Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Cammarano and 2009 slate, treasurer hit with massive ELEC violations

Peter Cammarano who was becoming comfortable again with life spending time with neighbors at the 1100 Block Party last weekend received some bad news when New Jersey ELEC whacked the former mayor and felon with a comprehensive list of 15 violations.

Cammarano was hit with the violations along with his slate and former treasurer, among them Angel Aliciea who is suing the City of Hoboken and shares an attorney with HHA Director Carmelo Garcia.

From the Star Ledger's Ted Sherman, co-author of the Jersey Sting:

The story also names others connected to Cammarano and former slate member of Councilwoman Beth Mason:

Read the whole story at the Star Ledger when clicking on the linked text above.

Saturday's story:

Sign of the Times: Peter Cammarano attends 1100 Bloomfield Block Party

A graying, heavier Peter Cammarano enjoys a moment with neighbors at the 1100 Bloomfiled
Block party yesterday.  Did he invite his former City Council colleague Ruben Ramos who
made a later appearance?

More on the political overtones of the party and current criminal related corruption matters.
It'll be arriving in the inbox of MSV subscribers soon.

WABC Radio slams news station for conflict of interest on Eli Manning story

Says the newsreader on the "tick tick tick" station is a paid hack of Mayor's opponent

File it in the how did this guy know so much about Hoboken politics category.

An announcer on WABC radio slammed a competitor on the AM dial for allowing a "hack" to slam the mayor on its news station saying he's paid by "the other side."  The morning bird WABC announcer then complains about the tick tick tick news station: "why did they let him get away with it?"

He's clearly referring to a newsreader on a competing radio station who is a well known rabid Mayor Zimmer hater.  The question is how did the WABC announcer know so much about Hoboken politics and all about the "hack" announcer working with Mayor Zimmer's opposition?  Is he an MSV reader?

Well who can that be now?

In the media clip below, you can read it but it's far, far better to listen as the words Dawn Zimmer were transcribed as "Don Zimmer."  But it just makes far better sense when you hear it.

It's so tasty, you'll think back to the old days when you loved Chef-Boyar-dee!

Anyone have the skinny on how the WABC announcer knows so much about tick tick tick news?

City tourism website legal wrangle leads to Beth Mason exposed and unglued

Beth Mason claims council "uninformed" but reveals she doesn't do her job

Last night's City Council meeting featured Hoboken Ugly front and center, the Old Guard playbook out in full force demanding the beast be fed and raising ever shriller voices with some of the ugliest charges in recent days.

Days?  Well, this is a body where some members with vision of green loot sparkling in their eyes accuse others of racism for not allowing what Council President Peter Cunningham designated last night "a marketing brochure," re:  Vision 20/20.  The Old Guard council members Beth Mason, Michael Russo, Terry Castellano and Timmy Occhipinti urge it be passed without any scrutiny or Master Plan.

The Vision 20/20 scam was being pushed by Vision 20/20 circus barker and self-worshipping king of the HHA Banana Republic, Mr. Ethnic Cleanser Carmelo Garcia who is finding a less than receptive environment in the City Council (and throughout Hudson County) with the revelations of his secret taping trying to set others up and what was deemed last night "a frivolous lawsuit." Garcia is suing the City, the HHA, the mayor's husband, a HHA commissioner and thinks it will help him gain his political and economic objective(s).  More on that later.

In the featured clip below, council candidate Joe Mindak who is on the Ruben Ramos slate appeals to the City Council as a 30K website contract has been tied up in legal wrangling after he announced his candidacy.  He requests aid of the council to clear up the legal matter, saying he's not violating pay-to-play laws as he's personally contributed nothing to his campaign.

We pick up from that point in public portion when Beth Mason's unfortunate self-inflicted gaffe is exposed:

After Corporation Counsel Melissa Longo responds to the inquiry on the website's status and informs the council the City has been threatened with litigation by Joe Mindak's attorney, Mason blurts out the council has not been informed.

After being corrected and told by Longo an earlier request had been made and the entire council was notified on the status as a group via email, Beth Mason goes off the deep end and refuses to accept the obvious reality: she doesn't do her job.

A Mason rant ensues as she attempts to cover her self-exposure saying the administration is "hiding behind friggin* paperwork" (emails?) not communicating.  Peter Cunningham attempts to suppress laughter in replying to the obvious, "We do."  He follows by saying "read your email."  To that Mason responds, "no."

Perhaps she only enjoys reading other people's emails.

Mason's rant is applauded by the Carmelitos in the room, the small band of Carmelo Garcia Hoboken Housing Authority members along with Mason operatives encouraging her to rant on more about... well nothing really.

Reading is Fundamental (RIF) Ms. Mason.

Even Beth Mason's own allies don't recognize her as the 2nd ward councilwoman.  They don't even include her
on official requests for information but a political operative is included IN HER PLACE.
Not just any political operative; it's Beth Mason's political operative.  Perhaps he should attend council meetings.

Talking Ed Note: Perhaps Councilwoman Beth Mason who has multiple consulting firms on the payroll for "council business" including one fishy political operative from Weehawken among them will take it upon herself to do her job and read the information distributed to all council members.

Based on her lack of preparation when she exposes her own incompetence, don't expect that to change.

Sadly, this was the least of the ugly stomach-churning behavior that went on with the shrill voices raised in desperation as the November election approaches. More to come.

* Yes, Beth Mason upon revealing she doesn't read her own emails on City business actually did say "friggin paperwork."