Monday, October 14, 2013

Guest of the Stable: James Sanford - Where is your apology Carmelo Garcia?

James Sanford, State Senator candidate for the 33rd
District seen here at a City Council meeting.
My name is James Sanford and I am running with Governor Chris Christie for the privilege of representing you as State Senator for the 33rd Legislative District. Together with my running mates Jude Tiscornia and Armando Hernandez we are campaigning in Hoboken, Jersey City, Weehawken, and Union City for your vote. 
Recently, Jude touched upon an issue that is important to our community. Specifically he wrote a letter regarding Carmelo Garcia’s Vision 20/20 Project. Mr. Garcia is the Hoboken Housing Authority Director and candidate opposing Jude and Armando for State Assembly. In Jude’s letter he asked Mr. Garcia to apologize to the people of Hoboken for his reckless use of the term “ethnic cleansing”. 
Mr. Garcia may be surprised to know that there are, in fact, more credible victims of ethnic cleansing living here in Hudson County. I know several Coptic Christians in Hoboken and throughout Hudson County who have family in Egypt. These individuals and their families are sadly, true victims of ethnic cleansing. Mr. Garcia's reckless abuse of the term is an affront to these residents and their community and a blatant insult to ours. Mr. Garcia deserved a history lesson and Jude provided him with one.
My Hoboken block neighbors the Hoboken Housing Authority. Mr. Garcia’s proposal wouldn’t just affect the HHA it also would severely impact surrounding neighborhoods and all of Hoboken. Many of my neighbors and I share the concerns of the City Council and Mayor Dawn Zimmer. With one voice Hoboken is united in shared legitimate concerns. Calling anyone who disagrees with Mr. Garcia’s ideas a proponent of “ethnic cleansing” is shameless.
Where is your apology Carmelo Garcia?
Hoboken is waiting…
During the campaign, people tell me that they are happy Jude, Armando, and I are running because someone needs to hold these local officials accountable. Without accountability the election that we are about to have might as well be pointless. Jude and I will continue to hold our opponents accountable, but we need the help of the community. WE NEED YOUR VOTE!!!
Hindsight is 20/20. Looking back Mr. Garcia should not have secretly recorded the conversations of innocent third parties, but he did. Looking back Mr. Garcia could have worked with Mayor Zimmer to find common ground instead of poisoning the well, but he didn’t. Looking back Mr. Garcia should never have been nominated for State Assembly, but my opponent, Brian Stack did just that.
What good is 20/20 vision without accountability?
Looking forward your vote is crucial for accountability and reform to win on election day! Looking forward an accountable vision of James Sanford, Jude Tiscornia, and Armando Hernandez will work for all of Hoboken and Hudson County in a manner befitting state legislators worthy of your respect and trust.
On November 5th we kindly ask for your vote.
Thank you,
James Sanford
Candidate for State Senate
Legislative District 33

Mayor Zimmer announces "future of the arts" in Hoboken at the Monroe Center

The re-elect Mayor Dawn Zimmer campaign announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers --

In four years my team and I have accomplished a great deal. We’ve cut municipal taxes, opened two new parks (with more coming soon) and renovated many existing ones.  One of my proudest accomplishments  as your Mayor was ensuring that the Monroe Center was sold to an owner with a commitment to our community and its success, ensuring that the Monroe Center artists could stay and thrive in this wonderful space.

As an artist and photographer, I believe it is critical that Hoboken has a thriving artist community.  Since becoming your Mayor, I have been working to make sure artists in our City have a home in the Monroe Center. As the Team focused on improving the quality of life for all of Hoboken, we understand the value of Hoboken’s artist community.

So join Councilman David Mello, Councilman Ravi Bhalla, Jim Doyle and me for:
We have great news to share about the future of the arts in Hoboken!

When: Wednesday October 16, 2013
Address: 720 Monroe Street, Studio E418, located on the 4th floor
Time: 7pm-9pm

Contributions of $150-$300 toward Friends of Dawn Zimmer Mayor of Hoboken or Zimmer Team for Hoboken are appreciated.

Thanks so much.  Please RSVP Here!

Mayor Dawn Zimmer

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