Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Grist for the Mill: VBM tallies in with Kids First looking at possible BoE sweep

This just in from two independent sources on the Hoboken local elections.  While provisional ballots numbering in the 2,000 range including several hundred ballots via email and fax remain outstanding, all the Vote-by-Mail votes are said to have been tabulated in the BoE race.

Kids First appears solidly in the clear with its two top candidates on the machines: Ruthy McAllister and Tom Kluepfel.  The third Jean Marie Mitchell held approximately a 450 vote lead over Move Forward's Liz Markovitch on the machine totals.

After the total approximately 1800 Vote-by-mail ballots tabulation in the race, Jean Marie Mitchell holds the lead for the third seat by six votes.

If the numbers hold, Kids First would see its five member majority expand to six members dealing the Old Guard and especially Councilwoman Beth Mason a stunning defeat.

Reform sources are buoyed by word of the VBMs tallying completed as the provisional and electronic votes via email and fax are anticipated to reflect the ratios on the machines meaning Jean Marie Mitchell would see her lead extended in a final BoE election result.

The illicit Vote-by-mail Old Guard effort appears to have come up short, not only in hijacking the results of the election overall versus the machine totals but falling short in all three seats.

Provisional votes are expected to be counted after the Thanksgiving holiday meaning the official vote in the BoE race and three referendum questions await final numbers.

Rent control advocates are pleased their lead of "No" votes is holding but by a narrower number than after the machine vote totals.

The Kids First ticket is looking at a possible sweep of the three seats in the BoE race.  
The Old Guard's trusty VBM operation failed to put one of its backed candidates in the lead based on Da Horsey's gristy chewables.

Talking Ed Note: How do you like dem apples Beth Mason?  Remember to share with FinBoy and company and don't forget there's fines up ahead for wheeling illegal money into the Move Forward campaign.

Feel free to get together on the Nazi Truck and take a ride out of town.

The Beth Mason Nazi Truck outside City Hall.
A massive fail with an attack seen here on Da Horsey.

GA's Thanksgiving dish: connects "Not Perry" and son to Beth Mason, FinBoy and imprisoned former Perth Amboy mayor Joe Vas

Grafix Avenger report links Beth Mason to imprisoned Joe Vas' former spokesman

Near the eve of Thanksgiving comes word naming two political operatives never before identified in Hoboken.  The unveiling of the two are a father and son team: Barry and Tim Brendel working through Beth Mason's slimey fish for all seasons: FinBoy.  This  according to a report on Grafix Avenger.

Grafix Avenger dropped the cranberry bomb on the rancid Mason fish with a source connecting "Not Perry," a feigned Perry Belfiore decoy who is in fact the father of "Stalker" Tim Brendel the Mason videographer who has filmed Hoboken council, BoE, zoning board meetings, legal hearings and even the home of the Mayor Zimmer after a council meeting ended early.

Video from Tim Brendel's camera tapings have found themselves repeatedly on the scurrilous website Hoboken411 where Beth Mason runs her political operations under the cloak of rigid censorship.  More scandal erupted for Beth Mason when footage taken by Tim Brendel at a Zoning Board Meeting found its way to the Nazi Truck video production connected to the Mason backed Move Forward ticket.

Beth Mason has never denied her connection to the Nazi Truck that made five visits to Hoboken during the BoE race flashing a swastika as it drove all over Hoboken on separate nights and parked in front of the Wallace School.  A recent Al Sullivan column noted an anonymous Mason political operative saying she was too "savvy" to be involved in the endeavor.

Then on Election Night, MSV reported the Nazi Truck was back in Hoboken, this time showing a commercial for the Move Forward BoE slate that ran repeatedly on cable.  There's been no more anonymous denials about the connections between Beth Mason and her heavy backing of the Move Forward candidates along with the Nazi Truck since.

According to Grafix Avenger, "Not Perry"(l)  is Barry Brendel a Mason political operative 
working at the behest of her Mason Civic League board member along with his son Tim the videographer.

Barry "Not Perry" Brendel has been a frequenter of council and other Hoboken meetings and is pictured above speaking to Councilwoman Beth Mason as Councilman Michael Russo looks on at the Sunday Special Meeting of the City Council back in October 2011where the Mason sabotage to the hospital sale finally wilted when Tim Occhipinti bailed on the attempted snuffing of the century old institution.

The 2011 photo above was taken before the meeting began where the hospital's sale was the critical point of the meeting.  Does Beth Mason and Michael Russo look happy with that expectation?

As it turns out, Barry Brendel is reportedly the former spokesman of now imprisoned former Perth Amboy Mayor Joe Vas.  The name will not be familiar to most Hobokenites but it was raised back in 2010 by candidate Tim Occhipinti who challenged then Councilman Michael Lenz for having supported Vas in a political race during their debate at the Jubilee Center.

Will Tim Occhipinti dare criticize Beth Mason for her association with the former Joe Vas spokesman?

In another breaking angle to the story, PolitickerNJ published a report earlier today showing a Jersey City poll on that city's 2013 mayor's race.  The story says that Beth Mason was the person who commissioned the poll. 

In the comments section, a war breaks out among different commentators about the possible role played by Barry Brendel working on the poll:

Talking Ed Note:  Of stronger interest, how are Barry and Tim Brendel being paid and is the connection to the Mason Civic League via the rancid FinBoy an indication they are both on that payroll?  Will Beth Mason claim the Brendel family are part of her "charity" work.

Why is Beth Mason commissioning a poll for Jersey City Mayor?  (More on that tomorrow.)
Beth Mason was not available at the time of this story's publishing nor will she be available to do so. Ever.

Perhaps State and Federal law enforcement will have better luck obtaining some answers.

Grafix Avenger has more on this story:  http://grafixavenger.blogspot.com/2012/11/mason-operatives-identified.html

Mayor Zimmer urges Hoboken community to register with FEMA

Office of the Mayor announces:

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Tuesday November 20, 2012, 2:07 PM

City of Hoboken

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Community: Mayor Zimmer Strongly Urges Community to Register With FEMA
Hi smarty jones,
** Local Business Asked to Submit Survey with Damage Estimates **

Mayor Dawn Zimmer is strongly urging all residents to file with FEMA with their latest storm-related damage estimates. Local businesses are urged to complete an online survey so the City can establish an accurate accounting of damage: http://hobokennj.wufoo.com/forms/hoboken-business-storm-damage-survey.

“Even if you’re discouraged with the process, even if you’ve already been denied, the best way for Hoboken to get the help we need is to document your damage, register with FEMA, file with your insurance company, and appeal, appeal, appeal,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “Unless the federal government knows the true extent of the cost to rebuild, we can’t receive the extra help we need. If and when that assistance arrives, it is important for your case to remain open, so I can’t stress enough how critical it is to stick with the process, continue providing updated damage estimates, and continue appealing. We also need a full accounting of the impact of Hurricane Sandy on local businesses so we can advocate as strongly as possible for our community.”

In a meeting with Housing and Urban Development Secretary Shaun Donovan, who President Obama has tasked with leading the Sandy recovery effort, and Senator Robert Menendez, Mayor Zimmer stressed the need to address the inequity in the National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP). The program provides only limited benefits to those who live in garden level apartments, despite requiring that they pay for coverage. In addition, since NFIP only covers individuals, damage to common areas is typically not covered because they are the responsibility of condominium associations, which are registered non-profits. This is problematic for the building’s residents since the individual property owners are ultimately responsible for the condominium association expenses.

Secretary Donovan noted that he and the federal government are working to ensure that better and more assistance becomes available, and that in order to do so, everyone that was affected needs to register with FEMA.

Mayor Zimmer has also raised her concerns with Vice President Joseph Biden during his recent visit to Hoboken and with senior officials from FEMA.

In addition, Mayor Zimmer is on the executive board of the Rebuild Hoboken Relief Fund, a non-profit organization to assist individuals, businesses, and other non-profits fill the gap between insurance coverage, government assistance, and the true cost of rebuilding. To make a tax-deductible donation, visit www.rebuildhoboken.org.

Hoboken Transit Options with PATH out, homeowners without insurance

The City of Hoboken Facebook page posted transit alternatives with the PATH repairs incomplete:

While we wait for PATH service to be fully restored, many are aware of the direct bus and ferry transportation options from Hoboken, but buses can get stuck in traffic and ferries can be expensive. Here are three alternatives (some faster than bus, some cheaper than bus, all cheaper than ferry) for getting into Manhattan that you might not be aware of.

1. NJ Transit Rail at H
oboken Terminal: Take the Main/BergenCounty/Port Jervis Line towards Port Jervis or the Pascack Valley Line towards Spring Valley, then transfer at Secaucus Junction for any train to New York Penn Station. Approximate travel time is 30 mins. Total cost: $4 each way.

2. PATH at Newport Station: Walk, bike, or take the Hudson Bergen Light Rail from Hoboken Terminal, 2nd Street or 9th Street to Newport. Transfer to the Newport PATH for service to 33rd Street. Approximate travel time is 30 mins (via Light Rail: 6 mins from 9th St to Newport light rail + 3 minute transfer + 5 minute wait time + 15 minute PATH). Total cost: $2.25 each way (walk or bike) or $4.35 each way (w/light rail @ $2.10).

3. Free ferry from Liberty State Park: Take the Hudson Bergen Light Rail from Hoboken Terminal, 2nd Street or 9th Street to the Liberty State Park stop. Take the FREE shuttle bus from the light rail stop to the Liberty State Park ferry site. FREE Statue Cruise Lines Ferry Service is available from Liberty State Park to Battery Park (Lower Manhattan) from 6am-10am,1pm-2pm and 4pm-8pm. Total cost: $2.10 each way.

And this for those without adequate homeowner's insurance:

If you're a homeowner who can't afford to or aren't receiving insurance coverage and you need help clearing out your flooded home, please email sandy@hobokennj.org with your address and contact information. Volunteers from NECHAMA are here to help (and if you'd like to help with the effort, you can sign up to volunteer athttp://nechama.org/). Please check on your neighbors, especially the elderly and disabled, to see if they need assistance.