Thursday, November 1, 2012

And then there was light! First and Willow reported to power up!

Mayor Zimmer at press conference earlier today said restoring power will not take 7-10 days

A twitter post just brought the best news anyone in Hoboken could have hoped for when the announcement came in First and Willow has come back online.  The estimates to get power up across town was said to be in the range of seven to ten days.

The post retweeted by said:

Talking Ed Note: This report is unconfirmed but MSV is going to run with it anyway.

Update: The mayor has weighed in just now via twitter:

The Hoboken Police are noting lights coming on downtown near the train station and Observer.  Also, an unconfirmed report sections of Garden Street and upper Washington also powered up!

Those indicators may be premature for upper Garden and Washington.  But the buzz has started.

Councilwoman Jen Giattino in a random street crossing said Sixth Street.  Looks like through Willow.

Some lights in the fourth ward have returned.  Credit: Amardeep Singh

City Hall: An army of youth running relief operations at City Hall!

Hoboken City Hall late this afternoon was a beehive of activity.  An army of youth were being briefed on a mission and preparing to head out to make deliveries to residents in need.

Hoboken reportedly has seen hundreds of volunteers sign up and the late afternoon proved to show a focused group.  There's a desk with sign up sheets manned with people looking to get people signed and helping out.

Supplies of water, food and clothing were piled up all over the City Council Chambers as the benches have been removed for the community's efforts to help others.

Absolutely inspiring.

Hoboken's army of youth in a buzzing operation inside City Hall Council Chambers.  Supplies piled everywhere.

The mayor's twitter noted PSE&G is giving out ice at Washington and Observer.
Hoboken Patch also noted in a twitter Capital One is coming to Hoboken with mobile ATMS.

MSV noted both Duracell and a Food Truck at 3rd and Washington serving residents.

This town is on the move!

PSE&G working on substations, water safe, free food truck 3rd and Washington

City of Hoboken announces:

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Thursday November 1, 2012, 12:15 PM

City of Hoboken

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PSE&G is on site and working very hard to restore power, now that most of the flooding has receded and they can get to the substations. A pump was brought in to partially remove flood waters from one of the substations. They are working to restore power as quickly as possible. Residents are asked to shut off appliances and lights to avoid a surge when power is restored.

The tap water is safe to drink.

A food truck capable of serving hundreds of meals will be at the Capital One Bank parking lot (3rd and Washington) serving free meals to the public this afternoon. Food trucks from throughout the region are invited into Hoboken to help feed our community. The Elks Club will also be serving food to the public this afternoon. The Fire Department pumped out the loading dock for the A&P supermarket, which is expecting a delivery and hoping to open today.

Water tankers are available at 1st & Washington and 315 Hudson St (bring your own container).

Volunteers are needed at City Hall and can report to the lobby. They are helping with various tasks, including going door to door in senior buildings, delivering food and water, and assisting with filling prescriptions.

The Wallace School is no longer filling prescriptions. The downtown CVS pharmacy will fill prescriptions if the empty prescription bottle is brought in.

Donations needed: non perishable food, blankets, coats. No perishables. Donations can be delivered to City Hall or the High School (8th and Clinton).

A Duracell charging and wifi station and a PSE&G comfort station will be in Hoboken today. Phone charging stations are also available at Observer & Washington, along 11th Street between Park and Garden, Garden Street between 11th and 12th, Hudson St between 4th and 11th, and other areas where residents are making power available to neighbors.

Garbage collection will take place today. Damaged furniture may be left on the curb.

A community information meeting and press briefing will take place at 2pm in front of City Hall.

Shelter locations are: Wallace School (11th & Willow), Sts Peter & Paul (4th & Hudson), St Matthews (8th & Washington).

Avoid using your vehicles. There is a statewide gas shortage.

Emergency Operations Center phone number: 201-249-6644.

Flood waters have receded from the Observer Highway southern entrance to Hoboken.

The Federal Government has a website that allows people to apply for assistance online: .

This website consolidates the application process across several Federal agencies, including FEMA and the Small Business Administration. The website also reduces the number of forms you will ultimately have to fill out, shortens the time it takes to apply, and allows you to check the progress of your applications online.

If you want to apply by phone rather than the Internet, you can call 1-800-621-FEMA (1-800-621-3362).For full details, view this message on the web.

Many stores opening on Washington Street today

Some reports on additional stores opening on Washington Street today:

CVS at Washington and Newark, Basic Foods at 2nd Street, Radio Shack at 2nd street and Ace Hardware also near 2nd.

A&P said to be opening too with their own generator and will be selling non-perishable items.

The City of Hoboken Facebook page earlier today:

Have a food truck? Come to Hoboken and help us feed our community.

Reminder: tap water is safe. PSEG power estimate: full restoration 6-9 days. Volunteers meet at city hall at 9am. Non perishable food, blankets, coats donations needed to city hall or high school. Don't drive unless absolutely needed. Statewide gas shortage. Emergency Operations Center: 201-239-6644. Shelters open at Wallace School, Sts Peter and Paul and St Matthews.

Biancamano's was open yesterday serving residents from the front of its store.

Cugini Kitchen was hosting people inside even without electricity yesterday.
Vito's Deli had a good crowd along with Margarita's right down the street yesterday too.

National Guard aids evacuations as conditions improve but power out

Hurricane Sandy waters recede, most streets passable but power and supplies pose challenges

For most of Hoboken, the challenges will continue with power out in most of town even with most streets now passable and many people opting to move to surrounding areas.

Mayor Zimmer said evacuations took place all day yesterday but had no exact figure although one report placed it in the hundreds with those having medical requirements the first priority.

The mayor toured the areas most challenged early yesterday with the National Guard and an exact count on those evacuated isn't available but it may be in the high three digits.  According to an interview with the BBC, Councilman Dave Mello indicated the National Guard had been through his southwestern corner a half dozen times in the day taking people out who wished to leave and handing out supplies.

Hoboken is challenged as the region with fuel according the mayor who issued a call for residents not to drive and conserve fuel for the National Guard's local operations.  She also asked residents not to drive in town where possible and especially at night since traffic lights are not working.

One of the many National Guard vehicles on the job at City Hall yesterday.

Entry points on the north have been passable but there's word unconfirmed Observer Highway is now too.  While cars can not traverse the southern point between Hoboken and Jersey City, others can and access ATMs, Target, etc.

Restrictions on entering the City by car continue with residents, emergency supplies and those working for businesses permitted in but an unconfirmed report earlier today said law enforcement was allowing people to drive in.  MSV will look to confirm either way.

The City is asking for supplies and volunteers with the growing needs from an emergency where power may be out for the next week.

Midtown is far improved.  Marshall Street downtown is now clear.  The county appears to have delivered on a pump that went online in the corner of the southwest in the fourth ward since 2:00 am.  There is plenty of water at the intersections of Patterson Plank, 1st and Marshall and vicinity.

There's 880 units in the HHA, one of the most challenging areas for flooding and supplies will continue to be delivered into those locations.

The 126 Bus on Washington Street is confirmed running but rumored only to 19th Street not into Manhattan.  Ferries may remain on limited schedule.

A panoramic view of the crowd awaiting Mayor Zimmer at Hoboken City Hall yesterday.

Talking Ed Note:  People continue to ask when power will be back and it's in the hands of PSE&G.  The estimate of 7 -10 days is not anything exact but they must dry all the transformers on the west side and then get them stared up again.

Hoboken Power Station Row - a series of power strips have been made available on Hudson Street from 4th to 11th.  Starting with Sts Peter and Paul Church and up mostly all on the western side of the block, residents have created power stations for people, many with snacks and coffee.


Duracell reported to be setting up soon at 3rd and Washington Street to hand out some energy supplies.
Be polite and say thanks.  ;)

Council President Peter Cunningham: Updates post Hurricane Sandy

From the desk of Hoboken City Council President Peter Cunningham:

Long day for us all.  Cell phone service is still problematic.  And we still have no power like many of you.  

So where are we now?

The National Guard is here supporting our HFD in search and rescue.  Most of that is taking place in west central Hoboken, which is like a bath tub.  The City is in discussions with the County and North Hudson Sewerage Authority in pumping out the lowest sections of town.  Residents in these areas as well as the rest of the city have been displaced to three shelter locations - Sts Peter and Paul, St. Matthews and the Wallace School.  There is a need for food and water for these locations.  Staging is taking place at the Hoboken High School at 8th and Clinton.  If you can volunteer, you are greatly needed.  Please call the following 201-293-6644/45/47/48 to be deployed, or City Hall.

Now for the water situation.  The water is fine, and not contaminated and/or subject to shut off despite terrible rumors that was the case.

Now for the power.  PSE&G is working hard to restore power.  Substations are still in part submerged and need to be dried out and /or cleaned before they can be powered up.  We are now looking at Monday, maybe later, or sooner.  I'll update you on this progress as it's most impacting to so many of us.

Hoboken Terminal is still closed, so restoring bus service is unknown at this time.  However, ferries out of north Hoboken are in operation.

With limited power, street lights and traffic lights are out.  It's very dangerous out there, and fuel resources are limited.  So please drive only if absolutely necessary.

I know there's more to report, and will do so tomorrow.  Until then, please pass this along and advise on any other questions and concerns.  Thanks for all those that have volunteered their time, energy (electrical too) to help our fellow Hobokenites

Peter Cunningham

Part of the media and crowd at yesterday's press conference by Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  
Hundreds were in attendance to hear the latest on developments for the City of Hoboken.

Talking Ed Note: Unconfirmed Hoboken Police report says "search and rescue" operations will be mounted again this morning at 9:00.

If you need assistance or wish to be placed on a list to be picked up, please contact 201-239-6644.

The City of Hoboken has asked for volunteers to report at City Hall - 94 Washington Street.

Hoboken Police Department is saying no one is being blocked from driving into the City of Hoboken.  (Unconfirmed.)

Downtown access points much improved and while cars can't drive in and out through southern point of Observer, others can and access Target, ATMs, etc. on Jersey City side.