Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Carmelo Garcia demands dog and pony time but still no Vision 20/20 Plan

Carmelo Garcia demands time to present Vision 20/20 brochure - but still no redevelopment plan

HHA Executive Director Carmelo Garcia arrived at the council meeting showing he was ready to take on the enemy, the reform oriented council members who have not signed on to the dotted line of his Vision 20/20 plan.

The only problem?  There's no plan to sign on the dotted line.

Garcia began with a question on the remarks of the Council President Peter Cunningham as he felt a need to rebut but did not know what was said.  It went downhill from there.

Attacks of every kind and protests he was not being given time to do his dog and pony show in the City Council for his 100 plus page brochure.

That's right, it's a brochure and it's no plan but a collection of various ideas and there is no plan but there is details on a massive redevelopment with no open space, no parks and more than double the number of Hoboken Housing units expanding in both the third and fourth wards.

(Weren't we told that was not the plan and MSV was incorrect in referencing that data?)

Garcia continued to attack complaining he was not being given a date to present his brochure - the one with more than double the 806 units in the downtown campus.

He attacked the Council President asking if he had read about the HHA Bill of Rights in the brochure?
The more important question is have any HHA residents actually RECEIVED IN WRITING ANYTHING RESEMBLING A BILL OF RIGHTS?

The irony is Garcia asking the Council President to quote the page referencing the HHA Bill of Rights but the residents haven't received anything themselves.  Based on the fierce attacks on one residents organizing AGAINST Vision 20/20, not only are people not being given any rights, they are being threatened and intimidated if they don't come out in favor of Vision 20/20 - even though there's no documentation of it other than a brochure.

Where's the complete Vision 20/20 Redevelopment Plan? 

Talking Ed Note: Garcia is ranting, pointing fingers, making wild accusations but demanding time for a dog and pony show is not presenting a redevelopment plan.  It's just noise, rhetoric and desperation.

He debunks nothing, speaks noise to the request for a real redevelopment plan.
Garcia obviously thinks he can get over on the entire City of Hoboken.

There's more coming out on the controversial Carmelo Garcia. When it does, it will be eye opening.

MSV heard earlier today the resistance in the HHA against Vision 20/20 is causing quite a commotion and the response to the resistance is an attempt at pure intimidation because there's "millions" at stake.  (Last we looked no HHA resident stands to make millions on any redevelopment.  Who can that be?)

The third appointment attempt for Barbara Reyes to the HHA board failed meaning that body remains outside the dictatorial control of Carmelo Garcia and the seven member board leans 4-3 reform.

More HHA Hullabaloo tonight @7:00 in City Council

Tonight is the sole August meeting of the City Council meaning someone has to yell and scream and make lots of noise to get attention.

With another political action slated in resolution #7, a third attempt to seat Carmelo Garcia and Vision 20/20 friendly submission Barbara Reyes, you can be sure of one thing: lots of venomous attacks.  But will we hear cries of racism? That card has flipped with an HHA resident pointing the finger at Carmelo Garcia and the Old Guard.

The agenda tonight is long and there's almost three dozen resolutions.  Depending on Councilman Michael Russo's instructions from Ma and his orneriness that he can't run for mayor, (it's his corruption on FBI tape not Dad's blocking him) the meeting could go well past midnight or come up short when Russo needs to come up for air.  Maybe Timmy Occhipinti can take up some slack.  He's known for talking realllllll slow and repeating himself three times as if he's delivering the gospel.

Except in his case no one is taking notes and can't wait until it's over. Hey, add 20 minutes to new business so Timmy can tell everyone he cleared another leaf off a sewer grate.

Leading into the meeting, HHA ED Carmelo Garcia has illegally moved the HHA meeting to the end of the month.  On Hoboken Patch, he thinks it's "a joke" to be challenged for that and his apparent agenda to marshall what he can past a board where some members will likely be out of town - reform oriented HHA members.

Once again it's former Chairman and holdover commissioner Jake Stuiver calling Garcia to task.
Somehow Da Horsey just can't imagine Hope employee Barbara Reyes taking on her landlord and doing likewise.

In the background of the council meeting lurks the Hoboken Watergate tapes which are one day closer to hitting Hoboken media and a eager blogosphere.

Can't wait.

Here's tonight's agenda:

Talking Ed Note: With an election a quarter away and Mayor Dawn Zimmer looking effective and popular as ever with the brand new addition of 1600 Park yesterday, anticipate the ugliest cheap shots from the Hoboken Sopranos. There's no illicit health benefits for family, low or no-show jobs, free gas, tires and oil changes in the local garage or countless other perks when the first family of corruption doesn't have a hold on the executive branch of Hoboken government.

 It's killing them and tonight, they'll do their best to put you in agony if you have the stomach to watch their utter desecration of anything and everything sacred in our local institutions.  Hey, maybe Councilwoman Beth Mason will have a plaque to celebrate Patrick Ricciardi avoiding prison time.

It wouldn't be out of the ordinary for her and fellow crew members on the Old Guard council.