Monday, September 30, 2013

Tonight's the night.... at the Madison - Eli Manning and Mayor Dawn Zimmer

The NY Giants are off to a tough start and Eli Manning must be looking for something to change the team's luck so perhaps the fundraiser this evening with Mayor Zimmer is the elixir.

Two time Super Bowl champ Eli Manning will be a special guest at the Madison
with his wife Abby for a Mayor Zimmer fundraiser at the Madison.

Now Da Horsey doesn't believe in superstitious trivializing of the grid iron with politics and since MSV is not a flack, nor paid by Hoboken politicos, Hoboken political families, third party firms or a Mati Hari; let's call it a celebration of the community with a national celebrity who cares about his family and home.

There's tickets available for the second party of the event at 8:00 PM.  If you want to enjoy an evening at the Madison uptown with the two time Super Bowl champion quarterback and Mayor Zimmer over Monday Night Football call
Cassandra Alessio · 201-457-0590 or:

Update 8:20 - A report came in minutes ago people were still arriving. 
The event is officially sold out.

Thank you very much Eli Manning!

Grist for the Mill: Pupie says, "Vote for Pupie"

Frank "Pupie" Raia sponsored a slate of candidates but the word filtering through Old Guard circles is he's singularly focused on getting votes for himself. Historically, this doesn't come as any surprise in Old Hoboken circles; that's been a staple of Old Guard candidates through many election cycles. But what about Brit?

Timmy Occhipinti doesn't have to go man the phones today at Alliance Bernstein.  Does he have something lined up for later at the Mason Civic? There's no Hoboken office ready for him so he doesn't have a place to go and work on his campaign either. Over the weekend, six pizza's found their way to the political section at 12th and Washington. One shouldn't say Beth Mason shies away from the family investment in Tim Occhipinti but how much will show up on an ELEC report? Will Beth Mason flagrantly break the law again in this election?  

There's more HHA rallying going on for votes and against voter fraud as part of a Carmelo Garcia led effort to help the Ruben Ramos campaign. It's a good strategy since competing against the voter fraud machinery re: vote-by-mail soldiers and the Old Guard underwriters is neigh impossible but taking off the padlocks and rallying your troops on Mama Johnson Field which is federal property is questionable at best.  No kids from the HHA or otherwise could use the field over Labor Day weekend.  It was personally seen locked up tight.  More political irony unique to Hoboken and Carmelo Garcia's conversion against vote-by-mail ballots in the HHA not benefitting him.

Eduardo Gonzalez is featured in his letter on Hoboken Patch and doesn't say much of anything about his role as Vice Chair at the Hoboken Housing Authority. Isn't he proud to be backing Carmelo Garcia's Vision for Hoboken and Vision 20/20? He's voted for the HUD designated "legally flawed" contract appointment of HHA counsel Charles Daglian too many times to count on one hand while also voting several times for the PR contract of a woman who directed the media to an astroturfed Carmelo Garcia protest against his fellow HHA commissioners.  Their crime? They've gotten in the way of rubber stamping Carmelo Garcia's agenda. Not a word or action of dissent from Mr. Eduardo Gonzalez on all this divisiveness.  Should anyone expect better later?

A former Hudson Reporter writer announced she's a spokesperson for the Raia slate saying they represent "benevolence and humanitarianism," and they should be running Hoboken. Her twitter account is taking shots at this thing called the First Amendment making unfounded accusations and blaming the mayor for Hoboken citizenry speaking out and against corruption.

Does any of this have to do with the Timmy Occhipinti spin in "quitting" his job? No spokesperson can fix that political problem with just over a month to the election.  If you want to get paid to complain about the First Amendment have a blast but can you spare us the Timmy Occhipinti is independent riff between now and November 5th?

Recall police being used like the Gestapo about Star Trek?
Who called the police for that political operation against the First Amendment? 

Up the road, West New York's mayor is awaiting a decision from federal court on allegations he hacked the computer via his son of a political opponent's obscure website. The opponent turns out to be wired and working with the FBI. What does that mean for all the Ricciardi conspirators walking around Hoboken who looted Hoboken City Hall for everything and anything coming and going in and out of the mayor's office?  Beth Mason announced the FBI investigation over in Hoboken two City Council meetings ago.  So they all skate?

Talking Ed Note: Only one person who has real reason to complain about MSV and that's Councilman Michael Russo.  He would be a mayoral candidate today if it wasn't for MSV's stories in early 2011 directly leading to this FBI video's release.

Michael Russo says a lot of "stuff" but never once complained about it.  No paid spokesperson did either.

Related: Threatened with arrest at home for political satire and Star Trek's Vulcan grip courtesy of Timmy Occhipinti.
That First Amendment is pesky.

Mayor Zimmer highlights waterfront protections, Ruben Ramos on flooding

From the desk of council candidate Jim Doyle:

Blog      Volunteer      Contribute
Dear Horsey and MSV readers --

We all know that one of Hoboken's most precious resources is our waterfront. Our stunning views, parks and promenades are a big part of what makes our city a great place to live, work and visit.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer has always recognized this and has been an advocate for our waterfront since taking office. She's led the fight to protect the waterfront from inappropriate development like the Monarch project, is rebuilding Sinatra Park stronger than before, and is now focused on creating a new park at Hoboken Cove with a boathouse for recreational access to the river.
Because of her commitment to our waterfront, she is being honored on Tuesday as a "Hero of the Harbor" by the Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance. We have to protect and continue to improve what we hold dear, and nobody understands this more than Dawn Zimmer.
This is an important election for Hoboken, and there are lots of ways you can get involved.
 ·  Join us on Wednesday, October 2nd for a house party at the home of supporters Adrienne Choma and Bo Dziman in support of Mayor Zimmer and our Council team. RSVP Today!
·  Sign up to volunteer a few hours of your time by helping us to get the word out about the campaign and issues we care most deeply about, like the waterfront.
·  Follow us on Facebook and Twitter and share updates with your friends and neighbors.

Thanks for everything you are doing!

James Doyle

The Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign announces:

Click here to read Ruben's plan

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Better Schools Now Campaign "bum rush" parents at 1600 Park

The morning soccer affair at 1600 Park became the site of a Ruben Ramos - Better Schools Now campaign stop.

According to spectators, tables and donuts were set up for the Ruben Ramos campaign and was later joined by the Better Schools Now campaign.
According to one parent who emailed MSV, the BSN campaign took to the pitch:

"Uncool, they went on the field bum rushing parents!"

Among the parents in attendance, councilman at-large Dave Mello watching his daughter play in her game and Mayor Dawn Zimmer.  Neither was campaigning at the location.

Better Schools Now t-shirts featuring Murray-Falco-Waiters at 1600 Park earlier today.
According to one observer, the BSN campaign "bum rushed" parents on the field.

Patricia Waiters, a self-declared independent who last week denied she was on the Better Schools Now ticket said by phone she no longer objected but she didn't want to be connected to the Ruben Ramos campaign.

Friday, September 27, 2013

Timmy Occhipinti in flames, Ramos camp empowered, Zimmer steady as you go

A snapshot analysis of the Hoboken mayoral campaign

It's late Friday with folks looking to close out the week's business but for Hoboken campaigns, it's winding up to just short of a dull roar. Perhaps a loud roar would be more apropos.

While the Mayor Zimmer campaign looks to put the final preparations on its Monday night fundraising event at the Madison uptown with NY Giants quarterback Eli Manning, her opposition is in a state of flux, completely at odds with each other and their status to engage the popular mayor in the campaign.

Most observers seem to agree the shocking announcement Timmy Occhipinti made yesterday afternoon he was voluntarily leaving his full time job as a help desk support analyst with Alliance Bernstein with only 40 days left to Election Day didn't pass the smell test. Campaign people in other camps didn't buy the proffered reason for a second and the public weighed in not soon after - universally finding the announcement less than palatable on its face, dumb or worse.

The Ramos campaign looking for a morale booster couldn't receive a better gift as this was not the sure footed action of a well oiled opponent. They certainly know that one opposing mayoral candidate "quitting" his job with no campaign office, no staff in place and no machinery running demonstrates their "sideshow" opponent is literally in chaos.  The question is can they rise above the din as being one of two worth hearing among the "loyal opposition?"  This may be their best chance to create some separation and move to engage their primary foe in Mayor Zimmer and her council at-large slate.

Occhipinti in a phone call early Friday was none too eager to discuss or comment on yesterday's statement.  He was well aware of the public backlash here and elsewhere.  As he was in a Q&A after his 2010 debate at the Jubilee Center, Occhipinti choose not to answer a simple open ended question.  His handlers have always been correct he's not adept on his feet or able to answer questions from anyone knowledgeable on the issues in the public.  Their protection helped him get to this point but they couldn't protect him from his employers at Alliance Bernstein.

Commenters have made insightful, pointed analysis on what transpired seeing Occhipinti's sudden, untimely exit from his job. There's most definitely fire there and the chatter is clearly derailing a stunted campaign.  Grafix Avenger notes the campaign failed to open its campaign office this week and says there's not just one but two moles planted within the Occhipinti campaign, courtesy of the Russo's. (Councilman Michael Russo is backing Ruben Ramos.)

Some may wonder if this is at all possible and question the veracity of such an outlandish claim but the bad blood is beyond any normal Hoboken election animus.  Al Sullivan's column all but predicted the blood letting won't end with this election cycle and the question certainly should be raised - did Alliance Bernstein get clued in on the full hijinks of one Timmy Occhipinti?

One commenter pointed to this appeal to the mob at a HHA meeting held earlier this year.  In it, Occhipinti ignored the content of a HUD letter where the agency slammed Carmelo Garcia and HHA counsel Charles Daglian for their legally flawed attempt at getting his contract renewed. His protest was that a public letter had found its way... to the public - on MSV here and has been read over 7,200 times.  (Thank you very much Mr. Carmelo!)

Worse, Occhipinti falsely claimed the Corporation Counsel who issued a letter concurring with HUD's findings had no authority to do so. He then went off topic trying to push Vision 20/20 and when admonished to stay on topic, yelled at HHA Chair Jake Stuiver who asked to have Occhipinti thrown out.

It's unclear what transpired at Alliance Bernstein leading to Tim Occhipinti's sudden employment demise but based on the bad blood one has to wonder if the firm was alerted to the true behavior of their employee.  If they did come to see what they had on their hands, they would see the issue of a true problem, one that needed rectifying immediately.

As one commenter said, any news story on massive election fraud would be directly linked to the firm.  Witnessing Occhipinti pushing a suspect redevelopment plan as he did here in the manner he demonstrated wouldn't give them the warm and fuzzies.

Anything but.

Talking Ed Note: With that, the week ends with the Zimmer campaign holding steady in the lead, the Ruben Ramos campaign getting a much needed morale boost and the Raia slate with Tim Occhipinti just about spiraling in flames with possibly two Russo clan moles planted in its mist.  Hat tip: Michael Russo.

This is going to be one wild ride Hoboken.

Related: The original story when Timmy had the police called to take him away.

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Guest of the Stable: Tim Occhipinti's mysterious 'resignation'

The following is a guest piece from a Hoboken resident who wishes to remain anonymous

Lets get a little mathematical here. For Tim to quit his job he needs the expected payoff to be the same as his current job. Lets assume he makes $75K a year. For the election there are two possible outcomes, he loses and makes zero or he wins and makes $120K (ballpark).
Now the logical person has to assign probabilities to each outcome to get an expected return. So Tim's equation is the percentage chance of losing (equals zero) plus the percentage chance of winning multiplied by 120K = 75K. 

So it is factored down to $120K multiplied by the percentage chance of winning = $75K. 

And solving for the probability implies that Tim thinks there is a 62.5% chance that he wins otherwise it is illogical to quit your job. 

And if anyone believes there is a 62.5% chance Tim wins they need their head checked. 
Therefore it is illogical for him to run and the reason he quit is some other factor. 

The math is simple but makes sense. 

This is Albert Einstein.  This is NOT Tim Occhipinti.
A basic math model deconstructs the notion Occhipinti "resigned" from his job
 to run in the final days of the Hoboken mayoral election.

Talking Ed Note: Since this is a mathematical donation to MSV, we'll bend the guest piece rules in this instance to say this modeling stratagem is completely beyond Timmy Occhipinti's grasp.

So too is the idea the voting public would buy this obvious spin. MSV is hearing from all sides and the conclusion is the same: Occhipinti was shown the door likely for not clearing a decision to run for Hoboken mayor at Alliance Bernstein.

A new poll on why Timmy resigned his job is featured on the right side of the page.

Da Horsey will be doing additional homework on it too.  Thank you very much Hoboken math donor!

Update: Timmy Occhipinti invited to comment on yesterday's odd news at his last day with Alliance Bernstein declined saying it was "inappropriate."

BREAKING: Timmy Occhipinti 'quits job' to chase mayor's seat

With only 40 days left in election race, Occhipinti says he quit job to campaign

Tim Occhipinti quit his help desk application support job at Alliance Bernstein he says to pursue the mayor's office according to a story on Hoboken Patch.

According to a campaign statement, he said:

"I am extremely committed to this election and I want the people of Hoboken to know that I am dedicated to them and will fight full-time for their point of view," Occhipinti said. "I am going to live the next few months on a very tight budget which is something every taxpayer understands too well and wishes City Hall did the same."

But according to the calendar there's only 50 40 days to the November election, less than two months!

Occhipinti who currently occupies the fourth ward council seat since 2010 is best known for his controversial election which featured 575 "campaign workers" - the vast majority all vote-by-mail participants on paper ballots as reported in the Hudson Reporter.

MSV reported on the "anomaly" earlier where leading into the election almost to a person 79 of 80 "campaign workers" had already voted by paper ballots.  That story was picked up by PolitickerNJ.

Occhipinti reportedly was earning $75,000 in his help desk role at Alliance Bernstein making the mayor's seat pay of less than 115K a potentially significant raise in his earnings.

Tim Occhipinti at the recent 1600 Park ribbon cutting ceremony.
Running for mayor is now his full time job.

As a 2010 candidate, Occhipinti said he would decline the City's medical benefit plan offered to council members.  It's unclear if he will continue to do so.

Occhipinti has been backed with thousands of dollars by business interests outside of Hoboken and massive support from the Beth Mason family.  He's being underwritten as part of developer Frank "Pupie" Raia's slate this election.

Correction: One active member of election season notes there's only 40 days left in the campaign - just over a month!

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos endorses Barbara Buono for Governor

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos who is running for mayor in Hoboken gave his support along with several other Latino elected officials for Barbara Buono for Governor as reported by the AP.

Ramos is mentioned in the story:

Assemblyman Ruben Ramos Jr., who represents Hoboken and teaches in Paterson, said he felt confident Buono would make education and public safety priorities if elected governor.

Ramos and his council slate are competing with the new entrant, the recent backed slate of developer Frank "Pupie" Raia and Councilwoman Beth Mason who inserted Tim Occhipinti for mayor moving himself down into a council at-large seat.

The Ramos campaign put out their platform detailed below:

Talking Ed Note: There's word the discussion of affordable housing and the controversial Vision 20/20 massive redevelopment has been removed from all literature and the Ramos campaign website.

MSV is not confirming this for the moment but it appears there is no platform detail on anything regarding Vision 20/20 or affordable housing.

HHA's controversial Director Carmelo Garcia who is suing the City of Hoboken, the mayor's husband and the former chair Jake Stuiver on a host of alleged charges including "ethnic cleansing" for failing to support his undocumented Vision 20/20 program was seen recently outside the Ramos Campaign headquarters.

Superintendent Dr. Toback reveals "serious incident" surrounding EMT program

Dr. Toback issued the following letter yesterday:

Dear Parents, Guardians, Caregivers, Students, and Concerned Citizens,

I write to you today in response to a recent article that appeared in the Hoboken Reporter regarding the Hoboken Public Schools Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) Program. I can imagine that most people reading the article have some serious questions about the motives of the administration for not continuing the program. The article included some relevant information, but not enough for residents to fully understand the decision.

A Wake Up Call
Quite a bit of attention was focused on the EMT program after a serious incident where the adult driver of the HHS ambulance was arrested for crimes of a sexual nature committed against students attending Hoboken High School. Although the EMT students were not the victims, you can appreciate that there was an extensive investigation and evaluation process. The arrest was a low point in the history of the program, but it was a wake up call in many ways and the incident revealed some other issues.

Facts Concerning the Discontinuation
You cannot be at two places at the same time.
One of the issues that arose was the dual nature of work for the employees involved with the EMT program. The driver mentioned above was also working as an instructional aide which means that when he was on an ambulance call, he was not working with the students he was assigned to work with and support. This is a liability for the district as students needing services would not be receiving those services in the consistent manner required.

Needs of Students

The teacher missed classes when there was an ambulance call and this had an impact on all of the students. The EMT students also missed class when there were calls. Now, with only a small number of students, the program would be excessively reliant on the same students missing class. The first priority for our students must be the core subjects like reading and math.

NJDOE Approval

After further evaluation of the program, it became clear that the district was running a career education program. The problem is that all career and technical education programs in New Jersey public schools must be approved by the New Jersey Department of Education. The EMT Program is not an approved program. Operating an unapproved program is a liability for the district.

Insurance Issues

We recently uncovered some insurance concerns that must be resolved. School districts are required to report to insurance companies any situations creating unique risk much like you would be required to do in order to be insured. The EMT program was never reported to our insurance carrier and they were not aware we had such a program. In our case, the district has a number of emergency medical students in training and as you can imagine, the cost to insure such a program would be quite high. Considering that the program is not operating with the required NJDOE approval, it may not be possible to insure the program. While the program may be covered in some respects by other insurance from the city or elsewhere, we do not have any written record of this and our insurance carrier has their own stand. Our current carrier, the New Jersey School Board Association Insurance Group, declined to cover the program and suggested we look elsewhere.


In order to operate the program properly, there would be a number of additional employees that we would need to hire including a driver who would be on stand-by to drive the ambulance. We would need to provide additional supervision for different events where supervision did not exist. The district would need a full time teacher. The cost for insurance is not determined at this point. It is safe to say that the program, with the additional employees, benefits, insurance, and all other costs, would be in the neighborhood of at least $150,000 and possibly as high as $200,000. That is quite an investment for a class that is not required.

There are many other claims and optional explanations that have been offered regarding the decision to not continue the program. I have responded below to some claims and offered relevant facts.

There are many more students interested in the program.

The enrollment situation is very simple. At the end of the school year, there were seven students signed up for the EMT program. Six students were seniors and one was a junior. The fact that almost no under class students signed up does not speak well to the future of the program. Students have some classes that they must take to graduate and others they can choose. The district employees cannot compel students to enroll in the EMT program. The main point is that the students have clearly communicated their level of interest in the program.

With one less ambulance in circulation, the residents, students, and teachers are not as safe as they once were.

I believe that the residents of the city should be greatly concerned if optional class choices of high school students have an impact on their overall safety. If this is the case, then there is a much larger problem and it has nothing to do with the public schools. Like any other school district in the United States, we would need to call an ambulance if there is a medical emergency for a student or staff member.

There are other programs that have smaller enrollments. The school district is not being fair by maintaining the AP program and not the EMT program.

Advanced Placement classes are critical and the classes in most, if not all cases, meet high school graduation requirements. In addition, all public schools are required to offer programs for gifted and talented students. At the high school level, AP programs make it possible to meet state requirements. Because AP classes are single classes, the district usually expends only a small stipend of about $5,000 to the AP teachers for each class we offer. While G&T programs are required, there is no requirement to run an EMT program.

Students are missing out on full college scholarships and opportunities at medical schools.

A survey of high school guidance counselors and teachers revealed that there were no students they were aware of who received full or partial EMT scholarships from a college or university or admission to medical school based on their involvement with the EMT program. Montclair State University offers an EMT in Residence Program. This is not a scholarship, but more of a work program. If selected, the resident EMT will be responsible for being on campus and on-call a minimum of one night per week (11 p.m. to 8 a.m.), three day shifts per week (12 hours total), and two weekends per month. In exchange, the EMT is given a room on campus and priority registration rights.

The EMT Program at Hoboken High School is the only one in the state and maybe the nation. How could the BOE end such a unique opportunity for students?

If you consider the information above, I believe that it is easy to understand why it is so unique and why no other comprehensive high schools in New Jersey and maybe even the United States operate an EMT program. There are critical issues that must be considered. The decision to discontinue was a scheduling decision that was handled at the building level in combination with other concerns. The Hoboken Board of Education did not have anything to do with the decision to discontinue the program. Given the above, many people would probably question if it is reasonable for a local board of education to take on such a responsibility.

I am hopeful that this letter clears up at least some misperceptions about why the school district would not continue the EMT program. While the intent of the program was noble and worthwhile from the day it started, there are important issues that must be considered. Nobody wants to discontinue a program unless it is necessary.

Mark Toback Superintendent of Schools 

Talking Ed Note: BoE trustee Ruth McAllister added via email:

"For a small high school, Hoboken High is fortunate to be able to offer a wide variety of interesting electives: Culinary Arts, Forensics, Construction, Graphic Arts, Drama to name a few.  The EMT program was one of these choices.  When some classes are full and others are not, administrators have to make decision about where to put resources in order to best serve our students."

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Latest updates from the Hoboken campaigns:

Kids First announces:

From the kickoff: BoE trustee Ruth McAllister, Leon Gold, Irene Sobolov and Jennifer Evans
Special guest: Mayor Dawn Zimmer


Vision for Hoboken announces:

Thank You to Our Supporters!

I just wanted to thank you personally for coming out and supporting our ticket last night. The reception was overwhelming!

Here's the thing: There is a lot more work to be done if we want to be celebrating on November 5th and I need your help to get there.

We will be campaigning hard everyday until Election Day -- will you join us?

Visit: for volunteer opportunities
Stop into our headquarters at 801 Washington Street, Hoboken

Thank you for all you've done -- and for working harder from now until Election Day.

- Ruben

P.S. For those that couldn't make our event yesterday you can still contribute:

Fourth ward committeeman Matt Calicchio

The Frank "Pupie" Raia slate didn't announce it but...

With no headquarters available at its Facebook stated location downtown on Washington Street ready, a meeting of sorts took place at the Beth Mason Civil Lawsuit League at 12th and Washington.

Inside the political office on the northern side were fourth ward Democratic committeeman and Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio, BoE trustee and council at-large candidate Peter Biancamano with a third unidentified man.

No it wasn't FinBoy.

Horse Sense: Hoboken411 gets on the Beth Mason "One Hoboken" payroll (again)

Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen never one to be confused by principal, issues or sanity and to the surprise of absolutely no one dived right in heads first getting behind the Beth Mason controlled mayoral candidate Timmy Occhipinti and the Raia council slate.

That Hoboken's infamous smear merchant and top political mercenary would go along with Beth Mason is not a surprise, that was only a matter of when not if.

That Perry Klaussen would attack the Zimmer administration vaguely suggesting they are "ethically corrupt" will not catch anyone off guard either.

It's his bonafide endorsement of vote-by-mail ballots out of the gate raising eyebrows:
Hoboken411's Perry Klaussen, the mercenary editor in service to Beth Mason
is officially pushing her council manufactured candidate Tim Occhipinti for mayor.
The only surprise comes in his full throated endorsement of vote-by-mail fraud.

The closing line of Perry Klaussen's lead-in is quite a tell.  "If you can't vote in person, luckily we live in a democracy-and you can Vote By Mail," he says.

Where are all these Hoboken Housing Authority residents in the "4-4" in the back of the fourth ward planning to be that day?

Following up with his full throated endorsement of the dog whistle video calling a minority councilman an "animal," Hoboken411 is announcing in a sound far less than a dog whistle that massive, vote-by-mail fraud is expected!

And he's thanking Beth Mason in advance saying he's proud to get behind the fraud.
That's "One Hoboken" Hoboken411 is thrilled to be getting behind.

At the last City Council meeting one Hoboken resident urged the vote-by-mail payees to hold out for $200, not the typical $40 a vote re: "campaign worker" payment they have received at election time in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

The Ruben Ramos campaign is attempting to limit the VBM damage (typically in the hundreds but growing closer to four digits in recent elections) with Carmelo Garcia having his people "educate" HHA residents to not take the money in this election cycle.  More on that tenant-landlord PR effort later.

Talking Ed Note: Does anyone see the irony in Timmy Occhipinti running again as an "independent" this time for mayor but he doesn't even have permission to come up with his own campaign theme?

In 2009, Beth Mason ran her distant third place campaign under the banner "One Hoboken." She's clearly not over the devastating defeat and is using her surrogate Tim Occhipinti to fulfill the unrequited love she didn't get from Hoboken voters.

Let's dedicate this Horse Sense editorial to all Hobokenites who stand up against vote-by-mail fraud.

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

HHA's Carmelo Garcia promotes Hoboken411 smear of Councilman Bhalla


Smear and dehumanization of Councilman Bhalla hearkens back to violence and murder against South Asians in Hoboken

Controversial Hoboken Housing Authority Executive Director Carmelo Garcia promoted via Facebook a Hoboken411 article smearing Ravi Bhalla featuring the council meeting video where fellow Ruben Ramos backer Perry Belfiore calls the minority councilman "an animal."

Garcia who has advocated other local websites be "denounced" at a recent meeting alleging "misinformation" about his stewardship and Vision 20/20 redevelopment at the HHA is oddly advocating for the notorious website where iron-fisted censorship is the norm and smear jobs of residents, city employees, local officials, local businesses and even the local hospital have been a Beth Mason sponsored staple over years.

Both Belfiore and Garcia are intimate supporters of Assemblyman Ruben Ramos' run for mayor.  Last Thursday evening both Belfiore and Garcia were seen outside the Ramos HQ offices conversing with campaign staff.

Has Carmelo Garcia ever once denounced the years long defamation of so many in the community by Hoboken411?  It appears not as the Old Guard is united in respect to smearing a minority councilman.

Back in 1987, insulting South Asians was the least of the problems as a gang of local teens attacked and killed one South Asian in Hoboken who was visiting a local cafe.

Carmelo Garcia who is under fire for secretly taping others and trying
to "set them up" for his lawsuit is trumpeting another Hoboken411 smear job.

Are Perry Belfiore, Carmelo Garcia and Hoboken411 hearkening back to the "good old days working together in a familiar dog whistle leading into Election Day?

A local racist group calling themselves "Dotbusters" in a letter to the Jersey Journal publicly vowed to rid the area of South Asians and were responsible for more than a dozen attacks in less than a year.  One attack led to the murder of one victim in Hoboken back in the late 80's.

One of the four teens sentenced in the savage attack which led to the death of Navroze Mody has been on the payroll of the HHA under Carmelo Garcia in recent years. Employee records out of the HHA are not readily available even to HHA commissioners under Garcia's less than transparent "leadership," and it's unknown if limited employee records are accurate.

At the time of the sentencing for the crime leading to the coma and death of Navroze Mody, many in the Indian community felt neither "karma" or "justice" was served.

Related: Background on the local areas's "Dotbusters" and the systematic violence they delivered as retold in a paper written by Elizabeth Guttierez.

This story is dedicated to the memory of Navroze Mody who was murdered in Hoboken while visiting a cafe with a friend in 1987.

White House salutes Hoboken CERT Team and Lou Casciano

City of Hoboken announces:


FEMA Deputy Administrator Richard Serino (left), Hoboken CERT Coordinator Lou Casciano (right), and other Champions of Change honorees at the White House.

Hoboken’s Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) volunteers were recognized as “Community Preparedness Heroes” by FEMA and CERT Coordinator Lou Casciano was honored as a Community Preparedness and Resilience “Champion of Change” by the White House.

“Lou Casciano and our CERT volunteers helped save lives during Hurricane Sandy,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “I congratulate them on this incredible honor and thank them for their ongoing work to educate and prepare our community for future emergencies through the Hoboken Ready initiative. Their efforts are an essential part of a comprehensive plan to make Hoboken more resilient.”

Lou Casciano – Community Preparedness and Resilience “Champion of Change”
On September 24, 2013, Hoboken CERT Coordinator Lou Casciano was honored at the White House as a Community Preparedness and Resilience “Champion of Change.”

Lou joined the Hoboken Community Emergency Response Team in April 2010 and during his tenure was instrumental in managing the response to Hurricane Irene which led to his appointment as CERT Coordinator in June 2012.  In this new role, Lou recognized the need to plan for the next incident.  His techniques proved invaluable when Hoboken experienced the significant effects of Superstorm Sandy just one year later, including: (i) identifying and training key volunteer leaders to help manage the influx of 5,000 volunteers; (ii) identifying and recruiting doctors, pharmacists and nurse practitioners; (iii) opening Hoboken High School to accept and distribute more than 23,000 Meals Ready to Eat, and tens of thousands of donations from around the country; (iv) managing and supplying six Points of Distribution throughout the City; and (v) manning the Emergency Operations Center throughout the entire 14-day tour. In August 2013, Lou was appointed as Operations and Training Officer for the Office of Emergency Management with the City of Hoboken.

Hoboken CERT Volunteers – “Community Preparedness Heroes”
The volunteers of the Hoboken CERT program were recognized as “Community Preparedness Heroes” as part of the 2013 FEMA Individual and Community Preparedness Awards.

After Hurricane Sandy hit the East Coast in October 2012, the Hoboken CERT team was deployed to assist Hoboken’s Office of Emergency Management (OEM) in recovery efforts. The program distributed Hurricane Sandy information flyers throughout the Hoboken Housing Authority and locked down its HAM radio frequency to all communications with the exception of emergency traffic.  Additionally, the CERT program set up and manned the Emergency Operation Center with the Hoboken OEM and began the process of soliciting volunteers and staffing shelters.  On October 30, 2012, the CERT program started with recovery operations by identifying leaders and organizing hundreds of volunteers.  Hoboken CERT was able to utilize its amateur radio repeater as the primary means of communication for shelter operations, shuttle bus communications, and volunteer communications.

Former allies now the most bitter of foes

A screen shot from a 2010 YouTube ad featured Assemblyman Ruben Ramos and Tim Occhipinti together.
The bad blood between the political camps is beyond anything seen on the campaign trail in recent years.

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Sign of the Times: Buying and selling votes is illegal?

A reader sent in this pic as seen on 2nd and Willow.  Perhaps they need to move west.
Please keep in mind HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia claims you need his prior approval
to use your First Amendment rights in the HHA.

Latest updates from the campaigns

The Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:

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Dear Horsey and MSV readers --

We need you to get in the game.  The Zimmer Team along with fellow Hoboken residents, Abby and Eli Manning are preparing for our biggest event yet.The fight for doing what is right for our City is challenging. But my Council team Ravi Bhalla, David Mello, Jim Doyle and I are deeply committed to our community and we want keep building on our record. Together we saved our hospital, taking the City off of a $52 million bond guarantee, and completed 1600 Park--a project that members of my team have been fighting for since the 90s.

I know there is more work to do, which is why I am fighting to protect and preserve our treasured waterfront and bring more park space to all corners of Hoboken. I am pleased to report that we now have renovated and upgraded nearly all our existing city parks, providing a broader array of active recreational opportunities.
The completion of 1600 Park and upcoming renovation to Elysian Park and Sinatra Park are just the beginning of the great things happening in our City. With your support we look forward to bringing a beautiful waterfront park at Hoboken Cove including a new boathouse to expand everyone’s access to the Hudson River, and most importantly, we are fighting to make sure that developers follow through on their legal obligations to bring open space instead of over-development with the Monarch project.
So join us  on Monday September 30th!  Your support can make a huge difference in the future of our City and it will be a great night out with Abby and Eli!  Get in the Game!
Mayor Dawn Zimmer

Vision for Hoboken announces:

Support our Vision for Hoboken tomorrow, September 24th at Cadillac Cantina!

Just a reminder that our next fundraiser is taking place tomorrow night at the new Hoboken hot spot Cadillac Cantina. Join Ruben, Laura, Eduardo, Joe and fellow supporters for drinks and appetizers from 6:30PM to 8:30PM. As we prepare for the non-stop madness of October, your financial support is crucial to our operation. Please help us continue to reach out to Hoboken residents and realize our vision for our city.

When:  Tuesday, September 24th
               from 6:30PM - 8:30PM

Where: Cadillac Cantina
               80 River Street
                Hoboken, NJ 07030

Contribution: $100 per person

Please make checks payable to:
Vision for Hoboken
107 Jefferson Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030

Monday, September 23, 2013

Perry Belfiore instructs reform council "control your animal"

In rant against Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Ruben Ramos insider Perry Belfiore calls him an "animal"

In a clear sign of severe frustration leading into the November election, long time politico Perry Belfiore ranted a list of grievances he's held against Councilman Ravi Bhalla urging reform oriented council members in conclusion to "control your animal."

Most of the antics at last week's council meeting consisted of minor issues from years ago, almost all unsubstantiated but each are high on Perry Belfiore's list.  He recently was given time on the Beth Mason sponsored website Hoboken411 to vent his spleen with rather weak and tepid criticism.

Here Belfiore amps it up to pre-election foul levels and spends most of his time complaining about a Hoboken Housing Authority contract never issued to Florio Perucci.  The firm recently hired Councilman Bhalla as an attorney.  Putting aside those realities, Belfiore concludes it's a conflict of interest.

In a round about defense of the flailing Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign, Belfiore who some say is the master strategist and hoped to be named Business Administrator under a Ramos mayoralty refers to the letter from Corporation Counsel criticizing a conflict where HHA counsel Charles Daglian sat in a meeting advocating for his own contract. He states that critical letter came about due to Councilman Bhalla's intervention.

Only Belfiore has nary a word to say about the contract for Daglian passed (and later nullified) in that HHA vote.  He takes no issue with it whatsoever.  He does however insist that the City's counsel was summoned by Councilman Bhalla to weigh in on what HUD itself described as "legally flawed," reported exclusively here by MSV.

In point of fact, the letter by Hoboken Corporation Counsel was legally requested by then HHA Chair Jake Stuiver and is part of the legal process permitted by HUD in raising just such a conflict orchestrated by HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and Charles Daglian.  At the last HHA meeting, a seventh attempt was made by Garcia to push another approval for Daglian's contract.  It was met affirmatively by Ramos council slate candidate Eduardo Gonzalez - however, the attempt failed.

Where else but Hoboken can a contractor repeatedly insult his bosses and insist they approve his selection after more than half-a-dozen attempts to pass a contract where the board members have clearly expressed no confidence?

Does any of this give Perry Belfiore pause?

Belfiore continues with his litany of attacks on Councilman Bhalla throwing innuendo around where no compensation or payment can be remotely demonstrated taking a wild shot at Councilman Dave Mello who is also on the November ballot.

One can say this is merely politics but it's not.  It's bitter, sour grapes in advance of an election.  The strategy hatched by the Ramos campaign depended on all voters remotely open to voting against Mayor Zimmer and her council slate uniting behind his campaign. Undoubtedly, it was a good idea at the time but as Al Sullivan accurately noted over the weekend; it came without consultation of other Old Guard politicos. Once Frank "Pupie" Raia put a slate and money with the Mason family in, the jig was up.

Perry Belfiore's bitter rant might as well be viewed within the prism of someone who is tossing vitriol after losing an election. That's pretty much what it is but the HHA residents re: Carmelitos in attendance eat it up and cheer madly.

Will they be doing so after the November election?

Here's the full, unedited performance of one Business Adminstrator aspirant: Perry Belfiore.

Talking Ed Note: It's hard not to conclude after witnessing this sad display that for the Perry Belfiore's of the Hoboken political world, the writing is on the wall and a long held plan to see Assemblyman Ruben Ramos become mayor is looking all but impossible.

The lashing out, the bitterness, the anger without any discernible factual support is an obvious indicator the party is over.

Belfiore is a sharp observer of the local political scene.  Thursday night MSV saw on the corner of the Ramos HQ, Perry Belfiore speaking with former fourth ward councilman Chris Campos and another unknown man while several feet away, field campaign manager John Castellano was speaking with another person who has been in the Hoboken news lately:

Carmelo Garcia.

It was 8:00 pm, relatively early for the campaign to be calling it a night.
Last one out of the office, turn out the lights.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer endorses Kids First at Turtle Club

Mayor Zimmer addresses dozens at a packed Turtle Club Sunday afternoon urging active support for the Kids First ticket of 
Jennifer Evans (l), Irene Sobolov and Leon Gold.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer speaks to a crowd Sunday afternoon urging supporters of good government to get out and actively back the Board of Education Kids First ticket.  Kids First has seen the mayor's support since the reform movement's 2009 successes when both were elected.

The Kids First majority has eliminated administrative overhead, faulty contracts and numerous bad practices exposed in audits putting the money back into the classroom for children ever since.

On Saturday, independent candidate Patricia Waiters running for a seat on the BoE backed out of the Better Schools Now ticket telling MSV it will be endorsed by Mayor Zimmer's opponent Ruben Ramos who she does not support for mayor.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Super Bowl XLVIII excitement building for Hoboken

For the first time ever, the Super Bowl will be held in an outdoors cold climate location and Hoboken stands to be in the middle of the action.  With the NFL mega-marketing for the event, hundreds of millions in spending for the big dance will be hitting New York and New Jersey with both states co-hosting the event.

Scott Katz, chairman for the Hoboken events committee has been working to see Hoboken a focus of the event next February with the week leading into the big game being a significant opportunity for local business and an elevated profile for the Mile Square.

Working closely with Katz through the process is Sixth ward councilwoman Jen Giattino.  Both visited Indianapolis to see the festivities leading into the Super Bowl there and make valuable contacts.  They were joined by Director Leo Pellegrini to identify the best practices and ideas to see Hoboken get a piece of the action.

Showtime is not far off in the distance with Pier A a site for a large ice rink and a lit 18 foot Super Bowl XLVIII centerpiece near the water beckoning across the river to Manhattan.

Featured in the above video on Fox5 with Scott Katz and Jen Giattino is Hudson County Freeholder Chair Anthony Romano.

Saturday, September 21, 2013

New slate forms for BoE election: Better Schools Now

Going up against Kids First will be BoE slate "Better Schools Now" featuring
Vanessa Falco, Brian Murray and Patricia Waiters.

According to the Facebook Page:

Better Schools Now announces school board ticket. Better Schools Now is comprised of long time resident and parent, Vanessa Falco, local realtor and parent, Brian Murray and dedicated community advocate and parent, Patricia Waiters.

"Parents are tired of waiting for the schools to improve. Better Schools Now has plan to deliver schools that compete with the best schools in the state. We wantparents to choose Hoboken Schools over charters or moving to the suburbs. Families move because of the schools. Better Schools Now sees a future where families stay for the schools It's up to us to deliver a school system including the high school that competes and wins on education.." , says Murray

"The current board has played the blame game. Instead of taking responsibility for failing our children, they blame the kids or parents who choose to leave. Better Schools Now is going to change that culture. We are going to provide real support systems from the bottom up. Additionally we will lean on the Hoboken community for added support to create a culture of excellence. Hoboken's Future is in our youth" adds Falco.

"The school system is in dire need of an extreme makeover and that is just what we will do. " adds Waiters

A fundraising event is set for October 11th at Joe Branco's downtown bar Room 84.


In a phone interview earlier Council and BoE candidate Patricia Waiters denied she has agreed to be on a slate with Vanessa Falco and Brian Murray.  Explaining she had considered doing so two weeks back when the photo was taken, she claimed no knowledge of the announced Facebook page and fundraiser at Joe Branco's downtown bar Room 84.

Waiters also said she is not interested in joining with the other two candidates who are aligning with the Raia slate.

Waiters stated for the record:

"I have no interest in supporting this BoE ticket Better Schools Now and Ruben Ramos for mayor.  You see how they play dirty? I have not agreed to be on this ticket and will not join with the other two candidates (pushed by the Raia slate and Tim Occhipinti for BoE).  I am an independent."
Told by Ruben Ramos backers her council candidacy would harm Ruben's council slate, Waiter recounted her response, "I am not with Ruben Ramos and do not support him for mayor."
Waiters reiterated she had no knowledge of the Facebook page launched only days ago with her quoted (above) as being part of the Better Schools Now slate.

"How would I be part of a fundraiser (at Room 84) when I'm not on a ticket?"  Waiters added, "You see what they do Horsey."

Indeed. They even duped MSV with a phony release on Facebook quoting Patricia Waiters. 
MSV apologizes to Patricia Waiters as she's changed her position on this election.