Thursday, September 19, 2013

An intimate first hand account of widespread HHA voter fraud


HHA resident Barbara Reyes calls HHA a "guinea pig" for vote-by-mail ballot fraud

One of the fascinating aspects of the Old Guard vs. Old Guard battle in the Raia-Mason vs. Ruben Ramos camps is the ensuing war over vote-by-mail fraud taking place in the Hoboken Housing Authority and seniors buildings.

Another intriguiging aspect is seeing the war over the voter fraud take the stage front and center in a City Council meeting.

The messenger of bad tidings telling truths about rampant vote buying in the Hoboken Housing Authority comes from Carmelo Garcia acolyte Barbara Reyes.  Although she was forwarded and failed three times for housing authority commissioner in recent months, she continues to be a Garcia spokesman for the undocumented Vision 20/20 redevelopment.

Garcia who is currently aligned with long time friend Ruben Ramos for mayor is waging a campaign to impose a cease and desist on vote-by-mail fraud.  Garcia himself was the recipient of hundreds of such suspicious ballots in his last BoE race, one shared with running mate now council candidate opponent Peter Biancamano who is running with Frank Raia and Tim Occhipinti.

That was then, this is now.  It's mano a mano, Old Guard vs. Old Guard and Barbara Reyes unceremoniously blows the whistle following another public speaker who decried the clear vote-by-mail ballot fraud last November.

Reyes says the HHA Tenant Association has "noticed" there's a "big issue" with absentee ballot fraud.

"We're always used as the guinea pigs," Reyes says matter of fact.  Reyes points to a plan their tenant group will educate, going door to door in the HHA to battle against the VBM effort where ballots are signed and handed over unsealed stating, "Unfortunately, that's what's happening."

Reyes concluded her remarks saying, "Unfortunately, as we see the fourth ward is always the one that has.... the largest number of voter fraud going on and absentee ballots (vote-by-mail) as well."

Is that right?

Talking Ed Note: Reyes says the HHA tenant group is mobilizing presently but the practice of rampant absentee re: vote-by-mail fraud has been happening "for years." So why has this group under Carmelo Garcia suddenly found religion and decided to "educate" against vote-by-mail fraud?

Does it have anything to do with Carmelo Garcia backing Ruben Ramos who is not equipped to compete with the machinery and money against the Raia-Mason slate's efforts?

Tim Occhipinti became quite uncomfortable with all the public discussion during public portion about rampant voter fraud in the fourth ward.  The self-proclaimed "independent" has seen hundreds upon hundreds of questionable, and highly mathematically improbable vote-by-mail ballots churned out among his "paid campaign workers" in previous elections going back to 2010.

Occhipinti departed the dais and upon reaching the rear of the room got a friendly pat on the back along the lines of "it'll be alright" from Mason political operative Matt Calicchio according to eyewitnesses.

Beth Mason didn't exactly look enamored with the vote-by-mail fraud discussion in the video either.

Peter Cammarano election violations filed by NJ ELEC

Peter Cammarano last Saturday enjoyed the day's block party.  Days later he's been hit
with 15 NJ Elec violations with fines possibly totaling $6,800 a pop.
His Old Guard colleagues are warring over vote-by-mail fraud in the Hoboken Housing Authority.

Talking Ed Note: The complete filing of 15 violations by the NJ Election Law Enforcement Commission is available for review and download.  Some are taking heart in seeing the effort and others wonder about accountability in Hoboken for those who have flouted NJ election law: the name Beth Mason comes to mind.

Commenters have remarked with some hope the Tim Occhipinti campaigns in 2010 and 2011 will see some form of justice.  Based on this timeline, nothing would hit until 2014 at the earliest.

Unrelated a blood feud has broken out on the rampant vote-by-mail buying in the Hoboken Housing Authority between the Old Guard camps of the Raia-Mason slate and Ruben Ramos campaign.

Suddenly, some in the Old Guard have found religion and at the last City Council meeting odd words emanated from the Carmelitos under the sway of their landlord Carmelo Garcia, Hoboken's Ethic Cleanser who is currently aligned with Ruben Ramos.

The Ramos campaign doesn't have the means or funds to compete with the monied Tim Occhipinti campaign which has demonstrated remarkable ability to generate vote-by-mail voters and "campaigners" by the hundreds.

More on all this later.  In the meantime, the blood and the vote-by-mail ballot applications flow in the HHA and senior buildings.  One speaker at the Tuesday City Council meeting urged the "campaigning" vote-by-mailers to hold out on the usual downtown going rate of $40 per vote and get $200 saying the vote buyers can afford it.

Anyone know the name of the new NJ Attorney General?

Only in Hoboken folks, only in Hoboken.