Wednesday, March 6, 2013

City Council @ 7:00 - 2013 budget introduction with mayor's tax cut

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It's the first post-Lepercon council meeting and one question among many, will there be people coming to speak about it and/or the parade two years removed?  Even with the obvious Hoboken Quality of Life issue reflected in dramatically improved statistics this year from 2011, there's moaning and accusation moving from calling the mayor an Irish racist to the latest descent with an all but apparent charge of anti-Catholicism.  (MSV hears the mayor is part Irish but isn't Catholic so this must be an elevation of Hoboken politics, a reversal "On the Waterfront" style.)

It's not clear who elected one local priest "Hoboken Pope" for us Catholics in town; he didn't ask. The comments in response to this ghastly Old Guard dog whistle are equally interesting.

Another big question is on introduction of the budget. Last year, not one member of MORTe voted in favor of the budget keeping with their consistent theme of all sabotage when we can, wherever we can making an exception for hurricane legislation.  There's a new round of budget hearings planned and you can bet MORTe will not be bringing any tangible solutions on how to reduce the cost of operating in the City - THEY NEVER DO!   (MSV is not counting their repeated calls to cut the mayor's and directors salaries again; that's' just vindictive politics.)

MORTe hardly bothers to show up for the budget hearings instituted under Mayor Zimmer. Tim Occhipinti did make a solo appearance last year. He didn't seem to mind and apparently he doesn't think Hoboken voters will either if he gets Mason wheeled loot to run for mayor.  The always well paid Masonistas are leaving the door open as Assemblyman Ruben Ramos already announced although he's being given the Old Guard cold shoulder, witness the silence of the Mason sponsored mercenary blog Hoboken411.

Occhipinti will try to see passed tonight an ordinance to allow the theft of Hoboken public land and be man of honor at 61 Jackson Street, a fourth ward restaurant's grand opening.  The developer was among the first if not very first to put money into Occhipinti's pocket.  This came before any announcement of his running for the fourth ward council seat in the summer of 2010.

Occhipinti also left a City Council meeting and attempted to speak on the developer's behalf at the Hoboken Zoning Board.  Shades of Cammarano all over again, Tim Occhipinti doesn't disappoint.  Developers of course.

Here's the agenda:

UPDATE: Meeting has concluded.  You can see the heart of it in segments 2 and 3 at the link:

Brass vs. Chutzpah defined

Hoboken resident and HHA Chairman Jake Stuiver sheds light on the difference between brass vs. chutzpah.  This is the second letter correcting numerous false assertions by Beth Mason surrounding the legal appointment of Jim Doyle.

While Doyle's appointment was directed by the Hudson County Superior Court with a conclusive vote, he remains unseated as the Old Guard council has again filed another appeal with the NJ Appellate Court.  The appeal may be heard next month.

Beth Mason claims the lawsuit should end with the City dropping the matter.  It's the Mason family appeal however further litigating a matter already decided.  If the Mason family with their MORTe allies dropped their latest appeal today, Jim Doyle could be legally seated at the City Council meeting tonight.

Tonight another council meeting is scheduled for 7:00 and Jim Doyle will not be seated and participating on the introduction of the budget or any council matter as his appointment is appealed by a manufactured lawsuit concocted by Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Tim Occhipinti and Terry Castellano.

Dear Horsey:

Last week, Hoboken resident Phil Cohen described the actions of Council members Mason, Russo, Castellano and Occhipinti as “chutzpah.”

Last October, Mrs. Mason and Mr. Russo successively failed to attend City Council meetings at which the appointment of Jim Doyle to fill the City Council vacancy was considered, and chose to abstain instead of voting “no” at the meeting they attended. Ms. Mason and Mr. Russo have made no secret of the fact that they oppose Mr. Doyle’s appointment, but chose not to do their jobs by participating at council meetings or honestly voting “no.” The four Council members then sued the City to remove Jim Doyle, claiming that because Mrs. Mason and Mr. Russo failed to attend and vote “no,” too few Council members voted against Mr. Doyle’s appointment for his appointment to be valid. That’s, right – they claimed that Mr. Doyle couldn’t be appointed not because Mr. Doyle didn’t receive enough “yes” votes, but because their refusal to attend and cast an honest “no” vote resulted in not enough people voting “no” for the Mayor to break the tie, as permitted by State law.

Last month, the four members of the council minority were admonished by Judge Peter Bariso for what the Judge called “gamesmanship,” and he decided the case, finding that the four Council members lost the suit. Now that they have lost the suit, the four Council members have appealed Judge Bariso’s decision, resulting in a gridlocked, deadlocked City Council, and thousands upon thousands of dollars in more legal fees stuck to the Hoboken taxpayer.

Mr. Cohen believed that chutzpah properly described these actions.

Councilman Russo responded that while he didn’t speak Yiddish, he felt Mr. Cohen, a former Zoning Board member, had “some brass” for daring to come before the City Council as a member of the public to express his views during the portion of the meeting specifically set aside for the public to speak.

Mr. Cohen and Mr. Russo are both correct. The Urban Dictionary defines “chutzpah” as “unmitigated effrontery or impudence.” It defines “brass” as “courage, also known as balls.” Mr. Cohen does indeed have “brass” for having the courage to come before the City Council and express his views. And Mr. Russo does indeed have chutzpah for having the effrontery to attack a member of the public for expressing those views.

Jake Stuiver

Jake Stuiver back in the 2011 protest against Mike Russo trading on his office.
He's back to explain who has brass and who has the chutzpah on the
legal maneuver to block Jim Doyle from taking his legally appointed seat.