Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Council restaurant zoning showdown and meth action @ 7:00

Well the exciting developments today will likely be largely ignored unless residents show up and join in at around 7:30 to sign up and speak on the uncanny links of Tim Occhipinti's campaign worker being snared by police for hosting a meth lab in her HHA apartment.

There's also the restaurant on lower Jackson across the street from the parking lot the City is looking to turn into a park.
Expect lots of hot air, rationalization, obstruction and well the usual from the Hoboken Sopranos.

Here's the agenda:

Looks like a small glitch picking up the meeting in public portion.  The restaurant owner(s) at 61 Jackson asked to negotiate more changes on the property and have the ordinance stopped.  So the issue on its encroachment will have to wait, again.

Other than the sabotage continuing without Jim Doyle sitting in his rightful seat, there's almost panicked defensiveness with the revelation Councilman Michael Russo's father, the felon and ex-mayor Anthony Russo sold out the City on a ridiculous water contract costing Hoboken either millions or tens of millions, depending on your perspective.

When that truth comes up in the last video segment (below), Michael Russo's suddenly loses his interest in playing politics, a true rarity.  (Late in clip in new business.)

It reminds Da Horsey of one of our earliest satirical pieces in 2009 where the legendary Jimmy Breslin interviews Michael Russo on corruption.  The refrain you'll see remains the same.

Related: Hoboken Patch has a story on the cost of Lepercon.  It's over 100K and counting.

Tim Occhipinti campaign worker arrested for alleged meth lab in HHA apartment

Meth lab apartment also the same building and floor of Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio

According to news reports a methamphetamine lab was discovered by Hoboken Police inside a fifth floor apartment at 501 Marshall Drive. Both the Jersey Journal and Hoboken Patch featured the story with three arrests but Grafix Avenger uncovered the political connection revealing the HHA resident of the alleged methamphetamine lab, Cynthia Rivera is shown on Timmy Occhipinti ELEC reports as a campaign worker in his 2010 and 2011 campaigns.

MSV can confirm both the apartment building and floor location are also one and the same of Councilwoman Beth Mason's political operative and fourth ward Democratic Committeeman Matt Calicchio.

Tim Occhipinti, occupant of the fourth ward council seat seen here with Beth Mason political operative
Matt Calicchio at the last HHA meeting in March.

Tim Occhipinti and his campaign have insisted the 575 campaign workers paid on average $40 each were doing legitimate campaign work even though almost to a person they all voted on vote-by-mail paper ballots.  Sources within the HHA say the methodology of voting by paper ballots is also comically called "Voting-by-Calicchio," referring to the active VBM political efforts of Beth Mason's political operative inside the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Calicchio is an active Hoboken politico known for escorting Beth Mason to and from meetings in Hoboken and actively working on Old Guard campaigns for both Mason and Occhipinti.

At a recent City Council meeting, the issue of "exploitation" of voters in the HHA was made by Councilman Ravi Bhalla after a public speaker charged the vote-by-mail ballots coming out of the public housing building appeared systematic and door-to-door.

Councilman Michael Russo who actively worked on the Tim Occhipinti campaigns in 2010 vociferously complained against Bhalla's designation in a loaded exchange.  He was quoted by PolitickerNJ being very enthusiastic about the VBM effort in 2010.

MSV was unable to reach Timmy Occhipinti and Beth Mason for comment.

Beth Mason political operative Matt Calicchio making a face at MSV during the last City Council meeting.
A meth lab on the floor of his building busted a fellow Occhipinti campaign worker.

Talking Ed Note: If Tim Occhipinti returns a voicemail invitation to speak about his campaign worker, this story will be updated.
Pssst, don't hold your breath.


Will Councilman Michael Russo be defending Cynthia Rivera if she also was paid in the last election to do 'campaign work?'

City Council: squatter restaurant finally on tap and Beth Mason's back after Brian Stack's 'million dollar' rejection

The City Council meeting tonight is primed to decide about the zoning violation riddled restaurant on lower Jackson Street after a number of fits and starts.  The wannabe pub/restaurant took great advantage of Hoboken's zoning rules and committed numerous violations along the way but the biggest among them may be the 390 square feet of space it stole quite literally from the City of Hoboken.

On background, a senior official familiar with some of the affair said the building was set up to have an elevator.  Puzzled as to why a small two story building would be installing an elevator the answer came back it wasn't for a bomb shelter below but with the idea to expand up to five stories above.

This is exactly the status quo type of operation going on in Hoboken for decades for the connected.

If true and MSV has not confirmed any blueprints, the new business at the site of the former Downtown Pub had a lot more violating in mind when it was all said and done.  Residents have been less than thrilled in comments about the structure on a recent Hoboken Patch story.

Tim Occhipinti who sees no law breaking wrong when it comes to his political pals and developer contributors is already on the record backing the illegal structure as is.  His Hoboken Soprano colleagues on the council appear equally eager to take care of a Hoboken 'good ole boy' and look the other way.

In the infamous words of Councilwoman Terry Castellano, "Hoboken is special," and as George Orwell said, "some animals are more equal than others."

In this instance, they're both correct.

Beth Mason is expected to make an appearance at the City Council meeting.  She's been fuming over Brian Stack
rejecting her, a rumored Blaggo busting check and her litigious ways after a year long effort to have the
Assembly seat handed to her.  What will her family try to buy for her next?

Talking Ed Note: This is the first council meeting since the rumored seven figure "Hoboken purchase" attempt of the 33rd Assembly seat occurred.  Beth Mason who spent well over a year trying to make her selection appear a fait accompli in numerous media stories was humiliated when Union City Mayor Brian Stack opted to go with a Hispanic name in the form of HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia.

Guess Mason wanted to finally prove Da Horsey wrong after she was declared dead a month back.

Independent sources said Mason was fuming over the decision as Stack who is known to carry a campaign bill rejected her money and went with Garcia according to other media reports.

Someone should be kind and hand Beth Mason a paper bag to wear at the meeting.  It could cheer her up.