Thursday, October 3, 2013

Council President Cunningham: We win with the grass roots

From the desk of City Council President Peter Cunningham:

As you all know, (but will remind you) I am in full support of Mayor Zimmer and her slate of candidates - Councilman Bhalla, Councilman Mello and Jim Doyle.  We have had much success in the last four years, even in the face of relentless push back from the rest of our fellow coucilmembers.  It has been an even tougher year as an 8 member council, but we persevered and managed to at least pass the budget.

Now it's time to get back on track and finish the jobs we have set out to accomplish.  To do so, is to re-elect Mayor Zimmer, Councilmembers Bhalla and Mello, and elect Jim Doyle.  Please see website for additional information on candidate achievements, issues and vision.

To accomplish our goal takes money and volunteerism.  Speaking with many of you over the last couple of weeks, there has been a strong expression of both, and that's great. Grass roots is the way we have won in the past, and we will do it again!  We don't do it with special interest and big money, we do it with local contributions and hard work from within the community.

This Saturday will be an excellent opportunity to volunteer for the campaign, meet fellow supporters and canvass the city, your neighborhood, to help spread the word and identify our base.  Secondly, I will be co-hosting with Scott Katz a fundraiser and rally for the campaign Tuesday, October 22nd at 10th and Willow Bar and Grill.  Please hold the date with more details to follow, and send this note around to your neighbors and friends.  Look forward to seeing you this weekend and Oct 22nd.

When:  Saturday, October 5th at Noon
Where:  Zimmer Team HQ -- 92 Garden Street
Why:  Canvas Kickoff 

RSVP: to Zimmer Team's Campaign Manager, Mollie Binotto: (and please let Mollie know your Ward/District so she can get your materials ready for you).

Final numbers on Timmy Occhipinti out of a job poll

Hoboken residents not buying Timmy Occhipinti quit job with just over a month to election

The poll is now closed and the scientific conclusion can be drawn, even if it's not scientific. That's just Hoboken speak for blowing hot air which you get lots of especially during campaign season.

Did you hear that one from the Ramos campaign operative in City Council last night the hospital could have been sold for millions more if there was a bidding process?

What about the successful bidding process that actually happened?  Naughty, naughty campaign lie David.
Expect that one to be making its way around the streets with plenty more to come.

Okay, back to our poll.  Based on the respondents who elected to do so, most do not believe Occhipinti quit his job to run full time for mayor with just over a month before the November 5th election.

Here's the breakdown to the question: why do you think Timmy Occhipinti "resigned" his job?

His employer told him "there's the door"

Timmy wants to hang out talking to girls at the ferry

He has a job waiting at the Mason Civil Lawsuit League

Timmy really resigned

His boss said, "You're kidding me?"

Talking Ed Note: Timmy Occhipinti is seeing lots of changes while he aspires to "trade up" from being the occupant of the fourth ward City Council seat.  Grafix Avenger offers some speculative insight into the "chaos" within the Raia-Mason slate which one Hudson County political observer already concludes is party to "the dirtiest election I've ever seen."

* While only 2% of respondents felt Timmy "resigned" his job to hang out and talk to girls at the ferry, his Facebook page we're told now says he's single although there's mole to that story.

Campaigns latest: Mayor Zimmer Saturday canvasing, Ramos wine & cheese event

Councilman David Mello announces:

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Dear Horsey and MSV readers --

In order for us to win, we need to share our vision and plan to keep Hoboken moving forward.  So we’re gearing up to knock on doors and call our neighbors and we need your help to do it.

Today, as Hoboken University Medical Center celebrates the 150th anniversary of Hoboken's Hospital, it is more clear than ever why it is so important that you help get the vote out for the Zimmer Team. For many of us, it’s a momentous occasion as we remember the dire straights our Hospital was in just two years ago.
In 2011, after years of past mismanagement of the Hospital, Hoboken University Medical Center on the verge of closure, and the city would have been left responsible for a $52 million bond guarantee which would have almost doubled the city's municipal tax levy, not to mention the loss of the vital services our hospital provides and 1200 jobs in our city.
Through all this, it was our Mayor - Dawn Zimmer - fighting alongside me and with the essential support of then-Council President Ravi Bhalla, we were able to rise above political bickering and blame to save our Hospital and our City from financial ruin.  Jim Doyle, who is running together with Ravi and me for City Council at large in this election—was a critical part of the team that saved the Hospital serving as volunteer member of an important Hospital related Board.  We faced many obstacles, any of which would have caused the sale of the Hospital to fail, and together we paved the way for the new Hospital owners to improve the services and quality of care for Hoboken residents, all while avoiding burdening residents with a huge tax hike.
This story is a strong reminder of the steady and consistent leadership our team brings to Hoboken. For us, it’s not about politics or special deals, it's about getting things done for our city and our residents.
Together we will continue to fight for better city services and a better government.
See you out there!
David Mello

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

Join Me At Headquarters For Wine & Cheese!

Every week from now until Election Day we will be hosting a series of information sessions with our ticket. Starting this Thursday, October 3rd, come out for some wine & cheese and hear about my vision for a better Hoboken. We'll discuss flooding, taxes, parking, open space and the other imporant issues in this campaign.

I hope to see you there!



When: Thursday, October 3rd, 7:30 pm

Where: Vision for Hoboken headquarters
              801 Washington Street, Hoboken

Contact: John Castellano, campaign field director

HHA resident recounts intimidation and death threats due to Vision 20/20

Jessica Coco recounts death threats  "Bloods" gang members "under review" and numerous break-ins and harassment

In a first person account, long time resident Jessica Coco recounted in detail the harassment, intimidation and death threats she's faced due to the belief she was part of a group of Hoboken Housing Authority residents opposing Carmelo Garcia's Vision 20/20 plan.

Here's the complete unedited live remarks made in the City Council:

Here are the prepared remarks:

Thank you Council President. My name is Jessica Coco. I’m a long-time Hoboken resident, a graduate from Wallace and Hoboken High School. Some have read about my recent challenges as a resident.
At the previous meeting here, the council touched upon the subject of HHA residents who live in fear, in fear of retribution for speaking out against those who hold power over us. I appreciate that a Councilman like David Mello spoke with HHA residents about this fear. This shows he cares in the well-being of the HHA residents; something seriously lacking for a long time.  Politicians in general only care about us during election time, then they forget about us.
In this regard, I’m here to offer my personal account in the HHA.  Over the last few months, I’ve been subjected to a barrage of harassment, faced repeated incidents of vandalism to my car, repeated break-ins and burglarization of my home and death threats which are currently under review.  
It’s difficult to convey how one feels when the sanctity of your home and person is repeatedly violated. In repeated break-ins, the lock to my door was damaged, the chain broken and I was unable to leave without someone overseeing my apartment while I went out.
Recently, as I was driving into the HHA parking lot, a young African American man approached, made a gun gesture with his hand and told me, “You’re dead bitch. Bloods rule.”  Can you imagine being told this by a gang member outside your home? Worse is the feeling that you’re not even safe in your home, because it’s obvious these thugs have been allowed access to my apartment at will.
Mr. Carmelo Garcia, our landlord, says he’s not responsible nor his employees at the HHA - for any of these systematic crimes. However, related to all these incidents is one where I was refused a renewal lease since last year, which is illegal under federal law. It was a member of Carmelo Garcia’s staff that came to my door to serve me with eviction papers on in August.
This Carmelo Garcia employee came to my door and she demanded I sign a document or I would be evicted immediately right then and there. Since I knew she could not legally evict me immediately, I refused to sign saying unless I read the paperwork. She never handed me the complete documents. I was expected to read them while she held them up on the otherside of my door, with the chain on.  I do not know if the paper she wanted me to sign was the same one as she would allow me to read with a flashlight, however, the paper I saw in front of me clearly read “Notice of Eviction” and it had several options. It said, “I take sole responsibility for putting up all the lying and malicious flyers posted in the HHA.”  I refused to sign it as I had nothing to do with those flyers. When I went to the office two days later to demand a copy of the Notice of Eviction, it was replaced with a Cease & Desist letter signed by Charles Daglian on official HHA letterhead. Who attempts to evict someone over their freedom of speech?
And the reason for all this is quite evident.  It was all due to suspicion I was against Vision 20/20, although at the time I was actually occupied with issues of my health.
Hoboken is now being asked to accept a plan based solely on the word of Carmelo Garcia and his presentation around town of an outdated 2010 brochure. Although he has repeatedly promised tenants they would receive a tenants bill of rights, I nor any resident have received anything within federal standards and I doubt we will.  It’s been over 3 years. If the city of Hoboken can’t even get a copy of a legal bonifide plan, what does that say? What is Carmelo Garcia hiding from all of us?

Prior to living in the HHA, I was a long-time resident of Applied Housing. I like many women in Applied suffered sexual harassment as a resident in the mid 1990’s. It was here that Hoboken was introduced to Carmelo Garcia. He was appointed by Applied to run to the tenant organization. And what was the result of his tenant “advocacy?”  The number of affordable units dropped from 90% to 20%.  Carmelo Garcia wasn’t a bystander, he was the instrument in making it happen yelling “Viva Applied” from the stage at mandated management directed rallies where he encouraged tenants to sign away their rights and drop a lawsuit protecting their affordable housing rights. These stories are well documented in the New York Times and even the Hudson Reporter. It led to thousands evicted; mainly families of Hispanic origin, just like Carmelo Garcia himself.  Is this someone any of us should trust?  The man with no legal tangible Vision 20/20 plan?
It had been my hope, the dark days I’ve seen would be relegated to the past, but instead I see it is alive in the present with some of the same players. I love Hoboken.  My roots, my memories as a young student are here and I’ve come to realize I have to overcome this intimidation to save my community and my home. No one is going to take my home away from me a 2nd time without a fight.
For those watching who wish to support the city’s most vulnerable residents, we certainly appreciate any support. We can be reached at 201-855-9732.
Thanks to all the great people of Hoboken who hear, listen and speak for those who are not able to speak and defend themselves.  Thank you for listening and thank you Council President.

Talking Ed Note: The next and last speaker, a Carmelito named Debra Morrissette who lives nowhere near Jessica Coco, slandered her declaring Coco "lived in a fantasy world."  She continued to toss one slanderous attack after another. 
MSV has incontrovertible proof and this will come to light at the proper time.
The truth is coming out and Debra Morrissette and her ilk will not stop justice.