Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Mayor Zimmer: PSE&G says 7 - 10 days for power restoration

PSE&G says 7 - 10 days for power restoration, according to Mayor Zimmer.
Tells Hoboken, "we're going to get through this."

Talking Ed Note: Unfortunately, MSV lost its story in preparation.  We're posting the unedited video. There is some interference among a great amount of media present.  Advance the video a little when it occurs and it clears up.

There's been bad rumors being spread.  First, that there's something wrong with the water.  Untrue.
Also, that Mayor Zimmer shut the power off on Washington and the City.  That's incorrect.  PSE&G is in charge of the power and shut down when things got rough with the storm.  Two of the transformers in town are inundated with water and must dry before repairs.  PSE&G will be in charge of that process.

MSV will be back with more but an application crash ate our story.  Da Horsey like Hoboken will be back.

Hoboken needs supplies: blankets, bottled water and non-perishable supplies delivered to the high school at Clinton and 8th Street.  Tell any law enforcement you are delivering emergency supplies.

Volunteers are still needed to aid in the massive human support endeavor underway.  Please go upstairs to Hoboken City Hall at 94 Washington Street.

Hoboken Public Safety has been magnificent and is working with the National Guard.  Tip of the hat to Public Safety Director Jon Tooke, Chief Falco, the Hoboken Fire Department and OEM along with everyone who is contributing to the effort.  Thank you so very much!

Water receding as the pump, pumps us out. Cars entering residents only?

The NHSA pump is operating and midtown west is seeing the benefit with a lowering of the flood levels.  Some areas are clearing and the area around 9th and Jackson Street is cleared.

County officers are letting in Hoboken residents only but if told people are picking up others, they should be able to get in.  This report is unconfirmed.

The Shoprite area is still generally inaccessible but the surrounding area is improving and people are managing to get out and about.

Hoboken Public Safety is doing a superb job aiding people all over town and working with the National Guard to help people evacuate.

If you are looking to get cell phones or laptops charged:


Most of the City is without power.

Halloween is a limp decoration in town with the parade postponed until further notice.

Halloween is soggy in Hoboken like these decorations gone limp after Hurricane Sandy.

Talking Ed Note:  This is where the challenges mount and grow.  Hang tough folks and lend a hand if at all possible.  People need help at St. Matthews - Hudson and 8th, Sts Peter and Paul - Hudson and 4th and down at City Hall - 94 Washington St.

National Guard on the scene: first priority, medical emergencies

October 31 Hoboken 10:30 am

The City of Hoboken announced earlier via Twitter:

National Guard trucks will be going through flooded streets to evacuate those with true medical emergencies first. Get their attention; don't go outside (in the water).

Hoboken Public Safety is also evacuating people with limited large equipment to do so.

The National Guard is on the scene as pictured here in the 4th ward.  Credit: Amardeep Singh

Talking Ed Note: Bottled water and non-perishable food is needed and can be dropped off at City Hall headquarters, 94 Washington St.

FEMA assistance

The State of New Jersey has been declared a disaster area by President Obama.  FEMA assistance will be available for Hoboken.  Please see the FEMA website for qualifying details.

Applications can be made by phone, smartphone and online at:

Updates for Hoboken also appearing on:

Mayor plea for National Guard answered, now the hard work begins

October 31 Hoboken 7:30 am

Many parts of Hoboken contending with flooded streets and no power trapping thousands as City makes call to arms

Late last night, the National Guard arrived after Mayor Zimmer made a public plea for their assistance on CNN.  The State of NJ is a disaster area and the demand for assistance is long and only beginning.

The mayor thanked Governor Chris Christie for his support in a tweet at 1:30 am.

Many parts of Hoboken remain in several feet of water.  Most points west of the flood zone (Willow Street) have seen record levels of water limiting Public Safety's resources to address problems and extract people.  In an urban town of 50,000 boats and pick up trucks are in short supply.

Downtown Hoboken, notorious for flooding is faring poorly.  The Hoboken Police Department is setting up barricades to mitigate cars from getting stuck going west.  Some of the streets being barricaded:

First and Garden Street
Third and Garden Street
Fifth and Willow Street
Sixth and Adams Street
12th and Madison Street (north)

Both First Street and Observer are mostly blocked with deep water.

The North Hudson Sewerage Authority pump is in reportedly in full operation.  It's capacity is to move up to 75 million gallons of water a day and Hoboken has taken on an estimated 500 million gallons from the entry points of the Hudson River.

It'll take days for the water to recede based on those estimates and the normal decline after high tide passed.

Power restoration efforts can not start until equipment is free of water.  PSE&G is working around the clock but that likely means power will not begin to be restored until waters recede and the target to see Hoboken back online is Monday, perhaps Tuesday.  Some are forecasting sooner but until conditions permit, PSE&G will not be able to complete the repairs.

Two shelters are set up after the back up generator at the Wallace School failed.  Both are on Hudson Street: Sts Peter and Paul Church at Fourth Street and St. Matthews at Eighth Street.  People are asking for blankets, pillows and items to help make the evacuated more comfortable.

The mayor issued a twitter requesting Hoboken volunteers for rescue/supply operations with the national guard and to support the shelters.  Anyone wishing to volunteer should report upstairs at City Hall 10 am.

The entry points north are all functioning as of late afternoon.  The Hoboken Police report that the border of Hoboken and Jersey City at Henderson and Observer are impassable.  The southern entrance of Hoboken may be problematic beyond

More than half of the City looks to be without power. Power in pockets around 11th and Bloomfield and Garden was evident last night.  Stevens and Hudson Street from Fourth through 11th St have been with power although there was a sporadic report of an outage last night.

All ferries are reportedly in operation today.  The tunnels are open and midtown Manhattan and points north have power.

NJ Transit and the PATH are both out along with the NYC subways.  Amtrak is beginning service.

A tale of two cities.  Rarest of sights, while the Empire State Building was lit, most of the buildings surrounding it and almost all of downtown was out including the Freedom Tower.  Hoboken is facing similar problem with most of the west and southwest of the City inundated with varying amounts of water and residents without power.

Talking Ed Note: How does a city of 50,000 eat without power?  That's going to be a somewhat challenging question among many Hoboken will be facing in the worst flooding seen in living memory.

Hopefully the NHSA pump will be making some significant progress but it's gong to be going full force for days.

Today's the day many will not be going far.  Please let others know, their neighbors need assistance.  If you have time, volunteer upstairs at City Hall at 10 am.