Monday, April 29, 2013

Defending the good on behalf of Hoboken

Hoboken resident Carly Ringer found herself under attack first in a recent Hoboken City Council meeting by the Hoboken Sopranos and then after by its scurillous website sponsored by Beth Mason in Hoboken411.

First, Councilman Michael Russo led the attack joined by the Hoboken Sopranos crew asking if an OEM employee couldn't do the work she's providing on a limited basis since Hurricane Sandy.  He complained the council was misled her temporary salary would be repaid by FEMA.

If you thought one additional individual aiding after a Superstorm was problematic on a temporary paid basis aiding residents seeking governmental assistance, then you certainly have a friend in Michael Russo who has a family bill of six figures owed to the City from his father Anthony Russo of over $300,000.  That amount doesn't include the estimated $100,000 stolen in illicit health benefits over years by Ma Russo and her husband finally stopped in 2011.  Union City's BoE helped out giving her a job.

We'll never hear a complaint from the Russo clan about this hijacking of taxpayer loot or see it repaid. Ever.

Beth Mason's uber trash site Hoboken411 heard the Old Guard dog whistle launching into one of his typical defamatory attacks on a Hoboken resident.  He attacked Ringer, calling her a "crony" of the mayor and said she didn't live in Hoboken.  Both are the absolutely false and defamatory attacks typical of the Hate411 spew.

Once again, simply speaking out or doing good in town led to an ugly attack: first by the Hoboken Sopranos who sought to do so publicly but were told by Corporation Counsel they were infringing on the Rice notice rights of the Hoboken resident and temporary employee and then by Beth Mason's attack mutt Perry Klaussen of Hoboken411.

The dead hate filled eyes of Perry Klaussen, the Hoboken411 cybersewer
sponsored by Beth Mason defamed another Hoboken resident helping other residents.

Here's the letters from last weekend:

Just hours after Hurricane Sandy devastated Hoboken, a relatively-unknown young woman named Carly Ringer began organizing a massive effort at Hoboken High School to assist and comfort those in need immediately. She worked tirelessly, day, night, weekends, imploring her friends on Facebook almost hourly to do the same or donate what they could.

Blankets, food, toiletries, boxes, clothes. You name it, Carly led the way...every day, for 16 hours a day for weeks that turned into months. She earned recognition that she did not seek nor ask for – from local media ranging both in print, on radio and television.

We talk about heroes all the time in the military. The volunteer efforts of Ms. Ringer – in helping bringing the community together for the greater good in a most difficult time – puts her in the same class of people.

On the other end of the food chain is an opinion-based, fact-impaired, community-based blog with one objective: Divide the community. The proprietor, who doesn’t deserve to be named, is as reckless as he is ruthless. In a very recent example, he reported that a restaurant was absolutely closing, when it actually wasn’t.

One victim of the site’s brand of character assassination is Ms. Ringer. In a recent post on the blog, it had the audacity to call her a “crony” who was “padding her pockets” at the expense of Sandy victims, after she got a part-time job with the city this month.

Oh really? Just ask the dozens of volunteers who Ringer organized every day if she was helping those in need for love of money. Ask the National Guard who marveled that one person could be so relentless in completing a mission. Ask those Ringer personally delivered much-needed items to while their power was out, their patience dry and their hope in humanity thin, if she “benefitted from Sandy’s destruction” as a professional hack like this blogger said she did in his own comments section after even his most loyal readers questioned his commentary. The blog concludes (in its “expert” analysis) with a prediction that Ringer will be on Zimmer’s campaign staff.

Please join me in rejecting the kind of hateful speech this publication deals out via his increasingly unpopular, credibility-challenged blog.

Instead, embrace heroes like Carly Ringer instead. She truly deserves our gratitude and respect in making Hoboken a better place in good times and in bad.

Joe Concha

2nd letter from James Sanford at the jump:

NFL scores in Hoboken with Hoboken Boys & Girls Club grant from NY Giants and Jets

Hudson Boys & Girls Club in Hoboken receives $100,000 grant after Hurricane Sandy

The National Football League kicked off a charitable $2 million dollar aid plan for the area hit by Superstorm Sandy visiting the Hoboken Boys & Girls of Hudson County to announce a $100,000 donation to the facility Friday afternoon.

The overall grant is part of an effort by the NY/NJ Super Bowl host committee's Snowflake Foundation improving sports facilities for young people damaged after last year's storm.

The Jets and Giants each donated $1 million each to the Snowflake Foundation with co-owners John Mara and Steve Tisch on hand for the NY Giants and Jet owner Woody Johnson of the NY Jets.

The Boys & Girls Club saw its facility aided with a completely new gymnasium floor and a shuttle bus to extend access to the facility.  Executive Director Gary Greenberg called the support from the NFL teams "a blessing" after the horrendous damage the club suffered after the hurricane.

NY Giants owner Steve Tisch was joined by NY Jets owner Woody Johnson (second left) and the NFL with Gov. Chris Christie
to announce the $2 million aid package for local youth facilities after Hurricane Sandy.

NFL dignitaries announced the two million charitable effort for the area with players from the NY Jets and Giants in attendance with Gov. Chris Christie on hand joined by NY Giants and Jets along with Hall of Fame NY Jet Curtis Martin.

After the ceremony, the NFL Play 60 program saw dozens of children engage in activities with the players.  The program encourages children to adopt an active lifestyle with at least 60 minutes of play each day.

Gov. Christie wasted no time wrapping up with the gymnasium packed to capacity saying, "You don't want to sit here and listen to me.  You want to play with the Jets and the Giants."

The Governor was introduced by NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell who stood near the program and Super Bow XLVII logo on the rebuilt floor of the gym saying the effort was focused "on those areas that were damaged by Hurricane Sandy."

Gov. Chris Christie cheerily called out after the announcement to Hoboken Councilman Ravi Bhalla who is running
for NJ State Assembly in the 33rd District.  Executive Director Gary Greenberg is seen rear with NY Giant punter
Steve Weatherford who appeared among NFL Giant and Jet players.

Talking Ed Note: Even without a big announcement leading in, dozens of children were on hand to take part on the NFL Play 60 exercise program encouraging youth activity.  Also in attendance at the event competing with a scrum around Gov. Christie was NJ Jet Curtis Martin who was inducted into the NFL Hall of Fame last year.

More Star Power: NFL Hall of Fame NY Jets running back Curtis Martin