Friday, February 8, 2013

A secret contract deeming a contractor god over the HHA?

In the contentious ongoing power struggle over separation of powers last night, questions were posed on the appointing powers and the respective roles both the Executive Director and the HHA commissioners hold.

According to the attorney to the HHA, Charles Daglian, the HHA commissioners only retain advise and consent power while the Executive Director holds "sole appointing authority."  Daglian would agree with Greg Lincoln's question concluding the commissioners only have a "veto" authority.

In the video, listen for the key moment when it's explained the powers of the HHA commissioners have been "delegated" to Carmelo Garcia in his contract.  Daglian stated it can be changed but only at a later date at the contract's conclusion.

Garcia would read from a clause in his contract handed to him by Daglian declaring the appointing power in the HHA his alone.  No HHA commissioner has ever seen the contract nor have any of them been able to see or obtain a copy.

Unlike an email from HUD distributed by Mr. Daglian saying any vote on an attorney at the meeting would be reviewed and approved before confirmation, there was no distribution of Carmelo Garcia's contract that was quoted as the governing matter in appointments and in the attorney selection.

Who was the HHA attorney advising the commissioners and negotiating these terms into Carmelo Garcia's Executive Director contract?

Charles Daglian.

Question on bid coordination hijacked by Carmelo Garcia counterattack

HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver poses a question to HHA board attorney Charles Daglian on the bidding process and if he has had any interaction with any other employee or contractor of the HHA in submitting a series of lower bids.

The video begins with Charles Daglian responding to Stuiver's earlier question if his bid lowering through the process is due to overcharging the Authority in previous contracts.  Daglian calls the question "defamatory" and then concludes with a personal attack on Stuiver.

Stuiver's question to Daglian is never answered.  Executive Director Carmelo Garcia hijacks the meeting and launches his own attack on Stuiver.

The board attorney never answered the question.