Friday, October 11, 2013

Timmy Occhipinti campaign manager Jamie Cryan celebrates Eli Manning "curse"

The Timmy Occhipinti campaign is smarting from the national beat down from Coast to Coast as its campaign became a laughingstock over its juvenile self-promoting attacks on Hoboken resident and NY Giants QB Eli Manning.

After a dreadful start this season, Occhipinti Campaign Manager Jamie Cryan unleashed a new attack yesterday designating the Giants team's losses to a "curse" for Eli Manning.

There's no details on "the curse" other than an exhortation to "#SayNoToPolitics!" which must mean more along the lines of saying no to anything politically unfavorable to his candidate.

Does anyone really believe the Occhipinti campaign would say no to a Hoboken celebrity endorsement?  There's still time maybe Beth Mason will buy one for them.  But who's selling?

Timmy Occhipinti didn't even say no to a engineering vendor in NJ making him and Peter Cammarano the only City officials to take money exposed in a statewide "pay-to-play" scam by Birdsall.

To this point, MSV has only heard the few (remaining) embittered Masonistas attacking Eli Manning with this gridiron "curse."  However, they don't run the Timmy Occhipinti campaign, Jamie Cryan does.

The word on the now infamous Occhipinti letter is Jamie Cryan was a central contributor along with  Amanda Palasciano, FinBoy, Britney Montgomery-Cook and of course Timmy Occhipinti.

Word on the street is Frank "Pupie" Raia who is the main underwriter to the campaign didn't even see it along with Peter Biancamano and that they were both "furious" about its release leading into the Mayor Zimmer fundraiser with Eli and Abby Manning at the Madison.

On Facebook, Jamie Cryan clarified the curse.  He calls the Giants woes: the Zimmer curse.  Perhaps with only a couple of games, it's premature to be selling that idea Jamie.

Maybe, you can try selling that awful toothpaste to some suckers called Timmy Occhipinti.
And good luck with that.

Talking Ed Note: Et tu, Jamie.

Get Out the Vote event rescheduled to October 30th

City Council President Peter Cunningham announces:

Friends, family and neighbors,

I had announced a 'hold the date' for our Get Out the Vote rally Oct 22.  However the council forum hosted by QLC, had to be rescheduled to Oct 22.  Therefore, we will reschedule to Wednesday, October 30 from 7:00 to 9:00 pm.  Many thanks to 10th and Willow Bar and Grill for offering to provide an awesome venue and accommodating the change of date. 

City Council Forum will be held Tuesday, Oct 22nd at the Elks Club from 7:00 - 9:00 pm

School Board Forum will be held Tuesday, Oct 29th at Our Lady of Grace Auditorium from 7:00 - 9:00 pm.

Please attend and support reform policies in Hoboken's government and Hoboken's Public School District by supporting our team, Mayor Zimmerand her Council Team of Councilmen Ravi Bhalla and Dave Mello, and Jim Doyle, and Kids First's current Board Members Leon Gold and IreneSobolov, and Jennifer Evans.  These teams continue to lead Hoboken forward with commitment, results, honesty and integrity.

For our all important Get Out the Vote Rally at 10th and Willow, please RSVP for our event at  Contributions to support these hard working grassroots, yet costly.  Contributions will be gladly taken at the door.

However, contributions are encouraged in advance and can be made through the following links above and below:

Mayor Zimmer and Council Team
Kids First Team
Please forward to your friends and neighbors, and many thanks in advance for your contributions and overall support. 
Posters are in!  And we deliver!

Peter Cunningham

Ruben Ramos campaign declares PARK WAR!

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

A Failed 6-Acre Park
The Truth About The Mayor's Record on Parks!

"The sad truth is that Dawn Zimmer has spent all week patting herself on the back over the court settlement awarding Hoboken ownership of a .98-acre plot of land in the 4th Ward that will eventually become a park. However, this is the furthest thing from an accomplishment. Zimmer has been promising a six-acre park in the 4th Ward since she first ran for political office in 2007. This postage stamp of land that we've finally got, six years later, is a far cry from a fulfillment of that promise.

Furthermore, and much more worrisome, we do not yet know how much the acquisition of this land will ultimately cost the taxpayers. While the City initially offered the property owner $2 million for the land, the assessed value of the land is more than $10 million. If the court agrees that, because the administration chose to acquire the land through eminent domain, the fair market value is the assessed $10 million, we can say goodbye to that 'rainy day fund' the Mayor is always talking about.

This is just another example of the mayor's inability to deliver on her promises, and her inability to work with interested parties to achieve policy goals that are affordable for the city and agreeable for all sides. When I am elected Mayor, I will make sure that the city government works with the taxpayers' interests in mind, and not let a court mandate how many millions of dollars we have to sacrifice for a broken promise." - Ruben Ramos

Come out tonight and hear Ruben's plan for a better Hoboken.

When: Thursday, October 10th, 7:30 pm

Where: Vision for Hoboken headquarters
              801 Washington Street, Hoboken

Contact: John Castellano, campaign field director

Debate Schedules announced

QLC announces:

The Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition is pleased to announce the dates for its election-year candidates’ forums, a tradition the Coalition has maintained for nearly a decade. The forums give Hoboken voters an opportunity to hear directly from the candidates running for mayor, council at large and Board of Education in the November 5, 2013, election. In addition, we will host a debate on the ballot question concerning rent control. These events are arranged by the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition, Inc., and moderated by Bob Bowdon, a professional interviewer and longtime resident of Hoboken, who has expertly conducted QLC-sponsored forums over the last six years. 

The events this year are as follows:

  • Council at Large Candidate Forum  - Tuesday, October 22, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 1005 Washington Street.
  • Mayoral Candidates Forum  - Wednesday, October 23, from 7 to 9 p.m. at the Elks Lodge, 1005 Washington Street.
  • Rent Control Ballot Question Forum – Monday, October 28, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Our Lady of Grace School Auditorium, Willow Avenue at 5th Street
  • Board of Education forum – Tuesday, October 29, from 7 to 9 p.m. at Our Lady of Grace School Auditorium, Willow Avenue at 5th Street  
For the Board of Education forum, the Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition welcomes its co-sponsors The Parish of Our Lady of Grace and Saint Joseph, as well as the Hoboken Family Alliance.

As in previous candidates forums, these will follow an established format: Written questions will be solicited from the audience and submitted to a three-person panel who will select the clearest and most concise questions on a wide range of topics. On most occasions, board members of the non-partisan Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition will be the selectors.  At the Board of Education event, the three-person panel of selectors will include a representative from Our Lady of Grace Parish and the Hoboken Family Alliance. 
Each candidate will have an opportunity to make opening introductory and closing remarks, and a timekeeper will ensure that time limits are respected in answering questions.

About the QLC
Hoboken Quality of Life Coalition is a non-profit, non-partisan citizen organization that has been active in Hoboken over the last decade. The QLC led the successful efforts to prevent construction of the Devils hockey arena in southern Hoboken, was instrumental in forging the western alignment of the Light Rail route in Hoboken, and with several other groups fought the early battles to secure 1600 Park Avenue as designated parkland.  It participates with other civic organizations to advocate for ordinances for good government practices and to protect the historic structures that lend the city its character.  In 2008, QLC formed the Committee for a Green Hoboken, which worked with the city on an agreement to control carbon dioxide emissions and sustainable development ordinances, and helped secure funding for a energy audit of municipal buildings.