Saturday, December 22, 2012

Grist for the Mill: Beth Mason Hudson County fundraiser a massive flop

The Hudson County recovers fundraiser Thursday night in a Secaucus restaurant crashed and burned so badly, hostess Beth Mason was forced to convert the political event into a free dinner.

One attendee described it as the Hoboken seniors Elks Club lunch circuit with groups bussed into Secaucus from the Fox Hills seniors building, the Hoboken Housing Authority and a coterie of Mason political operatives who clearly didn't pay the requested $300 per person dinner fee.

"I don't think you could get $300 from all of the people there combined," the source said of the diners.  Told about the original purpose of the dinner, the source feigned ignorance saying, "I had no idea. Why wouldn't Mason at least host the dinner in Hoboken where restaurants could use the business?"

Mason apparently gave a speech to her captive audience but the source described it as less than memorable and offered no opinion on its content before adding, "It looked like there was some media table set up to get publicity to the press."

Another Hoboken source mocked the turn from a Hudson County fundraiser to a Hoboken Housing Authority freebie dinner.  A Mason political operative attending had attempted to find out who among the HHA staff worked through the hurricane so they could be commissioned awards from Mason, according to this person's grapevine.

"Beth Mason had to have an operative contact the HHA to find out who the workers were so she could give them awards.  Shows you how much she knows what was going on down there," they said howling in laughter.

Beth Mason's fundraiser for Hudson County to ingratiate herself with the county politicos failed miserably Thursday.
It was the latest massive political fail for the spendthrift councilwoman coming on the heels of her major sponsorship of
the Move Forward BoE campaign swept away with the Nazi Truck by Kids First.

Talking Ed Note: Guess we'll have to await the press release for how Mason will spin her disastrous attempt to get traction with Hudson County politicos.  One thing is for sure, the political leaders in Hudson County won't be impressed.

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Update: Although the Hudson Reporter editors moved their most commented on piece in some time from their homepage, it broke four figures anyway in likes with over three-thousand views.  

It's a letter originally appearing December 9th from second ward residents who have had it with Beth Mason.  Newark hear our plea.

Beth Mason on public's First Amendment rights, then and now

In 2011, Beth Mason says "We have no control" on public comment in City Council

Back in 2011, Beth Mason temporarily held the chair of the City Council and had an entirely different perspective on how public portion should be managed.

In the short video clip below, notice Mason's response to then Corporation Counsel Mark Tabakin who interjects the council members are about to be made witnesses to slander.  Minutes earlier she is caught in a political operation attempting to manipulate the speaker's list.

Beth Mason voices a contrary perspective on public comment in City Council and has no concern about slander before the government body.  According to Beth Mason, "We have no control..."

January 2011 slander halted but "happy to republish on some blogs somewhere."

Compare that to her demand to suppress the public's First Amendment rights after Phil Cohen's comments last Wednesday criticizing the tactics of Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occhipinti to avoid a court ordered vote of the full eight council members on the Jim Doyle appointment.

Got hypocrisy?