Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Ramos campaign: Welcome aboard mayor; let's play!

Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

Ruben Ramos Campaign Statement on  Zimmer Campaign Kick-Off

We would like to welcome Dawn Zimmer to the race for Mayor. While she finally realized her re-election is 83 days away, Ruben has been hitting the streets and apartments of Hoboken since March. He has been meeting with and talking to voters, walking every inch of town possible and getting to the heart of the real issues affecting Hoboken.

Ruben is finding a town where the residents are completely dissatisfied with the direction Dawn Zimmer is taking this city in.

By every measure, Zimmer has failed Hoboken on flooding. Zimmer has failed to keep local businesses in town. She even failed on providing residents with the transparency she once sought as a candidate. As we are going along on this campaign we are starting to uncover that she is also failing the integrity test.

Hoboken’s streets are riddled with potholes so deep and sharp that people’s tires and cars are being ripped apart. When you do navigate the poorly kept streets, you still can’t find a single place to park.

Public safety and the police force have been neglected under the Zimmer Administration and we have a skeleton crew working the streets on nights and weekends.

Hopefully Zimmer finds the time to get out of the traffic jam she created at City Hall and hear first hand how her inability to build consensus and provide any real leadership for Hoboken is affecting residents.

BREAKING: Mayor Zimmer announces City wins legal case to buy Southwest One Acre Park

BREAKING: At the campaign launch tonight at Little Town, Mayor Dawn Zimmer announced the City won the right to purchase the one acre of land in the southwest.

The victory means a years long fight and reason for entering Hoboken politics by Mayor Zimmer will be another win for Hoboken as the City enters a full blown election.

A crowd of 125 greeted the news with thunderous applause.

Mayor Zimmer thanked Freeholder Anthony Romano who aided the process reprogramming a $3 million county grant directed to the cost of Hoboken's first Southwest Park.

Romano was in attendance to receive the mayor's thanks.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer with her council slate team Jim Doyle, Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello.

Posted at full gallop from Little Town.

Correction: The County grant is $3 million not $2 million as posted at full gallop at the event last night.
The cost for the purchase is under $3 million so some funds will be available for a park design.

US Senate candidate Cory Booker with Mayor Dawn Zimmer in Hoboken

Fresh off an overwhelming victory in the Democratic Primary for the US Senate seat, Newark Mayor Cory Booker came to Hoboken to thank voters downtown at the PATH station.

It's not Booker's first visit to downtown Hoboken, he's previously attended a fundraiser for Mayor Zimmer.  Today he was thanking voters who gave him a landslide win in Hoboken.

Booker will go up against Republican candidate Steve Lonegan in October to complete the term of the late Senator Frank Lautenberg.

Mayor Zimmer officially launches her re-election bid tonight with her at-large council slate at Little Town on Sinatra Drive.

US Senate Democratic candidate Cory Booker shares a moment with Hoboken Mayor Dawn Zimmer
earlier today in downtown Hoboken as a crowd of onlookers and media look on.  

Booker is no stranger to the mayor and headlined a fundraiser she held back in 2010.

Talking Ed Note: What we have here is synergy.  Boom, there it is.

Photo courtesy, by arrangement

Mayor Zimmer: 'Our Council Slate is Official - We're Ready to Rock!'

The Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:


Mayor Dawn Zimmer today unveiled her Council slate and kicked-off her re-election campaign.  Running with Zimmer will be incumbent Councilmen Ravi Bhalla and David Mello, and first-time Council candidate, Jim Doyle, a longtime parks advocate who was instrumental in the successful sale of the hospital asa Board member of Hudson Healthcare Inc.   The Zimmer Team will be introduced at a campaign launch party to be held at Littletown on the Hobokenwaterfront this evening beginning at 6:00 PM.

Mayor Zimmer said, “Councilmen Ravi Bhalla and David Mello have been with me every step of the way as we restored integrity, fiscal responsibility and accountability to City Hall, putting Hoboken back on the right path. Jim Doyle has been fighting for years as a private citizen to ensure that our City has the open space it needs and he volunteered to help lead the successful effort to save our Hospital when it was about to close.  I am excited that he has decided to once again fight for our city. Together, I know we are the best team to build on this sound foundation and lead Hoboken forward.”   Zimmer became Mayor in the wake of Peter Cammarano’s arrest for political corruption when Hoboken was still reeling from an 80% tax increase and under state fiscal supervision.

Zimmer noted some of her major accomplishments such as saving the city’s bankrupt hospital from closing, preserving more than 1,200 jobs and relieving taxpayers from a $52 million bond guarantee and $11 million in interest payments.  Other achievements cited by the Mayor were freeing the City from state fiscal supervision by putting in place responsible budget practices like the restoration of the Rainy Day Fund and holding the line on city taxes, providing a tax reduction in each of her budgets.   She also noted the significant improvements and upgrades in the City’s parks.

She said that implementing her comprehensive plan to reduce flooding and prepare Hoboken for the future intense storms that are predicted because of climate change will be one of the highest priorities for the next term.   Zimmer recently presented Hoboken’s Resiliency and Readiness Plan to the City Council.

Councilman Ravi Bhalla said, “We have put Hoboken on a sound fiscal path and we simply can’t afford to go back.  Together with Mayor Zimmer, I will continue to work hard to ensure a bright future for the city we all love.”

Councilman David Mello continued, Together, we have improved our parks, encouraged family-friendly and balanced development, and are working to secure additional active open spaces throughout the western neighborhoods of our City that are currently under served."

Jim Doyle added, “"We succeeded in saving our hospital. The continuing challenges are preparing for future storms and ensuring a sensible and balanced approach to development. Working on these critical issues will be my highest priorities as a Councilman.”

The Zimmer Team pledged an aggressive grassroots campaign and unveiled their campaign web site,

Carmelo Garcia 'friends' thugging it out at the voting booth

HHA resident alleges being blocked by self-declared friends of Carmelo Garcia in latest civil rights attack at the voting booth

Once again, another day and another civil rights scandal in the fourth ward.  Grafix Avenger recounts allegations from a woman in the HHA who has stood up to Carmelo Garcia and Vision 20/20 with a report of harassment right inside the voting polls yesterday.

The poll worker told the long time Hoboken resident (who attended Hoboken High School) she could not vote as she "didn't live here."

Jessica Coco, a member of the HHA tenant group "Save the Projects" recounted her voting experience yesterday.  Those mentioned attempting to block her from voting are self-declared "Friends of Carmelo" re: Carmelitos and past paid recipients of Tim Occhipinti campaigns.

Here's an excerpt of yesterday's latest attack on Jessica Coco's civil rights:

I was told I couldn't vote, because I didn't live there. The woman didn't ask me for my name or ask my address, but she did comment that I'm against Vision 2020.  She knew enough who I was to know I'm against Vision 2020 because I didn't tell her. She refused to let me vote because she said I don't live here, because I'm a "crac". Twice she repeated this and stopped short before blurting out "cracker head".

Read the full story at Grafix Avenger.

People have complained about voting rights being an issue as in the 1960s today.
In Hoboken, there's evidence of a problem right here based on an eyewitnesses in the fourth ward yesterday.

Talking Ed Note: Is Hoboken a totalitarian banana republic?  Apparently, there's a group in the fourth ward who may think so and they are self-declared in their alignment with Carmelo Garcia and Tim Occhipinti.

In a conversation with witnesses to this incident yesterday, a poll worker is described as acting "menacing" and blocked  the exit so the voter could not leave.  This will require further investigation.

Horse Sense: Tonight's the night

Back at the end of July in 2009, the newly Acting Mayor Dawn Zimmer took the reins of a city after its  second in last three mayors had been arrested by the Feds for corruption.  Without missing a beat, she immediately began changing the status quo of low expectations and let everyone know it wasn't going to be business as usual anymore.

This was not sweet music to the Old Guard's ears.  To them, this was nothing short of an act of war and they've acted hostilely seeking to hand the mayor and Hoboken a myriad of harm ever since.  It's catalogued here on MSV over the last four years: a war by the Hoboken Sopranos against Hoboken people: unyielding, unashamed, unequivocal in seeking power by any means.

Whether it's been leading the fight against broken developer agreements fending off the Monarch project in the absence of the ward's litigious councilwoman who ignored concerns from residents or fighting on behalf of the biggest employer in town (the hospital) to overturn what most everyone thought was its inevitable closing or visiting residents after Hurricane Sandy in unexpected places such as the dark hallways of Church Towers - Mayor Dawn Zimmer has shown a remarkable resilient spirit to fight for all of Hoboken.

Tonight Mayor Dawn Zimmer makes it official launching her bid to continue Hoboken in a positive direction - to make Hoboken not a negative focus of attention but a first class city where innovation and government work hand in hand to deliver national and international solutions be it the overwhelmingly successful Hertz Connect Corner Cars Program to newly crafted engineering solutions in protecting the City's electrical grid in the event of a major storm or hurricane.

She's acted on all those fronts while keeping an eye toward reducing spending in the millions and cutting taxes every year she's had her hand on the controls of the budget.

In doing so, the mayor's worked with everyone from citizen voices regularly in open meetings across town to forging a positive working relationship with Governor Christie and even President Obama.  She's put Hoboken on the map as a can do City where professionalism begins with the word go and action is the watch word.

Hoboken's success in the face of overwhelming challenges is no accident.  It's come with fortitude, leadership and a true Vision for Hoboken with a team of professionals who have worked well to bring positive change to Hoboken and a reform oriented City Council majority which worked with her to get things done.

Tonight's the night Mayor Dawn Zimmer begins the next chapter toward Hoboken's future officially announcing her campaign with a tested, respected council at-large slate in Dave Mello, Ravi Bhalla and Jim Doyle.

6:00 PM at Little Town - Kickoff of Mayor Dawn Zimmer's re-election campaign and council slate.

Citizens who wish to attend may RSVP here:

Strategic Steward: Mayor Dawn Zimmer begins her bid for re-election
 with her three at-large council slate colleagues at Little Town tonight. 

Talking Ed Note: This has been a grass roots, on the ground citizens effort from the start.  Nothing changes tonight, Hoboken gets to speak, be heard and do it all over again.  See you there.

Mayor Dawn Zimmer invites Hoboken...

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Dear friends and supporters,

Please join me this evening for my re-election Kickoff event to launch my campaign and announce our winning Council ticket!

What: Mayor Dawn Zimmer's Re-election Kickoff

When:  6:00 pm, Today,  Wednesday, August 14th

Where: Littletown NJ, Sinatra Drive (between 3rd & 4th)

Many great things have been happening in Hoboken from parks renovations and the opening of new parks to cool concerts. And we’ve put city government back on the right path, restoring integrity and fiscal responsibility.

My Council team and I need your support so that together we can continue focusing on making Hoboken the best place in the world to live. 

Please come out tonight with your friends for a good time at a great new Hoboken waterfront venue and to show your support. RSVP here