Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Councilman at-large Ravi Bhalla announces petition filing for 33rd Assembly seat

From the desk of Councilman Ravi Bhalla:

MSV announces 2013 subscription drive

From the first interview with the late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi, what senior City officials called decisive to the 2009 mayoral election to unveiling the previously unknown Solomon Dwek bribe meeting with Councilman Michael Russo shaping the upcoming 2013 mayoral race, this website's impacted Hoboken in a major way.

There's been scores of exclusives, political operations revealed, growth beyond tens of thousands of visitors a month, but those two stories show how an online reform david came out of nowhere, took on Goliath and won.

Our Mile Square City is an island of active reform in the belly of the HudCo beast.  It's reason to take pause and not with a little pride. The victories are not ours alone; it belongs to everyone and of course all of Hoboken.

From supporting reform candidates, to sharing an article on MSV, to refusing to lie down and accept the status quo and wanting to make Hoboken better, both Old and New Hoboken standing up against the Old Guard and the Hoboken Sopranos - all can take credit.

It comes at a cost.  A lot of Old Guard anger has boiled up from seeing truth escape into the public domain.  For example, the Russo clan was comfortable controlling the media narrative and to some extent it does so today, but it's grown frustrated in how it no longer can do so exclusively.  The frustration of seeing Michael Russo's aspirations to control Hoboken as mayor ended with the consistent efforts here to unveil his meeting with Solomon Dwek and the attempted revisionist history disguising the true nature of their lunch.  The story isn't over as the Russo clan push back led to another scandal in the unfinished story of the Data Theft Ring Conspiracy.  It's the boomerang that hasn't stopped whacking the Hoboken Sopranos.

A year ago while winding up an interview, one Old Guard foot soldier warned Da Horsey about an upcoming lawsuit against this website because Da Horsey "made people angry." They didn't disagree one iota on the anger deriving from MSV telling the truth; they certainly couldn't argue about the lack of ability to respond as Da Horsey takes on all comers and detests censorship.

In early August, the prediction and Beth Mason's July City Council threat proved true when Da Horsey joined a dozen plus other Hoboken residents in a SLAPP suit.  No surprise it's typical to what one Union City judge called dirty Hudson County politics.  This struggle is about standards and values and principally who gets to hold rein over the money in Hoboken institutions.  Times are hard and the Old Guard wants back in on the piggy bank: what Patrick Ricciardi so arrogantly but definitively said with his NJ.com Hoboken forum screen name, "Loveyourtaxmoney."

With reform's rising under the stewardship of Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Da Horsey has been threatened, repeatedly assaulted (even within feet of the silently approving employer) and suffered false witness borne out in court actions all with an eye to silence this website and keep critical information from reaching the Hoboken public. 

Please support MSV in 2013 with a suggested contribution of $75.  No more talk, time to pony up.

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Checks or money orders in confidence may be mailed to: Roman Walter Brice 1032 Hudson St. Apt. 1L, Hoboken, NJ 07030
Please contact Da Horsey directly on gold and platinum sponsorship packages: smartyjones@me.com.

More on why subscribing to MSV is important at the jump:

Western Hoboken Parks Acquisition Meeting set for April 8th at Connors

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Tuesday April 2, 2013, 10:07 AM

City of Hoboken

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Community: Community Invited to Meeting on Western Hoboken Parks Acquisition

All members of the community are invited to attend a meeting on Monday, April 8th from 7pm to 9pm at the Connors School (201 Monroe St) on parks acquisition in Western Hoboken.

Mayor Zimmer will answer questions and provide updates on the status of acquiring land for parks envisioned in the City’s Open Space Plan: a Southwest Park at Jackson Street and Newark Street, a park at 7th Street and Jackson Street (known as the Pino site), and a park at the 6-acre BASF site at 11th Street and Madison Street (formerly known as the Henkel/Cognis site).

The meeting previously scheduled for April 2nd on the Southwest Park is being combined with the meeting scheduled for April 8th.For full details, view this message on the web.

Scott Siegel: Personal reflections on the 9-11 Memorial blocked by MORTe

A new low was reached at the last council meeting when appropriating money for the proposed 9-11 Memorial was voted down by the council minority. This day holds a special meaning for me and most other Hobokenites. In August 2001 I was asked to join friends from Cantor Fitzgerald for drinks and dinner at the World Financial Center. Attending were two friends that I had known for decade among others who I had done business.

Scott Siegel is upset with MORTe politics over the 9-11 Memorial but there's no prison time for that.
Or at least Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti hope not.

When I was out of work in 1993 a friend at Cantor invited me to come in and make phone calls. They also provided me with advice and allowed me to eat the food the company provided. I never forgot their generosity.  We had a great time going over the past and present. There was also a young lady from Hoboken who worked there. She mentioned that she was having trouble with her landlord. I asked if she had her lease with her and she did. I pointed out an area of emphasis and said I would find a lawyer and get back to her. She was going on vacation and I was going to Puerto Rico the following week so I promised to get in touch with her the week of 9/11.

Not long after returning brought the fateful event of 9-11.  Along with others on a roof, we could see smoke rising and the towers on fire. We all knew that Cantor was above the fire, but were hoping that the roof accesses could be opened. They did not.  

When the rubble cleared I realized that I had lost 17 friends, 14 from Cantor. I later found out that the young woman had survived. I went to the Wilton House and left a note for her. I later found out she moved out of Hoboken right away and I never saw her again. Who could blame her?

Hoboken lost over 50 souls making us second only to NYC in the number of victims. There are others who lost direct, close relatives. The 9-11 temporary memorial finally collapsed and I was happy that Hoboken would erect a new, permanent structure to remember those who were murdered by terrorists. This was something that cut across political lines and was embraced by the entire community. I can’t remember any dissenting votes during the process. By voting no this time, it once again shows how little the minority members care about Hoboken and their constituents. Towns throughout this country have banded together and acted as one to erect proper, fitting memorials to those killed on 9-11.  Only in Hoboken can this tragedy be compounded by the Four Horsemen of Hoboken’s Fiscal Apocalypse.

Pier C is closed, no roads and potholes are being repaired, and Pier A damage continues because Theresa Castellano, Beth Mason, Michael Russo and Tim Occhipinti appear to be heartless and cruel as their votes. These fiscal and legal incompetents will stop at nothing to damage Hoboken and this is why the NJ Appellate Court must again uphold Jim Doyle's appointment and install him immediately. 

I expect a budget stalemate and further obstruction unless this is done.

Also on the agenda at the last council meeting was Timmy Occhipinti's proposal to purchase small pieces of land in the corner of the 4th Ward for pocket parks. This is an excellent example of why Timmy in particular is fiscally reckless. The property was appraised at $17 million vs. a park twice as big with a price the City of Hoboken expects it will purchase for around three million. Only a fool like Timmy would want tiny pocket parks at a far higher cost. 

Remember the actions of these people and I urge you to work hard to replace them at the next Ward election assuming you care about Hoboken as I do.