Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Carmelo Garcia wins NJ Appellate Court appeal to run in June 4th primary for Assembly

In a brief phone interview, Carmelo Garcia confirmed he's won his appeal to the NJ Appellate Court so he can run for Assembly in the 33rd legislative district.  The appeal overturns the Hudson County Superior Court decision he could not run in a partisan NJ race under state law.

The NJ Appellate Court reportedly referenced the updated federal Hatch Act as a reason in its decision in siding against existing NJ law.  The vote by the Appellate Court was 2-0.

MSV is awaiting further details on the legal decision and official statements from both sides.

Carmelo Garcia won his appeal to the NJ Appellate Court today

This story is breaking.

Awaiting one NJ Appellate decision: the Garcia & HCDO case

The calendar is ticking with a June 4th primary in the distance for the 33rd Assembly seat.  The ticket is up in the air as Carmelo Garcia awaits the NJ Appellate Court verdict on his candidacy.

The Hudson County Democratic Organization (HCDO) also awaits the decision.

Both received bad news in Hudson County Superior Court when Assignment Judge Peter Bariso ruled they were out of order with Garcia being disqualified based on existing NJ law and the HCDO being told it had made its pick in Garcia and the five remaining candidates wouldn't miss them.

Today could be the day.

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Monday, April 29, 2013

Defending the good on behalf of Hoboken

Hoboken resident Carly Ringer found herself under attack first in a recent Hoboken City Council meeting by the Hoboken Sopranos and then after by its scurillous website sponsored by Beth Mason in Hoboken411.

First, Councilman Michael Russo led the attack joined by the Hoboken Sopranos crew asking if an OEM employee couldn't do the work she's providing on a limited basis since Hurricane Sandy.  He complained the council was misled her temporary salary would be repaid by FEMA.

If you thought one additional individual aiding after a Superstorm was problematic on a temporary paid basis aiding residents seeking governmental assistance, then you certainly have a friend in Michael Russo who has a family bill of six figures owed to the City from his father Anthony Russo of over $300,000.  That amount doesn't include the estimated $100,000 stolen in illicit health benefits over years by Ma Russo and her husband finally stopped in 2011.  Union City's BoE helped out giving her a job.

We'll never hear a complaint from the Russo clan about this hijacking of taxpayer loot or see it repaid. Ever.

Beth Mason's uber trash site Hoboken411 heard the Old Guard dog whistle launching into one of his typical defamatory attacks on a Hoboken resident.  He attacked Ringer, calling her a "crony" of the mayor and said she didn't live in Hoboken.  Both are the absolutely false and defamatory attacks typical of the Hate411 spew.

Once again, simply speaking out or doing good in town led to an ugly attack: first by the Hoboken Sopranos who sought to do so publicly but were told by Corporation Counsel they were infringing on the Rice notice rights of the Hoboken resident and temporary employee and then by Beth Mason's attack mutt Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411.

The dead hate filled eyes of Perry Klaussen, the Hoboken411 cybersewer
sponsored by Beth Mason defamed another Hoboken resident helping other residents.

Here's the letters from last weekend:

Just hours after Hurricane Sandy devastated Hoboken, a relatively-unknown young woman named Carly Ringer began organizing a massive effort at Hoboken High School to assist and comfort those in need immediately. She worked tirelessly, day, night, weekends, imploring her friends on Facebook almost hourly to do the same or donate what they could.

Blankets, food, toiletries, boxes, clothes. You name it, Carly led the way...every day, for 16 hours a day for weeks that turned into months. She earned recognition that she did not seek nor ask for – from local media ranging both in print, on radio and television.

We talk about heroes all the time in the military. The volunteer efforts of Ms. Ringer – in helping bringing the community together for the greater good in a most difficult time – puts her in the same class of people.

On the other end of the food chain is an opinion-based, fact-impaired, community-based blog with one objective: Divide the community. The proprietor, who doesn’t deserve to be named, is as reckless as he is ruthless. In a very recent example, he reported that a restaurant was absolutely closing, when it actually wasn’t.

One victim of the site’s brand of character assassination is Ms. Ringer. In a recent post on the blog, it had the audacity to call her a “crony” who was “padding her pockets” at the expense of Sandy victims, after she got a part-time job with the city this month.

Oh really? Just ask the dozens of volunteers who Ringer organized every day if she was helping those in need for love of money. Ask the National Guard who marveled that one person could be so relentless in completing a mission. Ask those Ringer personally delivered much-needed items to while their power was out, their patience dry and their hope in humanity thin, if she “benefitted from Sandy’s destruction” as a professional hack like this blogger said she did in his own comments section after even his most loyal readers questioned his commentary. The blog concludes (in its “expert” analysis) with a prediction that Ringer will be on Zimmer’s campaign staff.

Please join me in rejecting the kind of hateful speech this publication deals out via his increasingly unpopular, credibility-challenged blog.

Instead, embrace heroes like Carly Ringer instead. She truly deserves our gratitude and respect in making Hoboken a better place in good times and in bad.

Joe Concha

2nd letter from James Sanford at the jump:

NFL scores in Hoboken with Hoboken Boys & Girls Club grant from NY Giants and Jets

Hudson Boys & Girls Club in Hoboken receives $100,000 grant after Hurricane Sandy

The National Football League kicked off a charitable $2 million dollar aid plan for the area hit by Superstorm Sandy visiting the Hoboken Boys & Girls of Hudson County to announce a $100,000 donation to the facility Friday afternoon.

The overall grant is part of an effort by the NY/NJ Super Bowl host committee's Snowflake Foundation improving sports facilities for young people damaged after last year's storm.

The Jets and Giants each donated $1 million each to the Snowflake Foundation with co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch on hand for the NY Giants and Jet owner Woody Johnson of the NY Jets.

The Boys & Girls Club saw its facility aided with a completely new gymnasium floor and a shuttle bus to extend access to the facility.  Executive Director Gary Greenberg called the support from the NFL teams "a blessing" after the horrendous damage the club suffered after the hurricane.

NY Giants owner Steve Tisch was joined by NY Jets owner Woody Johnson (second left) and the NFL with Gov. Chris Christie
to announce the $2 million aid package for local youth facilities after Hurricane Sandy.

NFL dignitaries announced the two million charitable effort for the area with players from the NY Jets and Giants in attendance with Gov. Chris Christie on hand joined by NY Giants and Jets along with Hall of Fame NY Jet Curtis Martin.

After the ceremony, the NFL Play 60 program saw dozens of children engage in activities with the players.  The program encourages children to adopt an active lifestyle with at least 60 minutes of play each day.

Gov. Christie wasted no time wrapping up with the gymnasium packed to capacity saying, "You don't want to sit here and listen to me.  You want to play with the Jets and the Giants."

The Governor was introduced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who stood near the program and Super Bow XLVII logo on the rebuilt floor of the gym saying the effort was focused "on those areas that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy."

Gov. Chris Christie cheerily called out after the announcement to Hoboken Councilman Ravi Bhalla who is running
for NJ State Assembly in the 33rd District.  Executive Director Gary Greenberg is seen rear with NY Giant punter
Steve Weatherford who appeared among NFL Giant and Jet players.

Talking Ed Note: Even without a big announcement leading in, dozens of children were on hand to take part on the NFL Play 60 exercise program encouraging youth activity.  Also in attendance at the event competing with a scrum around Gov. Christie was NJ Jet Curtis Martin who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame last year.

More Star Power: NFL Hall of Fame NY Jets running back Curtis Martin

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Curtis Martin - a Jet and Humanitarian for all seasons

A number of NFL players from both the NY Jets and Giants appeared at the event Friday afternoon at the Boys & Girls Club event for the NFL's support post Hurricane Sandy.  (More on that later.)  One large star though was former Jet and Hall of Fame NY Jet Curtis Martin.  It was a tossup who was the main attraction among the hundreds in attendance between Gov. Chris Christie and Curtis Martin.

Da Horsey had an opportunity to have a few words with Curtis Martin and it was based on his commitment to the community first and admiration for him as a player second.  His reputation is beyond stellar but let's hear from him.  Here's his induction speech from 2012 to the NFL Hall of Fame.

You must watch the beginning and the end.  Da Horsey insists.  Some people whose behavior in this town is beyond reprehensible could use a gut check here.

Thank you very much Curtis Martin!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Gov. Christie for NFL Play 60

at the Hoboken Boys and Girls Club late Friday afternoon.

Gov. Christie with Assembly candidate and Hoboken Councilman Ravi Bhalla

Hoboken Sopranos go for divide and conquer using an ice cream truck

At last week's City Council meeting, odd comments from Councilwoman Terry Castellano said everyone should be able to have their voice heard no matter how long they live in Hoboken.  It's a remarkable statement deflating the divide and conquer class warfare often propagated by some in the Old Guard to keep control over Old Hoboken voters.

Days later a controversy has broken out over an ice cream truck at Church Square Park.  The voices are however not what we're being told.  Here's the most recent comments from supporters of Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti's petition claiming a threat to an ice cream truck:

Anyone recognize these similar sounding voices?
Has a familiar Old Guard dog whistle doesn't it?

According to Grafix Avenger, it's Castellano and Occhipinti's new brand of divide and conquer phony ice cream truck politics.

Original graphic - courtesy Grafix Avenger

Mayor speaks out on obstruction to firefighters terminal pay

Office of the Mayor announces:

“Tonight’s Council meeting was the second opportunity for the City Council to vote on two different alternatives for paying our firefighters the terminal leave they have earned and we have an obligation to pay. Terminal leave is not salary, nor is it pension cost, as it has been incorrectly described. It is a retirement benefit based upon number of years of service. It is not a current operating cost attributable to the year in which it is paid and therefore the State permits for this cost to be spread out over five years for budget purposes. Taking advantage of this option requires the City to finance the cost with the use of short term five year notes so that the firefighters can be paid immediately upon retirement. 

Spreading the cost out in this way protects taxpayers from the unfair burden that would otherwise result when, as this year, an exceptionally large number of retirements occur in one year.

The City Council was fully aware when they voted to introduce the budget that terminal leave would be financed using the legally available five year option.

Council Members Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo have indicated that they believe that the decision not to burden taxpayers unnecessarily this year causes the budget to be "underfunded." While this is not correct, the budget is now in the hands of the City Council, and it is within their power to include the amounts in full in this year's budget. Doing so will require an otherwise unnecessary increase in the tax levy. 

Since the four Council Members have made clear that they would prefer to raise taxes than to take advantage of the more responsible and fairer alternative available under State law, we will once again for the third time be presenting an emergency appropriation that fully funds the terminal leave costs in this year's budget.

The terminal leave ordinance passed at the last meeting makes no fiscal sense without the corresponding notes that the Council failed to pass. As a result, I will be vetoing the terminal leave ordinance tomorrow morning.

Once again, the budget is in the Council’s hands, and it is their responsibility to fully fund it. I assume, given the public statements of Council Members Castellano, Mason, Occhipinti, and Russo, that they will pass the emergency appropriation so that our firefighters can be paid immediately. It is unfortunate that their choice will also result in an entirely unnecessary burden on Hoboken’s taxpayers."

Hoboken firefighters have less than an idylic view of the obstruction at their expense.  They can voice their complaint
to MORTe who boycotted a meeting to see them paid their rightful terminal leave pay.
Comments section has been opened for this story.  Apologies for the oversight.

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Firefighters infuriated by boycott of meeting on their terminal leave pay

Video streaming by Ustream

Spin it Old Guard council members how you like but the firefighters who showed up tonight were not happy with the obstruction games played at their expense. Then again, too many municipal employees have bought into their lies. So why not one more time, courtesy of the Hoboken Sopranos.

Scroll ahead to the five minute mark of the ten minute non-meeting.  You support MORTe as the only game in town, this is how they treat you.

Had enough?

Fire retiree terminal pay at risk of Hoboken Soprano sabotage @ 7:00

When you hate the people running Hoboken on the second floor at City Hall, you have to come up with ways to undermine and hurt the City for your political gain.

Tonight's special council meeting called by the mayor is part two of such a plan, a staple in the Hoboken Sopranos playbook.  Some Hoboken firefighters have opted for retirement over remaining in the Gov. Christie passed pension reform plan.  As a result, municipal employees statewide are choosing to leave.  

This incurs a one time hit to municipalities called terminal leave.  In this case, Hoboken is on the hook for $700,000, a figure only accounting for those who are retiring to date.  The City anticipates more fire employees to put in retirement papers by September.

The Hoboken Sopranos' goal is to strip the City of Hoboken of any surplus, a consistent sabotage against sound financial advice by ANY municipal expert.  But don't ask them to name financial  experts they are basing their actions; it's sabotage and hate of the mayor driving them.

They are so petty in their hatred, they are willing to hurt Hoboken firefighters - all with an eye to draining the surplus.  There's just one problem.  Hoboken's mayor actually believe a surplus is important.  Hurricane Sandy has only confirmed to Mayor Zimmer how critical a surplus is but not months after, the Hoboken Sopranos are back to the same old games.

Tune in at 7:00 or watch the replay to see the Hoboken Sopranos in action.  Will they once again shoot down the sound financing for terminal pay to the retiring Hoboken fire employees?  

Those are municipal employees, the very people they claim to represent.  What matter more to them, harming Hoboken and getting in a shot at the mayor or allowing the City to use a state approved five year financing formula as most any "normal" NJ municipality.

But Hoboken is special is in the words of Councilwoman Terry Castellano.  

Talking Ed Note: Mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos is entering the fray, talking about this issue with typical Old Guard misinformation hand delivered to Hoboken Patch. Well he's cut from that same Hoboken Soprano cloth.

Are you surprised?  Did you think he would try to project a professional image on sound financial action by the City?  As it turns out, the council slate is only a skin deep figment of that imagination.

Broadcasting live with Ustream
UPDATE: 4:45 - Hoboken411 has stepped in to do the propaganda work for the Hoboken Sopranos. It's been a while since they've resorted to such use since the FBI came in and slammed through the office of Perry Klaussen pal Patrick Ricciardi.

Although the Fire union's are concerned about seeing their members paid, the HOBOKEN SOPRANOS announced they are boycotting the special meeting.

And because of their lawsuit AGAINST THE PEOPLE OF HOBOKEN on appeal blocking Jim Doyle from participating, the meeting will lack five members required for an official meeting.

In other words, it's a masterstroke of obstruction and sabotage but this time it's against the Hoboken Firefighters.  Previously, they had blocked needed capital improvements to the police department over months before finally giving in and approving them.

Here's the talk from both sides of the Hoboken Sopranos mouths, courtesy of the corruptocrat pathologically lying fascist censor Perry Klaussen at Hoboken411:

“Mayor Zimmer continually refuses to work with the duly elected members of the City Council who will not simply rubber stamp her agenda,” Councilman Occhipinti said, “There is no reason these items cannot be voted on at the next regularly scheduled council meeting.”
Councilman Michael Russo added, “Our fire fighters work hard to serve our community. They deserve the money owed to them. Unfortunately, Mayor Zimmer would rather fund patronage and special interest projects than give our fire fighters their rightful compensation.”
Councilwoman Theresa Castellano believes these special meetings are meant to circumvent public input and deter attention from mismanagement by the Zimmer Administration.
“Every time the administration has something it wants to hide from the public a special meeting is called. This is not the open and transparent government that Mayor Zimmer promised residents,” Castellano said.
Councilwoman Beth Mason agreed with her colleague’s sentiments.“Hoboken is home to working class residents, many of whom have children. These last minute special meetings are very difficult for residents to attend. The cost of running the meeting is also an unfair and unnecessary burden on taxpayers,” Mason said.  
So let's break this down from the code:
Occhipinti: You don't have a fifth vote, so we win because we can now SUE and BOYCOTT!
Russo: This statement makes no sense but it sounds like we want to pay you firefighters.  Maybe we will, when/if we feel like it.  For now you're cannon fodder in our sabotage of Hoboken.  Better luck next time guys.
Castellano: Stop forcing us under this microscope making us accountable.  We hate it.
Beth Mason:  All that stuff my ops had the Hudson Reporter write was just a ruse to get more love from the Hoboken Sopranos and have Ruben Ramos kiss my rear end.  You think my family sues everyone for nothing?  This is exactly why we file appeals after Judge Bariso handed our ass to us.  So we can thumb our nose at the mayor and all of Hoboken.  Yes, I'm lazy and for obstruction, so what?
How does the leadership of the Firefighters feel now?  If they had anything to say, the Hoboken Sopranos just made sure they can't say it in a public meeting with a binding vote!  There can't be a public hearing on the agenda items!
Include this as an item on the brief to the NJ Appellate Court.  This isn't deep cynicism courtesy of the Hoboken Sopranos - it's normal operating procedure.  Congratulations!
Oh and regret to the Hoboken firefighters who deserve more consideration than they are getting from the Hoboken Sopranos after decades of service.

Hoboken the home of baseball and a very fine Mighty Petz win

There's a special meeting tonight where the surplus will be under threat (again) by the Hoboken Sopranos but Hoboken is after all the birthplace of baseball.  Last night was one grand game where the legend of Matt Harvey continues and a walk off home run ended the game in extra innings.

Jordany Valdespin escapes the scrum (l) after hitting a walk off grand slam in the 10th inning last night at CitiField.
The win over the LA Dodgers was celebrated by a delirious Mighty Petz crowd.  (They'll make great pets.)

Original photos by Jhnny "to the butter" Newman

 More surprises at the jump

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Mayor Dawn Zimmer enthusiastically endorses Councilman Ravi Bhalla for State Assembly

The Bhalla for Assembly campaign announces:

Tim Occhipinti's pandora box backfires as Beth Mason explodes over information discussed with MSV

Councilwoman Jen Giattino reacts to a condescending Tim Occhipinti as Beth Mason explodes

At the City Council meeting last week, Tim Occhipinti opened a pandora box he intended to unleash on his unknowing victim, the Chair of the Budget & Finance subcommittee, Councilwoman Jen Giattino.

Things did not go according to plan.

In the video below Occhipinti questions who's been emailed the public information in budget amendments, namely his.  He turns to Councilwoman Jen Giattino and tells her only two people were emailed the amendments, Business Administrator Quentin Wiest and her.

It's the gotcha moment Occhipinti pines for at almost every meeting.  It invariably ends in a thud with his droning on and on followed often with "the education of Timmy" sadly overlooked until the next meeting where the pain to the public's ears begins all over again.

But here, Occhipinti believes the councilwoman has emailed out the "top secret" budget amendments to someone else.  A blogger!  He's sprung the trap and he has evidence.

Councilwoman Giattino calmly explains no email on any amendment was sent.  She explains to Occhipinti an inquiry by way of a phone call was made and she mentioned that finally budget amendments were submitted adding she's discussed them with a member of the public.  For good measure she adds she'd do the same if another intrepid inquiry came.

As a surprised Occhipinti whines, "Why would you do that?" Beth Mason interjects herself into the discussion.  At first you can hear her insist the email "had to" be sent out, Mason then goes on a rant about "a blogger" in an imaginary conversation she's only had with herself before flipping out hissing twice waving her arm accusatorially, "You pay him!  You pay him!"

While Mason's hissy fit is going on, Occhipinti mutters about lessons and his "teachable moment"  condescending to Giattino who has seen enough of Occhipinti's infamous petulance.  In her most animated comments as a councilwoman to date, Giattino tells Occhipinti not to speak to her like that  saying, "I am not your child."

She then goes on to complain about Occhipinti's proclivity for interrupting people "over and over and over and over" at meetings.  (If anything, she may have understated it.)

The reason for the insanity?  The budget amendments were discussed in a phone inquiry with a Citizen Journalist, Hoboken's anti-corruption steed - Da Horsey.

It sent Occhipinti and Mason into a tizzy.  The same people mind you who went on a witch hunt over months in 2011 pursuing tens of thousands of emails coming and going from the mayor's office.

Those very same emails under an FBI investigation which saw the first guilty plea and sentencing scheduled for July as they were illegally being obtained in a conspiracy lacking co-conspirators.

One guilty verdict does not a conspiracy make.

Maybe the US Attorney's Office in Newark is closer to showing a crew of conspirators the price for a real conspiracy against the public.

They're waiting.


A little primer for Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason on the rights of the public:

New Jersey blogger considered a journalist under state Shield Law

Chew on that.

Related: The NJ Star Ledger also covered the story here.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

It's a dog eat dog... Hoboken?

Dog, dog, dog-eatity dog?

Guest of the Stable "Furey" offers this insight into the new Hoboken311 system:

Operation: Bad Dog Owner

Ask anyone in Hoboken what is their biggest pet peeve behind lack of parking or potholes and you probably will hear about dog owners who aren't picking up after their dog. Its disgusting to walk down the street and see brown bombs all over the sidewalk. As a dog owner, it pisses me off when I notice dog owners that aren't cleaning up after their dogs "do their business".
When you walk dogs in your neighborhood, often you meet other dog owners and get to know them. Some you know by name. Some you know just by their dogs name. While there are others that you haven't met, but have seen them walk their dog often enough that you recognize them.
One owner, in particular, got my attention. After walking Rocco for the last three years, I notice that there was one dog owner who consistently was not picking up after their dog. This wasn't a once or twice thing, but it was Every. Single. Time. Every time I saw him walk his dog, he would let the dog poop - and then sort of do a quick "is anyone watching me" look to the left or the right and walk away.
At first I was going to say something. If you know me well enough i'm not someone that minces words, nor do I have a very good filter. This isn't the first time I confronted a bad dog owner. In fact, I remember once before I confronted someone else about not picking up after their dog - and they went so far to accuse me of needing glasses. I remember another time the guy was going to punch me that he was so angry that I caught him.
Perhaps third time is a charm, so I didn't say anything - I let my government do the work. I'm friendly with a few of the hardworking people in city hall, so I reached out to them and asked their advice. I first thought calling the police would be the logical step. Maybe they could do an undercover sting operation! This was met by laughter and correction - that I should contact the health department.
It turns out that by using Hoboken311: http://www.hobokennj.org/311/, I was able to report what I saw. I had a pretty detailed account of the guy who was letting his dog poop all over the place, he had a regular morning routine which was right outside his building. I knew what he looked like and knew what kind of dog he had. I basically wrote all the details in a request.
My honest thought was that no one would really do anything. I mean, how often do you really see the "little guys" get anyone to notice them in City Hall? I'm not some big campaign contributor or own a big business in town. I'm just a regular guy who gets easily annoyed at the double parked cars outside of Piccolo's. But that's a story for another day.
Imagine my surprise when I received this email only a few days later (with some details left out):
"Please be advised that earlier this morning, beginning at 6:45am, our Office conducted a surveillance of the area described in your complaint (Hoboken Health Department Complaint #[redacted]) in which the individual you described in your e-mail, was found in violation of 93-16 of the Code of the City of Hoboken (not picking up dog feces) and has been issued a summons to appear in Hoboken Municipal Court, on [redacted].

Director Pellegrini and myself would like to again thank you for taking the time to send the detailed information that you did which led to the catching of this individual in the act of creating a public health nuisance.

Frank Sasso"

Wait, what? It worked? This town isn't perfect. There's always going to be someone who is going to complain about everything City Hall does - and rarely do you ever hear someone complimenting City Hall on a good job. This is just an example that sometimes government works, and that Hoboken311 is a pretty nifty site.

As originally posted on Philly to Hoboken: http://networkedblogs.com/Kz75A

Mayor calls for special meeting for Thursday, budget peril looms

The City Clerk's Office announced:

Monday, April 22, 2013
Via Hand Delivery
City Clerk James Farina
94 Washington Street Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Dear City Clerk Farina:
Please be advised that as the Mayor of the City of Hoboken, I hereby call a Special Meeting for the purpose of conducting a Special Meeting of the Governing Body for Thursday, April 25, 2013 to commence at 7:00 PM in the City Council Chambers, 94 Washington Street, First Floor, Hoboken, New Jersey, for the following purposes:

No other matters unrelated to the above may be discussed, introduced, considered or acted upon at this meeting. Action on the foregoing items may be taken at the meeting. Please notice this meeting in accordance with the Open Public Meetings Act N.J.S.A. 10:4-6. Please ensure that all City Council members receive adequate notice of this correspondence.

cc: Quentin Wiest, Business Administrator Mellissa Longo Esq., Corporation Counsel
Very truly yours, //s//
Dawn Zimmer Mayor 

Union City Mayor Brian Stack (c) has not shown much of a neighborly relationship with next door Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  
He however went out of his way to aid Old Guard Boss Michele Russo for a job there with benefits.
This photo is from  outside the Elk's Club with the arrival of Gov. Chris Christie after Hurricane Sandy.

Talking Ed Note: Will update on details when available but the odds of approval on the request are not looking very good.  After all, what's the point of suspending a seat (Jim Doyle's) into legal appeals if you don't use the opportunity to do more harm to Hoboken and of course the mayor?

Do you think Michele Russo who has been making recent appearance arounds town at the HHA, the Board of Ed and the City Council meetings won't want to show who's boss?  She must be very unhappy with reforms in Hoboken not to mention she lost her free illicit health benefits along with her husband Anthony Russo in 2011.

Union City Mayor Brian Stack came to the rescue and put Michele Russo (and her husband) on the Union City BoE payroll.

Yesterday, Stack via a spokesman is quoted as being confident in the Carmelo Garcia appeal.  Here's a Jersey Journal Augism: if Stack is so confident to see Judge Bariso's decision overturned, why didn't he even issue a one sentence statement in his own name saying so?

Mayoral Candidate Ruben Ramos launches Facebook page with council slate

Here's the Facebook page launched by Ruben Ramos:

Team Ramos: Joe Mindak, Laura Miani, Ruben Ramos and Eduardo Gonzalez

Talking Ed Note: MSV would strongly suggest comment discussion focus on issues. Other comments wishing to make comparisons to other officials past and present should be made with supporting reasons.  Exactly how is a reader to accept a conclusion otherwise?

Ruben Ramos is not a fan of MSV.  Da Horsey has broken some sort of unwritten rule book in Hoboken.  You aren't suppose to discuss certain topics like nepotism, voter fraud, HHA exploitation, etc.  That's the impression here but it's undoubtedly completely unknown to his council slate members.

Ramos has a long political record in and outside of Hoboken.  It will be an issue for discussion at length as the mayor's record.

Monday, April 22, 2013

Big Hoboken Concert with Bob Dylan and Wilco set for July 26th

City Hall promises updates on tickets and more details soon.

It's a go on Pier A, for Friday - July 26th.

Ravi Bhalla vs. Write-in Candidate X for Assembly?

Update: PolitickerNJ says appeals have been filed within the noon deadline.


Carmelo Garcia tossed off ballot will make desperate appeal on Monday

The late Friday news HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia was out in the Assembly race on the HCDO - Brian Stack ticket sent shock waves across HudCo and all of New Jersey.  After all, Brian Stack is not only the Union City mayor and powerbroker in the county, he's a State Senator with ties to the Governor's office and Chris Christie's phone number on speed dial.

The egg on Senator Stack's face didn't cause some embarrassment.  It was a major "take that" from the Hoboken Reform movement and indirectly a little love note from Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

The rest of this story is available to MSV subscribers.  Sign up here with the hot election season ahead:

Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso is impacting Hoboken from the judiciary.
It's not been good for the Old Guard and the Hoboken Sopranos.

Photo courtesy of NJ.com, by arrangement

Hoboken to host summer concert with Bob Dylan, Wilco and My Morning Jacket!

City of Hoboken announces:

Agency Logo
Monday April 22, 2013, 11:33 AM

City of Hoboken

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Community: Hoboken to Host Bob Dylan, Wilco & My Morning Jacket for Waterfront Summer Concert

Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket will perform at Hoboken's Pier A Park on Friday, July 26, 2013 as part of the AmericanaramA Festival of Music tour.

“After last year’s Mumford & Sons concert on Pier A, we received countless requests from our community for more similar events,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “We’re excited to bring world-renowned talent to Hoboken to provide great entertainment options for our community in our own back yard and to support our local businesses.”

Additional details, including ticket information, will be announced shortly.

The show is being organized by Bowery Presents, the same promoters that brought Mumford & Sons to Hoboken last year to kick off the tour for their latest album, which won the Grammy for Album of the Year.

For full details, view this message on the web.

Phil Cohen deconstructs the Hoboken Sopranos lawsuit scam

At the previous City Council meeting last Wednesday, Councilwoman Terry Castellano claimed Hoboken resident Phil Cohen was incorrect about everything on his criticism of her and MORTe.

In this clip, further discussion sheds light on the manufactured lawsuit staged last October where the plot was hatched to have consecutive absences to avoid a full vote of the council so Mayor Zimmer could not cast a legally binding tie breaker.

Beth Mason was first to disappear and skulk away on the important vote to back fill the council seat with Jim Doyle.  Michel Russo would do so two weeks later with an eye on having the council vacancy law's 30 day limit expire.  Russo no longer mealy mouths about any one's daughter having to go to the hospital - nor did he directly claim he was unable to be at the meeting due to his daughter having a fever and going to the hospital, presumably with him in tow.

Cohen calls Castellano's insistence the City not defend itself hiring an attorney a conflict of interest as the Mason family went out obtaining two attorneys: former Corporation Counsel Steve Kleinman (who Mason admitted to Peter Cunningham in an earlier meeting was on her payroll for legal work) and another high priced New York City based attorney.

Here's some irony.  After the Hoboken Sopranos legal obstruction, they haven't missed any regular council meetings thus maximizing their new advantage sidelining the swing seat held by reform.

As Phil Cohen says, after their defeat in Hudson Superior Court where Assignment Judge Peter Bariso slammed their "gamesmanship," it's all about power.

The Hoboken Sopranos: Michael Russo, Beth Mason, Tim Occhipinti minus Terry Castellano here lost their
manufactured lawsuit but have scored a win for months by making appeals courtesy of the Mason family.
As a result, Jim Doyle's legal appointment is on hold going back to early this year.  

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken Sopranos don't care about the law, they have no respect for law, the institutions or Hoboken People.

The legal obstruction game comes courtesy of the Mason family.  Thank Beth Mason next time you see her for her checkbook obstruction.  The defeat at the beginning of this year remains out on appeal with the NJ Appellate Court.

The manufactured lawsuit was a loser when concocted, proven so in Superior Court but the Hoboken Sopranos win because the Mason family continues to make appeals.  The bill to the people of Hoboken is over $20,000 AND COUNTING.

It's a total scam.

Friday, April 19, 2013

BREAKING : Judge Bariso rules Carmelo Garcia ineligible


In a decision with wide ranging impact on the 33rd Assembly District race, Judge Peter Bariso has ruled Carmelo Garcia ineligible to run on the HCDO - Brian Stack ticket.

In addition, the HCDO application to have additional time to choose a new candidate outside of those who submitted petitions was denied.  A blank space is now ensured to appear on their slate.

The decision largely grew out of state administrative code raising the bar on the federal Hatch Act amended in 2012 while the state law has not seen any respective changes.  Much of the legal arguments centered on the turning point of the code's standing lacking any legislative codification, a legal position Judge Bariso rejected.

The five Hoboken plaintiffs' attorney Flavio Komuves faced down a phalanx of lawyers in opposition, among them Rajiv Parikh of election law powerhouse Genova Burns Giantomasi & Webster.

The candidates who filed petitions, a total of five are the only candidates eligible to run in the Democratic June 4th primary.  With one candidate already on the HCDO ballot, the other choices are Peter Basso, Jonathan Hilt, Anthony Mills and Hoboken Councilman Ravi Bhalla.  Hilt and Mills are running bracketed together on a 2nd Amendment platform.

Judge Bariso has stayed his decision until Monday at noon to allow all parties to file an emergent appeal with the NJ Appellate Court.

Bariso centered his decision on Garcia's eligibility and the HCDO's request writing, "Both Garcia and the HCDO had full knowledge that Garcia's position as the Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority could present an issue as to his eligibility as a candidate for public office in a partisan election.  Yet, both he and the HCDO choose to proceed as they did.  Having done so knowing and at their own peril, they cannot be heard to complain now."

The attorney for the plaintiffs, Flavio Komuves issued a statement stating:

In a written decision issued just after 5pm this afternoon, Hudson County Assignment Judge Peter Bariso has ruled that 33rd Legislative District candidate Carmelo Garcia is ineligible to run for that office due his simultaneous service on the federally-funded Hoboken Housing Authority. 

The judge also ruled that Garcia’s name cannot be replaced on the ballot, which will leave voters with a choice of five candidates, instead of six, for the Democratic Party nomination for General Assembly.

The plaintiffs are grateful (for) Judge Bariso’s thorough decision.

Carmleo Garcia in a phone interview said he'd prefer to hold off on comment until a determination is made on an appeal.  Indications from other sources however anticipate an appeal by the Monday deadline for both his case and the HCDO.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla one of the eligible candidates for the June 4th primary issued a comment via email saying, "Judge Bariso made a sound decision which should be respected.  I will continue to work hard to earn support from the voters and respect from the political leadership in the 33rd Legislative District.

The main threat to a Bhalla Assembly candidacy appears to be a write-in campaign if State Senator Brian Stack chooses to mount that battle.

Hudson County Democratic Organization decision:

Talking Ed Note:  This case has wider ramifications and MSV anticipates both rulings by Judge Bariso will be appealed on Monday.  As it stands currently, the case is huge victory for the Hoboken residents who filed the case and also for Ravi Bhalla who could not have anticipated the enormous opportunity presented in the outcome.

Related: Politicker NJ's Max Pizarro says today's decision makes Ravi Bhalla the favorite if State Senator Brian Stack doesn't undertake an aggressive write-in candidate or the Appellate Court overrules in favor of Garcia.

Former Hoboken Mayor Steve Capiello dead at 89

Former Hoboken Mayor Steve Capiello has died according to media sources.  He served as mayor of Hoboken from 1973 - 1985.

In 2009, Capiello said to former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani he would run for Hoboken mayor again.

Speaking of then Governor candidate Chris Christie and Giuliani, he reportedly said,

"They're two of a kind -- you know how Giuliani cleaned up New York City? Well, I'm going to do the same thing in Hoboken." 

Photo courtesy NJ.com, by arrangement

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hoboken411 attacks a business again as Perry Klaussen turns on Elysian Cafe

Beth Mason sponsored Hoboken411 falsely accuses Elysian Cafe of breaking the law

In the latest attack on a Hoboken business, Hoboken411 has turned its regular bottom feeding diatribes against the popular uptown eatery, the Elysian Cafe.  The cybersewer complains the restaurant is breaking established ordinances on outdoor cafes claiming its due to reasons of your "imagination."

There's just one problem: the flouting of the law is yet another Perry Klaussen Hoboken411 imagining and in point of fact a baldfaced lie.

A municipal expert with the cafe regulations in Hoboken laughed off Mason411's allegations saying of Elysian Cafe's outdoor tables, "No issues.  Their setup has been the same for a decade."

Perry Klaussen who lives on the same block had nary a bad word about the outdoor cafe, but suddenly he's making false accusations on a cafe which hasn't changed an inch over many years.

There's nothing different in a decade of the Elysian Cafe's outdoor usage in its setup.  The attack on the popular
uptown eatery is an example of a political attack by Hoboken411 Mason411, the website sponsored and
endorsed by Councilwoman Mason where defamatory attacks on Hobokenites are always a 'special of the day'.

From the picture above, courtesy of TheBokenOnline, it's clear there is no sidewalk impediment of any kind. The stanchions have obviously not changed over years and neither the location of their placement.

The Elysian restauranteur has hosted mayoral candidate Ruben Ramos fundraising efforts.  Ramos recently saw behind the scenes success to have HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia selected on the Brian Stack - HCDO slate as his replacement for the 33rd Assembly seat.  Beth Mason spent well over a year telling everyone she was the inevitable selection for the position.  She's been fuming over the snub of both her political ambitions and the Mason family checkbook.

In the past, Perry Klaussen's ready lies and iron fisted Nazi censorship in service to Beth Mason's political ambitions had them meeting right at the Elysian although her ads on Hoboken411 don't appear on any ELEC report over years

Beth Mason has been questioned point blank on this, notably by MSV in council meetings and she's NEVER provided an answer, notable as a slew of her political operatives have also not appeared on her campaign reports.

Similar questions have been posed asking how political operatives working under the umbrella of her "charity," the Mason Civic League are being properly paid for their efforts.  Inquiries posed to Beth Mason on the matter produced no answer to the question, instead bringing a threat of a civil lawsuit against MSV right during a City Council meeting two weeks before a SLAPP suit was filed against more than a dozen Hoboken residents who have publicly spoken against Mason's actions, the Hoboken Sopranos and corruption. 

Beth Mason is planning to give out money to some local charities.  But even a sizable
20-30K pales in contrast to the Mason lawsuits against Hoboken People .  The Mason infestation on
Hoboken continues apace with her sponsored "news site" defaming another Hoboken business.

Talking Ed Note: Chalk up another business being smeared by Hoboken411.  
Questions surrounding Beth Mason and Hoboken411 and the massive Data Theft Ring conspiracy in 2011 have not been answered either.  
So how did those interviews with the Feds go?  http://www.hobokenhorse.com/2012/08/whatever-happened-to-beth-masons.html

1600 Park lighting 19K foundation cost approved with "investigation" caveat

Lighting contractor 19K cost approved with investigative overview of project

A drawn out discussion on the finale to completing the all use field at 1600 Park took some twists and turns before finally seeing approval for deeper foundation drilling for lighting.

Due to a problem with the underlying soil composition, the lighting subcontractor needs to drill deeper before setting the foundation coming in at a "pass through cost" of approximately 19K according to the main contractor Remington and Vernick Engineers.

The field is scheduled for daytime use next month but the foundation for the lighting became a contentious issue as early in the discussion Councilman Michael Russo argued to keep the project in mothballs while examinations on the lighting foundation cost would take place.

Councilman David Mello disputed that approach insisting the project move to completion while council members Terry Castellano, Timmy Occhipinti and Michael Russo complained about the "15 years" of the park's past.  The park plan saw an actual RFP approved in 2010 and was adjusted for the scope of its retaining wall and other changes including public safety lights in 2011 pushing back the opening to this spring.

Councilwoman Beth Mason proposed a project investigation overview occur in tandem with approval of the resolution.  Councilwoman Jen Giattino agreed with Mason's suggestion but the eventual amended solution came with input by Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo with language by Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Along the way several attempts by Russo tried to sink the resolution primarily with Castellano advocating the full 19K be paid by the engineering firm Remington. During the winding contentious discussion, Councilwoman Giattino differed with Russo's attempt to divide support based on time of residency saying, "It shouldn't be about people who lived here 15 years or less."  Russo would later interrupt  her repeatedly as Giattino patiently waited to interject to his interruptions saying "again" each time he did so several times.  Council President Peter Cunningham would remark on his behavior, "You're acting like a bully."

Castellano would make a last ditch attempt to stop passage speaking of the building demolition south of the field to no avail.  Russo changed his point of attack several times in an attempt to stop the approval but in the end latched on to Mason's proposal to investigate the project if there was any responsibility for the late lighting boring work.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla concluded on the amendment language that the council retain general powers on an investigation of the project and Corporation Counsel agreed.

1600 Park's final "lighting" benchmark passed with Terry Castellano and Michael Russo voting against.

Beth Mason and Tim Occhipinti are unhappy this website gets answers on public information and matters of public interest.  NJ courts have ruled the rights of MSV are NO DIFFERENT from any journalist.

Talking Ed Note:  The discussion was long and tedious but in the end there was a positive result.

Unrelated, later in the meeting Tim Occhipinti would complain budget amendments he submitted were noted here on MSV for the public before the meeting.  He charged the Chair of the Finance and Budget Committee Jen Giattino with improperly releasing the email to MSV.  Giattino refuted his charge and accurately stated she commended Occhipinti for submitting them in a phone call placed to her.  (MSV noted the update in an "afternoon update" and has been following the budget process on a regular basis.)

MSV contacts many officials, as an example recently interviewing Carmelo Garcia at the HHA.  Tim Occhipinti recently supported suppressing a public document being released in the HHA on a memo requested by that body to Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo.

As MSV makes clear quite often, stories posted clearly note where officials do not answer questions.  Tim Occhipinti and Beth Mason chief among them.

It's always revealing when totalitarians show their true face to the public.  Video to come.

Related: A recent NJ court case showing MSV and other citizen watchdogs (or watch horse) are protected both by the First Amendment and the shield law (on sources) as full time journalists.


Hoboken Patch posted a short story on Firemen retro pay of 700K (but this is terminal leave) and confusing as Michael Russo has intertwined the two for his own reasons).  Tim Occhipinti said any shortfall on the city paying employees should come out of the surplus.  The Hoboken Sopranos are vying to undercut the city surplus almost on a continuous basis foreshadowing more trouble with the final budget vote ahead.

Jim Doyle who was appointed to the council and legally approved earlier this year by Judge Bariso is unavailable due to the continued appeals by the Mason family on behalf of the Hoboken Sopranos.  Resident Phil Cohen appeared accurately describing the outcome of that case costing the people of Hoboken over $20,000 and counting.

The appeal to stop Doyle from taking his seat on the council will be heard in the NJ Appellate Court next month.

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Council Meeting: Budget amendments, emergency funding and 61 Jackson Street @ 7:00

Part 1:

Part 2:

Video streaming by Ustream

Here's the detailed agenda:

(61 Jackson Street was again pushed off the agenda as the owner continues to discuss changes on the encroachment on to City property.)

Garcia case booted out of US District Court, scheduled for Friday afternoon

33rd NJ Assembly ballot fight moves back to State Court in legal shift 

The legal warfare, to be or not to be on the ballot for the 33rd Assembly seat took another twist as Carmelo Garcia's lawyers attempted to move the case out of NJ state court to the US Circuit Court.

According to a release from the attorney for the five Hoboken plaintiffs, the effort failed and was kicked back to Judge Peter Bariso who earlier ordered a halt to printing ballots for the June 4th primary.

The hearing scheduled before Superior Court Assignment Judge Peter Bariso on the voters’ lawsuit challenging the eligibility of Carmelo Garcia to run for General Assembly, originally scheduled for 10am tomorrow, has been moved to Friday at 2pm.

The lawyer for the five Hoboken residents, Flavio Komuves sent the following in a media release:

The change in time follows an unsuccessful attempt by Mr. Garcia to have a federal, rather than a state judge, decide the issues in the case.  Late this afternoon, U.S. District Judge Claire C. Cecchi issued a 6-page opinion remanding the case back to Judge Bariso. In granting the remand, Judge Cecchi wrote that “it would be more efficient for Judge Bariso to continue with the resolution of this matter” since Judge Bariso has already begun considering the issues involved and had previously issued an order stopping the printing of ballots.

The lawsuit claims that Garcia is ineligible to run for the state legislature because he simultaneously serves as the executive director of the Hoboken Housing Authority, an agency that receives over $10 million annually in federal grants.

Carmelo Garcia was contacted for this story but unavailable for comment.

Carmelo Garcia posing before his gargantuan Vision 20/20 plan to expand the HHA in Hoboken is seeing court scrutiny over his eligibility to run for the 33rd Assembly seat in NJ, the Honorable Peter Bariso presiding.

Talking Ed Note: Did we just see a legal tilt?  Perhaps not, but the Union City cliffs over Hoboken just got a shake, a 3.5 on the Richter scale.  Brian, did you feel that?

Da Horsey is skilled in preparation of organic carrots but it appears the Brian Stack - Carmelo Garcia legal team is somewhat fearful of the overriding state law governing the case and preferred to see the matter moved to the friendly environs of US District Court.  None of this is determinative but it's illustrative to the issues in question: state and federal.

Budget Electioneering: Tonight is the regularly scheduled City Council meeting.  There's been chatter among the Old Guard council about budget amendments.  But to this point although there's been repeated requests to do so, it's believed none have been submitted.

It doesn't mean they won't be offered, it just means there's last minute budget politrickery/sabotage high on their agenda.  The Hoboken Sopranos hardly show up as a group in the annual budget workshops instituted back when the late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi was handling City finances.  While those savings all told run in the hundreds of thousands, the Old Guard council NEVER brings any budget reductions to the table.  Budget politics re: repeated cuts to the mayor and directors salaries is something they are fond of but real, serious work in reducing a $104 million budget?

Prepare well for tonight and let the drinking games commence every time Tim Occhipinti complains about $1.8 million in increased spending (attributable to $1.5 million in health care costs and public safety increases) and pretends he's deaf, dumb and blind never hearing those facts even when they are stated seconds before his manufactured talking points.

Some of you may want to argue over the dumb portion of his gasbaggery.  Talk amongst yourselves.

Councilman Michael Russo is sure to entertain everyone speaking almost 50% of the time in the council budget discussion along the lines of a phony, overspent budget.  (It'll be modified after he reads this.)  It doesn't have to be true with its 2% tax reduction for him to say it. Only if he thinks it sounds good and media will write it with 0% scrutiny.

Mikey is always impressed with whatever side of his mouth he's talking.  His third ward constituents are his fellow subsidized Church Towers neighbors and municipal workers.  Accountability for Russo would mean if he shoots someone in the lobby of Church Towers, he's taken into custody for at least five minutes of questioning before being released and declared innocent with a story in the local paper saying he had been the victim of an alleged framing by the Zimmer Administration.

Afternoon Update: There's now word of Timmy Occhipinti amendments but they haven't been vetted with others.  Among his ideas are: cutting the Business Administrator's expenses 25% (with no offsetting cuts of his own), against funding for terminal leave and creating another legal department employee for redevelopment.  Apparently, no one has told Occhipinti his legal prowess has been less than impressive to date.

If Occhipinti wants to see things move ahead, he should try to learn to work with others versus his constant carping and interrupting of others.

As for the Russo clan, neither Terry Castellano or Michael Russo has put up any amendments they said were coming.  Doesn't mean a poison pill isn't coming, it must certainly is.