Thursday, June 6, 2013

Beth Mason eyes buying a US Senate Seat!

Beth Mason, Hoboken's nasty political laughing stock is looking to purchase a new toy - a US Senate seat!

Beth Mason's family will try to buy her another exit out of Hoboken.  She wants to be a US Senator.  Stop laughing.

Coming off her recent failure to make an Illinois Blaggo type purchase of the Assembly seat under Brian Stack, Mason has planted a friendly story in the Star Ledger with a friendly journalist who she fed misinformation on the hospital sale.  Jarrett Renshaw bit so hard on it, he found himself in select category with Hoboken411 saying the sale was dead.  That's pretty select, bad company.

Now he's back doing Mason's bidding making a bigger fool of himself.

Here's the story already getting around to much hilarity:

Then there's this prophetic comedy masterpiece courtesy of yogregory:

Sign of the Times: the truth about Vision 20/20

There's been accusations tossed about for the blowback on Vision 20/20 as the truth on many elements have become known to the public.  MSV attended many of the Hoboken Housing Authority meetings where the plan was discussed including its initial plan presentation.

From the actual Vision 20/20 Plan - Page 74 - You see the number bottom left in bold?
The downtown campus is just over 800 units at present.  This plan proposed 1,853 units, more than double.

As MSV has stated earlier, the factual notation the Vision 20/20 plan intended to more than double the size of the downtown HHA is a matter of the public record.  HHA ED Carmelo Garcia can say what he wants, this was the plan presented at a government meeting last year.

The "public input" mentioned in the 100 plus page plan has never occurred and the strategy has been to get the City of Hoboken to begin approving the project building after building with no comprehensive documentation offered - working toward this outcome depicted above.

Talking Ed Note: Carmelo Garcia owes this website an apology for last night's fabrication claiming MSV said the Vision 20/20 Plan would triple in size.  MSV has stated repeatedly the intent was more than double the size of the downtown campus based on the above data.

Is anyone going to call this 1,853 units less density?  All the attacks by the political operatives, naysayers, race baiters against MSV (and its readers as one paid political operative has firebombed on Facebook more than once) can go eat crow.

No detailed project plan has been put forward for public examination or scrutiny.  Now you know why.

Vision 20/20 scam returns with Carmelo Garcia coyote ugly attack

HHA ED Carmelo Garcia backtracks on Vision 20/20 size, claims MSV wrote of size tripling

The HHA Executive Director returned with his traveling troupe from the HHA unleashing a fusillade of attacks on the reform council members eagerly joined by MORTe who apparently failed to understand no vote was in the offing.

No resolution was on the table for passage since the post midnight power grab approved by MORTe at the preceding meetings.

The often ugly attempt to resurrect the unwritten, sight unseen Vision 20/20 plan began with HHA ED Carmelo Garcia introducing four children from a HHA Karate program.  Each read prepared statements almost equally dripping in praise for both Garcia and the Vision 20/20 plan.

MSV would rather not name the children; it was an unseemly display but a highlight in comparison to what would follow with one youth saying, "Why can't we be treated equal and have the same (housing)?

Another child praised Garcia, calling him a "great mentor to us" and the last said "why don't you want us to have new buildings?"

One council member before the meeting noted in an aside Carmelo Garcia had not provided a documented plan of the project to anyone since the prior meeting.

Garcia rose to correct what he several times called "misnomers" about the Vision 20/20 plan on local websites but said he would not name any.  He then followed naming Mile Square View and accused this website of saying Vision 20/20 would triple the size of the HHA.

A demand was made for the council members "to denounce the misnomers on those websites." Garcia then said there was no plan to increase density but offered no documentation on any plan similar to his prior two appearances before the City Council which led to wild racist accusations by Councilman Michael Russo when the votes would not be delivered past midnight for "the emergency" approval request.

During the public portion often after a speaker, the dozen plus crowd of HHA residents would yell, "We can, we will, watch us," a popular Garcia chant.

Other members of the public most from the HHA would follow with wild accusations, charges of racism spoken at prior government meetings and much rhetoric spewed without any evidence put forward kicked off by former 2009 Frank "Pupie" Raia campaign spokesman David Liebler who is virulently pro-Old Guard supporting Ruben Ramos for mayor and working for Beth Mason in recent months.  His comments covered many areas when he got to Vision 20/20 he demanded its immediate approval failing to state any facts why.

Some enlightening exchanges with Old Guard politico and Ruben Ramos campaign operative Perry Belfiore defending Vision 20/20 and saying Church Towers "is segregated due to the government" and "how can you be so cruel," in not approving Vision 20/20?

Councilman David Mello came under personal attack with one HHA member claiming he made racist comments to the residents at a previous meeting.  When challenged by the councilman, the resident saw no need to retreat but repeated it.  Her comments were met with applause by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

MSV will have the video showing the prophetic story late Wednesday was 100% on target.

Talking Ed Note: It's not the first time Garcia has made false claims about what's appeared on MSV.  He's done so several times in the past and when invited to produce evidence to a claim fails to follow up with anything at all.   

MSV stands by its stories on Vision 20/20.  There's never been any talk of the HHA tripling in size.
It's an utter disgrace how the residents of the HHA are being abused and exploited in this manner.  

The developer RPM who stood to walk away with a one million dollar fee for the first 44 unit building was reportedly not moving forward with an application for Vision 20/20. Carmelo Garcia claimed an application was made and is pending.

MSV will need to verify what is accurate.  When it comes to the HHA and its leadership, facts are very much a moving target while attacks are a staple.

One thing is clear.  The initial plans presented for more than doubling 800 units in the downtown campus of the HHA has not gone over well with the public and has become problematic for the Ruben Ramos mayoral campaign.

No detailed plan of any professional standard has been presented on Vision 20/20.  None.