Sunday, November 3, 2013

Out in the open: 'The Brian Stack - Carmelo Garcia - Ruben Ramos Team'

Will State Senator Brian Stack be amused?

This handout features the chant of Carmelo Garcia's spokespeople, the Carmelitos who he denied previously.
This Garcia-Ramos campaign promotion is paid for by Garcia.

JIm Doyle: How to find your voting location and sample ballot

Jim Doyle announces:

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Dear Horsey & MSV readers --

We know how busy life gets. The Zimmer Team is sending you a small reminder to make sure you add election day to your calendar.  Election is just 3 days away--that’s Tuesday, November 5th.

What’s your plan to cast your vote for the Zimmer Team?
Have you decided when you’re going to the polls?
Polls will be open from 6:00am to 8:00pm.

Do you know where your polling location is?
If not, you can find it by going to or checking your sample ballot.

Are you familiar with the ballot layout?
There's a lot on the ballot this year. Make sure you know how to cast your vote for the Zimmer Team. Check our How to Vote page to see how to vote for the entire Zimmer Team.

We’ve come so far and in order to lead Hoboken Forward we need to make sure that we get the city out to vote.

Thank you,
James Doyle

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Anti-rent control flyer in the HHA


Here's an actual flyer being distributed in the Hoboken Housing Authority against rent control:

The flyer's origin is clearly a continuation of developer Frank "Pupie" Raia's "Let the People Decide" PAC which was generously funded last year by MSTA (Mile Square Taxpayers Association.)

The open question is if the Ramos campaign and Carmelo Garcia are allowing or backing the effort?
Supporting the pro-developer position is consistent with their support of Vision 20/20.

HHA Executive Developer Carmelo Garcia claims he is the authority on approving any flyer distribution within the campus.  Did Frank "Pupie" Raia get approval from the HHA?
Distributors of the flyers are running completely amok across the downtown HHA buildings.

Talking Ed Note: The flyer message is both interesting and effective.  It's telling HHA residents rent control has no impact on them so doing away with it is beneficial by getting more "yuppie scum" money.

Well you just knew that the Mason One Hoboken Team would show their true colors didn't you?
This is the One Hoboken vision of Frank Raia and Beth Mason.

More to come.

Jessica Coco crime saga: another attempted break-in


Latest break-in attempt occurs during flyer distribution last night against rent control 

A group of men distributing flyers advocating "vote yes" to "protect" rent control was the cover for another break-in attempt into Jessica Coco's apartment late Saturday night.  (Voting yes on the ballot question Tuesday removes rent control from homes of four units or less and would institute de facto vacancy control on others.)

A friend was in the apartment and was present when the lower lock was opened with a key followed by an attempt to pop the door off the upper deadbolt lock.  The friend began yelling at the unknown men in the hallway they better not enter or there would be violence.

The incident follows a period of seeming calm since the publicity of alleged abuses: intimidation, harassment, vandalism to Coco's vehicle, repeated break-ins and burglaries and death threats began after Coco says she was suspected of opposing Vision 20/20 a massive redevelopment of the HHA.

Executive Director Carmelo Garcia and one of his controlled "tenant representatives" have previously said none of the incidents ever occurred - this with out any inquiry or investigation.  MSV confirmed some of Coco's previous account in an early October story.

The latest incident was reported late Saturday night to the Hoboken Police Department who responded to the location.  They urged Coco to report the break-in to "management."

Carmelo Garcia (c), curent Executive Director of the Hoboken Housing Authority pictured here in April at the
campaign kickoff for Ruben Ramos with council slate candidate Laura Miani denies any alleged harassment, intimidation,
break-ins and death threats to resident Jessica Coco. HPD responded last night to the latest incident where a witness
said the bottom lock was opened with a key before an attempt to pry the door lock open.  Who could do that?

Talking Ed Note: State Senator and Union City Mayor Brian Stack who selected Carmelo Garcia to be an Assemblyman on the county slate for the November election makes visits into Hoboken but only to the Hoboken Housing Authority.  Both Tim Occhipinti and Ruben Ramos support Carmelo Garcia's massive redevelopment plan Vision 20/20 never vetted by City Hall and Hoboken residents.

As for Mr. Carmelo, the time is neigh.

Beth Mason doubles down on dirty defamation of Councilman Ravi Bhalla

Defamation lawsuit threat has no impact on Beth Mason slinging mud

After Councilman Ravi Bhalla issued a cease and desist to his council colleague, the litigious Beth Mason, any idea he would see an apology or an end to the attacks on him end before Election Day failed to materialize as a paid attack ad is repeating the same video locally on YouTube.

Bhalla had followed with a statement saying he had retained legal representation to pursue a defamation suit against Mason after the election and urged voters to counter Mason's attacks by voting for the Zimmer Team on November 5th.

MSV exclusively uncovered the Beth Mason connection to the original video commercial when footage taken by a known Mason operative appeared in the commercial shown  in the story here, "Beth Mason's fanatical attack on Ravi Bhalla continues."

Mason' paid political operative maintained a rigid focus on Ravi Bhalla
at the last council meeting.  The footage appears in the YouTube defamation ad.

A number of people including several commenters have noticed pop up ads appearing on YouTube.  The paid YouTube ad is the same one underwritten by Beth Mason as shown exclusively here with footage of Councilwoman Terry Castellano taken by a known Mason operative in the last council meeting.

One reader noting the extensive comments by Beth Mason in the Hudson Reporter after the SLAPP suit was issued spoke of "bullying" and said perhaps Mason should be given a taste of her own medicine.

Attached is a sample of a report sent to YouTube as feedback to the Mason defamation ad against Ravi Bhalla:

One reader response to the incessant YouTube ads by Beth Mason defaming Councilman Ravi Bhalla is to mark it "Beth Mason defamation" and choose the subject as "Bullying." Beth Mason also has a full page ad backing her investment in
Tim Occhipinti and her One Hoboken slate with Frank "Pupie" Raia.

Talking Ed Note: The Hoboken public shouldn't expect any story to appear on Mason's obvious underwriting of this YouTube attack ad against Ravi Bhalla.

MSV notes again the numerous lies in the paid YouTube ad and the only elixir to stop Beth Mason is an Act of God, federal law enforcement or the voters going to the polls Tuesday and taking matters into their own hands and voting for Mayor Zimmer, Councilmen Ravi Bhalla, Dave Mello and council candidate Jim Doyle.

Beth Mason is dense on getting the message from the electorate.  Help her out Tuesday.