Wednesday, November 14, 2012

FBI raids City Hall up the hill in neighboring Union City

Based on a report by PolitickerNJ, the Boys of Summer have struck in Hudson County once again - this time it's up on the hill from Hoboken in Union City.

According to the report, the FBI have swarmed against "alleged misappropriation of Community Development Block grant dollars."

The report also notes the raid comes with the backdrop of a political war in Hudson County between the Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) and "renegade" Union City and State Senator Brian Stack.

State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack outsidet the Elks Club in Hoboken with Governor Chris Christie.  
Stack has been in a hot and cold war with the HCDO for years.  Now the FBI has arrived at Union City.

Talking Ed Note: Hoboken has been completely surrounded short of seeing a raid in neighboring Weehawken by the Feds in recent months.  Federal law enforcement raids have taken place in Jersey City (HCIA) more than once, North Bergen, West New York and Union City and points between running all the way to Trenton.

In the year and half plus investigation into Hoboken triggered by the massive looting inside the mayor's office with the Data Theft Ring (DTR), the one arrest to date is the IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi  who lost his job at that time and was arrested just over a year ago after the 2011 November election.

FBI agents leave City Hall with files in Union City this morning.
Photo courtesy the Jersey Journal, by arrangement.

All Hoboken can say to the US Attorney's Office in Newark is "Don't you forget about me."  The Old Guard has arrogantly continued in its dark ways.  This latest election cycle will show untold hundreds of absentee ballots coming out of the campaign loving Hoboken Housing Authority once again.

Of note, not one candidate in receipt of the one-sided votes from the "campaign workers" based in the HHA has yet to renounce the obvious fraud or the votes that go with the illicit vote-buying practice.

During the course of the Federal investigation, Hoboken has seen its institutional culture and very life under attack with an attempt to scuttle the sale of the local hospital and force the City into bankruptcy, subversion of a simple tax status change on the Midtown Garage costing taxpayers over $4 million, and an all out war for control over the BoE preceded by a massive million dollar SLAPP suit against a dozen vocal online opponents of corruption with more political operative abuses linked to Beth Mason.

Vote Yes for November Committee thanks the voters

Without final tallies in the biggest winner in the election locally is not a candidate but a petition question - the Vote Yes for November Committee garnered over 8,400 votes to move municipal elections to November.

The next Hoboken municipal election will be in November 2013 when the mayor and three at-large council seats will be up.

There's only one word to describe that outcome: landslide.

Here's Phil Cohen, a member of the committee extending thanks to the public for their support:

Talking Ed Note: Congratulations to the committee and all the Hoboken voters who spoke with a strong voice for November elections.  Awaiting final tallies for the runoff elimination question but it has a strong lead and will not likely be overturned.

As a result, grassroots candidates can actually run for office and not be expected to double the investment with two elections, an element important to keeping the "island of Hoboken" under local control and monied special interest.  Of course nothing's perfect but it's a landmark of election reform in the Mile Square.

Contact information for rent issues on power & repair

From the City's Facebook page:

Landlords are responsible for restoring power, heat and making repairs. If they do not make repairs, the City will issue fines of $1,000 per day. If you have an unresponsive landlord, please contact the following three city offices which have jurisdiction over such matters:

Health Division: 201-420-2047
Construction Office: 201-420-2066
Housing Inspection: 201-420-2041