Monday, May 20, 2013

bludiamonds returns with a sizzling endorsement of Counte$$ boy toy Occupy Occupentay

Guest of the Stable bludiamonds submits for your consideration:

Good day my friends! Tis I, the bluest of diamonds, at your service! Yes, I realize I’ve been out of the public eye for a while, but rest assured, I’ve been keeping my blu behind just as busy as can be. As you know, there is a mayoral election this year, and I’ve been doing everything in my power to get my one true Counte$$ to dust off the ol’ street-cash suitcase yet again and prove to the people of Hoboken once and for all that just like King Arthur, she is the once and future Counte$$ for all to behold!  Alas, I have had no luck in my endeavors. Apparently Counte$$ is actually a little tapped out right now after bankrolling a slew of failed election campaigns (she was never a big Steve Fulop fan anyway – the schmuck got himself attacked with that Jewish-hooknose ad Healy ran with Counte$$’s money because, unlike Counte$$, Fulop never had the good sense to don a cross and an Italian surname in certain circles and not be so darned Jewish all the time). 

Timmay wants to be Hobroken mayor.  "I'm accomplished you know."

Anyway, she’s been funding election travesties and dead-end lawsuits galore, and she just couldn’t bear to get shot in the face Giffords-style by the Hoboken public again, so she’s sitting this one out. But am I Cryan in my dapperness? NO! Why? Because Timmay has come to the rescue! That’s right, friends, in a bold and brazen bit of repartee with NOT-Assemblyman Bhalla, Occupy Occupentay declared he’d “love to” run for mayor! What a generous offer. Clearly, Timmay recognizes that Booben Lamo just ain’t gonna cut it carrying the torch for the crime-family syndicate. Why, you could learn that just by watching the Weather Channel!

So, let’s take a moment and assess the strengths of a Timmay candidacy and offer the boy a bit of encouragement, shall we?

1) Increased Voter “Participation” – Let’s face it, Counte$$ and Plumpie do not like Booben Lamo. If Timmay signs his puppet strings over to them for the full four years, they’ll give him all the $treet money he could ever dream of. That means absentee ballots galore! Hey Matt, put down the baconburger and turn off the WWE Stalker Cam, we’re getting the band back together! The AG’s office never got us last time, why should this be any different? Time to get Booben’s mom, the Kreim family, Scary Blubbiore, and of course Plumpie and all his Capos to fire up the 40-dollars-and-a-mule operation and get some cash-for-votes goin’ on’. Hey Memo, will you please help keep a lid on things while we figuratively rape your tenants? Of course you will, like a good little gangsta! It’s on!

2) Transparency – Dawn Zimmer and her City Council slate promised us openness and transparency. Too bad for them, in this department they’ve got nothin’ on Timmay! When it comes to pay-to-play and quid-pro-quo, it doesn’t get more transparent than Timmay. Just this month, Timmay voted as a Councilman on a request from a developer that gave him campaign cash and that he went to bat for at the Zoning Board. He got campaign cash from NJ Transit and led their PR push to build in Hoboken, openly telling people they should get to do whatever they wanted. Even Anthony Russo tried playing these things a little coy. Timmay has brought more transparency to Hoboken government than we’ve ever imagined!

3) Public Information – Timmay does a fantastic job of informing the public of his many accomplishments. More importantly, he does an absolutely exceptional job of informing the public of accomplishments that were made in spite of him. Vote against funding for increased senior buses? Timmay takes credit for it when the bus lines get rerouted! Vote against funding for road improvements? Timmay positions himself as the vocal champion of infrastructural needs! Vote against funding for park improvements? Wait til the playgrounds get upgraded, then, TA-DA!!! “Another campaign promise delivered!” This is a tactic that’s very near and dear to Counte$$’s heart – after all, “WE DID IT!!!”

4) Budget Priorities – Timmay does not like to recommend serious budget cuts. After all, any drop in taxes would benefit the dreaded Zimmer! Plus, that’s annoying smart-person stuff, like those know-it-all uptowners who think they’re so smart just because they’ve done really well for themselves by actually developing professional skills beyond answering the help-desk line. Timmay does like to add a few line items though. Especially for himself. Specifically, he wants a PR stipend so he can send you more press releases taking credit for others’ work. C’mon, give him credit for the sheer balls on the guy – elect him now!

5) Hospital – We don’t need no steenkin’ hospital! And Timmay had the foresight to support Counte$$ to try to shut it down. Demerit points for buckling under pressure from those blasted Zimmerists.

6) Garage – Timmay cost the Hoboken taxpayers an extra $4M over the hospital garage debacle. Some might say that’s a strike against him. I say, with government, like anything, you get what you PAY for!

7) Municipal-finance expertise – People with strong financial acumen come and go from city government, but Timmay truly takes the cake. Didjaknow the kid just got his municipal finance degree from Jim Cramer’s University of Phoenix Webinar series? That’s right, Hoboken, no need for surpluses – Timmay learned that by watching Yelling Beard Man on YouTube!

8) Arrogant Petulance – Let’s face it, none of us follow local politics because genteel, honest policy debate is so scintillating. Snooze. We like the bloodsport. What else would we entertain each other with at the cyber-watercooler if not the shocking, over-the-top antics of petulant children fighting for the graft that is rightfully theirs. And when it comes to shock, awe and man-child misbehavior straight out of the Can’t Make This Shit Up Department, no one brings it like Timmay. If you think his infantile rants and unprofessional beratement on the Council dais are as good as it gets, just wait until you see him make weight jokes at the Governor when he can’t get his way. Elect him because he’s just so damn entertaining. You don’t think so? Well, “AGREE TO DISAGREE!!!!!” 

Counte$$ Mazin says vote for Timmay Occupentay

Ruben Ramos mayoral kickoff: you can take the operative out of the hood...

Kickoff events for political events are notoriously predictable affairs.  Supporters show up and hear a boilerplate of the campaign, a fundraising plea and hobnob with the insiders who gin up the crowd and convey a sense of confidence suggesting victory lies ahead.

The Ruben Ramos kickoff lacked the sizzle of a mayoral bid and looked more like a HOLA kids or youth soccer event.  That was what the upstairs of Teak appeared to be when MSV was asked to sign in.

Not even before sign in was done, who appeared but the former fourth ward political operative Nick Calicchio, a Bayonne resident better known by the Hoboken public for having Peter Cammarano in his wedding party last September, another in a line of exclusives never mentioned anywhere else.

Nick Calicchio performing enforcement duties at the Ruben Ramos mayoral kickoff.
"Ruben doesn't want you here," Calicchio barked.  "Tell him he can come and tell me himself," was the reply.  More orders and demands continued even though Calicchio was told to stop his harassment or any contact.

That exchange followed with Calicchio attempting to force MSV out but Hoboken nor a local restaurant hosting a political event is a corrections facility where he has any role.  Photos immediately commenced with the same replay of interference as in a City Council meeting where insightful photos of a post meeting clash between Michael Russo and Dave Mello emerged and Calicchio tried to block the effort with a zig-zagging effort ten feet in different directions were followed with plenty of body slams to disrupt photos on the way, followed by his threat to use his correction guard issued handcuffs.

Minutes into the series of mirrored pantomime blocking photos, Calicchio enlisted a young Teak employee to aid in more photo blocking creating a triple play of comedic dance moves. The employee left after MSV said go get the manager.  A brief discussion and the manager asked about the coverage.  The manager seemed surprised by the lack of acrimony in the discussion and Da Horsey told him there was no desire to add to his workload in a longer day departing.

As to who was there among the Old Guard, not many were seen in the curtailed visit.  The only Old Guard person observed was Perry Belfiore.  No Russo members were seen and at last week's meeting on the controversial Vision 20/20 plan, HHA commissioner Eduardo Gonzalez made an appearance ending the happy face of Councilwoman Terry Castellano who at one point could barely contain her laughter, she so enjoyed the HHA residents yelling for approval of the questionable project.  She looked rather morose watching Gonzalez speak in favor of Vision 20/20, a shared position.  (Gonzalez nor anyone on Ramos' ticket was chosen by the Russo clan according to sources unlike Beth Mason's 2009 spring ticket.)

Was Ramos concerned with the lack of visible support from the Old Guard?  Hard to know, but it's revealing for a decidedly low key affair with several dozen people in attendance that the outgoing Assemblyman found it necessary to "lock down" a kickoff.

Nick Calicchio shouldn't be confused with his better known infamous younger brother, Matt Calicchio, a paid political operative for Beth Mason.  About a year ago, MSV was interviewing a former member of the Hoboken Police Department.  At the end of the discussion he went off topic to ask, "Are those Calicchio's still causing trouble over there?"

Da Horsey could only chuckle in reply.

Former Ruben Ramos political aide Nick Calicchio
in action Saturday.

Talking Ed Note; This political event was a first as usually people want you to attend, see they have support and get publicity for a non-theatrical, no surprise political event. Ruben Ramos however is known for being testy as recounted in this 2011 story on Washington Street outside the local Democratic Committee vote.  Members of the Hoboken political class on both sides think he lowered the office of State Assemblyman in backing Tim Occhipinti in the 2010 fourth ward special election which produced inexplicable massive voter irregularities re: fraud. Occhipinti known to many among the Hoboken public and the Old Guard for his hubris and petulance had a falling out with Ramos long before he said "he'd love to" run for mayor at last week's council meeting.

As for Ruben Ramos' political ink to date, it has an uncanny similarity with positions coming out of the Old Guard council. He's strongly criticized the mayor for the council's action last week on the "emergency" demand to approve Vision 20/20.  His campaign calls that and other criticism a "Vision for Hoboken."

Ramos is friends with HHA ED Carmelo Garcia.  That he backs Vision 20/20 and the massive expansion of the HHA should come as no surprise.  The first building proposed, small compared to the more than a dozen others with 44 units nets a clean $1,000,000 fee for the developer, RPM.

If you think that kind of money on the table wouldn't find its way into the Old Guard's welcoming hands and campaign coffers in an election year, Da Horsey has a bridge to sell you.

Related: GA's take on the $20,000,000 HHA Vision 20/20 windfall explains all the screaming about a Ku Klux Klan hood and racist charges by Councilman Michael Russo.  As MSV's outlined earlier, the color in question is green.