Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jersey City Mayor-elect Steven Fulop

Steven Fulop, (l) the mayor-elect of Hoboken's biggest neighbor in Jersey City takes the stage.

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Jersey City Mayor Healy concedes

Mayor Healy wasted no time conceding tonight.  He had the numbers and after placing a call, he made a classy concession speech to his supporters.

 The person behind Mayor Healy on the left is Hoboken's own Michael Holmes.  On the opposite side is a glimpse rear of Hoboken's Freeholder Anthony "Stick" Romano.
It's a bad night for the HCDO, the Russo clan and of course Beth Mason.

More on that later as time's needed to fully delineate Mason's spiral after this one.

Sign of the Times: Beth Mason - "the Kiss of Death" to Mayor Healy campaign

As one commenter wrote, "Double Kiss of Death!!!!! The Move Forward/Healy Whammy."

A boy holds a Team Healy campaign sign as Hoboken's Street Money Mason, yes that's her joins in the disaster.

Photo courtesy NJ.com, by arrangement

Too early to be true? Mayor Healy congratulates Steve Fulop

According to a tweet by the Jersey Journal not even an hour after the polls have closed, Mayor Healy has been heard congratulating Steve Fulop after the heated race for Jersey City mayor.

A source close to the Jersey City action has confirmed it seconds after this story went up.  "I told you," he said with an edge of excitement in his voice.  "People are tired."  He concluded saying, "The upsets are not over."

Earlier today MSV shared insight of this possible outcome with subscribers based on Jersey City sources  Da Horsey concluded with:

"That of course would be more egg on the face of you know who."

Official numbers from the County Clerk:

Jersey City Mayor
173/181 95.58%
 Vote CountPercent
NP - Jeremiah ''Jerry'' WALKER 1A3,2098.32%
NP -00.00%
NP - Jerramiah HEALY 3A14,57537.78%
NP -00.00%
NP - Steven FULOP 5A20,37352.80%
NP -00.00%
NP - Abdul J. MALIK 7A3981.03%
Personal Choice280.07%

Talking Ed Note: Healy people are said to be already bellyaching about the "Curse of Beth Mason."

Mayor Zimmer on Vision 20/20's proposed massive HHA expansion: None shall pass

Mayor Zimmer's reply to HHA ED Carmelo Garcia's and Old Guard extortion demand an unequivocal "no"

Mayor Zimmer who has benefited greatly for being underestimated in her years in office as Hoboken's Chief Executive drew a line in the sand when the shucking and jiving ED of the HHA Carmelo Garcia came calling on the Old Guard's wet dream of expanding the most problematic part of town with its proposed 1800 plus units grown from about 800 current in the fourth ward.

Like the Black Knight in Monty Python and the Holy Grail, she means to put life and limb into combat holding the line.

Unlike the weapons deployed against her on saving the hospital by the nefarious cynical Old Council members: Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Tim Occhipinti - this isn't even a fair fight.

Garcia has a far better chance of moving Applied Housing residents from uptown into the HHA then he'll ever have pulling the wool over the mayor's eyes.

That goes double for Ruben Ramos.  Let the games and Michael Russo's hollering "racist" ensue!

The rest of this story is MSV subscriber content.  Sign on up and let the games of the Hoboken mayoral Olympiad begin.

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Mayor Zimmer stands again for all of Hoboken
The Russo Crime Syndicate's Headless Council Slate
The Fulop Factor
Cyber Sythe: The Reaping

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Grafix Avenger exposes Mason family largess to Jersey City Mayor Healy campaign

Election Day in Jersey City carries the specter of Mason, Beth Mason's family checkbook

Hoboken's big neighbor of Jersey City is heading to the polls today.  Da Horsey wishes them good luck especially the Grafix Avenger superhero counterpart Johnny Action Space Punk who runs the "Jersey City Desk."
We know what am FBI informant tried to buy with Fed dollars, what's Beth Mason buying again?

Last week's breaking story on Grafix Avenger exposing $46,000 in Mason family largess to the Mayor Healy re-election campaign in neighboring Jersey City made the weekend paper.  Or rather, Mason political operatives acknowledged the sordid tens of thousands in political donations and attempted to cover up the implication.

Mason's political operatives attempted to point the finger at the other guy saying he came up heavy in his request, about 10K.  Well isn't that special (illuminating).

Even by admission of Mason's political operatives, their only salvation is Beth Mason is available to the highest designated bidder.  Regarding the relationship going back a number of years with Jersey City Councilman Steve Fulop, the operatives for Beth Mason say it required a pick ax to his back because he requested 10K more than Healy.

Does anyone buy that?

While the unspecific admission of more than $40,000 to Healy's campaign appeared in the Hudson Reporter column, it failed to mention the exact figure and likelihood the Mason family will max out into 50K plus territory.  With $46,000 already known, there's only $6,000 the Mason family can legally give before maxing out to the mayor's political committee team of ten at $2,600 per person.

Richard Mason is already listed as giving $23,000 and Beth Mason the same amount.  Someone didn't figure out the basic numbers before the Hudson Reporter went to print with the Mason family excuse.  

As one can expect when Street Money Mason bucks are counted, the Healy campaign will have pocketed the absolute maximum from Beth and Ricky Mason, how can they exceed it another $10,000 to anyone?  For those in the know, don't count the Passaic congressional campaign littered in legal excess with Mason bucks.

There's whispers and none too quiet the Mason family has made more "generous" political donations to legal excess around New Jersey - Passaic and Bergen both figure prominently.  Beth Mason is desperate to buy a political position out of Hoboken and according to another report, the HCDO is willing to do something for Beth Mason "next time," if she puts up the only asset she brings to the table: the family checkbook.

What is Beth Mason's money really buying?  Worse, why is no one in the local media asking the question?  It's one causing fear and trepidation from the former Hoboken Municipal Prosecutor Tracy Zur in Bergen County, to Passaic and NJ points beyond.

Beth Mason and Solomon Dwek graphic courtesy of Grafix Avenger