Wednesday, December 5, 2012

City Council to dissolve heroic Hospital Authority @ 7:00

Pt. 2:

The regularly scheduled City Council meeting agenda shows the second reading for dissolution of the now famous Hospital Authority.  The group played a critical role in saving the hospital and the City from bankruptcy.  Among them includes Steve Rofsky.  His untimely passing earlier this year came after his critical contribution in seeing the successful sale.

Every single member of the Hoboken Hospital Authority are heroes to this community.

You wouldn't know any of this from the negative remarks by the Old Guard council members.  At the last meeting Councilman Michael Russo called the legal bill for the vendor in the range of 12K to block someone from breaking the agreement "greed."  He argued that the Authority should have been dissolved earlier failing to either comprehend or wishing to understand liability doesn't disappear because you'd like it to when a complex legal agreement is challenged.  Russo never attempted to make a legal argument but the antagonistic attitude shown at last week's meeting and previous ones by MORTe belies the antipathy for the hospital's successful sale.

The short list of two second readings means the public can sign up and speak early on any issue in the public portion.  Maybe folks will turn out to congratulate Beth Mason on the success of her Nazi Truck.  After all, without the Beth Mason Nazi Truck, the Kids First victory.... well you just don't know.

Of course in doing so you could find yourself in a SLAPP suit or falsely accused of some disorderly offense by one of her political operatives.  For Beth Mason, that's merely communicating to constituents.

Here's the agenda with the rather long list of resolutions but these are mostly not of the Hurricane Sandy emergency variety in recent meetings:

Old Guard Insider declares Beth Mason Nazi Truck political "suicide"

Old Guard insider slams Beth Mason and her political operative James Barracato persona non grata

The Old Guard insider, Deep Uvula has returned from a hiatus warbling about the BoE election disaster underwritten by Beth Mason's allowance money leading to a Kids First sweep.

The Deep Throat figure surfacing again on Grafix Avenger lets loose on the disastrous results for the Old Guard and Beth Mason's "funny" desired ambition for a county backed election position.

Of the Beth Mason Nazi Truck rumbling across town flashing a Nazi swastika on two separate nights at the Wallace School and outside a City Council meeting on Washington Street, DU declared it political "suicide" and those who thought so "were right" adding Beth Mason's allowance money from her husband who also acted as treasurer of the Mason PAC "ain't getting anyone elected anymore."

The Beth Mason Nazi Truck disaster blew her county ambitions sky high
according to one well-placed Old Guard insider

The fleshy warbling knot of insider knowledge has even less kind words for Beth Mason's political operative and Mason Civic League Board member James "Finboy" Barracato saying Weehawken Mayor Richard Turner didn't appreciate being dragged into "the fake charity mess" - the Hudson County charity Mason set up to promote herself for a county position.  MSV reported on that scam of a fiasco here with a Weehawken Political Action Committee (PAC) listed to receive Mason collected charity money.

There's more from Deep Uvula on the mayor, Old Guard "rethinking" and the Fed's investigation in Hoboken over at Grafix Avenger:

At least one Move Forward candidate voiced approval to see the Nazi Truck keep
trucking in Hoboken at the Old Guard BoE strategy meetings.

Talking Ed Note: While Deep Uvula says people knew the Beth Mason Nazi Truck was self-destructive to the ninth degree, Old Guard meetings on BoE strategy didn't nix the idea and sources state although the first Nazi Truck visit caused consternation among some, at least one Move Forward candidate voiced support to have it continue.

In the end, the Beth Mason Nazi Truck offended the whole Hoboken community and both Hoboken rabbis who have asked for an apology.

No one thinks Beth Mason is decent enough to do so.  She'd sooner sue the rabbi than apologize.

Nazi Truck graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.