Saturday, November 3, 2012

Mayor Zimmer on latest power going online, FEMA, updates

Minutes ago, Mayor Dawn Zimmer appeared before City Hall providing the news of power going online in additional areas of Hoboken along with ramped up efforts in coordination with FEMA and Governor Christie.   Earlier, the mayor participated in a conference call with President Obama and the Governor earlier where additional resources were being brought to bear to aid Hoboken get online further for power.

As part of the updates, the mayor addressed a number of efforts for the City of Hoboken including security, food distribution and noted tomorrow there will be some important news on efforts surrounding transportation.

City Hall continues to be abuzz with scores of volunteers numbering in the hundreds who pitch in serving the community at all levels.

Tens of thousands of MREs (Meals-Ready-to-Eat) have been brought into the City and have begun being distributed at various POD locations (listed in the story below).

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken you're doing it!

Update: Reports of power coming on in several parts of town, areas of lower River Street and other locations but not confirmed.  PSE&G is putting out tweets that speak to some complex issues a large crew is currently working to rectify.

Hoboken Patch attended the community update and posted its story:

Musical Benefit for the Hoboken Disaster Relief Fund in Montclair tonight

The Hoboken Disaster Relief Fund isn't officially a day old yet but a group of musicians are holding an event for its benefit tonight in Montclair:

Complete details at the link:

Hoboken Power Situation Updated, official City update

The City of Hoboken notes PSE&G's progress to this point:

As of this morning, 5,939 out of 22,829 initial PSE&G account outages have been restored.

PSE&G is in town working on the substations that were severely damaged in the flooding.  Everyone is hoping we'll see strong progress but it's not going to be easy.

As this release was being prepared, the City of Hoboken announces:

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Saturday November 3, 2012, 11:36 AM

City of Hoboken

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Advisory: November 3 Update for Hoboken Residents

FOOD: 6 POD locations (10am-4pm): 76 Bloomfield St, 1st & Jackson, 220 Adams, 5th & Park, 9th & Jefferson, Fox Hill (13th & Willow). Bring shopping carts, bags, or backpacks to carry supplies back. The A&P, Target Jersey City, downtown CVS, uptown Rite Aid, Kings, Aspen Market, Basic, and other stores are reopening. Food trucks with free meals are at Church Square Park, 3rd St & Washington St, and other locations throughout the city. Elks Club (10th & Washington) is serving hot food.

DISASTER RELIEF (FEMA): Call: 800-621-FEMA (3362), Online:, In person: A FEMA Disaster Recovery Center will be set up in Hoboken in the next few days.

MEDICAL: HUMC is open (7am-7pm) as an urgent care center only. CVS (Newark St & Washington St, 9th & Clinton), Walgreens, uptown Rite Aid (13th St & Willow Ave) are open. For emergencies: 911.

POWER: PSE&G & FEMA are working to restore power as quickly as possible. Dozens of personnel are working at each substation. Facilities have extensive water damage, and a lot of equipment has to be replaced before service can be restored. Partial power was restored beginning Thursday evening. As of this morning, 5,939 out of 22,829 initial PSE&G Hoboken account outages have been restored. PSE&G info center is at Washington & Observer Hwy and also has free charging station, laptops, wifi, and ice.

WATER: The tap water is safe to drink. Water tanks are available at 1st St & Washington. Bring your own container.

ICE: Free ice is available at PSE&G comfort center at Washington St & Observer Hwy.

EMERGENCY OPERATIONS CENTER: 415-659-6289/7743/7750/4471 & 214-561-0673

GARBAGE: Trash pickup has resumed. Damaged furniture can be left at curb. Separate white goods (appliances) into separate pile. They must be recycled. NO electronics.

GAS: The State has begun gas rationing on Saturday (even/odd days for even/odd last number on license plates). Vanity/all letter plates = odd). Hess on Boulevard East in Weehawken is open.

ATMs: Observer Hwy & Bloomfield St, Hudson & 4th, 2nd & River. Citibank at 1st & River opens Saturday 9am. Restrict ATM visits to daytime hours.

BUS: Free shuttle (school bus) will run continuously up and down Washington St (9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm).

ELECTIONS: The Election is still scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Voting will take place at usual polling locations. Paper ballots can be cast early at County Clerk’s office during weekend or Monday (at least 8:30am-4:30pm). Questions? Division of Elections: 201-369-3470 (opt 6).

DONATIONS: Need flashlights and batteries, baby formula, baby food, baby and adult diapers, blankets, toiletries, and non-perishable food can be delivered to Hoboken High School (8th & Clinton). NO DONATIONS to City Hall. Please: no water or clothing, no glass donations.

CITY EMPLOYEES: Report to work on Monday, November 5, 2012.

ALL RESIDENTS ARE ENCOURAGED TO CHECK ON THEIR NEIGHBORSFor full details, view this message on the web.

Talking Ed Note: There's word of free gas and diesel available from Fuel Relief on Observer Highway and Bloomfield Street.  You'll need to bring your own container and there's a five gallon limit per person.

Please let your neighbors know.

Hoboken facing biggest mobilization challenge to date in Sandy aftermath

Hoboken having beaten back the surge from Hurricane Sandy is mostly without power posing new dangers with falling temperatures.  The City is asking for any volunteers to come to City Hall and anything you can do will make a big difference.

There's a number of residents low on money, food and of course heat.  Yesterday, Da Horsey took blankets to the High School before assisting with unloading a huge shipment of MREs (meals on wheels).  Reports from local food vendors say people are running out of money and have no place to cash a check.

ATMs have been set up on Observer and Washington and the corner of 4th and Hudson.  Asked yesterday how long the ATM would be available, the gentleman there said "until the cash runs out."

The City believes some banks will be opening and have listed Point of Distribution Food & Supply stations open from 10:00 am to 4:00 pm:

76 Bloomfield Street, First and Jackson Street, 222 Adams Street, 5th and Park, 9th and Jefferson, Fox Hill (13th and Willow).

A pause in the action last night with space added in Hoboken High School for the enormous delivery of MREs (Meal Ready to Eat).  Today the challenges for the City grow.  Stand up and be counted at Hoboken City Hall.

Talking Ed Note: We're seeing improved cell phone coverage (AT&T) finally and also more people coming back to MSV local meaning there's some improved power but not enough.

For emergency medical care call: (201) 420-2100.

General City emergency number is (201) 239-6644.

Gas problem: 1-800-GAS-LEAK

A food truck will reportedly be in Church Square Park today: 12 - 4:00.

Spread the word!

Hoboken Volunteer Army assembles again today, meals on wheels, more power

Hoboken's army of volunteers awaits as a truck arrives last night with MREs (Meals Ready to Eat)

 The latest in the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy in Hoboken:

The reports additional power in the am -
Power on 4th between Washington & Bloom - 600 & 700 Block of Madison St., 6th at Adams - 7th 8th to 9th at Adams & Grand & Jefferson.

The City of Hoboken notes the needed supplies: ALL donations to High School. NONE to City Hall: Flashlights & D batteries (no candles), baby formula, baby food, baby & adult diapers, blankets, toiletries & non-perishable food.

No water or clothing. No glass donations. ALL to High School. Not City Hall.

The Elks Club up on 10th and Washington will be serving food to the community all day today.  Everyone is welcome.  

City Hall is the rallying point again today for volunteers.  The mayor notes in an early morning twitter: as long as there is power out anywhere in Hoboken, volunteers are needed.

Hoboken power in the dark.  Dozens of volunteers built a chain 250 feet long! 

The mayor adds, "Need as many volunteers as possible today."  There's a lot to do with much of Hoboken without power.  "Go to City Hall and they'll give you a task."

Need to bring backpacks and carts.  GO ANYTIME YOU CAN!

You could help on site at City Hall or deliver needed meals and supplies to residents, etc.
And you will never be forgotten...

Next community update from Mayor Zimmer is 2:00 pm in front of City Hall.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer arrived on the scene and was briefed on the effort.
A mountain of MREs is visible in the background at Hoboken High School

Talking Ed Note:  Yet another impressive display of Hoboken volunteerism.  The folks were great and focused on getting the job done unloading three huge trailers of MREs. Most of the work was done with little to no light although some light was rigged later (seen below).

Pause in the chain.  Three huge trailers were unloaded with dozens of pallets.  A fine effort all around.
Da Horsey joined in for most of the effort and was impressed with the single-minded camaraderie.