Friday, November 1, 2013

How to navigate the November 5th ballot

Cuz there's lots of noise with Governor on top (depicted last here).

Dawn Zimmer is 5J
David Mello 11K
Ravi Bhalla  12K
James Doyle 13K

Kids First 3-5-8

Leon Gold 
Irene Sobolov
Jennifer Evans

Statewide - it's Column B All the Way - Yes my friends!
We're sending Mr. Carmelo and Brian Stack a message!

The Hoboken Journal has the the full graphical ballot including rent control question.

After you vote you can go walk the dog with the Wiley Coyote

Anna Roberts passes away after long fight with cancer

With condolences to Mayor Roberts and their entire family, MSV notes the passing yesterday of Anna Roberts his wife of almost 30 years after a long fight with brain cancer.  She was 49.

Dave and Anna Roberts at an American Cancer Society Relay for Life fundraiser in 2011.

The Union City Reporter offered the following details:

Anna is also survived by her parents, Domenico and Antonetta LaMastra, and mother-in-law Ann Roberts. She is the sister of Carmela and husband Sam Mezzina, as well as Damiano LaMastra and his wife Dina, Giuseppe LaMastra and wife Nadia, and Margherita LaMastra. She is also survived by her brother-in-law, retired Hoboken Fire Capt. Charles Roberts, and her aunt, uncle, several nieces and nephews, and cousins. 

Visitation will be Monday, Nov. 4, 2013 from 3 to 8 p.m. at Sts. Peter & Paul R.C. Church, 400 Hudson St. A Mass of the Christian Burial will be held at Sts. Peter & Paul R.C. Church on Tuesday, Nov. 5 at 10 a.m. 

Donations can be made in Anna’s honor to the American Cancer Society. 

Ruben Ramos skewered in TV attack ad

According to various sources and an independent view yesterday on Grafix Avenger, the Ruben Ramos camp and its backers intend to see some payback for what they feel are numerous violations by their Old Guard opponents backing the Raia-Mason slate.

The rumored TV ad has been obtained from a MSV reader and is published for your consideration.
Coming on the backs of the flyer (now gone from many locations) appearing earlier this week attacking Ruben Ramos and his council ticket for consorting with known criminals - in this case it was felon and ex-mayor Anthony Russo - the blood is only going to be drawn further.

This midnight flyer is causing more bad blood.  It's the straw according to some who say the blood feud is sure
to continue after the election.  This FinBoy production puts a bullseye not only on his back but Beth Mason's, his sponsor.

Talking Ed Note: This is a hard hitting ad from the Bet Mazin One Hoboken Team.  That's why I'm voting for Bet Mazin.  That's an inside joke from 2009 when a positive ad was featured by Beth Mason for Beth Mason pushing this same One Hoboken theme.  The public was not fooled however, and saw it as Mason selling out to the Russo clan.  Based on the council records since, they weren't wrong.

Some are suggesting that unholy alliance will end and oddly it will be the family infamous for being on the grift making that decision.  MSV can't conclude on the matter so let's see what happens.

First there's an election for the soul of Hoboken Tuesday, November 5th.

Hoboken Revolt: 'Only the Zimmer Team holds the line on taxes'

Hoboken Revolt announces:

Zimmer Ticket is Only Group with Positive Record of Holding the Line on Taxes

In 2008, Hoboken suffered an 87% municipal property tax increase due to years of mismanagement and corruption.  Hoboken Revolt, a citizens’ coalition, was subsequently created to inform the public on what drove the tax increase and what could be done about it.    

Given recent local election results, it cannot be overstated that every vote is important. In addition, local elections affect your pocketbook more directly than any other level of government.  As part of our mission to inform and urge participation, consider a few issues that will be determined by the election this November 5:

Zoning Board Appointments – Six of nine Zoning Board seats are up for re-appointment in January. Mayor Zimmer led the successful effort to give appointment authority back to the City Council, where it had been until former Mayor Russo made the ill-fated change to provide the mayor this power in the 1990s.  Taking sole power for zoning appointments paved the way for bribes, which eventually resulted with Mayors Russo and Cammarano in prison.  Council candidates Jim Doyle, Dave Mello, and Ravi Bhalla support Mayor Zimmer as do council members Jen Giattino and Peter Cunningham on this issue.  Together, they constitute the majority needed to keep appointment authority out of the hands of one person. 

Vision 20/20 Must Be Properly Vetted - To date, sufficient details have not been presented to either the public or the city government to enable proper review of the Vision 20/20 project.  It therefore lacks any transparency, which is particularly alarming given that even according to Vision 20/20’s proponents, it will double the size of the Hoboken Housing Authority (HHA).  While council candidates Doyle, Mello and Bhalla have pledged that they will not support this project until it has been fully disclosed and vetted, their opposition dangerously have stated they will vote for approval without further review.

Church Towers and Marine View Plaza PILOTs Will Expire.  
Although Church Towers paid off its affordable government-housing loan, it still has an agreement (PILOT) that limits its tax contribution to approximately one third of what the building would otherwise contribute to city coffers.  As the building’s estimated tax assessment is roughly equal to 2% of the tax levy this is a significant concern for taxpayers.  

The PILOT for Marine View Plaza will also expire during the next mayoral term.  Hoboken needs a mayor and a council who will consider these issues openly and carefully, and ultimately act in the best interests of all Hoboken citizens.

Police and Fire Department Contracts Will Be Renegotiated.  Among Mayor Zimmer’s progress was making the HHA police a separate department.  Where previously Hoboken’s police earned overtime pay for HHA duty, the HHA police now work at regular pay.  This is but one example of a smart allocation of city resources.  We must ensure that such cost-saving measures—with no loss of safety for our city—along with other recent concessions (including health care premium contributions) remain following the next round of negotiations.

Hoboken Revolt previously released its position on rent control:

Please vote on November 5th.   

Dave Kaplan
On behalf of Hoboken Revolt

The Taxpayer Coalition

And now... the wisdom of Timmy Occhipinti

Here's a clip, perhaps the most valuable of Timmy Occhipinti being "interviewed" on a phony Beth Mason TV show.  (Today's ELEC showed the Mason family has once again bequeathed tens of thousands to Timmy in this election.  The $20,000 is just for starters and certainly won't include the in-kind cost for this TV show Beth Mason is "hosting."

In this slightly altered humorous video clip, Timmy is a little too eager to pile up the hit job of lies against the Mayor's Administration.  No worries, he fumbles about mermaids and places but at least Beth Mason couldn't agree more.

This video creation comes courtesy of Franklin Carpenter.