Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Too early to be true? Mayor Healy congratulates Steve Fulop

According to a tweet by the Jersey Journal not even an hour after the polls have closed, Mayor Healy has been heard congratulating Steve Fulop after the heated race for Jersey City mayor.

A source close to the Jersey City action has confirmed it seconds after this story went up.  "I told you," he said with an edge of excitement in his voice.  "People are tired."  He concluded saying, "The upsets are not over."

Earlier today MSV shared insight of this possible outcome with subscribers based on Jersey City sources  Da Horsey concluded with:

"That of course would be more egg on the face of you know who."

Official numbers from the County Clerk:

Jersey City Mayor
173/181 95.58%
 Vote CountPercent
NP - Jeremiah ''Jerry'' WALKER 1A3,2098.32%
NP -00.00%
NP - Jerramiah HEALY 3A14,57537.78%
NP -00.00%
NP - Steven FULOP 5A20,37352.80%
NP -00.00%
NP - Abdul J. MALIK 7A3981.03%
Personal Choice280.07%

Talking Ed Note: Healy people are said to be already bellyaching about the "Curse of Beth Mason."