Sunday, November 4, 2012

We believe in Chris Christie

Hoboken is well on its way to recovering its power and here's a segment at today's press conference downtown where the Governor addresses the fractured political attitudes about elected officials doing their job and concludes about voter fraud in Hudson County.

Oh how we know it so well.  That my friends is why we believe in Chris Christie.

Sign of the Times: Gov. Chris Christie in Hoboken greets Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Governor Chris Christie embraces Mayor Dawn Zimmer in front of the Elks Club in Hoboken Sunday afternoon. The two have worked closely together through one of the most challenging natural disasters in NJ history

Hoboken Patch filed its story from the press event in downtown Hoboken.

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Sunday Updates: food distribution locations, power, election on Tuesday

City of Hoboken announces:

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Sunday November 4, 2012, 12:56 PM

City of Hoboken

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Advisory: November 4 Update for Hoboken Residents

Food: 7 POD locations (10am-4pm): Hoboken High School (8th St & Clinton St), 76 Bloomfield St, 1st & Jackson, 220 Adams, 5th & Park, 9th & Jefferson, Fox Hill (13th & Willow). Bring shopping carts, bags, or backpacks to carry supplies back. The A&P, Target Jersey City, CVS, Rite Aid, Kings are open. Food trucks w/ free meals are at Church Square Park, 3rd St & Washington St, other locations throughout the city. Elks Club (10th & Washington) is serving hot food.

Public Transportation: The PATH is out of service until further notice. All pedestrian access to Hoboken Terminal is from the waterfront ONLY. The Red Hop will service the north ferry terminal, not Hoboken Terminal.Transit and taxi vehicles ONLY east of Washington Street and south of 1st Street. Do not drive downtown. Commencing Monday morning, November 5, NY Waterway will resume service on all regular routes. Hoboken Terminal Ferry Service to WFC only (no Pier 11). North Ferry 14th St. Terminal to Midtown. NJTransit Normal bus service only will resume Monday morning. NJ TRANSIT rail service between Secaucus and Hoboken remains suspended until further notice. Hudson-Bergen Light Rail service remains suspended until further. Free shuttle (school bus) will run continuously up and down Washington St (9am-12pm, 1pm-5pm).

Disaster Relief (FEMA): It is important for residents to register for FEMA relief. Call: 800-621-FEMA (3362). Online:, In person: A FEMA mobile registration center will be at Washington St & Newark St.

Power: PSE&G & FEMA are working to restore power as quickly as possible. More than 100 personnel are working in Hoboken. Facilities have extensive water damage from salt water. Partial power was restored beginning Thursday evening. Two of three substations have been at least partially reenergized. PSE&G info center is at Washington & Observer Hwy and also has free charging station, laptops, wifi, and ice. View the crowdsourced Hoboken Power (information is unofficial and unconfirmed).

Election: The Election is still scheduled for Tuesday, November 6, 2012. Voting will take place at usual polling locations. Paper ballots can be cast early at County Clerk’s office during weekend or Monday (at least 8:30am-4:30pm). Displaced residents can vote electronically (email/FAX). For Questions? Division of Elections: 201-369-3470 (opt 6).

Food & Beverage Sales: Establishments must be inspected and cleared for opening prior to establishing operation. Please contact: The Hoboken Health Department, 94 Washington Street, 3rd Floor, Hoboken, NJ 07030. (201) 420-2375. Although you must call for an inspection, we would also prefer that you email the Health Department as well:

Medical: HUMC is open (7am-7pm) as an urgent care center only. CVS (Newark St & Washington St, 9th & Clinton), Walgreens, uptown Rite Aid (13th St & Willow Ave) are open. For emergencies: 911.

Water/Ice: The tap water is safe to drink. Water tanks are available at 1st St & Washington. Bring your own container. Free ice is available at PSE&G comfort center at Washington St & Observer Hwy.

Emergency Operations Center: Questions? Call: 415-659-6289/7743/7750/4471 & 214-561-0673

Garbage: Trash pickup has resumed. Damaged furniture can be left at curb. Separate white goods (appliances) into separate pile. They must be recycled. NO electronics. No hazardous waste.

Gas: The State has begun gas rationing on Saturday (even/odd days for even/odd last number on license plates). Vanity/all letter plates = odd). Hess on Boulevard East in Weehawken is open.

ATMs: Observer Hwy & Bloomfield St, Hudson & 4th. PNC Bank, 2nd & River and Citibank at 1st & River are open.

Donations: Donate online or by mail to the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund: Need flashlights and batteries, hats, gloves, baby formula, baby food, baby and adult diapers, toiletries, and non-perishable food can be delivered to Hoboken High School (8th & Clinton). NO DONATIONS to City Hall. Please: no water, no glass donations.

Parking: Municipal garages are open except for 916 Garden Street. If your car is disabled, please make arrangements to have it towed. Parking enforcement will resume Monday, November 12 at 8:00am.

Schools/City Employees: Hoboken public schools are closed on Monday and Tuesday. City employees report to work on Monday, November 5, 2012.For full details, view this message on the web.

It's alive! Add upper Washington St. to those powered up

November 4, 2012 - Hoboken 12:00 noon

In the last half hour the reports have been flooding upper Washington Street has joined the list of areas powered up by PSE&G.

The efforts by PSE&G joined by numerous other electric company professionals brought in from around the country continued all though the night.  A press release noted the challenges in the area and especially in Hoboken with substations damaged in several feet of water.

Upper Washington Street - dark no more.  Power came on minutes earlier.

Talking Ed Note: A reliable source confirming the lights coming on also ran into people on the streets handing out invitations to the Move Forward Nazi truck backed Mason headquarters on 12th and Washington.

Some speculation for the assault by Mason's operatives at that location yesterday wonder if the reports coming from both sides about numerous soggy VBM (absentee) ballots may have triggered the violent action with Beth Mason standing by doing nothing.  Were illegal ballots being dried out inside?

There's apparently widespread upset among the Old Guard their illicit VBM operation may be ruined.


Hoboken and NJ residents hit by hurricane will be able to vote absentee via email or fax on Election Day

In a landmark development in NJ history with election day less than 48 hours away, Governor Chris Christie is putting into place an option for New Jersey residents to vote by email if they are unable to make it to their polling stations.

The Office of the Governor Chris Christie announced yesterday:

Christie Administration Announces E-Mail and Fax Voting Available to New Jerseyans Displaced by Hurricane Sandy

  • Saturday, November 3, 2012
Already Available to Military and Overseas Voters, State Opens Electronic Voting System to Make Voting More Accessible to Citizens Displaced by Hurricane Sandy and First Responders Assisting in Recovery Efforts

Trenton, NJ – The New Jersey Department of State has issued a directive today to county elections officials to permit New Jersey registered voters displaced by Hurricane Sandy to vote electronically. This directive also is intended to assist displaced first responders, whose tireless recovery efforts away from home has made voting a challenge.

“This has been an extraordinary storm that has created unthinkable destruction across our state and we know many people have questions about how and where to cast their vote in Tuesday’s election. To help alleviate pressure on polling places, we encourage voters to either use electronic voting or the extended hours at county offices to cast their vote,” said Lt. Governor Kim Guadagno. “Despite the widespread damage Hurricane Sandy has caused, New Jersey is committed to working through the enormous obstacles before us to hold an open and transparent election befitting our state and the resiliency of its citizens.”

To vote electronically, displaced voters may submit a mail-in ballot application either by e-mail or fax to their county clerk. Once an application is approved, the clerk will electronically send a ballot to the voter by either fax or e-mail in accordance to the voter’s preference. Voters must return their electronic ballot – by fax or email – no later than November 6, 2012, at 8 p.m.

Voters can download a mail-in ballot application for their county by visiting A list of county clerk websites, phone numbers and fax numbers are available by visiting

Separate directives issued today enable displaced voters and first responders to vote by provisional ballot at a polling place in a county other than the voter’s county of registration. The deadline for county clerks to receive mail-in ballots has been extended to November 19, 2012, for any ballot postmarked on or before November 5, 2012. Mail-in ballots post marked later than November 5 will not be accepted.

County elections officials have also been directed to print a sufficient number of provisional and emergency ballots to accommodate voters.

Voters are encouraged to take advantage of extended office hours at county elections offices to cast their vote early and in-person.  Registered voters can obtain and cast their ballot in-person at their county elections office up until 3 pm Tuesday.  County election offices are to remain open, at a minimum, from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm throughout the weekend, until November 5.  Voters that have a mail-in ballot and choose to deliver their ballot to the county elections office in person must present their completed ballot to their county elections office no later than the close of polls on Tuesday.

Information is also available by calling 1-877-NJVOTER.


The Hudson County Clerk's Office details how to vote by email or fax if you are unable to make it to your polling station on Tuesday:

Governor Chris Christie reportedly coming to Hoboken

An unconfirmed TV news report says Governor Chris Christie will be coming to Hoboken today to survey damage from Hurricane Sandy.

The report comes after feverish efforts with added power companies from around the nation arriving to aid PSE&G's efforts to get Hoboken fully back on line.

Additional areas have come online since yesterday after the mayor announce Marine View had power back.  Areas of midtown have power along with the Hudson Tea Building, parts of northeast Hoboken among others.  Washington Street however hasn't been one.

Last night PSE&G worked through the night with temperatures falling into the high 30s.

Mayor Zimmer has repeatedly thanked Governor Christie for his efforts to aid Hoboken through the hurricane.  Today, she will likely get the chance to tell him in person.

He's back?  Governor Chris Christie is reportedly coming to Hoboken.  Here he's pictured in a 
light moment on his first trip to  Hoboken as Governor when he introduced his property tax cap in 2010.

MSV repeatedly assaulted on Washington Street by Beth Mason operative

Yesterday as on Friday after City Hall updates, MSV worked up Washington St. noting open businesses and stopped by 12th and Washington outside Mason "Civic" the "charity" acting as a full blown political headquarters for Move Forward, the Nazi Truck backed BoE slate.  As on the previous day, some photos were taken of the signage, nothing more.

Saturday afternoon appeared to be uneventful and with no story published here with nothing happening other than a very nice woman's offer of coffee politely declined.

Councilwoman Beth Mason was only feet away speaking to another woman.  No questions or comments were made to her interjecting into that conversation. Photos of signage complete, the visit on the public corner was concluding quietly.

Until someone came barreling out of the political section cursing and repeatedly assaulting me with two handed strikes to the chest more severe than in a 2010 BoE forum incident with another Beth Mason political operative, Lane Bajardi.  The latter claims defamation against this website among others.

The person who came out of the political section of the "civic" association?  James Barracato.  He was joined by another Mason operative "Smitty" with both repeatedly yelling during the assaults "Get the f&%$ out of here!"

Beth Mason was silent to the loud incident standing several feet away.  The defense raised loud enough for her to hear, "Stop your political operatives from assaulting me," was met with silence.

Nothing but utter silence.

James Barracato aka FinBoy, the longtime Beth Mason political operative twice assaulted MSV
on the street with numerous people including Beth Mason standing by several feet away.  

Talking Ed Note: One witness came over advising calm, saying they were a regular reader of this website and supported it. Thank you sir.

Also, political consultant Adam Alonso notably to his credit came over and pulled away Barracato and the other Mason operative "Smitty" who made a less than veiled threat to go to our home as he expressed awareness it had power.  His offer was less than politely declined.

Barracato returned with a camera to take pictures.  If you see it appearing on Hoboken411 packed with lies, no one will be surprised.  That's where Mason runs her political operations and how she rolls.

MSV will have more on this story later.  Hoboken comes first.  That's how we roll.

Beth Mason minutes after her political operatives assaults.  She stood by within feet saying nothing.