Friday, August 2, 2013

Mayor on Patrick Ricciardi sentence: "An insult to the people of Hoboken and to our system of Justice"

Mayor Zimmer says Ricciardi looted emails of late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi 

Mayor Dawn Zimmer issues statement to federal court indicating a widespread conspiracy and reveals Patrick Ricciardi also looted the email of the late fiscal state monitor Judy Tripodi.

The mayor urged a sentence sending a message to deter against corruption and "the fierce resistance of the Hoboken factions that have benefitted from and facilitated this corruption at the expense of the people of Hoboken."

The massive systematic hacking was connected to ongoing union negotiations and revelations on the NJ forum where the City was urged to accept the deal according to the mayor's letter.

Here is the full letter from Mayor Zimmer to the federal court:

Judge Esther Salas reportedly called Ricciardi's crimes "reprehensible" while decoupling the corruption not implied in the mayor's statement to past mayors when she said, "Justice is not met by holding Ricciardi accountable for the corruption of past administrations."

Talking Ed Note: Of course not judge. What the People of Hoboken wanted was Ricciardi to be sentenced for his more than a year plus of daily felonies undermining all the City's operations and an active union negotiation.

The judge perhaps can read the mayor's letter again. Her dismissive comment is altogether insulting and does nothing to curtail and/or deter future corruption.  In Hoboken, there's always Old Guard - Hoboken Soprano style corruption schemes, see Vision Money/Money as one big example.

BREAKING: RICCIARDI - NO PRISON TIME - sentenced to five years probation


Patrick Ricciardi the central figure in the massive Data Theft Ring Conspiracy in City Hall has been sentenced to five years probation. Judge Esther Salas issued the sentence with no prison time reportedly due to family circumstance.  Ricciardi is a divorced father with children living in the Metro Stop building.

Ricciardi also ordered to pay $13,475 in restitution to the City of Hoboken.  The payments may be made in monthly $50 increments.

Mayor Zimmer reported to be disappointed with the sentence.  Previously, she requested all those involved in the DTR be held to account but voiced concern to the Jersey Journal at the last hearing when the sentence was postponed that she was not sure if Ricciardi himself would be held accountable.

MSV's exclusive story in early July where Ricciardi bragged he had a deal where he would see no prison time has proven accurate.

Patrick Ricciardi sentencing set today in federal court

At 11:00 am in Newark federal court, sentence will be passed on one Patrick Ricciardi who was the central player in the almost year and a half systematic looting of electronic data out of the mayor's office.

Ricicardi is facing up to five years in federal prison, or on the other end zero.

From early 2010 up to May 2011, Ricciardi intercepted every single email and attachments coming and going to the mayor and two of her senior staff in his duties as IT Manager at City Hall.

Last month, MSV's rumor column "Grist for the Mill" detailed word Ricciardi was telling others he would not receive any jail time in his 'deal.'

Patrick Ricciardi's sentencing in the massive
Data Theft Conspiracy Ring is scheduled today in federal court.

Talking Ed Note: MSV does not anticipate much deviation from its July "Grist for the Mill" story.