Friday, November 9, 2012

Breaking: Stranded outside Hoboken - how many days does it take to get a ballot?

Voters who were forced to leave town due to Hurricane Sandy have until tonight at 8:00 PM to get their ballots submitted to the Hudson County Clerk's Office.

But what if you've been trying for days to get a ballot and even resubmitted your application as directed for a ballot again on Election Day and are still waiting?

Do you ask to speak to Didi or Gogo while you're waiting for Godot?

One Hoboken voter displaced by Hurricane Sandy is beginning to
wonder if they'll ever get a ballot to cast their vote.  They've been trying for five days.

That's the story of one Hoboken resident MSV has been following.  According to the Hudson County Clerk, they have until 12 noon today to get the ballot out to the voters and then the voter has until 8:00 PM to fill it out and return it.

One voter expressed concern whether they will get the ballot in time to participate and wonders how many others are facing the same predicament?

They even sent a copy of their driver's license with the application and original signature.

MSV will be following this story and if you are in the same boat and wish to share, please contact

Talking Ed Note: Da Horsey doesn't want to say two of the dirtier words in Hudson County: voter disenfranchisement.  (The other two being voter fraud.)  So the Hudson County Clerk's Office needs to step up and get voters that have legally fulfilled the ballot application requirement their ballots.

Five days and counting...

Update: 12 noon - We've heard from this Hoboken voter again who was awaiting a ballot just before noon.  Just off the phone with Hudson County and they confirm a ballot has been emailed out.  MSV is awaiting confirmation from the voter and will update here accordingly.

It's believed that the County received thousands of requests, hundreds at a minimum from Hoboken.  While they couldn't provide the exact figures, it appears they are making progress to satisfy the voters who make a legitimate request to vote by email and/or fax.

If anyone else is having difficulty obtaining a ballot after sending in an application please contact  Da Horsey is happy to help.

For those receiving a ballot, the BoE race is located on the lower left of the ballot where you can easily see K-L-M lined up for Kids First.
The Hoboken Questions 1-3 are on the lower right hand side.  Yes and Yes to #1 and #3. Thanks!

Update II: 2:35 - The saga for this voter continues.  The County says they emailed a ballot earlier, the voter says they haven't received anything via their email.  Communications between the County Clerk's office back and forth has been fine so why should the ballot go into invisible spam somewhere?

Update III: This Hoboken voter has spoken to two people in the Hudson County Clerk's Office and they have asked to take a phone number and call back.  That's where things stand as approximately 2:45 with no word.  The sage continues.  Where's Godot?  I mean the ballot?

Update IV: Ballot receive at 3:30!  So now the voter will print it out and get it back to the Hudson County office before 8:00 pm.  Da Horsey advised this voter to make sure to sign the ballot with their original signature.

If any of the local elections are contested, you want to make sure you did it all correct.

Councilman Bhalla: 'The Good, the Bad, the VBM fraud'

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Dear Neighbors,
I have good news, and bad news.

       The good news is that on Election Day this Tuesday, Hoboken residents cast their votes in favor of ALL the local initiatives advocated by Mayor Dawn Zimmer and myself. The Kids First team won at the voting booths, voters chose to consolidate elections to a single day in November, and rejected an amendment to the rent control ordinance. This summer and fall, we worked hard to register 750 new voters, hundreds of which voted for the first time on Tuesday. So congratulations and thank you for making your voice heard!

        The bad news is that this even though Election Day has passed, the election is not over, and this election can still be stolen. I kid you not.

        This year, as you may also know, due to Hurricane Sandy, the State of New Jersey is allowing voters who requested a ballot by email or fax by 5:00 p.m. on Election Day to still cast their ballot by 8 p.m. on Friday, November 9th.

         So here is my request to you: if you requested a ballot by mail or fax and still have not returned your ballot, please do so no later than 8:00 p.m. on Friday, November 9th, so that your vote counts! This is an important means to combat possible fraud and secure the victories we achieved on Tuesday!

        In doing so, I would again ask you to cast your vote for Jean Marie Mitchell, Thomas Kleupfel and Ruth McCallister for School Board, vote YES on Hoboken Local Questions 1 & 3, and vote NO on Hoboken Local Question 2.

Here are the instructions from the Hudson County Clerk:

"Complete the application and return the application to us via fax (201-369-3478) or e-mail ( or ). Your application must have a valid, original signature. E-signatures, or typed names are not acceptable."

       Please share this message with your friends.

       Why do I say that this election can still be stolen?  Here's why: there is an ongoing cancer in Hoboken's electoral democracy.  It's called absentee ballot fraud. To those of you new to Hoboken politics, absentee ballots are referred to in New Jersey by the euphemism "Vote By Mail".  Several years ago, the State of New Jersey, with good intentions, wanted to make it easier for voters to cast their votes, so they allowed voters to cast absentee ballots, or vote by mail, for any reason, even if they were not away on election day.  Many, many residents vote by mail in a proper manner and for legitimate reasons.

            Unfortunately however, in Hoboken there are truly nefarious political operatives that have abused the "Vote By Mail" option by engaging in widespread absentee ballot fraud. In my involvement in politics, I have witnessed two city elections stolen with the use of fraudulent absentee ballots. We are doing everything in our power to make sure this does not happen again, and pledge to remain vigilant in the coming days.

            I sincerely thank you for your patience as we move forward with this process. Again, if you have requested to vote by email or fax and have not returned your ballot, please remember to do so by 8:00 p.m. this Friday, November 9th.           


Ravi S. Bhalla