Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Truth, Justice and the Real Hoboken Way

MSV and the Hoboken Journal are proud to announce Operation Bounty is increasing its reward for information leading to the arrest and conviction of anyone involved in voter fraud in the upcoming Hoboken election.

Thanks to those who care to fight for the integrity of our elections making this possible.

If you have any information regarding voter fraud in this election please contact  All information will kept in strict confidence.

Thank you.

Councilman Bhalla to Beth Mason: 'Enough of your vicious lies and defamation'

The following is a point by point refutation of the "vicious lies" and defamation linked by Councilman Ravi Bhalla to Councilwoman Beth Mason in a release earlier today:

Setting the Record Straight About Beth Mason’s Vicious Lies

The following is a specific and factual response, for the benefit of Hoboken’s residents, to the malicious lies being spread by Councilwoman Beth Mason:

Recently, Bhalla was fined by the New Jersey Local Finance Board for violating the Government Ethics Law

Almost four years ago, Councilman Bhalla sought advice from Hoboken’s City Attorney about whether he may vote on the continuation of an existing contract with an attorney with whom he shared office space.

He was advised by Hoboken’s City Attorney that it was perfectly permissible to cast a vote.Upon advice of Counsel, Councilman Bhalla cast his vote. The vote was unanimous as the matter in question was routine business to renew an pre-existing contract.
Four years later, the New Jersey Local Finance Board determined they disagreed with the Hoboken City Attorney’s advice to Councilman Bhalla and issued a “Notice of Violation” The notice of violation from the Division of Community Affairs (DCA) makes clear on its face that it is simply an accusation, and not a conclusion or adjudication. The notice and cover letter prominently and expressly says, “Please be advised that the NOTICE is not a final determination if you desire to avail yourself of the right to request an administrative hearing.” To further demonstrate how minor this matter was, the Local Finance Board stated that the $100 fine associated with the notice was being voluntarily waived by the Local Finance Board.

There is absolutely nothing ambiguous in the Local Finance Board’s statements above. After reading it, it would be clear to anyone that it is not a finding of guilt on Councilman Bhalla’s part. Saying or suggesting otherwise is false and defamatory. Councilwoman Mason has apparently made no effort to contact any DCA personnel and confirm that Councilman Bhalla has challenged the DCA’s charges, or confirm that the notice of violation is not a finding of a violation.

Ravi Bhalla became partners with a law firm that represents the City of Hoboken and the firm continued to represent the City after he became a partner.

This is an outright false statement. The facts are the following. Councilman Bhalla’s commenced employment with his employer, Florio Perrucci Steinhardt & Fader (“Florio Perrucci”) on August 1, 2013. The firm did work for the City most recently in two matters, one, the Sweeney v. Hoboken litigation in the Appellate Division, and second, in connection with labor negotiations.

Hoboken’s briefing closed in the Sweeney matter on January 22, 2013, and Florio Perrucci has done no work and has billed no time in that matter since January 2013. Councilman Bhalla was not associated with, or in discussions to become associated with, Florio Perrucci, in January 2013. In fact, the discussions that led to Councilman Bhalla becoming associated with Florio Perrucci occurred in mid-June and early July 2013.

As to the labor negotiation services rendered to the City by the Florio Perrucci firm, this activity was terminated by early July 2013, when Councilman Bhalla advised Hoboken Corporation Counsel that he was about to accept a position there. Councilman Bhalla has abstained from voting on approving any bills to the Florio Perrucci firm since mid-June 2013, when active employment discussions got underway, and since that date, and has not voted “to pay the . . . legal bills” as Councilwoman Mason falsely claims. The recent memorandum from Corporation Counsel Mellissa Longo, which lays out Councilman Bhalla’s abstentions on Florio Perrucci bills since mid-June, is a matter of pubic record which Councilwoman Mason continues to ignore.

Put simply, when Florio Perrucci took Councilman Bhalla on as a partner, it did not gain any benefit with respect to its relationship with the City of Hoboken. To the contrary, it lost both the benefit of its modest existing legal contract with the City of Hoboken and the opportunity to benefit from future contracts. Councilwoman Mason’s reckless publishing of information that is false, and which she knows to be false, is defamatory. There appears to have been no effort on the part of Councilwoman Mason to contact the City Clerk, Corporation Counsel, the Mayor, or Florio Perrucci management about these allegations, any one of whom could have easily confirmed and corroborated the timing and sequence of events that are outlined above.

Councilman Bhalla advocated for Florio Perrucci to get legal work from the Hoboken Housing Authority.

This is completely false, and Councilman Bhalla has never “advocated” for Florio Perrucci for any legal work from the City or its instrumentalities including the Hoboken Housing Authority, at any time.

Councilman Bhalla has not answered questions about when his negotiations with Florio Perrucci began.

In an article in the Hoboken Reporter, published October 26, 2013, Councilman Bhalla fully answered this question, indicating that they began in mid-June, and he began abstaining from votes for payments to the firm immediately thereafter. In that same article, for which Councilwoman Mason was interviewed, she not only acknowledged Councilman Bhalla’s explanation, but said she found it to be a “reasonable answer.” Why Councilwoman Mason would resort to a lie in an email to her constituents just days later is baffling.

Councilman Bhalla “made maximum campaign contributions that resulted in hundreds- of-thousands of dollars in no-bid contracts for his law firm.”

While Councilman Bhalla has, as a private attorney, been a party to professional services agreements with Union City and Newark, a review of public records will show that he never made any reportable “campaign contributions” to any officeholder or candidate in either of those municipalities, or to an entity that could legally be managed or controlled by any officeholder or candidate, in any municipality.

Even if Councilman Bhalla had made what Councilwoman Mason calls “campaign contributions,” the assertion that contributions “resulted” in contracts for his firm is per se libelous, as it implies the commission of a crime. To be clear, there were no reportable contributions to candidates or officeholders, or to entities that could lawfully be managed by candidates or officeholders, and there is no link between contributions and the contracts he received. Nor, for that matter, has the Star-Ledger or the Jersey Journal ever said so. This statement is recklessly defamatory.

Councilman Bhalla “bounced checks from his trust account.”

This is false because no check was bounced, i.e., returned or not processed for insufficient funds, from his trust account. In fact, the check in question was cleared by his bank and his client received all his money. Never was there a return for insufficient funds. The bank immediately released all funds due to his client and nothing “bounced.”

Councilman Bhalla “voted for a contract for a lawyer who paid him rent.”

The attorney at issue, Paul Condon, never paid any rent to Councilman Bhalla. Messrs. Condon and Bhalla paid rent to a common landlord, but neither was the landlord or tenant of the other, and no rent had ever been exchanged between them.

Beth Mason is being called out for her repeated, alleged defamation by Councilman Ravi Bhalla.

Campaigns gear up final push

Friends of Dawn Zimmer Hoboken mayor announce:

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

Happy Halloween

Join Us Tomorrow at HQ!

Celebrate Halloween with the Vision For Hoboken Team

Dear Friend,

Trick or Treat! Tomorrow is Halloween and I wanted to invite you and your family to join our team at campaign headquarters to celebrate the season and watch the annual Ragamuffin parade. Starting at 3 pm, we will be watching the parade and working hard to support our candidates. All are welcome and costumes are encouraged.

We hope you will join us Tomorrow at 3 pm!

Thank you for your support,


Guest of the Stable: Jake Stuiver - 'Let's work together for Hoboken and GOTV'

Dear friends,

As many of you may know, I relocated to the Philadelphia area in March and do not currently reside in Hoboken.

However, I'm not finished with the work I was doing there, and the stakes in next week's election are astronomically high for all of us. Mayor Zimmer and her City Council team have been doing an absolutely incredible job of setting things on the right track, delivering on tax relief, responsible development, honesty and accountability in city government, flooding relief, and overall high-quality, responsive, engaged and professional local government. Mayor Zimmer and her team have stared down and defeated those who would return the city to the days of millions being stolen from parking-meter coffers and mayors being arrested for bribery with an alarming degree of regularity.

Without wasting any more time telling you what most of you already know about how good of a job the Reform team is doing and how important it is that they be re-elected to continue their incredible and tireless work, there's one very important thing I need to share with you.

In this final stretch -- the last weekend and days before Election Day next Tuesday, the campaign of Dawn Zimmer, Ravi Bhalla, Jim Doyle and David Mello really need your help. This is a grassroots, volunteer-driven effort, and while it is a positive thing that the elections have finally been moved to November, as they should be, an unfortunate by-product is that volunteers are generally busier and have less spare time on their hands than during the spring and summer. That is why it is so important that each and every one of you who cares about good government and defeating corrupt bullies who want to resume their family business of stealing from all of you so they can maintain lifestyles where they get to sit around in deck chairs on Washington Street all day and instead of working regular jobs like the rest of us.

In light of the challenges of maintaining the usual volunteer surge during this time of year, I am humbly and sincerely asking that you join me this weekend in donating some time to help the election effort. I will be driving up from Philly this weekend and working nonstop for the campaign until the numbers are tallied on Tuesday night. One of the things I have always loved about Reform campaigns is the friendship, camaraderie, fun times, generosity of spirit and united sense of purpose that ensues when we all come together around a common goal. Some of you I have met and become very good friends with purely through our work together on these campaigns over the years -- campaigns that built on one another further and further to get us where we are today.

I very much look forward to seeing, catching up with, having fun with, and WINNING with all of you over the next week, and cannot wait to see you when I get there.

We all have many priorities -- I have two kids, a small business and a new home that needs attending to -- but we've come to far with all of this to let up now. Let's all commit to managing our various obligations in a way that enables us to come together this weekend to MAKE IT HAPPEN AGAIN!!!!

Love to you all, and see you in a few.


Jake Stuiver was one of the leading voices in an April 2011 protest with dozens of Hoboken residents against
Councilman Michael Russo's corruption captured on FBI surveillance tape with informant Solomon Dwek.

Hoboken Police Department receives new vehicles and uniforms

City of Hoboken announces:


Left to right: Police Officer Willie Montanez, Police Chief Anthony Falco, Detective Vince Lombardi, Mayor Dawn Zimmer, Sergeant John Petrosino, Police Officer Robert Truppner

Mayor Dawn Zimmer was joined by Police Chief Anthony Falco, Sergeant John Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers, and Detective Vince Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association and Police Officers Willie Montanez and Robert Truppner to display the Hoboken Police Department’s newly purchased vehicles and new uniforms.

“Our Police Department is always there for our community when we need them most,” said Mayor Dawn Zimmer. “They deserve to be as well-equipped and prepared as possible to do their jobs and keep us safe, and I thank our Police Officers for partnering with us on investing in their new uniforms.”

“This is a big morale booster for our department,” said Police Chief Falco. “The new uniforms have the full support of our rank-and-file, meet the needs of professionalism and utility, and are more adaptable for the daily rigors of the job.”

“The steady hiring of new officers, ongoing replacement of our aging patrol vehicles, renovations of police headquarters, approval of new work uniforms, and future K9 unit are just a few of many positive and progressive endeavors supported by the mayor, and we thank her for her strong commitment to public safety.” said Detective Lombardi, President of Hoboken Policemen’s Benevolent Association. “Protecting the public and keeping the peace is our purpose, and Mayor Zimmer has proven our purpose is her priority.”

The Police Department recently acquired one 15-seat Ford Econovan, two Ford Interceptors, two Ford Explorers and four Harley Davidson Road King motorcycles. As of this week, the Police Department also has a new uniform more appropriate for patrol work - the first comprehensive revisiting of uniform policy in recent history.

“After three years of careful planning, the Hoboken Police Department’s uniform motorized patrol are now wearing BDUs, the more casual and community-friendly uniform,” said Sergeant Petrosino, President of the Hoboken Police Superior Officers. “Hopefully this change will bring the residents and the officers closer together, by making their appearance seem more approachable, rather than authoritative. With the new additions to our fleet and our brand new uniform change, the citizens of Hoboken will now not only have one of the most professional and well educated officers in the county, but also one of the better equipped. The residents of Hoboken deserve nothing less.”

Councilman Bhalla: 'Counter Beth Mason's defamation at the polls Tuesday'

Councilman Ravi Bhalla announces: 

Banner Logo
Dear Friends,
As election season heats up, you may have come across a series of false and malicious personal attacks against me by Councilwoman Beth Mason.

Let me be clear: Ms. Mason's pre-election day stunts are rife with intentional lies and defamatory statements.  To set the record straight, I have put together a detailed factual response to Ms. Mason. You can read it here.
As this document demonstrates, Ms. Mason has crossed a line.  These are no ordinary election year dirty political tricks. Ms. Mason's defamatory conduct towards me has negatively impacted my reputation within the Hoboken community where I reside with my wife and two children, as well as my private employment.

For now, however, we have an election to win this Tuesday. It is critical to Hoboken's future that we deliver victory for Mayor Zimmer, Councilman David Mello, James Doyle, and I next Tuesday. If our opponents control the City Council they will retain power over zoning board appointments and redevelopment decisions, a source of corruption among prior elected officials. Our opponents are also attempting to rush through a massive redevelopment project called Vision 20/20 in the city's housing authority with poor vetting and no credible leadership. 

Ms. Mason and others are spreading these lies so that they can take control of the City Council. I hope, however, that their lies will motivate you and your friends to turn out on election day to vote for the Zimmer team.

While I remain focused on this election, please rest assured that after the election is over, I intend to file a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Mason to protect my reputation as a proud member of the Hoboken community. I have retained an excellent attorney who has already served an appropriate written communication upon Ms. Mason. If what Ms. Mason says is the truth, she will have an opportunity to present that defense under oath in a court of law. I know she will fail completely.  

Again, let's keep our eyes on the ball and remember that we have a race to win!  Let Ms. Mason's tactics serve to remind us how much really is at stake in this election. Let's make our voices heard loud and clear on Tuesday by voting for a Mayor and a Council that will continue to move Hoboken forward. Please vote for the Zimmer team this Tuesday, November 5 (polls open from 6:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.) and ask your friends and family to do the same. Together, we will clean up Hoboken one vote at a time.
Ravi S. Bhalla
City of Hoboken

BoE forum

Courtesy QLC:

Video streaming by Ustream Beginning of forum available only but it should be going to Cablevision channel 78 as the rent control forum will also.