Wednesday, March 20, 2013


Clearly frustrated with being limited in power even while they have blocked the fifth swing vote on the council with their manufactured lawsuit out on appeal, the Hoboken Sopranos took maybe their most audacious obstructive action, voting down an emotional issue in the form of the 9-11 memorial.

The project, a replacement for the smaller scale, interim glass design that broke was ready to go ahead in its new form, but in the end, flexing their political power courtesy of the legal wrangling, the vote failed 4-4.

Councilman Michael Russo kicked off the conversation with some blistering grandstanding complaining about the memorial taking more than a decade for completion.  Councilwoman Terry Castellano insisted the 9-11 committee needed to be brought up to speed since 2010.  Tim Occhipinti who saw his pocket parks plan fail to ignite his unannounced mayoral candidacy with only a few people speaking in favor who live across the street requested the memorial be tested in a Stevens engineering wind and water testing machine.  Councilwoman Beth Mason relied on her old standby she needs more information.  (It's all on the city website.)

In response, Council President Peter Cunningham made it clear there would be a vote as the memorial was ready to go and Director Brandy Forbes informed Castellano there had been many conversations and conference calls since 2010 the last of the councilwoman's recollection.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla spoke plainly on what was transpiring before him and said politics shouldn't enter into the process with the vote before them.  His pleas for unity on the matter to approve the 9-11 Memorial was met with on and off mic heckling of Timmy Occhipinti.

Voting yes to approving and building the 9-11 Memorial: Council members Ravi Bhalla, Jen Giattino, Dave Mello and Council President Peter Cunningham.

Voting no: Council members Terry Castellano, Timmy Occhipinti, Beth Mason and Michael Russo.

Followed by much gnashing of teeth and moaning by the no voters, not dislike a chapter out of the Bible with devils being exorcised.

Go ahead Timmy, run for mayor on this.  
Got hypocrisy?

Councilman Michael Russo stops to pose in the lobby of City Hall for Da Horsey's photo.
Minutes later he would complain about "blogs" taking photos outside the bathroom, which is around the corner
150 feet away.  He followed that leading the Hoboken Sopranos to vote down the 9-11 memorial.  Good job Mikey.

Talking Ed Note: The $1.2 million bond for parks passed but the Pier A bond was kicked down the road. Nothing is simple or easy without Jim Doyle.

It's going to get worse, a lot worse if the budget sabotage signaled by Russo and Occhipinti reaches fruition. If the NJ Appellate Court upholds the Hudson County Superior Court decision of Assignment Judge Peter Bariso sooner than later, Hoboken will be fine. If not, it's going to be a long, ugly summer.

Wednesday's traffic was the highest of this year, proving once again when it comes to corruption - Hoboken takes notice.

Correction: The lower Jackson St. restaurant encroaching on City land up for consideration last night was pulled for legal reasons but was described as transgressing 500 square feet.  The accurate figure is actually 390 square feet.

Timmy Time? Grandstanding in council meeting for $17 million for pocket parks

Pt. 3 -

The City Council meeting is scheduled to begin at 7:30 tonight and one political operation could be the unofficial kickoff to an Old Guard mayoral candidacy.

Money has been getting behind Occhipinti at least in the form of a hired gun to do press releases and Hoboken Patch correctly notes there's been two in recent weeks and is confirming rumors the Hoboken Sopranos: Beth Mason and the Russo clan will be getting behind and financing a mayoral race for Timmy against Hoboken's own Ruben Ramos.

MSV previously stated the Old Guard was furious with the announcement by Assemblyman Ruben Ramos he was running for mayor.  They've been trying to elbow him out ever since planting negative spin in the Hudson Reporter and blocking mention of the seasoned Assemblyman on Beth Mason sponsored Hoboken411where she's typically run her censored political operations.  Hoboken411 has been pushing Tim Occhipinti for a while now even going as far as praising him during Hurricane Sandy when Timmy was sight unseen and believed out of town right after the storm.

Tonight a pocket park petition will be grandstanded ad nauseum by Tim and you will see some real in your face astroturfing Hoboken Old Guard style.  Don't be surprised to see some Hoboken moms getting up and advocating for these overpriced pocket parks on the edge of town before finding out they were hoodwinked when the full details come out of the cost (at $17 million per acre).

Long time Southwest Parks advocate in the form of Councilman Dave Mello will probably have something to say about all this.  Okay, maybe more than something - it's a driving issue for his entry into the public square.

Early in the evening is an ordinance on the restaurant Occhipinti backs which stole Hoboken public land of approximately 500 square feet.  The developer was an early contributor to Occhipinti so you already know how he will vote on the controversial allowance to let the impediment stand.

That is up and staying on the agenda this time, item number one in a second ordinance reading.  Expect at least four Hoboken Sopranos votes with the Old Guard council members trying to get Timmy off to a good developer (contributor) footing.

Can you sue the Hoboken people to force them into making Tim Occhipinti mayor?  Councilman-in-waiting Jim Doyle remains sidelined having won his legal appointment in Hudson County Superior Court, but he's stuck with MORTe's second appeal.

That appeal is going to allow for the kind of chaos the Hoboken Sopranos need to have any chance to regain power, by hook or by crook.  First victim is the Hoboken budget.

Meeting starts at 7:30.

Former City IT Manager Patrick Ricciardi pleads guilty for looting and sharing emails in Mayor's Office


The US Attorney's Office, District of New Jersey announces:


NEWARK, N.J. – A former management information systems specialist for the city of Hoboken pleaded guilty today for intercepting communications meant for the mayor of Hoboken and top city officials and passing some of those communications on to other officials, U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman announced.

Patrick Ricciardi, 46, of Hoboken, entered a guilty plea – before U.S. District Judge Esther Salas in Newark federal court – to an Information charging him with accessing a computer without authorization, interception of wire and electronic communications and disclosure of intercepted wire and electronic communications.

According to the documents filed in this case and statements made in court:
Ricciardi was a longstanding employee of the city of Hoboken and worked as the chief information technology officer for the mayor’s office. As part of his job duties, Ricciardi was responsible for keeping the city’s network running and had access to email accounts within the city’s computer system and other aspects of the city’s computer network.

In April 2011, Ricciardi created an archive file on his work computer to intercept and store all emails sent to and from the mayor and certain of the mayor’s employees. Neither the mayor nor any other city employee authorized the storage of the emails or the creation of the file.

During his guilty plea proceeding, Ricciardi admitted he used his access to set up the email accounts of the mayor and two of the mayor’s top lieutenants so all of their incoming and sent emails would be sent to the archive folder.

He also admitted that he read some of the emails in order to spy on the mayor and her assistants, and forwarded them to other current and former city officials.

Ricciardi is scheduled to be sentenced on July 1, 2013, before Judge Salas. Each of the three counts carries a maximum potential penalty of five years in prison and a $250,000 fine.

U.S. Attorney Fishman praised special agents of the FBI’s Cyber Crimes Task Force, under the direction of Acting Special Agent in Charge David Velazquez, for the investigation leading to today’s guilty plea.

The government is represented by Assistant U.S. Attorney Zach Intrater of the U.S. Attorney’s Office Computer Hacking and Intellectual Property Section in the Office’s Economic Crimes Unit in Newark.

13-130 ###

Defense counsel: Assistant Federal Public Defender Donald McCauley, Esq.

Patrick Ricciardi pled guilty to three counts for his
theft and distribution of communications from the
Mayor's Office.  Sentencing is set for July 1.
Update: 4:30

According to a Jersey Journal story:

(Judge) Salas said she cannot impose more than a 5-year sentence, but will follow the sentencing guidelines that take into account what he did and how he cooperated with the justice system.

Talking Ed Note: MSV believes there's been clarification when the communications looting took place out of the Mayor's office. In the complaint against Patrick Ricciardi, the theft started in early 2010. It's probably a typo in today's release saying 2011, it likely meant April 2010.

 In April 2011, Council members Beth Mason and Michael Russo sponsored a resolution to obtain all the emails of two of the mayor's staff.

Their effort by was finally halted but not by the FBI raid on City Hall in late May, but on July 1 when Jen Giattino was sworn in and voted the email hunt resolution down thus ending Beth Mason's efforts to make harmless the FBI's evidence, rendering it public.

Beth Mason and Michael Russo 'declare war' on FBI email conspiracy investigation
Public Questioning: Beth Mason, have you seen the (stolen) emails?
Mason answers the wrong question on email conspiracy, confesses!
A possible chronology with the FBI and Michael Russo
Hoboken411 linked to Patrick Ricciardi in secret visits to his City Hall office
Beth Mason's meeting with FBI informant Solomon Dwek
The Ultimate Email Conspiracy Timeline by Grafix Avenger
Video: Beth Mason loses it on questions surrounding email theft

Update: An early evening conversation with the US Attorney's Office in Newark confirmed the dates of the  massive Data Theft Conspiracy going back to April 2010.  Mayor Dawn Zimmer was elected mayor by the people of Hoboken in November 2009.

If you think the looting of approximately 100,000 electronic communications in and out of the mayor's office including some from this website ends with three or four people, Da Horsey has a bridge to sell you.

The Jersey Journal added some critical information to the news today of Patrick Ricciardi's plea of guilty.  Happy nightmares minions.

Hat tip: Charles Hack.