Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Progress updates on 1600 Park and Sinatra Park

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Wednesday June 26, 2013, 3:48 PM

City of Hoboken

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Community: Construction Progress Update on 1600 Park & Sinatra Park

Progress continues to be made on two major parks projects: the new 1600 Park and the waterfront soccer field at Sinatra Park. Due to soft soil conditions found at 1600 Park, it was necessary to revise the design to strengthen the foundation for the field lighting. The lights are critical so the field can be used after dark and accommodate the high demand for field use by all ages in the community.

1600 Park
This week, drilling is taking place for the foundations needed to install light poles at 1600 Park. Drilling 60 feet to the bedrock for foundations is complicated by the presence of various nearby utilities. The City thanks PSE&G and United Water for their tremendous collaboration during this process. United Water will be shutting off and rerouting water of a nearby 12” water main during drilling. This Saturday, PSE&G will install extensions so that overhead wires are not impacted by the drilling equipment and the work can be safely completed. This work may require Willow Avenue to be partially closed. County Sheriff officers will be on the scene to direct traffic. The City contractor used hand tools to dig through an area near a steel gas main, and PSE&G will be using vibration detectors to ensure drilling is performed safely. Pouring of the concrete for the foundations is scheduled for the end of the week. Concurrently, work is taking place to prepare the restrooms and storage facilities building. In early July, the contractor will start installing the sports lights, fence and turf. The benches, restrooms, slide, and dog run will be installed shortly thereafter.

Sinatra Park
At Sinatra Park, pile driving is complete and sheet piles have been installed to hold back the soil. Last week, construction began for the new pre-cast concrete pier structure which is the foundation upon which the new soccer field and walkway will be built. The steel-reinforced concrete beams were poured off-site and are in the process of curing. Delivery and installation of the beams will begin at the end of this week and next week. At Castle Point Park, pile driving will soon begin to repair the waterfront walkway.

Pupie Power Polling Alert: Man your telephones Hoboken!


There's a telephone poll looking for insight into the political innards of Hoboken and someone wants to know what you think.

Be on the lookout for PPP, no not the polling company - this is a Pupie Power Poll.  

Here's a detailed report on the questions coming soon to a phone near you.  The poll starts with basic questions about likelihood on voting. It follows with general ratings of elected officials in NJ, from Governor on down with favorable or unfavorable ratings for:

State Senator
City Council

The next was interesting in it was entirely open ended, not multiple choice asking "What is the most important issue to you in Hoboken? 

Here's an oddball question asking you to rate issues on a one to ten in importance and the dead giveaway it's seriously Old Guard.  It asks about bike lanes as the first "issue." Don't be confused with that reference to the political operative on Patch; this is not a Beth Mason poll.

Rank the following issue on a scale of 1-10 in importance:

Bike lanes
Parks and Open Space
Property taxes
Political infighting and stalled City Council

Here's the meat of the poll. It's looking for the key rating favorable or unfavorable of people and trying to see what is the awareness of the person.  Note how high Joe Mindak appears.  He is a council candidate on the Ruben Ramos slate but Ramos himself is quite far down on the list.

Ranking from very favorable, favorable to somewhat unfavorable, about five categories, how do you rate these people in this order:

Terry Castellano
Joe Mindak
Frank “Pupie” Raia
Bill Decker
Chris Christie
Michael Russo
Beth Mason
David Mello
Dawn Zimmer
Tim Occhipinti
Carla Katz
Ruben Ramos
Stick Romano
Barbara Buono
Ravi Bhalla

Next question: If the election were held today, who would you be most likely to vote for in the Governor's race: Chris Christie or Barabara Buono?

If the race were held today who would you vote for Hoboken mayor:
Ruben Ramos, Terry Castellano, Dawn Zimmer, Frank Raia, Stick Romano?

(Notice Beth Mason isn't even on the polling list. In a Beth Mason poll, Beth Mason is the center of the universe.)

The key question: Head to head match ups:

Dawn Zimmer vs. Terry Castellano
Dawn Zimmer vs. Anthony "Stick" Romano
Dawn Zimmer vs. Frank Raia
Dawn Zimmer vs. Ruben Ramos

The order here is another indicator it's a Frank "Pupie" Raia sponsored poll.  They put Ruben Ramos last even though he's the only announced candidate against Mayor Zimmer.  Pupie no likey Ramos - especially with that Assembly seat going to Ramos pal Carmelo Garcia under State Senator Brian Stack.

The poll concludes asking age group, years living in Hoboken, rent or ownership, if own, house or condo.  Last, it asked for any political affiliation: registered Democrat or Republican.

Talking Ed Note: How does Horsey know this is a Pupie Power Poll? We have our own innate horse sense, some fillies call it Psychic Pony Power.  On occasion, Da Horsey uses it to smell out corruption. In Hoboken you don't have to try hard, witness this Hoboken Patch story smoking out Tim Occhipinti: