Wednesday, September 11, 2013

A dozen years out, Hoboken remembers 9-11 at Pier A

From Maxwell Park, a sea of blue light across in midtown Manhattan

Tonight's Tribute of Light

In midtown a switch to red as a sailboat goes by.

The Hoboken gazebo north of Sinatra Park was a popular location this evening with its unique sight lines. 

9-11 Tribute


Hoboken resident Greg Bond's beautiful tribute to the 9-11 Tribute of Light.
In honor of all those murdered that day, honor too those in Hoboken who perished. Please hold all of them and their families in prayer.

Would like to extend personal condolence to the family of Melissa Vincent as she and I worked together in downtown Manhattan before her untimely death.

Joao A. "J.J." Aguiar Jr., 30

Jean A. Andrucki, 43

 Peter Apollo, 26

Marty Boryczewski, 29

Nick Brandemarti, 21

Swarma Chalasani, 33

Christopher Colasanti, 33

Michael S. Costello, 27

Christopher Cramer, 34

Gavin Cushny, 47

Neil Dollard, 28

 Douglas DiStefano, 24

 Michael DeRienzo, 37

Margaret Echtermann, 33

Jeffrey B. Gardner, 36

 Michael Edward Gould, 29

Scott Hazelcorn, 29

 Joseph Ianelli

Matthew Horning, 26

Thomas Knox, 31

Donna Bernaerts-Kearns, 44

Greg Malone, 42

Marc A. Murolo

Katie McGarry-Noack, 30

George McLaughlin Jr., 36

Michael Mullin, 27

John Murray, 32

 Martin S. Niederer, 23

Brian Novotny, 33

Keith K. O'Connor, 28

Lesley Thomas O'Keefe, 40

Dominique Pandolfo, 27

 Jon A. Perconti Jr., 32

Scott Rohner, 22

Joshua Rosenblum, 28

Nick Rowe, 29

 Ronald Ruben, 36

Richard L. Salinardi, 32

James Kenneth Samuel Jr., 29

 John Schroeder, 32

Alex Steinman, 32

Melissa Vincent, 28

James Patrick White, 34

Deborah Lynn Williams, 35

Michael Wittenstein, 34