seeing higher waters than ever.

Hoboken took a big hit and Hurricane Sandy is gone with the winds settling down and people beginning a cleanup that will take some time.  For State, County and local government, the issues will take more time as infrastructure here and in the region is inundated with overlapping problems.

Power is going to be the bigger lasting issue as the waters recede.  PSE&G is reported to believe Hoboken will be back on line by Monday.  Much of the City and region is seeing electricity out. Jersey City is seeing a 75% outage and Newark is at 95%.

The northern entrances have seen the water largely settled down now and cars are traveling in and out and on the viaduct at 14th Street.  The County Sheriff's were directing traffic as signals are a problem in the town with only sporadic functioning.  Downtown probably is a no go zone.

Areas typically seeing flooding saw far more of it.  Waters are receding but MSV has not verified the effectiveness of the NHSA pump.  It has its own power generators and areas look to be improving but midtown west is likely going to see continuing improvements before downtown.

A limited report says the pump should now be working and one person close to the NHSA wrote, "It's hard to pump it out in this condition... the river being in the City."  

Areas flooding in the northeast are in better shape after seeing flash flooding at the height of the storm.

The uptown pier took a big hit.  It's symbolic of the hurt Hurricane Sandy put on Hoboken and NJ.
Waters are receding but areas typically flooded have even more water to contend with and will need time.
It's not clear how effective the NHSA Pump is doing but it should be helping bail the flooding out.

Downtown was absolutely hammered with water entering and setting record heights from First and Garden Street to all points west and north.  Madison in midtown and above definitely set record highs and people in buildings there have the same option for movement as those trapped downtown.  Little as public safety has limited portable boats to handle emergencies.

Much of the efforts for the moment are centered on those in immediate need of shelter.  Earlier the Wallace School was closed and two churches, St. Matthews being one were being used instead.

Mobile service is spotty at least on AT&T.  Texting is seeing better success.

HUMC is closed and had been evacuated before the full brunt of the storm.  Christ Hospital was the next destination but hours earlier was reported to capacity making Bayonne the next stop for medical emergencies.

Mass Transit is in big trouble with heavy water problems delaying repairs for both the NYC system, NJ Transit and PATH.  We're looking at weeks to get everything back online.  People's patience will be tested with the alternatives which will be inadequate.

Power is spotty in town.  It's not clear how many have power and those that don't.  Considering how others are situated, Jersey City is seeing at least 70% power out and Newark 95% down, Hoboken is faring better but throughout the region and state transformers were exploding and lighting up the night time sky based on comments by Gov. Chris Christie in a news conference late morning.

MSV will be back with more when we can verify additional information. 

Halp, halp we're thirsty.  People lining up at Yash Liquor on Washington to get liquid refreshments.

Talking Ed Note: Most things are closed in town.  Court St. Restaurant confirmed it's opening at 6:00 pm and Yash Liquors has a line outside and is letting customers in slowly to buy drinks and liquor even though it has no working power.

This is the best information we have for the moment.  We'll update as is possible and try to get it 100% right because we know that's what is required as usual.

Hoboken Patch has running around the clock and may be recharging.  It's been Hoboken Patch and MSV hitting it with the City of Hoboken Facebook page. 

Hoboken Girl is urging businesses to use twitter they are open or opening via:  .

Driving in Hoboken is not officially permitted and in Jersey City they will begin issuing summonses.

If you didn't know, it's absolutely not safe to walk through flood waters.

Hoboken Patch tweetedPillows, blankets, supplies needed at shelters at Sts Peter and Paul and St. Matthew Trinity

MSV is seeing record traffic but a lot of it is coming from outside Hoboken.  That's the best indicator we have that power is out in many parts of town.  Spread the word and make sure accurate information is getting around.

Sign of the Times: We all are New Orleans now

Via Mista Chubbz on Instagram:

Talking Ed Note: Not entirely dissimilar to the yellow school buses in New Orleans these new yellow cabs on 14th Street had nowhere to go in Hoboken and are likely ruined.

On another note, power in Hoboken continues to be an issue in many areas but the county and State both have challenges on that front.  Jersey City reported to have a 70% outage.

Hoboken Patch says its unclear when and if the NJ National Guard may come to Hoboken. Based on the devastation throughout New Jersey, the demand must be extraordinary.

Hoboken calls for volunteers to City Hall

City of Hoboken announces:

If you are able to SAFELY get to City Hall right now, we need volunteers to assist with shelters and other needs. 

Thank you! Please be safe.

City update: 

We are still looking for volunteers to help with shelters, delivering water to seniors, and other tasks. If you can SAFELY get to City Hall (2nd floor, Council Chambers...enter through Newark Street entrance), please lend a hand.

Talking Ed Note:  The City does not need people to bring anything with them.  These are efforts to assist for people in immediate need for shelter and other needs.

Water is reported to be safe in both Hoboken and Jersey City.

Power outages widespread, NJ took the worst of it.  From Gov. Chris Christie and AP:

Restoration efforts for the more than 2.5 million homes and businesses in New Jersey that are without power could be a lengthy process.  (Almost 230,000 in Hudson County have lost power.)
The state's largest utility, Public Service Electric & Gas, reports more than 1.4 million customers don't have electricity. PSE&G says Sandy was the largest storm in its history.
Jersey Central Power & Light has 965,297 homes and businesses without service. Most are in Monmouth, Ocean and Morris counties.
Atlantic City Electric is reporting 178,694 outages, mainly in Atlantic County.
The utilities say they may not be able to get a clear picture of the damage until Wednesday.

Governor Christie says it will take months to address all the problems.  He says the PATH system will take 7-10 days to function.  Bridges and tunnels will be open soon.

NJ Transit has "huge challenges" and the Governor add the Attorney General will be implementing plans with county prosecutors on law enforcement.  

From PSEG:

-- Many of the outages were caused by falling trees and limbs, which bring down power lines. Downed wires should always be considered “live.” STAY AWAY FROM ALL DOWNED LINES. Do not approach or drive over a downed line and do not touch anything that it might be in contact with. To report a downed wire and other visible equipment damage, call 1-800-436-PSEG and tell PSE&G the nearest cross street.
-- To report a power outage, call PSE&G’s Customer Service line: 1-800-436-PSEG.

City to Photographers: Hoboken Public Property Alert

City has asked for assistance documenting damage to PUBLIC PROPERTY:

One opportunity for volunteers with good photography skills: Our repair and reconstruction efforts will require that we carefully visually document all storm damage to public property (buildings, streets, parks, lights, etc). Damage is very widespread and we need your help. If you are able to safely take high quality photos of damage to public property from your home, please email them to hobokensandyphotos@gmail.com and include the date/time and location of the photo(s). Thank you so much for your help.

Uptown pier in Hoboken via Hoboken Girl

Talking Ed Note: Jhnny Newman, ace photographer is now looking out of multiple windows for good shots from his abode.  You can help too sending same to hobokensandyphotos@gmail.com

Live power lines are down all over town

According to Hoboken Patch, there are a number of power lines down.  This should not be take as conclusive for the whole city:

Possible live wires down: First & Park, 4th & Grand, 1st & Willow, 2nd & Madison, 1st & Bloomfield, 83 Adams St., 6th & Park, 6th & Grand, Newark & Bloomfield, Elysian Park 

A Hoboken Heavy Rescue Fire Truck flies down to another emergency on Hudson Street.  The sun is out.

The Hoboken Police Department is asking residents to remain indoors as the problems are addressed. Curfew in effect until 6:00

Governor Chris Christie addresses the State of NJ

The Governor addressed the State of NJ just earlier this morning:

Watch live streaming video from governorchrischristie at livestream.com

Volume is unusually low on this feed.

Flooding closes Hoboken, turns city into an island

Driving in Hoboken is prohibited and Hoboken Public Safety is using the only entry point working via the 14th Street Viaduct.

City of Hoboken says communications are challenging:

Most phone lines are down, so we are activating several new cell phones and will be announcing new phone numbers for the Emergency Operations Center shortly. The flood pump is operational and flooding continues, but is receding in areas. PSE&G is working on 14th Street. We will provide more information on power as we can. We can't provide details on specific addresses, but we encourage residents to share information with each other.

MSV will post the updated information when available.

In regards to fire alarms the City adds:

Many fire alarms have been triggered due to flood waters. We are trying to reach them as soon as possible, but many areas are inaccessible. If you can access your fire panel AND there is no water, you can silence most alarms. Open the panel and press the "silence" button.

The police are asking people on the streets to return to their homes.  City curfew remains in effect until 6:00 PM.

Hoboken Public Safety is working its hardest and PSE&G has trucks operating in town but there's going to be lots of issues cropping up in addition to the existing issues.  Here's one taken by NBC's Natalie Morales via Hoboken Girl.

Hoboken northern waterfront as pictured on Hoboken Girl

Flooding devastates many parts of Hoboken

Many areas of Hoboken have seen record levels of flooding.  Early reports are unclear on what ability the one pump can make under these circumstances.  It has its own generators and high tide has passed but the amount of water from the surge of Hurricane Sandy is making many areas of Hoboken impassable.

Water is reported to be receding but overnight did not show positive results at least in lower Hoboken.

Hoboken Public Safety is overwhelmed with many problems from people trapped to gas leaks.

Many areas are locked down due to flooding and cell phone service is spotty.  Cars flooded, even many in garages. Driving in town is prohibited.

City Curfew remains in effect to 6:00 PM.

Governor Chris Christie urges people to stay off the roads and noted via twitter 2.4 million people in NJ have lost power, twice the number after Hurricane Irene.

City announced via its Facebook page:

Reminder: flood waters are a mix of sewage and rain water. Do NOT walk through it. It is a health hazard. Live wires may also be in the water and pose an electrocution hazard. Manhole covers have been displaced and you can fall in or your car can get stuck. Many cars are getting stuck in the flood water. Please stay out. Thank you.

In addition to the City of Hoboken Facebook page, Hoboken Patch is providing timely reports and twitter postings along with MSV.

Hoboken Girl has posted more photos on her website:

View west on Observer - via Instagram

View from the SkyClub in southwest Hoboken

Downtown Dunkin Donuts - they're not making the donuts.

7th and Willow Street via Twitterpic

NJ a disaster area, millions without power, Hoboken suffers heavy flooding

It's the day after and the State of New Jersey has been declared a disaster area by President Obama with millions having lost power last night and suffering heavy flooding.

According to one report, it will take time for the unprecedented loss of power throughout the state to be fixed.  Based on indirect reports, maybe half if not more of Hoboken is without power including City Hall.

Emergency personnel are working around the clock.  They are also suffering from limited communications.  Please do not call 911 unless it's a true emergency.

Public Safety needs to apply resources to where it's absolutely required.  They are trying to perform needed evacuations of people to shelters.  Please cooperate with the City under these trying circumstances.

The City maintains a curfew until 6:00 PM.

You may send photos from your location indoors or reports of concern to smartyjones@me.com.

The Day After - Hoboken is seeing massive flooding from the surge.
Many areas are in several feet of water or worse as this from southwest Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: The worst storm in living memory will test many of us in the coming days.  Be safe, be smart and don't take chances with electrical riggings or safety.  Storm waters are not to be trusted as electrical wires are down and should be avoided.


City of Hoboken announces:


A mandatory curfew has been extended in Hoboken through 6pm on Tuesday, October 30. Driving is prohibited. Police will consider all people on the street in violation of the curfew and driving ban. 

There are reports of multiple live wires down throughout the City, and PSE&G cannot get into Hoboken to confirm that they are de-energized. Manhole covers have been displaced and pose a serious threat to pedestrians and cars on flooded and non-flooded streets. Flooding in the city remains widespread. 

"We will make it through this together," said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. "All our emergency personnel and volunteers have been working so hard under the most extreme circumstances to keep our community safe, and I thank our community for cooperating and being understanding. For now, we need everyone to stay off the streets and to check in on their neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled." 

According to United Water, the drinking water is safe. Due to major technical communications difficulties, only one phone line remains operational in the Emergency Operations Center: 201-239-6646. We are working to establish additional lines which will be announced as soon as possible.

For full details, view this message on the web.

Hurricane Sandy hits Hoboken and NJ hard

Hurricane Sandy is showing Hoboken it's not been overestimated.  There's major flooding in areas of town everywhere, including many not typically overwhelmed.  The river's surge of almost double digit depths is making for dangerous conditions in places not usually flooded.

The heavy flooding is adding to the burdens of Hoboken Public Safety to reach areas in need of service.  They are using a combination of vehicles and boats.

The State of NJ has its hands full.  As of early this evening at least a million NJ residents were without power.  Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer has made a request for support from the National Guard.  As of midnight, it's unclear when resources mobilized on the City's behalf may appear.

PSE&G is in Hoboken moving from emergency to emergency dealing with gas leaks and power lines fallen in various locations.  Conditions will continue to be hazardous and the public should avoid walking pets outdoors.

The City curfew remains in effect until later this afternoon.

Hoboken City Hall has seen power interruptions limiting some of its communications to the public in late evening.  Da Horsey has continued to add reports in the interim.

Other neighboring areas report major power outages with West New York losing power completely, Weehawken with partial power and other Hudson County towns seeing outages as well.

Hoboken is seeing worse than the results from Hurricane Irene.  Morning will not be pretty.  Stay inside.

Talking Ed Note: Thank you to everyone in Hoboken Public Safety who is doing a great job facing the elements.  Hoboken volunteers and City officials will be working through the night with them.

Keep them in your prayers.