Tuesday, October 29, 2013

The Raia-Mason ticket decides? ATTACK!!

Flyer indicts Ruben Ramos for "allegiance to the criminals of Hoboken past!"

We're a week out from the election and who are Old Guard friends today are over the side tomorrow. So with that, here's a flyer attacking Ruben Ramos for his Russo clan alliance. Someone got ahold of this recent photo and put it on a flyer.

It's up on a Hudson Street pole barely a block away from Chez Mason Civic.  Beth Mason who has been a checkbook for the Russo's going back to 2009 and every election since is most definitely a suspect.  Grafix Avenger has a story on the same flyer making an appearance.

Say it isn't so Beth.  Say it isn't so.

A flyer with a photo of Ruben Ramos and his council slate candidates Eduardo Gonzalez, Joe Mindak and felon ex-mayor
Anthony Russo appears on upper Hudson Street. The last line wasn't proofed and should read "can't."

Dire threat to the City: Vision 20/20

The oft overused term "defining election" is bereft of substance with endless election cycle after election cycle. In Hoboken's case, it's not true as a redevelopment plan has been presented as compassion for the poor or rather not presented but the concept is quite dangerous.

Presented originally as part of a marketing concept brochure, the 100 plus pages featured some singular odd contradictions: examples of low density structures in Jersey City in contrast to the only detail of a plan more than doubling of the Hoboken Housing Authority's downtown campus of 800 units.

Since MSV and Grafix Avenger have blown the whistle on the rancid underbelly of Executive Director Carmelo Garcia's "plan" the blowback has been harsh, continuous and the rancor at public meetings more foul than ever with taunts of "racist" and "KKK" being directed against the Council President and anyone agreeing with reform minded citizens that a full plan requires vetting as any Master Plan would in Hoboken.

Except there is no Master Plan - at least not any available to the public.  Vision 20/20 is being sold to the public as an idea but it's all a sham.

There's certainly shadowy individuals in the background and others eager to cash in on the million dollar profits.  It's a builder's wet dream but it doesn't end there. For the Old Guard and their connected friends and family, it's a 401(k), a new beach home, a final goodbye to Hoboken before enough people awake and stop the corruption, the greed and looting of the public trough anytime eyes are not peering over their shoulder.

Only one of the three candidate for mayor is questioning Vision 20/20 on both its current and future plans: Mayor Zimmer.  The other two candidates, Ramos and Occhipinti are already on board without any legal documentation presented to HHA residents and the Hoboken public as a whole.  Meaning they can do whatever they want, however they like and once green-lighted, it will not be stopped and the scam will go on and on for 17 acres.  Or more.  The developers will control the buildings, the residents who get in and the land titled to the federal government.

That's what Vision 20/20 has in its sights.

Here's the council forum video.  Listen to the candidates and other than Council members Ravi Bhalla, Dave Mello and the vigilant Jim Doyle does anyone show the least interest in due diligence or do they mouth empty platitudes or distractions eager to throw the public off from a massive redevelopment which would change the very character of Hoboken and see services requiring major tax increases to serve the HHA expansion?

Talking Ed Note: This doesn't even scratch the surface of Vision 20/20 problems.  Let's start with Carmelo Garcia, the circus barker who thinks he can fool anyone to agree and look away without anything legally binding presented to the public.  He's been doing this carnival act for months for anyone foolish enough to listen to a marketing pitch.

Since it didn't go over too well and he was about to be exposed for attempted blackmail in making recordings of others, he took to a lawsuit binge accusing the mayor of "ethnic cleansing" making a mockery of Hoboken in the national media.

Anyone supporting Garcia's pet project needs their heads examined.  Everyone else needs to take note and go to the voting booth and stop Vision 20/20 - or forever hold your piece.

The Old Guard is hoping you do.

Related: "Racist" is the bellowing charge.

The "KKK" pillow case follow up.  (Do you think they really want this development money?)

MSV and the Hoboken Journal announce: Operation Bounty is back!

Anti-voter fraud program reintroduced by MSV and the Hoboken Journal with $1,000 reward

Back in the fourth ward special election in 2010, MSV broke new ground in the battle against rampant voter fraud - in this case shedding light on the paper trail left by hundreds of Vote by Mail ballots purportedly paid $40 per vote on behalf of the Timmy Occhipinti for City Council campaign

MSV is again rejoining forces with the Hoboken Journal announcing the return of Operation Bounty!

With hundreds of Vote by Mail ballots already confirmed coming out of the corner of the 4th Ward Hoboken Housing Authority, it is again time to shine the light on the daring illicit acts of those who wish to undermine the integrity of the Hoboken election and disenfranchise YOUR VOTE!

"Operation Bounty," is a plan to take Vote-by-Mail fraud (previously known as absentee ballot fraud) head on with at least a $1,000 reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of any individual disenfranchising the vote and/or illegally paying for Vote by Mail to secure votes for any candidate in the Hoboken Novemer 5th election. 

“Operation Bounty” is non-partisan and is not affiliated with any campaign, political group or organization.*

No matter the campaign responsible for any illicit voter fraud activity, both the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View commit to reimburse the person responsible for reporting the incident. The reward is payable for the first legitimate tip leading to an arrest and conviction.

We encourage our readers to spread the word throughout the 4th Ward and elsewhere that the citizens of Hoboken demand fair elections and do not subscribe to the notion of “winning at all costs”. This offer pertains not only to using Vote by Mail to buy votes but doing so leading into and on Election Day itself (another purported illicit program). We in no way wish to prevent voters from using VBM's to cast legal votes. When used properly, Vote by Mail can increase voter participation.


*Operation Bounty is paid for by friends of the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View but will not accept any funds from elected officials or their families. If you wish to make a pledge to support the goal, email kurt.gardiner@gmail.com or smartyjones@me.com. The $1,000 reward will be increased if sufficient pledges become available. Any difference not covered by fundraising will be underwritten equally by the Hoboken Journal and Mile Square View.