Monday, October 7, 2013

Ramos campaign of events week, Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign picks up Laborers Union endorsement

The Ruben Ramos campaign for mayor announces:
Less than one month until Election Day!

Sprinting to the Finish

In more ways than one!

We're less than a month from election day and the candidates are kicking the campaign into high gear! Last Thursday we hosted the first of several "Whine" and Cheese events at campaign headquarters to talk about solutions to Hoboken's flooding problem. On Saturday morning, our candidates gave out free coffee and donuts to other soccer moms and dads at 1600 Park. On Saturday afternoon, Ruben ran the City Challenge obstacle race - the above photo shows him crossing the finish line with his son Ryan!

If you'd like to get in on the campaign action, there will lots of ways to spend time with the candidates, get informed about our Vision, and help achieve victory in November! Here are some of the events we have planned for this week:

MONDAY October 7th
Monday Night Football at the Elks Lodge
1005 Washington Street
$10 for all-you-can-eat food while you watch the Jets game and hang out with the Vision for Hoboken candidates

TUESDAY October 8th
Hoboken Reporter Mayoral candidates forum
The Hoboken Reporter will be hosting a candidates' forum - keep an eye out on their website for video of the event, and be sure to pick up this Saturday's edition of the paper to read all about it!

THURSDAY October 10th
"Whine" and Cheese
Join us at campaign headquarters, 801 Washington Street, for wine, cheese, and a question-and-answer session about our Vision.
This week's topic: Quality of Life issues.

FRIDAY October 11th
NJ Power and Politics interview
Keep an eye out for an interview with Ruben on News 12's New Jersey Power & Politics program. He'll be discussing why he's running and his Vision for Hoboken's future.

SATURDAY October 12th
Coffee & Canvassing!
Join the candidates at the campaign office from 11:00AM to 1:00PM this Saturday (and every Saturday!) for free coffee and donuts, then at 1:00PM head out for door-to-door canvassing!

We are always looking for motivated volunteers to canvass door-to-door and phone bank to spread the word about the Vision for Hoboken team! If you're interested in volunteering, stop by our campaign office at 801 Washington Street any weekday between 11:00AM and 7:00PM for more information on how you can get involved!

Thanks for your continued support!


The re-elect Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:

NJ Laborers Union Supports Zimmer for Hoboken Mayor

The New Jersey Laborers Union has announced that it is supporting Dawn Zimmer and the Zimmer Team in their respective races for Mayor and Council of the City of Hoboken.  The union cited Mayor Zimmer’s policies to modernize both the city’s government and its infrastructure as one of the reasons for the endorsement. Both Zimmer and her council candidates combine a keen understanding of the needs of Hoboken residents with the unparalleled skills to deliver results.

 Laborers Vice-President and Eastern Regional Manager Raymond M. Pocino voiced his support:  “In just four short years Dawn Zimmer has taken a strong community and made it stronger, and looking forward, the Zimmer Team has the vision and the ability to make Hoboken even stronger in the future,” said Pocino.  “Dawn Zimmer has helped Hoboken become a place where quality of life has improved, businesses have thrived, and visitors can enjoy themselves.” 

The New Jersey Laborers Union is the statewide affiliate of the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LIUNA), with more than 20,000 members statewide. During the weeks leading up to the election, the New Jersey Laborers Union will mobilize hundreds of member-volunteers who will work on get-out-the-vote drives and member-to-member political education.

State of NJ on Tornado Watch until 7:00 pm

A statewide tornado watch has been issued effective until 7:00 pm.

If you are interested in human self-inflicted disasters, Grafix Avenger has a story today detailing the imploding Timmy Occhipinti campaign.  It's akin to a Real World soap opera on MTV combined with a bad episode of Peyton Place.

Who owes who and who will double cross the other last jacking peops' wallets for the ride?
MTV might be interested in a bizarre contest of who wins the doofus last: Brit or Amanda?
Does that matter after November 5th?

For the sane folks who follow Hoboken politics, there's plenty to chew on regarding what Timmy Occhipinti has cost Hoboken to date and his questionable financial decisions of late.  How that reflects on Occhipinti in Hoboken government too as he's:

Tapping His Campaign

Old Guard War of the Roses

The Hoboken scene appears serene on the surface but in the rough and tumble Hoboken political environment, it's all out war and all the guns are blazing or about to let fly.

Whether it's the traditional Hoboken Housing Authority dance of the vote-by-mail ballot buys or the knocks on the door by campaigns, winning hearts and minds is the name of the game with just a month left to election day November 5th.

First, the very successful Zimmer campaign event at the Madison last week with Eli Manning and his wife was by all accounts a huge success and not only from the fundraising aspect.  Eli and Abby were graceful and clearly engaged showing this was no mere appearance but the beginning of a down payment on the community.

A whole new facet of Hoboken residents is aware of the stakes for the future of Hoboken. Once awaken from slumber, they aren't likely to sleep without one eye open on who's minding the chicken coop at City Hall.

The Old Guard has bigger trouble than a Marlon Brando in "On the Waterfront."
Its fighting not only for control of Old Hoboken and low information voters
but each other in a desperate scramble for money and power in this election.

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