Thursday, February 28, 2013


From the desk of Fourth Ward Councilman Tim Occhipinti:
Zimmer’s Cancellation Hurts Hoboken’s Small Businesses & Ability To Show The World Hoboken Is Back In Business Post-Sandy 
(HOBOKEN, NEW JERSEY) – With this Saturday being the traditional date for Hoboken’s St. Patrick’s Day parade, Councilman Tim Occhipinti expressed extreme disappointment that Mayor Dawn Zimmer cancelled the historic parade…again.
 “The St. Patrick’s parade is a piece of Hoboken’s history that celebrates the contributions of Irish Americans to our great city and a day that was enjoyed by families and visitors alike,” said Occhipinti. “This year, a parade would have been a golden opportunity to show the strength and resilience of our community, and that Hoboken is back post-Sandy. It would have been a big help to local businesses, and a boost to our city’s morale.”

For a quarter-century, Hoboken held a parade along Washington Street on the first Saturday of March. For 25 years, children, seniors and families lined the street as Hoboken kicked off St. Patrick’s Day celebrations around the state. The event drew U.S. Senators, Congressmen, Governors, TV stars and national media outlets, but the true luminaries were the countless Hobokenites who were honored by the parade committee. The event brought in revenue for local businesses – not just bars and restaurants, but also everything from bagel stores and bodegas to pizza parlors and novelty stores.

For the second year in a row, the historic event was cancelled after Mayor Zimmer tried forcing the parade committee to move the event to a Wednesday evening.  The various bands, piper groups and organizations that make the parade such a great event would not be able to participate on a weeknight. The parade committee said it best, “The idea of marching in a parade, in the dark, on a week night, is as insulting as it is unreasonable.”

The City will incur the same costs associated with “Leprecon Day” as traditionally were spent on the parade. This amounts to approximately $100,000 in overtime costs for public safety, sanitation, etc. - without any offsetting revenue. So now, rather than the historic St. Patrick’s Day that families can enjoy - which includes a parade celebrating Hoboken’s rich diversity and saluting the Irish community - there is instead an unofficial “Leprecon” event. But, this is merely a “pub crawl” organized by locals and without any of the cultural significance of a parade. In other words, the controversial alcohol-focused portion of the day remains and the city pays for it, while Mayor Zimmer, again, unreasonably forces the cultural, historical and civic-minded parts of the day to all be scuttled.

Councilman Occhipinti believes the role of government is to come up with a safe and proper plan to bring back the Hoboken St. Patrick's Day Parade on the first Saturday in March. Shutting down the family-oriented portion and ostracizing Irish-Americans is not the answer. The success of The Mumford & Sons – which had 15,000 participants - shows that when motivated, this city can succeed at controlling events in a non-residential area with proper planning. The parade committee should contribute, corporate sponsorships should be sought, and public safety should be the number one concern.

If there was ever a time to show that Hoboken is thriving, to create buzz for the city and to bring additional revenue our local businesses…it is right now. For example, in Monmouth County, this year’s Belmar St. Patrick’s Day Parade is a celebration of the Shore.

“This year, we should be marching to show that we are Hoboken Strong,” added Councilman Occhipinti. “We’re losing a prime chance to show the state – and the world – that Sandy may have knocked our city down, but we’re back on our feet, open for business, and ready to be better than ever.”

Councilman Occhipinti believes that - with proper planning, organization, coordination with regional law enforcement agencies, and input from local businesses – Hoboken’s government can help create a fun, safe and lucrative event for residents, families and visitors to enjoy. Local leadership should be able to come up with a plan that takes safety into account and works with the parade committee. Forcing the parade to move to a weeknight, but allowing the pub crawl to continue is a slap in the face to the good people who plan, march and enjoy this event, as well as the families and businesses who are left out in the cold.

MSV policy is to post without editorial any release from an official directly related to Hoboken.
The above release meets those guidelines and the policy remains in effect.

Telephone election poll for November election - in February?


Last night readers gave a heads up about an odd telephone poll striking town for the November elections.  Then on a call to former at-large councilman Tony Soares his other phone rang.  It was the same November election poll firm!

So Da Horsey stayed quiet and listened in as Soares gave answers to the following questions.  First some introductory questions including political party affiliation.

The first core question asked for a view about  Governor Chris Christie?  Choices included disapprove, highly disapprove, approve, highly approve.

The next question asked the same about Mayor Zimmer. 

This followed with a statewide question on the governor match up between Gov. Chris Christie vs. Barbara Buono.  The pollster asked which candidate is supported or likely your choice.   

Then came a question evaluating the mayor's strength in a real candidate matchup: Assemblyman Ruben Ramos vs. Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Similar choices between the two of likely or definite.

The last political question measured the value of Governor Christie making a local endorsement.  Would a governor endorsement have an impact on you for choice of mayor?

The poll ended asking age and ethnic identification.  

In a quick telephone interview following the poll, Soares said, "It was very entertaining especially when there was nothing good on television.  It’s a big waste of money though, someone with a lot of money.  I think whoever is polling it this early; it’s someone who’s crazy with a lot of money: person or group.”

Mason political operative Barry Brendel (l) is reported to have conducted a telephone poll recently for the Jersey City race
on behalf of incumbent Mayor Healy.  Is he involved in the one in Hoboken for the Old Guard and Beth Mason?  In February!?

Talking Ed Note: This poll seeks to measures the current impact of Governor Chris Christie in Hoboken's mayoral race.  Clearly the Old Guard is concerned the mayor may in fact get an endorsement from the popular governor.  Polls recently pegged Gov. Christie's popularity at an astounding 74%.

If this is a Beth Mason commissioned poll, will it be more impacted by the success of a popular mayor and governor or a third ward councilman caught on FBI surveillance tape trading on his office who screams about Republicans here, there and under the bed?

How will State Senator Brian Stack take all this if in fact it enters at all into his selection for his Assembly slate?  That's one job opportunity Beth Mason needn't worry about any more.  

Is all the political noise in recent days an indicator Beth Mason is thinking about going after the only political job left she can attempt to buy? 

SmartyJones celebrates 12th birthday today back home in Pennsylvania

Today is SmartyJones' birthday.  People are extending happy wishes to SmartyJones who is considered by many the best horse of his generation.

Da Horsey will pass on the birthday sentiments.  One of SmartyJones favorite pastimes is mares.
The other is trampling the corruption of the Old Guard.

Well wishes to Da Horsey are being passed on to America's most beloved horsey.

FEBRUARY 28, 2011

SmartyJones, America's most beloved horse is back home in Pennsylvania celebrating his birthday today.  Although a conspiracy cheated him from a Triple Crown victory, he's one of the greatest horses of his generation.

He'll spend the day enjoying his favorite meal and spending time with a mare or two.

SmartyJones in action
A year ago, SmartyJones moved from Kentucky back to Pennsylvania

SmartyJones enjoys a laugh with friends

Getting it done!

Up close and personal with SmartyJones

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Stand up and be counted...

After Hurricane Sandy, there's been upheaval and suffering in our community.  Many have seen huge setbacks due to the storm with losses, insurance issues or work.  Some have suffered worse.

On the legal front, the City of Hoboken says it's bearing the continued cost of the Jim Doyle lawsuit running into the tens of thousands. With the aid of fine counsel, they won a big victory in Hudson County Superior Court.  The case has been appealed again so the legal appointment of Jim Doyle remains on hold.

But the City is not the only one facing onerous legal bills against... you know.

For months, people have offered encouragement, spoken about taking a stand and said they hope to see the endless attacks and intimidation against speech halted.  To those that have given, thank you very much for your kind support.  You've shown tremendous fight and even bigger hearts.  You know who you are.

Now we're in the homestretch so it's time to stand up and be counted... confidentially of course.

Please support the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.

Thanks kindly again for all your support but especially for standing up and being counted in this effort.


Hit the "Donate" button, no Paypal account is required.  

Checks may be sent to: the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund, c/o RW Brice, 1032 Hudson Street. Apt. 1S, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Anonymous donors may send money orders to the same address made out to the Hoboken Free Speech Legal Defense Fund.

Beth Mason - 'Stop fighting back or I'll sue you all again'

Beth Mason's gone on a barrage of propaganda releases in recent days.  Statements on scheduled City public meetings on parks, Sandy efforts by the Federal and State government, and a robocall to residents last night.  Obviously overcompensating due to the news her year long effort to buy an Assembly seat crashed and burned, she wants you to pay attention to anything but that bad news.

For almost the same length of time, local media save for Hoboken411 on occasion doesn't even pay her fabricated releases any mind.  Rather than humiliate her and try to scratch at the surface of the obvious fabrications, they just pretend it never arrived in their email inbox.

The biggest push Beth Mason's political operatives have made in recent days is fashioning a letter so full of malarkey, it's more an effort to help Beth feel better after State Senator Brian Stack's brushoff than a realistic effort to convince Hoboken residents it's Mayor Zimmer's fault she has to sue her, the reform council members, the City Clerk and the people of Hoboken.

It's not clear if she's been holed up in the bedroom for days like she was reported to have done after the 2009 spring mayoral election.  That election saw her as the favorite flame out so completely, she didn't even make the runoff.  After four days, It took people carrying her out of the bedroom to immerse her back into some semblance of reality.  (Others don't believe it's been entirely successful.)

In recent months, Beth Mason's legal guns for hire had their arguments handed to them by Judge Bariso.  Repeatedly.  He ordered her and Michael Russo with the rest of MORTe to show up and vote on the Jim Doyle appointment.  He then scolded their childish prank on hiding out and then filing a lawsuit, deriding their "gamesmanship" as so much MORTe nonsense.

Beth Mason took that real well too.  Her legal team filed another appeal to stop the Jim Doyle appointment after that defeat.

Maybe what the lawyers need to be doing is drafting terms of her being committed to a mental institution.

Okay, here's the latest crafted Beth Mason effort by her political operatives:

All text original by Beth Mason political operatives who write all her "stuff."
Beth Mason in strait jacket graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Russo duels Bhalla over voter fraud in the Hoboken Housing Authority


Council war breaks out on HHA voter fraud after rent control advocate decries systematic house to house paper ballot collection (vote-by-mail) of almost 500 votes for "Let the People Decide" landlord group.

In the course of the human events in these United States, a Civil War took place and a nation split asunder on the rights of States and the question of slavery.  With the Union victorious, the road to freedom marched on and the battle for the Republican dream of racial equality traveled a century before the Voting Rights Act of 1965 took overdue steps edging toward liberation from the plantation.

Traveling northwards, crippling African-American families with unintended consequences of Johnson's Great Society and dissolving the basis of family leaving mother led households in centralized housing collectives, the vultures working with politicians have maintained a different plantation game as they mouth platitudes celebrating Black History month.  It's present at almost every election in Hoboken.

Enter a face off between two opposing camps on the issue of vote farming in the Hoboken Housing Authority.  On one side, representing the grifting Russo crime syndicate, Councilman Michael Russo defending the old, dark ways on behalf of the northern plantation stakeholders, in this case landlords.

In the other, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, a powerful voice in the Hoboken Reform movement and a staunch Democrat seeking the American mantle of promise fulfilled.

Councilman Michael Russo calls the issue of voter fraud, both in Hoboken and the nation a "Republican issue" of "voter suppression" describing allegations of Hoboken voter fraud as "ludicrous."

Councilman Ravi Bhalla raises the red flag in Hoboken at those who "lead the effort" who are "victimizing the people in the (Housing) Authority."  He calls the scam there are hundreds and hundreds of campaign workers being paid for "work"... "a big fraud" having been in the fourth ward on election day and not seeing a single campaign worker on the street.

Russo calls it "Republican marching orders in the election." Bhalla deems it a "voting rights issue," and "cautions" people (including the council members) from participating in voter fraud.

When it comes to the Hoboken Housing Authority, do you think another nerve's been hit?

State Senator Stack needs to make a decision on what kind of official he wishes to represent him for the Assembly.
It's a contrast worth further examination.

The proceedings are interrupted as Bhalla is speaking more than once from the scant audience.  The Brothers Calicchio are both in attendance and none too happy about this exposure.  Former Hoboken resident Nick Calicchio later yells out calling City Council President Peter Cunningham an "asshole."

Talking Ed Note: Beth Mason followed this riveting exchange with a foray into the wilderness complaining about voters without electricity who could not make it to the polls.  In the refrain of one who says let's change the subject before my name comes up next in this sordid mess, Mason inquired with a straight face about recent developments in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

This as she sends multiple political operatives to the meetings, one of whom films the entire government proceedings on her behalf. Perhaps other political operatives have not been able to produce a satisfactorily short summation to have read to her after breakfast so Councilman Dave Mello obliged.

At one time Beth Mason took an avid interest in MSV's use of the word plantation but lost the taste for that discussion after prompting a Hudson Reporter writer on a hatchet job of a mission by its editors last year. Proudly directed to the feature atop the page: Timmy's Street $$$ Time, all inquiries on that storyline and a so-called Hoboken blogger feature story abruptly ended.

Monday, February 25, 2013

Verdict: Beth Mason attempt to buy an Assembly seat ends in failure

It's been more than a year of Hoboken hearing about Councilwoman Beth Mason's inevitability in moving on to land at least a NJ Assembly seat.  One target of her bottomless ambition for power is State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack's ticket.  Of the four candidate names in Hoboken circulating, Beth Mason we've been told over and over was the Hoboken pick to replace Assemblyman Ruben Ramos.

Well let's end all of the speculation and put this turkey to rest: Beth Mason is out!

State Senator Brian Stack won't be issuing any press releases, you won't see him place an ad in the Hudson Reporter and he's certainly not going to go on the record discussing his pending choice but multiple independent sources have confirmed as Dr. McCoy in Star Trek:

She's dead Jim.
The year long posturing by her political operatives saying Beth Mason was the inevitable pick to be graced on State Senator Brian Stack's slate for an Assembly seat are over.  MSV confirmed it with independent sources last week.  She's out.  
More monies spent for a big, fat donut.

Last week, MSV spoke to multiple independent sources among them people on both sides of the Hoboken divide who all confirmed Beth Mason's year long push to score the coveted Assembly seat position on Stack's spring slate was dead in the water.  The Hudson Reporter has been quoting her political operatives talking about Mason as the inevitable pick for what seems like over a year - until last weekend when suddenly they did an about face.

Al Sullivan refers to more anonymous people saying Beth Mason "rebuffed" State Senator Brian Stack and his demands were considered by "some" as unreasonable.


So Al Sullivan just bought hook, line and sinker the collapse of a year long political operation fed to him and regurgitated countless times in the Hudson Reporter to "convince" Stack to put Beth Mason on his slate ran into a sudden problem in the eleventh hour?

It doesn't pass the smell test, similar to the Hudson Reporter's interviewing only Beth Mason on a lawsuit against a number of Hoboken commenters including MSV, Grafix Avenger but failing to ask her one question about her role in it.  

(Will the editors at the Hudson Reporter ever ask Beth Mason something relevant like how many Hoboken people she underwrites lawsuits against in the City of Hoboken?)   

Back to the Hoboken NJ Assembly seat soon to be departed by Ruben Ramos.  Does State Senator Brian Stack think it's politically useful to have someone on the ballot who is one of the most despised people in Hoboken, who has done harm to the City in countless ways among them the attempted sabotage of the sale of the hospital to the lone viable buyer?

Beth Mason after all even ran commercials against the hospital sale where Governor Christie had to come in with $5 million to undo the hospital's collapse before a final deal could be negotiated.  Think any of Mason's ugly political gambit has been forgotten statewide as Senator Stack looks to build on his cooperative relationship with Gov. Christie and reform cred?

Beth Mason's craven effort to see both the hospital and Hoboken ruined for political gain is not lost on anyone even though many will have forgotten the bitterness of her political operatives who howled in pain at her plan's undoing and then called Mayor Zimmer "a fascist."

On the upside, Al Sullivan does state one Assembly candidate, Frank Raia, has been engaging with the State Senator on the seat.  MSV agrees but has a different perspective on where the future may lie for the perennial Hoboken candidate.   MSV named the four potential Hoboken people confirming days after Sullivan.  Among them are Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Frank "Pupie" Raia and Michael Russo.  There are split views on whether Raia would like to hang out in Trenton and if Russo is viable but everyone agrees Ravi Bhalla is a solid contender.

As for movement for the Assembly seat, it's first in and first out and the end of the line for Beth Mason.

While some including Grafix Avenger would be happy to have seen Mason buying an exit visa, MSV never shared that view moving Mason out of Hoboken was going to happen in the end.  At this point, some wishing the Mason (money) problem become a headache elsewhere is over and done.  Beth Mason is stuck in Hoboken.  No one wants her.  Even with her husband providing her a blank check, she can't buy her way out of town.

Sullivan's weekend column did note Beth Mason wants to install her proxy puppet Tim Occhipinti into the mayor's office.  Sure, she can stomp on the law again as in the Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE campaign with illegal money pumped in but would Beth Mason flout the law to the degree required for the eager but juvenile Tim Occhipinti in a run doomed to failure?

As Mason's reputation is so toxic, one Old Guard denizen has accurately noted, "She has no base," she couldn't be elected dog catcher.  Can her rancid stench stay far enough to get Occhipinti off the ground?  (Only Timmy seems to think so.)

So as an fyi to all interested parties, Beth Mason will remain a law enforcement problem in Hoboken.

If you hear the Hudson Reporter editors next pushing Beth Mason as the inevitable choice for Hudson County Executive, try to suppress laughter and know it's just business, weekly Mason family checkbook business.

Talking Ed Note: Another quick point with the official mayoral race beginning.  The Hudson Reporter ignored Ruben Ramos' announcement on page one relegating him deep in its pages (to obscurity on the bottom of page 2).  Nothing confirms the anger among the Old Guard in Ramos' announcement more than that editorial snub.  How does Ramos get treated with such disdain after serving so many years in elected office?  Well, it's an obvious indicator Ramos will not be seeing much love from the pro Old Guard rag.  Word gets around and the Old Guard especially the Russo clan are fuming Ramos launched without their approval.

Then there was the bizzaro world political operation from the view here run by Beth Mason wannabe BFF Ines Garcia Keim at the City Council meeting last week. The other half of the infamous house host address of the "Friends of Beth Mason" political committee most recently funneling excessive illegal dollars for the Move Forward Nazi Truck BoE camapaign, spoke during public portion on her "spirit" resolution to have Trenton support health care dollars from the federal government.  Keim then went to the microphone again past 1:00 AM during the council's New Business segment demanding she be given time again.  Lots of whining her resolution should have been passed as an "emergency" with MORTe backing council rules be broken on behalf of the political operation.

You can hear Tim Occhipinti on board with the 1:00 in the morning rule breaking.  After all some (Masonista) animals are more equal than others.  Rules, wot council rules?

It's all about setting the stage for the Old Guard to run against "Republicans."  Yes, it's February and they are that desperate.  Say hello to election season in Hoboken.

More on that and an obnoxious outrageous defense of voter fraud in the fourth ward from Michael Russo who went head to head on the issue against Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

For a council meeting without much weight on the agenda, a lot of truth sure came pouring out.

Related: Grafix Avenger weighs in on Beth Mason's latest humiliation asking why Al Sullivan's column isn't available online and references a trip up the hill Mason took early February to Union City when Gov. Christie came to celebrate the opening of Colin Powell elementary school.

Beth Mason was there in person just earlier this month to hear State Senator Stack as reported in the Hudson Reporter say to no great surprise:

“Not only is he the greatest governor, but he’s the best I’ve ever worked with, and that’s coming from a Democrat,” Stack finished, to thunderous applause from the audience."

Yet the Hudson Reporter kept telling us (re: Mason paid political operatives) she was a frontrunner.
Until she wasn't.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hoboken Hot House

From the downtown Washington Street business:

For Home & Garden - Karen Nasone 
120 Washington Street
(201) 706-8096

Shop Hoboken

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Release Party for "On the Waterfront" at the Historical Museum

On the Waterfront: Criterion's New DVD Boxed Set Release Party at the Museum

February 24, 2013 • 4pm

Location: Hoboken Historical Museum, 1301 Hudson St., (201) 656-2240

Fans of the movie On the Waterfront, which was filmed almost entirely on location in Hoboken 60 years ago, won't want to miss a special event at the Museum: All are invited to a launch party for a new DVD/Blu-Ray boxed set with special features. The Criterion Collection is releasing a newly restored version of the movie, packaged with new extras, such as interviews with Hollywood legends, film critics and scholars, and people involved in the filming, including local boy Tom Hanley. The event is free, and copies of the boxed set will be available for sale.

Tom Hanley, who grew up to become a longshoreman, and Dr. James Fisher, Fordham professor and author of the book On the Irish Waterfront, will join us at this special DVD launch party. Hanley portrayed the young kid, Tommy, who idolizes Marlon Brando's boxer-turned-longshoreman Terry Malloy, at least until Malloy testifies against the longshoreman's union for the waterfront corruption commission. Early in the film, Malloy teaches the boy how to tend homing pigeons, but when he learns of his hero’s betrayal of the long-standing code against squealing, his line, “a pigeon for a pigeon,” stings Malloy. Hanley himself grew up to become a longshoreman in real life, rising in the union ranks to the position of shop steward.

The movie, directed by Elia Kazan and written by Budd Schulberg, swept eight Oscars in 1954, including best picture, director, actor, supporting actress, cinematography and screenplay. The story was inspired by journalistic accounts of the waterfront commission investigating corruption in the unions that controlled the entire New York port system.

Friday, February 22, 2013

Pupie Power: mayoral candidate in waiting?

His name pops up on the radar now and then, mostly surrounding the Hoboken Board of Education other times pertaining to the ever shifting political alliances among the Old Guard.  He's been quiet since his backing for the BoE Move Forward slate went down in flames but the hunger for the mayor's chair is there.

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos, who officially wants to unseat Mayor Dawn Zimmer, is feeling his pressure, even as he's not said what his November plans may be.  

Pupie power is in play.

Frank Raia (r) a perennial force in Hoboken politics at the 2011 City Council forum at OLG.

This story is MSV Premium Content.  It's available for a one time purchase of $3.99 via Paypal, no account required.  A one time payment can be made via credit card.

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Ruben Ramos makes it official: Candidate for Mayor!

It's official, Assemblyman Ruben Ramos has declared his candidacy for mayor.

No surprise to readers here but MSV can now add an Old Guard effort to stave off a Ruben Ramos candidacy for mayor has failed.  (More on that later in MSV Premium.)

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos (c) in his favored Arsenal red  jersey made it official today.  He's running for mayor!

MSV called this back in January in its rumor column and took some heat from the raw nerves it hit.
As called on the nose, the council slate will be Eduardo Gonzalez, Joe Mindak and the woman is Laura Miani.

Talking Ed Note: Good luck to Assemblyman Ramos and his family and hopefully they run a fine race.

THE BRAWL - war on suing the people of Hoboken breaks out

After Hoboken resident Phil Cohen spoke the fuse was lit and the bomb of the ugly litigation against the people of Hoboken courtesy of MORTe came out in a full eleven minute battle.

Here is the round by round.  In blue are the reform members and in red MORTe (the red ink to the City).

Michael Russo took off his coat waiting for public portion to end after Cohen spoke.  He felt the sting and shots delivered masterfully by the consistent and mesmerizing blows.  He took the punches and groggily tried to return fire.  Russo could only muster a non-sequitir personal attack.  Can't recall Russo ever being so weak, even his usual grandstanding would have been better.

Ravi Bhalla in maybe his finest moment performed a magnificent dressing down of Russo for his personal attacks on Mr. Cohen.  Terry Castellano would chime in with her usual sniping but this time it was hollow.  Bhalla defended the right of a member of the public to express an opinion and in this case on behalf of the public's outrage for the needless staged litigation by MORTe sucking the precious resources from the City in a frivolous lawsuit in an attempted power grab.

Tim Occhipinti - not much to say here. Rambling mutterings of the village idiot.  Said MORTe "had nothing to do with the lawsuit" siphoning off taxpayer's funds to keep the legal appointment of Jim Doyle on standby.  Is he a complete moron or does he think the taxpayers are?  The arrogance and petulance was on full display from the wannabe puppet mayor here and pathetically, all night.

Terry Castellano in one of her absolute worst moments could no longer withhold the most ugliest attack yet on former Councilwoman Carol Marsh.  She took rumor and elevated it to fact claiming Marsh had stayed on to avoid a special election.  Whereas before she feigned being misunderstood or misquoted, this time she unloaded from the gutter.

Dave Mello directed questions to Castellano as to her evidence for her gutter attacks.  Not the best idea considering it only generated more gutter attacks with nothing more than hearsay. However, in doing so Mello held Castellano accountable for her savage denigration of Marsh's service and her unfortunate departure due to family tragedy.  Why didn't Castellano say it to Marsh when she resigned?  That night she urged her to "take your time" as the councilwoman was in tears.  Beyond shameful.

Jen Giattino expressed her strongest voicing ever - sheer and utter disgust - directed at the gutter attacks by Terry Castellano.  She noted she was close to Carol Marsh and would know the truth to the unsubstantiated charges.

Peter Cunningham refused to allow Beth Mason to escape her orchestrated lawsuit without accounting where she was at the early October meeting.  He put her on the spot and refused to let her deflect.  A gift to the City revealing Beth Mason for what she fully is.

Beth Mason - her lies were finally completely uncorked for all to see.  After months of hiding from answering to the truth on her whereabouts in the October meeting where she failed to show up or call in, she claimed to be on "business."  Castellano at a previous meeting said she was in Italy.  Da Horsey challenged that at the dais noting a witness saw Mason just hours before the meeting.

At the end of December, Mason kept her mouth shut letting Castellano's fabrication twist her in the wind. Mason becomes hysterical lying about a special election as an option, where NJ law clearly states it's not.

And now here is MORTe justifying suing the people of Hoboken in a manufactured power grab with their planned lawsuit Judge Bariso derided as "gamesmanship."  The Old Guard council members didn't get the message.  They are appealing his decision.  Again.

Hat tip: Phil Cohen.

Is there any doubt now the contempt MORTe hold the people of Hoboken?

This is an absolute must see video.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Phil Cohen denounces MORTe "chutzpah" for suing the People of Hoboken

Public remarks leads to all out brawl with personal attacks on Carol Marsh, Cohen with Beth Mason finally answering to hiding out on critical council vacancy vote blocking Jim Doyle's legal appointment

Phil Cohen's remarks:

Council members and members of the public, my name is Phil Cohen.

Tonight I’m going to talk about “Chutzpah”.  “Chutzpah” is a Yiddish word, which loosely translated means “that’s some nerve”.  The classic example of Chutzpah is when a man, after killing his mother and father, pleads for mercy from the court because he is an orphan.  That’s Chutzpah! 
Here, in Hoboken, the Council Minority has given us a new definition of Chutzpah.  Let me try it out:

When you don’t attend a council meeting, and don’t phone in to participate, then claim the Council’s vote was illegal because not enough people voted . . .  That’s Chutzpah!
In October, the City Council voted twice on filling Carol Marsh’s vacancy.  Beth Mason didn’t attend on October 3rd and Michael Russo didn’t attend on October 17th.  Neither of them phoned in. 

Then, the four members of the Council Minority sued the People of Hoboken, claiming they not only had the right not to show up and vote on filling Carol Marsh’s vacancy, but when in December Judge Bariso ordered the four to show up (or participate by phone), they dragged their case out another month, APPEALING to the Appellate court, claiming (with a straight face) that they would be IRREPERABLY HARMED if they had to show up and vote on Jim Doyle’s appointment.  They said the Appellate Court should “stop the vote” just like the Supreme Court stopped the Florida recount for George W. Bush in the 2000 Presidential Election.  Well the appellate court denied that silly motion, and on January 16 you four were finally FORCED, BY COURT ORDER – heaven forbid – to do your job, show up and vote to fill the council vacancy. 

On January 16, I asked you to “cast an honest vote” and vote “no” and not “abstain” claiming your abstention shouldn’t count as a “no vote”, because everyone knows you oppose the majority’s choice of Jim Doyle, and you are fooling no one.  But Mr. Russo and Ms. Mason insisted on playing games, when they abstained and kept right on suing, claiming their abstentions shouldn’t count towards a 4-4 tie. 
 On February 1st, Judge Bariso called out your frivolous lawsuit.
 This is what Judge Bariso said:
“Mayor Zimmer correctly used her power to cast a tiebreaking vote . . . To conclude otherwise would permit a single member of a city council to exercise veto power over the filling of a vacancy which would thwart the process established by the Municipal Vacancy Law.  This Court cannot countenance the notion that the Municipal Vacancy Law was intended to encourage gamesmanshipCouncil members should not be permitted to undermine the deliberative process . . .”

Instead of complying with Judge Bariso’s latest order, letting Jim Doyle sit beside you, you appealed again, dragging out your lawsuit for months

Some may think you can play these political games, not voting at meetings, then suing and appealing, as much as you like, because it only costs you money, not the taxpayers.  But make no mistake, your courtroom games cost us all.

I’d like to hand up two documents I received in response to a recent public records request. 
These are two invoices from the City’s lawyers, McManimon & Scotland, for services rendered in October and November of 2012.  You’ll see the description “Castellano v. Zimmer” – that’s your lawsuit, Mrs. Castellano.

These invoices total $16,163.08.  That’s real money. That’s our money.  For only two months of Hoboken’s legal fees for a case you have dragged out five months, with no end in sight!
Now, if it’s Chutzpah to claim that since you missed a meeting, there can’t be a 4-4 tie;
and, as Judge Bariso found, if it’s gamesmanship to plan to abstain, and then claim because you abstained, there can’t be a 4-4 tie, so Mayor Zimmer can’t legally break a tie;

Then it’s OUTRAGEOUS for you to expect me, and the other taxpayers of Hoboken to pay the City’s costs opposing your frivolous lawsuit and the appeals you file, each time Judge Bariso rules against you. 
So, let me conclude by asking Ms. Castellano, Ms. Mason, Mr. Occhipinti and Mr. Russo a question: 
Will you agree to cover the City’s costs opposing your manufactured lawsuit against Hoboken’s taxpayers -- or, do you seriously expect Hoboken’s taxpayers to pick up this $16,163.08 tab?
Thank you.

It's Timmy's developer pal up for approval for his violations riddled restaurant in City Council @ 7:00

It's that time again. Are you ready for more of MORTe's we sue and sabotage you follies. In Episode VIII, Jim Doyle, a legally appointed councilman-in-waiting stands by and watches as Beth Mason's family checkbook appeals the judge's decision.

In the meantime, the bill costing Hoboken is in the five figures and counting.

If Judge Bariso had a chance to speak to Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti about their crybaby staged lawsuit last October what do you think he'd say?

The big item early on the agenda is an ordinance on the zoning violations riddled restaurant at 61 Jackson Street.  It was a nightmare of a structure ignoring the City's rules and then having the additional moxie by quite literally stealing 500 feet of Hoboken land.

Tim Occhipinti who has yet to see a developer he won't suck up to pre-announced his support at the last meeting even with the obvious theft of public property.  The developer happens to be one of his contributors even before he had announced he would be running.

It's that kind of cozy relationship most Hoboken residents have forgotten about since Peter Cammarano sold zoning variances for a song to Federal informant Solomon Dwek.

As for Occhipinti, one day he walked out of a live City Council meeting to go downstairs and speak on behalf of the developer's project at the Hoboken Zoning Board.  He was stopped right at the beginning by the board attorney who told him it was inappropriate.

Hey, at least you know where Timmy's heart is.  As for his voting, he's about as conflicted as the HHA attorney who advised the board to vote and approve his contract.

No doubt Timmy will tell others on the City Council they should also not deviate and do so for his developer pal.

Shades of Peter Cammarano, Timmy doesn't disappoint. It's been kicked back to first reading as an ordinance.

Here's the full agenda:

Live Video streaming by Ustream

Sign of the Times: Hoboken Housing Authority on the brink or Brink's Truck?

With no small irony, the Hoboken Housing Authority is the site where a Brink's Truck backed up loading away the loot if concerns raised here and at the resident Queen of Satire's website, Grafix Avenger are accurate.

Grafix Avenger owned the story going back last summer raising questions on padding in the invoicing asking if prior payments for wiring and other accouterments are being lumped together to cover up the ludicrous per capita expenditure.

Not even a Masonista Matterina Dancer can make the questions go away.

Nothing in comparison of course to the so-called 20/20 redevelopment plan being railroaded down Hoboken's throat with a 25% expansion raring to go.

Councilman Dave Mello who also serves as an HHA commissioner has asked for community feedback inviting comment via: or 917-699-1312

The HHA rabble rousing isn't so much astroturfing, it's a new variety altogether attacking Jake Stuiver.  
All that noise over an invalidated, conflicted attorney appointment.  Sorry Carmelo, ask Joe for a t-shirt.

Yesterday, HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver announced the City attorney, Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo responded to his official request last week to review the appointment with a legal opinion Charles Daglian's appointment is invalid.   

It's creating much agita here, there and at the Hudson Reporter where a rare comment war has broken out over a Masonista letter gone haywire.  Its placement on Mason's favorite website Hoboken411 where iron-fisted fascist censorship is the norm only makes it appear more ridiculous.

As the HHA issues heat up, there's also a City Council meeting tonight.  With an appeal outstanding keeping Jim Doyle's legal appointment from completion, the Old Guard can take heart one Mason lawsuit is bearing obstructionist fruit if nothing else.

Where are all those Old Guard loyalist voices complaining about legal bills now when Beth Mason's family checkbook along with Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti are suing Hoboken people in a pure cynical power grab after Hurricane Sandy inflicted so much damage?

Adding to the hurricane tally is a Hoboken legal bill in the tens of thousands. And counting.

Talking Ed Note: The vitriol is rising and Hoboken is nowhere near its November election.  Over at the Hudson Reporter, Masonista operatives think Da Horsey is a dancing human.  Well that's comical since Da Horsey ain't a humanoid but is known to foxtrot on occasion with dark chestnut fillies sporting long tresses.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

HHA Chairman: City attorney rules HHA board attorney appointment invalid

HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver announces:


The Hoboken Housing Authority Board of Commissioners' Feb. 7 vote to reappoint Charles Daglian as general counsel has been invalidated based on legal advice provided by the City's Corporation Counsel.

HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver referred the matter to City of Hoboken Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo on Feb. 11, due to his concerns that (1) Mr. Daglian's representation of the Board in connection with his own contract may have been improper, and (2) that Mr. Daglian permitted a vote to reconsider the initial rejection of Mr. Daglian to be taken in violation of proper procedures. Under New Jersey Local Housing and Redevelopment Law (NJSA 40A:12A-22), housing authority boards are permitted to seek legal guidance from the City's Corporation Counsel: “For such legal services as may be required, a redevelopment agency or housing authority may call upon the chief law officers of the municipality or county.”  Since the issues here involved the holdover board attorney's own potential conflict, it was necessary to obtain the legal opinion from Corporation Counsel as a nonconflicted attorney in accordance with state law.

Ms. Longo responded to the Chairman's inquiry on Feb. 13, stating that due to the conflict created by Mr. Daglian advising the Board in connection with his own contract as well as the failure to follow proper procedures, the reappointment of Daglian was invalid. Ms. Longo advised that Mr. Daglian should not advise the Board in connection with the legal contract and should recuse himself as counsel to the Board during any future consideration of the contract.

“Ms. Longo's legal opinion confirms our suspicions that many aspects of the Feb. 7 Special Meeting did not pass the smell test, and that those Commissioners who have been questioning the soundness, validity and objectivity of Mr. Daglian's advice have been on the right track,” said Chairman Stuiver. “I thank Ms.  Longo for taking the time to address this matter amid her numerous other obligations, and look forward to finding an unconflicted special counsel to advise the Board in what will hopefully be a resolution to the longstanding debate over who can serve the Board as a trustworthy general counsel going forward.”

HHA Commissioner Greg Lincoln, who voted for Mr. Daglian at the Feb. 7 Special Meeting, said he regrets that vote in light of the conflicts and impropriety of Mr. Daglian's conduct, and that he would not vote for him again.

”I voted to appoint Mr. Daglian despite serious reservations.,” said Commissioner Lincoln. “I was concerned about the fact that there was a clear conflict of interest, but I assumed that as an officer of the court, he would have recused himself if it was appropriate. The questionable legal advice he provided the board left me feeling I had little flexibility or choice. In essence, he advised the board that we were legally required by the current procurement policy to reappoint him as legal counsel, which is patently false. “

Commissioner Lincoln added: “Additionally, Director Garcia wrongfully asserted that failing to reappoint Mr. Daglian might even be a criminal act. I now understand that not to be the case, and am very disappointed in the lack of professionalism and integrity that was displayed at the special meeting. I plan to support an effort to amend the HHA procurement policy as soon as possible.”

Charles Daglian (l) appears to be telling HHA Chair Jake Stuiver there's only one choice to make at the previous HHA special meeting where appointing a HHA counsel was the sole item on the agenda.  The City attorney Melissa Longo issued a legal opinion that advocating for your own contract is a conflict and ruled the appointment invalid.

Talking Ed Note: Well as MSV said, there was something rotten in Denmark.  In this case, the HHA too.