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'Join me in supporting Mayor Zimmer and the Zimmer Team'

The Zimmer Team announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers --

Recently, at a meet and greet for Mayor Zimmer and her Council Team, a long-time supporter of the Mayor asked how I got involved with her campaign. The exact question was more like, “How did you discover Dawn and the Zimmer Team?”

Discovering Mayor Zimmer and her great work wasn’t difficult.  Immediately, her response to Superstorm Sandy comes to mind and to be fair that’s when the Mayor secured my vote. But beyond my vote, what really pushed me to get involved is pretty simple—I love Hoboken!

Maddy2.JPGTwo years ago, I moved to Hoboken from Philadelphia in order to pursue a career in marketing.  After landing a great job, I started searching for a community which I could make my home.  I knew what I was looking for.  I wanted a young, vibrant, urban community in which I could pursue my interests: running, a shop-local culture, exciting night life that goes beyond just bars, and a place where I could be safe as young female professional.

Now, two years later, I know I found my home not only for my post-college days, but a home for my future.  As I invest more and more in this amazing community, I am confident that this is the place where I can raise a family, open a business, and make a life.  

I believe that Mayor Zimmer and her Team will provide the leadership that will make all of these goals a reality. Please join me by volunteering a few hours on election day to help re-elect Mayor Zimmer and the entire Zimmer Team.
I am inspired by the commitment that the whole team — who I now know as just Dave, Ravi and Jim— share on addressing critical issues, like quality of life, family housing, parks, the hospital, and most important of all their clear plan to protect Hoboken from the next storm.

See you out there!
Madelyn Sminkey

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BoE forum - full video

Courtesy QLC:

Hoboken School Board Candidate Debate from Bob Bowdon on Vimeo.

Horse Sense: A Call to Arms - Protect This Island!

The shouting, the grandstanding and noise is almost over.  Hoboken is entering Get Out the Vote time - except if you are part of the Raia-Mason VBM (Vote by Mail) Army - then you already got your "assisted" paper ballot vote in or shuttled to the Board of Elections to cast for the Old Guard.

Many have done their part, others are planning to do more.  The mayor made a call for assistance on Election Day and asked the grassroots to help get out the vote. 

In 2009, a sea of Hoboken citizens took back this city for the residents from special interests, back room deals and monied interests from outside of town.  It was a sea tide change in Hoboken heard throughout Hudson County and all of New Jersey.

Hoboken became an island of populism among a county continent of one party control.
Mayor Dawn Zimmer has led Hoboken through tumult and challenge after challenge moving Hoboken forward.
Others mouth platitudes and say they want to do so too but are the voices of a dark past. Will you help leave the past in the past?

This race is not over and Election Day is the pivotal moment. Reform is looking for Election Day support.  You can help by getting out the vote at various areas by the polls in your neighborhood handing out candidate cards or making calls to Hoboken residents reminding them to go out and vote.

In short you can be the difference and part of history in protecting the isle of Hoboken!

Late summer 2009, in response to corruption and Peter Cammarano's refusal to resign after the FBI blew the whistle on his bribe taking antics; MSV began with the thought this website would be a gift to Hoboken ending that November.  Then it extended to kick around through December.  But people kept coming back and the numbers doubled and doubled and doubled again.  Friday was the highest traffic of this week's growing visitors.

Clearly, people are becoming engaged with the election approaching but many have long responsibilities and concerns and need a little urging to get out to the polls and do their civic duty.

Da Horsey in over four years has broken numerous stories and fought the good fight while being cursed, assaulted by political operatives (thanks Beth), sued (thanks Beth) and dragged into court on phony charges (one tossed just last week) by pathological liars (thanks again Beth).  There's been other threats issued in recent weeks in connection to the brave Jessica Coco but that's another matter for another day.  

The difference in fighting through this toxic quagmire has been you, most of whom have never met Da Horsey or even spoken once. You urged MSV to continue stampeding corruption as there was no alternative to the Mason Media Complex dishonesty and so many stories untold or inadequately covered by some HudCo editors who have long ago been compromised or didn't have the resources to do the job right in our mile square.

In standing up for Hoboken, MSV is now asking for those who can Tuesday to stand up for our fair Mile Square.  A few hours of your time on Tuesday can mean all the difference in moving this town ahead as a model of governmental transparency or seeing it overwhelmed once again with the shameless "On the Waterfront" corruption, malfeasance and arrogance toward Hoboken people.

If you only can reach out to neighbors and go to the polls, you will have done your part in holding up civic pride.

Even wearing a t-shirt and being out on Election Day is going to help get the word out!

Whatever you can do, please remember it's individuals, the grassroots that makes the difference.

If you can afford any time on Tuesday, leave work early to help between 4 and 8 pm, it means a lot to your town.

Contact - HQ - (201) 254-0039 or email



Assemblyman Ramos pitches his Vision for Hoboken

The Ruben Ramos for mayor campaign announces:

I will never give up

Dear Friend, 

There are only three days remaining in this campaign that will determine the future of Hoboken. I thought it was important to remember where this campaign began. But I can not do it without your help. Watch this video to hear my plans for a better Hoboken and my vision for a brighter future for our city.
I love Hoboken. I was born and raised here and now my wife and I are raising our children right here. I have friends in every community in this city, and I can't just sit back and watch it stand still. We need to fix the problems that confront our city like reducing flooding, creating more parking and building parks. Our public schools must be improved with modern facilities, and we need to work with the Board of Education to get the job done. 
Hoboken needs a new direction with real solutions and a better vision. My team and I have that vision and we are ready to get our city back on track. 
I want to be your Mayor because Hoboken needs a real vision for a better future. Thank you.


A day that will live in ringworm history: Here's Pupie

And Beth Mason's cheap carnival of parlor tricks. Here's a phony "interview" from the benevolent humanitarians who would like you to think what these contents contain is really true.  As aired originally on Halloween - Be afraid, be very afraid.

This should rattle your senses appropriately to get out and vote Tuesday.

Talking Ed Note: Be careful up there when leaning over your rooftops.

Former Councilman Michael Lenz: 'Voting "No" on rent control helps keep taxes down'


Rent control is complicated; there are plausible arguments on both sides.  Most economists assert rent control actually raises rents for new tenants.  But even so, Hoboken’s population has nearly doubled since I moved here in 1981.  You see the crowding for buses, backed up traffic, and jammed parks. Is making rents a little cheaper for new residents really a pressing concern?  I’m skeptical.  Or take taxes: It sounds logical when rent control opponents say that if some pay more, the rest of us will pay less.  But often, when a rent controlled building is vacated it is renovated or replaced to maximize density, bringing more people to town, increasing demand on city services, parking and the rest.  Studies have shown new residential construction actually adds more to the cost of city services than it brings in in ratables.  If taxes are your issue – and they are one of mine—the most important thing to do in this election is vote for Kid’s First:  Gold, Sobolov, Evans; they’ve held the line at the Board of Education.  And then re-elect Mayor Zimmer and her team who did the same for city taxes.   The impact on our tax bills from any change in rent control will be negligible compared with the cost of reverting to the old ways of doing business. 
Admittedly, Hoboken’s rent control law was once broken.  But improved administration under Suzanne Hetman, and the passage of Z-88, resolved most issues, and when new ones arise they are being addressed.  Case in point: a recent court decision prohibited condo owner-occupants from setting a market rent if they later decide to rent it out.  Councilwoman Giattino found this unreasonable and introduced an ordinance to allow the charging of market rents, only to have it stalled by the four-four gridlock on the council.  The council opposition’s “solution” is to support the rent control rollback initiative, which does protect condo owner-occupants who rent out their units, but goes much further, giving investors the right to buy any condo in a residential building and rent it at market rates to multiple unrelated new residents.  This means families trying to purchase a condo would compete with investors, and will likely lead to what once were largely owner-occupied buildings filling up with tenants. 
Initiative #1 totally decontrols small buildings as soon as a tenant moves out.   Its supporters claim families won’t be forced out, but with no enforcement mechanism, how meaningful is that protection?  Look to the sad history of arson and death in Hoboken in the 80’s for one answer.   Rent control isn’t perfect, but part of Hoboken will be lost if long-term residents of modest means are forced out.  For a real impact on taxes, the candidates for council, mayor and school board are where the action is.  If you’re concerned about property values, improve schools by helping Kids First – Vote 3-5-8.  I’m a taxpayer, I’m a landlord, and I’ll be voting NO on ballot question #1.  I encourage you to do the same.
Michael Lenz
Member of the Hoboken Rent Leveling Board

HFHA - Beware of false information on ballot question

HFHA announces:

Hoboken Fair Housing Warns People that Developer Group is Trying to Confuse Voters

Hoboken Fair Housing Association is asking all of their friends and neighbors to VOTE ‘NO’ AGAIN! on CITY OF HOBOKEN PUBLIC QUESTION #1 on NOVEMBER 5, 2013


On Election Day, November 5th, you will be asked to vote on the only Hoboken Public Question which proposes major changes to Hoboken’s Rent Control law.

It starts off with:

Shall the City of Hoboken continue annual rental increase protections for current residents of rent controlled properties …

If you read no more, you’d probably think the intent is to protect tenants by keeping rent control.



Here’s what will happen if the Hoboken Public Question is approved:

Once a current tenant vacates his/her unit either “voluntarily” or by court ordered eviction:
1.    Rents are DECONTROLLED and can be increased to whatever the landlord wants to charge for every new tenant.    In Hoboken, that can mean doubling or tripling the rent.
2.      All 1-4 unit buildings and condos are PERMANENTLY EXEMPTED FROM RENT CONTROL.

NJ state law makes it easy for a landlord to obtain court-ordered eviction of tenants from 1-3 unit buildings and condos and from all rental buildings through condo conversions or other means.  Even when an eviction is illegal, the tenant may be unaware of NJ Eviction Law and/or too afraid to contest it in court.

Thus, if this DECONTROL ballot question is approved by the voters, landlords will have the means and incentive to evict current tenants or otherwise “convince” them to move “voluntarily” and then jack up the rent to whatever they want for new tenants.    MANY HOBOKEN RENTERS WILL LOSE THEIR HOMES.

Note: This public question is a court-ordered re-vote of a question already decided and defeated last year, when a majority of 16,444 Hoboken voters voted “no”. The supporters of the “yes” vote to eliminate tenant Rent Control protections convinced the courts to overturn that valid democratic election result by submitting false evidence that 114 “displaced Hoboken voters” were not allowed to vote on this Hoboken public question.



To volunteer, contact:

To donate to this cause, go to:

Invested in Hoboken and Hoboken High versus the naysayers

This guest piece comes from Hoboken High School parent Steve Feinstein:

I have learned that at the 10/29 HBOE candidate forum James Gilbarty, Natalie Rivera, Vanessa Falco and Brian Murray repeated over and over again that our HS was full of non-Hoboken kids, had a violence and vandalism problem and overall was a nasty place to be.

To my continued dismay, just as in the prior HBOE elections, every candidate slate opposing the Kids First slate chooses to inaccurately, misleadingly and unfairly bad-mouth the Hoboken school district, specifically the high school.  Interestingly, the school is quite the opposite of what these so called aspiring public servants would have you believe.  I can’t tell you if they’re purposely lying or they just choose not to learn what really is going on, but they’re not providing anything near an accurate picture of the HJSHS (Hoboken Junior-Senior High School).  Please see for yourself, you’ll be shocked at how misleading (or misled and not inquisitive) the above-named candidates are.  They must think this strategy (of lying to or trying to mislead the voters) will get them into office.  I hope they’re wrong.

As a proud parent of two HJSHS students, one in 12th and the other in 10th grade, I am here to set the record straight and to publicly refute their disgraceful lies.  Both of my kids are loving their high school experience.  They’re not afraid and neither are their friends.  Literally, there is no crime, vandalism or violence of which I know.  I can say for a fact the political opposition is either lying or being misled.

I can’t say for sure, but I can’t remember a time when the political opposition did not bad-mouth the high school (and I’ve been living in town for 20+ years).  I am happy to say that they didn’t scare me.  It seems like the idea is to scare people out of town so those in control of the HBOE don‘t have to be accountable to anyone.  As a Hoboken resident, a Hoboken parent and a Hoboken homeowner and taxpayer, this simply enrages me. 

Why would people who are running for public office like that engage in such destructive and hurtful behavior?  They say they care about the schools but instead of learning for themselves, they spout lies and act as if they are speaking with knowledge.  These candidates claim to care about the Hoboken school district and claim that they want to help the school district.  How does bashing the district and spreading hurtful falsehoods (specifically the J-SHS) help anyone?  They should know instead that it hurts the kids, the parents, the staff and the administration, not only of the J-SHS but of everyone in and involved in the district. 

Believe it or not, these are our kids, our friends and neighbors and their kids (we are a community) and we are not criminals, nor should we be stepped on or demeaned for going to or sending our kids to the HJ-SHS.  So please stop engaging in fear-mongering and attempts to mislead and tear down the progress at every turn.  We are not leaving town when it is time to send our kids to the high school and we will not be scared away by your disgraceful tactics.  Sorry.

Also, the historical systemic, wide-ranging mismanagement and administrative problems that plagued our school district when Kids First won control away was the first and most important task to address and correct.  Audits revealed questionable accounting practices and the failure to collect funds due the district for services provided.  Turning around years of questionable (maybe corrupt) practices and a culture of failure takes a great deal of time, determination and tenacity.  I think the job Kids First has done so far is no less than incredible.  They should not be stopped now.  So, please vote for Irene Sobolov, Leon Gold and Jennifer Evans on November 5.  Thank you for reading.

Steven Feinstein